Younger Twinks Domination


For a hot young twink like Avery Jones who fantasizes about sports heroes and stealing their dirty underwear from the laundry, a job as Towel Boy is a dream come true. Heavy on the cum, it turns out, for just as he thinks the locker room is deserted and he can bust one out sniffing and sucking on sweaty jockstraps, he gets busted by Coach Dillon Diaz. This isn’t the first time, and Avery was warned what would happen: buff Coach Dillon slowly strips down to nothing but his whistle, feeds the boy his thick hard dick, eats his ass upside down, tonguing him deep to get him wet and ready, then delivers a slow and intense raw, bareback fuck that leaves Avery a quivering heap of grateful cum covered power-bottom.

The Pickup Artist Part 2: Bareback

They say you always want what you can’t have, but today master pickup artist Michael “Dom Juan” Del Ray is here to show you how to get what you want, with his proven tips and strategies for taking home someone who’s already in a couple. Michael is at the park on the hunt for a hottie with a boyfriend. Joey Mills fits the bill, and with a bit of smooth talking, he has Joey thinking it’s his idea to head back to Michael’s place! Michael deepthroats Joey’s cock, then the hot twink goes down on him before riding his cock reverse. Michael pounds Joey’s ass doggystyle, then makes him cum hard, finishing with “the grand finale”, something Joey’s man doesn’t give him much anymore: a facial!

Bred By The Fugitive

Escaped fugitive Bo Sinn runs into Eddy Ceetee’s home while looking for a place to hide and finds Eddy buck naked with a dildo in his ass! The horny bottom beckons Bo over and sucks his cock before the escapee fucks him doggystyle and spanks his booty. Bo has to hide when the cops show up looking for him, but once they’re gone he takes the time to let Eddy ride his cock, then pounds the sexy bottom in missionary till he cums, and breeds Eddy’s hole.


SCENE #01: Devin Franco, Sherman Maus


Angel Ventura can see Tristan Brazer is hiding something in his shorts, and if it’s what he thinks it is, he’s pretty sure he wants it all to himself. Tristan does have a hard secret to reveal to Angel, but he wants to tease him first, just to excite Angel. It works, and Angel gets impatient, ripping Tristan’s fly open and pulling out his cock, downing it in one motion as Tristan moans with pleasure. Angel gets it nice and hard with a messy, sloppy blowjob, and once he’s done some teasing of his own, he lets Tristan plow him with that big dick of his. Tristan obliges, showing no mercy to Angel’s hole and fucking from behind until Angel shoots his load all over himself. Tristan pulls out and teases Angel before blasting him with his load, and Angel lays back on the bed, cum covered and satisfied.Enjoy!

Bareback Fucking and Sucking

A Murdered Heart Episode 4 – NakedSword Originals

Joseph’s father, Johnny Hazzard, has arrived at the camp – he’s sitting in his parked car, thinking back on the day his wife left. Nothing is as it seems when the surprising truth is revealed. He flashes back to explore the secrets he hid that brought him to this point. In his memory, he comes home to makes sure his wife and son aren’t there, and he signals for an unexpected guest to sneak in. When the coast is clear, Jessy Ares makes his way in, and the two waste no time ripping each other’s clothes off. Johnny is the first to sink to the floor and get Jessy’s massive member down his throat. Jessy wants a taste too, so Johnny gets on top to 69 as Jessy rims his hairy hole. Eager for more, Johnny offers up his hole and Jessy delivers, sliding his girthy meat deep inside Johnny. After taking it on his back, Johnny rolls over to take the full power of Jessy’s cock before riding on it one last time to completion. With Jessy’s pole planted firmly up his ass, Johnny strokes out a thick load that lands all over the floor. Married man Johnny gets down on his knees once more to get his face covered in the hairy man’s load. Just as they finish up, Johnny’s wife walks in and catches them in the act.

Tom Of Finland: Pleasure Park

Men’s tribute to the work and legacy of legendary gay porn visionary Tom of Finland continues as director Matt Lambert ventures into the territory of the postmodern with Sean Ford, Angel Rivera, Tannor Reed, River Wilson, and Joey Mills. The nude twinks hang out at the Pleasure Park, shooting the breeze, challenging each other to self-suck, and bonding over the question, “What would you do if the world was ending tomorrow?” As the day turns to night, the sunny teen sex party turns into a rock-n-roll-fuelled orgy!

Dudes In Public 56: Forest Path

 secluded forest path is the perfect spot to get some sexual satisfaction in the fresh air. This chain-wearing stud is rubbing his cock when a tall, bearded top approaches. Their eyes meet and they take off their shirts, then wordlessly meet in an embrace before sucking each other’s dicks. The top bends the bottom over the wall and fucks his ass, finishing with a facial that the guys end up sharing as they kiss!

Johnny’s Toybox: Bareback

Last time Kaleb Stryker was in town, he fucked Johnny, so this time it’s Johnny’s turn to enjoy Kaleb’s ass, and he shows up at the hotel with some gifts: a genuine Johnny Rapid replica ass and replica dildo! Kaleb compares the fake cock to the real thing, then sucks both at once, and Johnny fucks Kaleb’s mouth while Kaleb fucks his ass with the Johnny dildo before switching places. Kaleb rides Johnny while sliding his cock into the pocket ass, and it feels so good to have Johnny’s cock in him while having his cock in “Johnny” that soon Kaleb is blowing his load. Johnny adds a lot of spunk to the mix, and tells Kaleb the toys are his to keep.

Healing Touch

Newcomer Jake Waters seems to have some sort of medical issue that needs attending to. He goes to see his favorite doctor, Dr. Dillon Diaz. As Dillon is examining Jake’s beautiful body, the two men become very horny for each other. After some poking and prodding from the doctor, stethoscopes are replaced with mouths, and fingers are replaced with hot cocks. Dylan slams his huge cock into Jake’s tight little hole. The two men explode all over the doctor’s office.

Muscular Hunks Barebacking Doggystyle

Ghosted: Bareback

When Jack Hunter finds out his hookup, Zak Bishop, doesn’t fuck on the first date, he ghosts him, but Zak doesn’t give up that easily. He spots Jack running and follows him back to his place, peeking in the window as Jack strips off his sweaty clothes and settles in for a stroke sesh with his pocket ass. Jack catches Zak watching him and pulls him inside, where the peeping Zak starts sucking the top’s cock. Jack sucks Zak before the bottom rides Jack’s hard dick and takes it nice and deep in piledriver. Zak begs for more as Jack fucks him in doggystyle and then makes him cum hard in mish, but after Jack pulls out and cums, he’s surprised to find that he’s the one wanting more!

Lachlan & Deacon: Bareback

After getting their pump on with some kettlebells at the park, muscular hunks Lachlan and Deacon are all fired up and ready to fuck. Deacon pulls out Lachlan’s big dick as fast as he can and hungrily devours it as Lachlan moans, “Your tongue feels so good.” Deacon eagerly deepthroats, asking, “You like that throat? Your dick fits in it perfectly.” That’s not the only thing Lachlan’s dick will fit perfectly in, as Deacon proves when he rides the brunette top and then bends over to demand a doggystyle fuck. “It’s your hole, fuck it!” Deacon cries before Lachlan pounds him in piledriver till both guys explode.

Doctor Dick Down

Dillon Diaz is the new intern and he’s learning the ropes from Dr. DeAngelo. The two men are quite alpha but DeAngelo soon shows who’s boss. These two hot men mix it up and take care of each other‘s bodies, dicks and asses like only a good doctor could.

Casting Couch #428: Delan Benobe, Santiago Rodriguez

Santiago Rodriguez meets up with new-comer Delan Benobe and sex history is made. The guys swap deep throat cock sucking skills before they flip fuck each other until the cum begins to fly. Eat that load.

Straight Bait On Tap

Oak Porter wasn’t the most nervous straight boy I’ve had in my bedroom, but he’s in the top ten. It was unclear, even, if he’d fink out before we got to the action. In the end, however, Mikey and I cajoled him into his first gay sex experience fairly easily. I initiated the action by taking Oak’s shirt off, pulling his pants down, and groping him like the lecherous old man that I am. Oak has a thick dick and a pretty butt, so fondling him was quite fun. Mikey promptly got down on his knees and started blowing Oak. Like a lot of straight guys, the hard-on didn’t come quickly, but we could sense that he would definitely be able to do some damage to Mikey’s ass later on. Oak’s cock is very thick with a subtle downward curve to it. Depending on the position, it could be the perfect G-spot tool. But before we got to Mikey’s hole, we wanted to check out our new boy’s cock sucking skills.

Oak went down on Mikey and got him hard quickly. Mike quipped that Oak was doing good. Well, that’s all I needed to hear, so I whipped my dick out to give Oak a try myself. Mikey was right: Oak has a luscious mouth that definitely makes a cock feel great. I let him continue to blow Mikey while I turned my attention to rimming him. Everyone who knows me already knows that I love me some straight boy ass in my face, especially that un-tapped ass. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to just pound Oak myself right then and there, but we unfortunately had to wait another day for that. Today was Oak’s first time, and we wanted to go easy on him. Thankfully Mikey was able to take Oak’s cock with just a little effort. Mikey rode Oak’s dick slow and sensual, and then without warning just got close and busted a massive load all over Oak’s chest! G-Spot indeed. Oak’s magic cock is a great dick for hitting that prostate just right, apparently.

I wanted to see Oak cum, but he needed a minute since Mikey had gotten there so quickly, so Oak jerked off watching me take advantage of Mikey’s already loose hole. I fucked Mikey in missionary until I was close, too, and then I had Oak finish himself off. I snowballed him – and apparently he isn’t a fan of cum (yet). Then, since I wanted him to get used to the flavor, I had Oak open his mouth and stick his tongue out. I dumped my load in his mouth. Oak’s a trooper!

Men Taking Advantages of Twinks


When hot dom top Arad Winwin meets voracious bottom boy Austin Avery, the sparks fly. Arad likes it rough, pinning a guy down and using that hole for his own selfish pleasure. All this info makes Austin’s eyes light up. Austin loves having his ass eaten with lots of spit before getting drilled raw with a giant cock. Arad happily agrees, taking charge with his extra-large meat once they strip down to just their underwear. Built and heavy hung, Arad feeds the horny little cocksucker, then chows down on his hungry hole as requested. Careful what you wish for, Austin learns, after having his ass expertly rimmed. With his hole prepped for cock, Arad delivers the promised bareback, power fuck that leaves Austin’s hole gaping and begging for more. Sporting a hefty dick himself, Austin shoots an impressively massive load all over his abs, then Arad hoses his hole with a barrage of jizz, stuffing it back in at the finish.

The Hands-On Handyman: Bareback

Colby Jansen’s happy to help out his neighbor Mrs. Mills with some repairs in her son’s closet, but he doesn’t even have time to say anything when her son Joey Mills and his boyfriend Josh Cannon come in and Joey immediately starts sucking Josh’s dick. Colby gets turned on as he watches the twinks, but it’s over all too soon as Josh unexpectedly cums all over Joey’s face. Joey’s mad and tells his BF to get out because he wanted to get fucked, and luckily the handyman in the closet is up to the task. Joey’s thrilled to finally get his ass bred by a huge cock and his hole eaten, and as Colby pounds him mish he cums harder than ever before. Even after the burly bear pulls out and covers him with jizz, Joey wants more!


Ryan Bones and Thyle Knoxx are fully suited up for a ride through the winter cold on a snowmobile. Ryan puts the machine through its paces as Thyle hangs onto his waist, then the guys head back to the garage. That power between his legs has got Thyle hot and heavy despite the cold weather, and he strips off his snowsuit and longjohns, then removes Ryan’s boot and kisses, licks, and sucks his foot. Ryan feeds Thyle his big cock, then bends him over the machine and fucks him doggystyle. Thyle rides that dick like he rode the snowmobile, then takes a deep pounding in mish till he cums, and Ryan finishes with a facial.

Jax & Jayce: Bareback

As Jayce spots him in the gym, tall and muscular Jax says, “It’s been a while, you’re gonna have to break me in pretty good.” Jayce loves putting the massive top through his paces, pronouncing, “You still got it!” as the guys pump iron before he swallows Jax’s meat. Jax can’t believe how tight Jayce’s hole is as the bottom rides his dick, and he blows a huge load on Jayce’s face before immediately going back for more…

Step Uncle 3 Way

On this quiet night at home reading a book, Avery is joined by Adam and Jake. A view reveals that their little secret about hooking up is not such a secret. Avery expresses how hot he thinks it is and step-uncle Adam, asks if he wants to join in the fun. Without missing a beat, Avery gets right on those big hairy daddy dicks. The three of these horny men take care of each other‘s cocks and holes with extreme vigor. Avery ends up covered in hot cum and the trip has come to a delicious end.

Muscled Daddies and their Twinks

HARD CUTS III – Treasure Island Media

Liam Cole is not messing around with HARD CUTS III. He’s gathered 22 of his most brutal tops and piggy bottoms in EIGHT new balls to Union Jack fuck scenes. Including a live sex gangbang in a London porn shop and an extended bonus 4-way Berlin underground group fuck fest. All Liam’s best European hard core tops – along with their massive UNCUT dicks are here: Fostter Riviera, Craig London, Peto Coast, Anton Dickson, and Sam Porter – to name just a few. And a pack of his all-star fuck sluts: Matteo Valentine, Alex Silvers, Jake Ascott, Carl Jacobs, Dean Anderson, Russ Magnus – and so many more!!!

The Caddy And The Daddy Part 2: Bareback

Journalism student Zander Lane thinks getting a caddy job at the local country club would be the perfect opportunity to practice his investigative skills, but he’s most interested in investigating what’s in the pants of hot golfer Dirk Caber! After a long hard day on the links, the silver fox takes his hot caddy back to the cafe for a bite, and since they’re alone they decide to taste each other instead. Zander gets the scoop as he sucks Dirk’s big cock and sits on his face before the hot daddy fucks him doggystyle. The journalist becomes the subject as this sexy older man gets to the bottom of Zander, fucking him mish till the teen cums, then shooting his load all over Zander’s chest.

The Gate Fucker

Yen Maple wants to see a lot more of the new gate guard at his complex, so he “accidentally” drops his ID where he knows sexy Dato Foland will find it, then rushes home, takes off all his clothes, and waits. When helpful Dato knocks on the door to return the card, he’s greeted by the sight of every inch of lanky, tattooed bottom Yen. Yen sucks Dato’s dick and Dato eats Yen’s hole, then fucks him doggystyle before inspecting his gape with a flashlight! Yen rides the hot guard’s cock on the stairs, then lies back to get fucked mish till he cums before Dato shoots his load on Yen’s abs.

Brysen & Dave: Bareback

Stud Brysen doesn’t take his time about undressing tattooed bad boy Dave and sucking his cock while fingering Dave’s hole, and Dave wants Brysen’s cock inside him. The power bottom demands that Brysen fuck him harder as he gets pounded in missionary and doggystyle, and even after ultra deep pile driver, Dave’s hungry ass craves even more. “You filled me up. The hole wants more,” Dave taunts, with Brysen’s cum still on his face. “I’m sure we can arrange that,” the top replies with a grin.

The Warm Up

Best friends, Nick Fitt and Drew Dixon, couldn’t participate in the trip to Los Angeles so they stayed back in their cold snowy town in Iowa. Sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate while wearing their warm cozy sweaters, the two get heated up for each other. After some sex talk and steamy foreplay these two studs get down to business by taking care of each other‘s big cut and uncut cocks. They generate so much heat they could melt the snow.

Beefy Muscled Hunks Doing Bareback

The Caddy And The Daddy Part 1: Bareback

When Kaleb Stryker is hired as a caddy for the local country club, he’s thrilled when silver fox owner Dale Savage takes him on as his personal caddy, because he gets to spend all day watching and fantasizing about the hot daddy. With a little encouragement and some oddly specific tips from Dale’s daughter, Kaleb asks for some pointers on his swing and is soon getting spooned by the hot golfer. They hop in the cart and head back to the garage for some privacy so Kaleb can suck Dale’s cock and the mature hunk eats the twink’s ass so good it’s like a hole in one. Dale spanks that lush booty, then tees up to fuck it hard before Kaleb gets on top to ride him like a golf cart. Dale drives his cock hard into Kaleb’s hole till the hot teen cums, and Dale pulls out to make his own shot.

Naughty Firsts

Before their first time shooting together, Diego Sans and Vincent O’Reilly swap stories of their first time having sex, and even veteran pornstar Diego is a little taken aback by what Vincent reveals! The guys undress each other as they make out and Diego gets his first handful of Vincent’s big, sexy ass before the handsome bottom enthusiastically deepthroats Diego’s dick. Then Diego licks Vincent’s hole and bends him over to fuck him doggystyle. Vincent loves riding Diego’s dick, then the top lays him on his back to fuck that ass till Vincent cums before pulling out and showering the bottom in jizz.

Jax & Kurt: Bareback

“Two heads is better than one, right?” jokes Jax as he and Kurt put their cock heads together in the shower to plan out their scene. Jax admires Kurt’s cock and Kurt washes Jax’s back before the guys start getting hot and heavy on the couch. Kurt swallows Jax’s huge meat and Jax tongues Kurt’s asshole to get it ready for a deep doggystyle fuck. “Feels so good, stretch my fuckin tight hole!” Kurt moans before he cums all over his taut abs, and Jax pulls out and sprays him with a thick hot load.

Client Privilege – BAREBACK

Jigz really wants his divorce to be finale and his lawyer Titus is taking care of it. When the two get together to sign the papers, Jigz wants to celebrate! He’s finally going to be a freeman. When going out for a drink is not enough, Jigz decides that taking their relationship a little farther is more to his liking. The two men have always been hot for each other, so finally they get to sample each other’s dicks and asses. These two newcomers, Jigz Castelo and Titus McMasters, really take to being in front of the camera!

Muscle Fuckers: Cole Keller, Ridder Rivera

A chance meeting between Cole Keller and Ridder Rivera finally pays off when they hook up. Cole savors and worships Ridder’s huge cock when sucking on it then gets the pleasure of feeling it fill his ass along with Ridder’s hot load of cum.

Torturing Handsome Sub Studs

Johnny’s Tickle Torture

Johnny Mathews is a 27-year-old bisexual dad who likes to be dominated, and he’s come to the right place! After Franco gets to know a little about Johnny’s personal life, he straps him firmly to the tickling table and starts on his muscular upper body. Johnny cackles and struggles to breathe as Franco tickles his ribs and rock hard abs with his fingers. He even tickles Johnny’s armpit with his beard stubble. Like an insane tickle masseur, Franco tickles Johnny deeply in all his muscle attachments. He then notices Johnny’s boner and starts to jack him, but adds an inner thigh tickle to the mix, confusing Johnny’s senses. Franco slides down to Johnny’s size 8 1⁄2 feet, sniffing Johnny’s shoes before tickling him through his black athletic socks. He tortures Johnny’s left foot first, tickling his bare soles with his fingers and brushes. But when he changes feet, Franco tickles him with his tongue and beard, licking between his toes and munching on his arch. Johnny’s laughter isn’t loud enough to satisfy Franco yet, so he blindfolds his victim, douses him in lube and tickles him into hysterics.

Diego & Jay

Before the scene starts, Diego Sans describes how he got into porn and what he likes best about it, before teasing fans by admitting that he’s never acted out his favorite fantasies on screen… yet! He’s excited to film with tall hottie Jay Tee today, because Jay’s got the great legs and nice ass that make Diego excited. The guys’ excitement mounts as they kiss and undress each other, then Jay gets his first taste of Diego’s cock. Diego swallows Jay’s dick too before sliding his cock into that tight ass. Dominant Diego puts Jay into doggystyle, then tells him to get on top and ride him for a while before bringing Jay to an intense orgasm in mish. Diego finishes by shooting his load all over the handsome bottom.

Peeping Bottom

Drew Dixon is just looking for a little refreshment when he enters Diego Reyes’s bar, but he finds a lot more than that when he glimpses the owner domming a tied-up and gagged sub in his private sex dungeon. Drew sneakily peeps at the erotic sight, then hides when the sub taps out as he can’t take the heat. Diego catches Drew watching him jack his big dick, and the horny bottom begs to be punished, promising he can take whatever Diego dishes out! Diego collars Drew and makes him suck his cock, then treats Drew’s ass to tantalizing licks and stinging slaps before fucking that tight hole. Once the master cums from pounding Drew in missionary, he allows his obedient sub to jack off till he cums.

Solid Connections – BAREBACK

Ever wonder what happened to the lovers that met at Bliss resort, in the number one Noir Male download, “The Resort?” We catch up with the studs DeAngelo Jackson and poppy suave and find out they’re still as hot for each other as they ever were. Still taking care of each other‘s juicy asses, huge dripping cocks and willing holes!

Master Bedroom

After checking out the rental house, Adam and Jake decide to check each other out in the master bedroom. These two horny new stepbrothers are ready to get into some nasty hairy fun with each other. Lots of cock sucking ass eating and hot wild fucking will keep you guessing, who is the master?

Barebacking and Dominating Gay Vids

Naked Gay Traction Robin

Discover “Naked Gay’ Traction” the gay porn parody by French Twinks of the famous British TV Show “Naked Attraction “! In this first episode this is the young Robin Leroy who will discover in detail the anatomy of the French Twinks models and select over the game the one with whom he will shoot his first scene.

Love Tub Part 1: Bareback

While Jax Thirio relaxes in the hot tub waiting for his man Dalton Riley, something about the motion of the ocean gets him so fucking horny. By the time Dalton arrives, Jax is raring to go! He starts kissing Dalton and goes straight for his cock under the water, so Dalton hops up to let Jax swallow that dick. Dalton returns the favor before Jax eats the bottom’s hole and fucks him doggystyle. The guys hop out of the tub so Dalton can ride Jax’s cock, then he fucks Dalton missionary till the bottom cums and finishes on Dalton’s face.

Dungeon Raw

Ryan Cage just can’t wait to be punished! The naked, tattooed submissive rattles his chains and calls for dom Vito, announcing that he’s ready. Vito makes Ryan wait before teasing him with light slaps and squeezing Ryan’s balls before delivering some taps with his crop. Vito uses his teeth before sucking Ryan’s cock, roughly working his shaft as he squeezes his balls. Then Vito removes the restraints so he can feed Ryan his dick and fuck the impatient sub mish. Vito cums as Ryan pounds his hole from behind, then the top pulls out and covers Ryan’s hole with jizz.

When The Wife’s Away – BAREBACK

Horse hung Mr Cali and ultra sexy Aaron Reese are getting caught up on some well needed dick sucking. Suddenly they’re interrupted by Mr Cali‘s step brother, Armond Rizzo who misses his step brothers cock. After a little fumbling around and finger-pointing the three decide it could be awkward or it could be fun…they choose fun. Armand and Aaron fight over Cali‘s huge uncut dick and both men want to taste of Armond‘s sweet ass. Aaron and Cali take turns screwing Armand‘s ass and all three men explode in creamy juicy ecstasy!

Love Thy Neighbor: Scene 4

Dakota, kept his promise by telling his husband Arad, about his little affair with Taylor. Arad wasn’t mad he just wanted in on the fun. When Taylor came over for what he thought was drinks he got a lot more than he bargained for. Muscular stud Arad, wanted to taste Taylor, himself and the three incredibly hot men ravage each other in every way possible. Arad fucks both of their tight holes and mouth tastes every inch of cock and ass in this incredibly intense three-way.

Fucking Next Door Guys

Master Plan – Fetish Force / Raging Stallion

Director Trenton Ducati unveils his ‘Master Plan’ with eager caged slaves and their pent-up masters just begging for release. Join five hard and horny hunks on this journey of lessons, loyalty, and lust. Master Michael Roman lets Mason Lear out of his cage so that he can prove his worth. After licking Michael’s boots, Mason gets restrained before Michael fucks Mason’s face and pounds his open asshole until he finishes with a creamy load in Mason’s gagging mouth. Then, Michael commands Mason to fuck his open hole like a good little slave, following every command from his master as he slides a massive dildo up his master’s ass before fucking Michael one last time until Mason blows his load on Michael’s spent cock and balls. Jessie Colter lets slaves Casey Everett and Kory Houston out of their cage to teach them lessons on flogging, face fucking, rimming and fucking that leave Kory’s balls drained all over Casey’s tight ass. Jessie puts his slaves and their lessons to good use when Kory gets his mouth stuffed with Jessie’s thick dick as Casey looks on riding a giant dildo. With a dick in each hole, Casey slathers his jockstrap with cum before getting Kory’s load on his cock and Jessie’s jizz in his mouth. Whether you’re a slave or a master, you’ll be getting off to the ‘Master Plan’.

A Lesson In Love: Bareback

Slackers Damien Kyle and Tim Hanes don’t find Professor Scott DeMarco’s Lessons of Love class any more interesting the second time around, but they are interested in each other. Professor DeMarco spots the chemistry that’s keeping his students from concentrating and calls them to the front to give them some personal instruction, starting with making their makeouts more passionate. Scott tells Damien to suck Tim’s cock and gives him some pointers, then advises Tim on the best way to fuck Damien’s ass before taking over to show the students how it’s done.

Tom Of Finland: Service Station: Bareback recreates a classic Tom of Finland comic book tale, directed by Bruce LaBruce. Sharp-dressed DeAngelo Jackson pulls into the service station, and attendant Matthew Camp wants to fill more than just his tank. Matthew unzips his speed suit, then leans through the window to fill his mouth with big black cock, letting DeAngelo know that this establishment really is “full service”! Ebony cutie River Wilson comes out to watch as DeAngelo sucks Matthew’s dick through the window, then leads the guys inside for more. Ricky Roman joins in the fun, and the blowjobs turn to more as Matthew pounds DeAngelo’s ass while Ricky and River flip fuck. Once DeAngelo cums, Matthew sucks out every last drop, then the attendants wipe their customer down and help him suit back up.

Heavy Enema

Marty’s jacking off in the sauna when he’s joined by bearded bear Jerry who gives him a helping hand. The guys stroke and then suck each other before Jerry leads him to the shower. Jerry sprays the athletic bottom down with the hose, then slips the nozzle into Marty’s tight hole to make sure he’s squeaky clean and ready for Jerry’s cock. Marty rides the burly top hard, then Jerry fucks him in doggystyle till he jizzes all over Marty’s ass, and Marty perfectly aims his cum onto Jerry’s still-hard dick.

 Love Thy Neighbor: Scene 3

Friends Zario Chavez, and Zak Bishop, are laying in their bed talking about their scandalous friend, Taylor. They can’t believe how brazen and bold he is. They decide to try some role-play on their own which doesn’t go too well. Screw the role-play, Zario says, let’s just fuck. These two incredibly hot studs who both have massive dicks ravage each other with some hot wet oral and intense ass pounding.

Love Thy Neighbor: Scene 2

Anal Bareback Gay Sex

Str8 Chaser: Chris

Our Str8 Chaser team weren’t having much luck finding a guy, but just when Jasmine and Jackson were about to give up, they came across Chris. Not only was Chris a virgin, he’s also got a huge cock, and Jackson was super excited to get a taste. The blindfolded teen was starting to enjoy himself when some nosy parker knocked on the van, and Chris discovered who was really deepthroating his dick. Jasmine manages to convince Chris to keep fucking Jackson’s face and even to suck his cock too, and then the two experienced sluts talk Chris through his first time fucking an ass. Jackson declares Chris a natural as he pounds him in piledriver before the two guys jack off till they cum.

Jax & Josh: Bareback

Blonde cutie Josh kisses down muscular top Jax’s body and worships his big cock with his mouth. After Josh has demonstrated his deepthroat skills, Jax swallows Josh’s cock, then lays the sexy bottom on his back to ease into his tight hole. Josh moans with pleasure as he rides Jax’s cock, then Jax pounds him deep in piledriver till both guys cum hard. No wonder Josh gasps, “Fuck, your dick is so good!”

A Flexible Encounter

Michael Boston has been looking forward to shooting with Diego Sans for a while, because Diego is everything Michael finds sexually irresistible: passionate, intimate, and, of course, physically phenomenal! Michael shares a few of his biggest turnons that he hopes to enjoy today, like great kissing, nipple play, and getting his ass eaten just right, and Diego delivers. After making Michael desperate for his cock by tonguing that hole, it’s Diego’s turn to enjoy as Michael deepthroats his cock before hopping on for a ride. The bendy bottom does a full split as Diego pounds his ass, then cums hard as Diego fucks him in mish before the sultry top pulls out and shoots his load all over him.

Basement Raw

Christian’s on his way to his basement storage unit when he’s waylaid by burly top Jerome and his big unit, and he’s about to get way laid. Jerome pulls up his ski mask to suck Christian’s cock, then pushes the bottom to his knees to feed him his meat as Christian jacks off till he cums. Jerome lubes up his cock with Christian’s jizz and fucks him doggystyle, then Christian rides the tattooed top. Jerome fucks the pretty blond spoon till he pulls out and paints his hole with cum.

Closer To You: Marcos Oliveira, Manuel Scalco

With such erratic schedules it is difficult for Marcos Oliveira and Manuel Scalco to see much of each other. Today Marcos gets out of work early and surprises Manuel with some romantic time together. Their kissing builds to a passionate level as the clothes are slowly and seductively removed. Once the cocks are set free, Manuel begins to suck on Marcos’ cock with a ravenous flare that causes him to moan in enjoyment and encouragement. Marcos then makes his move and takes his time pleasuring Manuel’s foreskin before devouring his entire cock shaft. The guys change it up and as Marcos is bent over the chair Manuel slips his cock into his raw ass. Manuel now takes a seat and Marcos lowers his ass down onto Manuel’s throbbing cock and takes it for a wild ride. Marcos has fucked himself to the point of no return and explodes his huge load of cum as Manuel’s cock stays deep within him. Manuel spreads Marcos’ legs open so that he can savor the flavor of the hot fucking that still lingers on Marcos’ hot pink ass. After fucking Marcos’ ass with his tongue, Manuel decides it is time for his cock to finish it all off. The thick cock of Manuel slips right back into Marcos’ ass and Marcos’ cock surges with excitement at feeling the heat filling him once more. Manuel fucks Marcos to his heart’s content and showers his ass with his load of cum.

Fucking Threesome Bareback

Fuck’d And Loaded – SkynMen

A horned up group of horny fuckers have invaded New Orlean’s infamous Phoenix Bar for some hot action. Sexy Seth Santoro and piggy Owen Powers serve up some big raw dick to slutty bottom Jett Rink with some hot DP fucking. Ebony stud Timarrie Baker and muscle god Michael Roman spit roast Dalton Pierce and flood his sweet boy hole with cum. Mason Lear, Justin Case, and Joey Wagner suck and fuck each other’s brains out in a scorching hot cum soaked three-way. These guys are totally “Fuck’d and Loaded”!

The Bulge Tailor

Ricky Shields’s suit needs some last-minute alterations, but when tailor Cesar Xes gets his hands all over Ricky’s bulge while taking some measurements, Ricky decides his cock’s needs are more urgent. He lets his huge dick slip out for Cesar to suck, and soon he’s fucking the sexy Latin tailor doggystyle. Cesar rides that dick and demands Ricky’s load, and Ricky cums in Cesar’s mouth.

Eating In

Calvin Banks has been enjoying Diego Sans’s scenes and dreaming about fucking him since even before he joined the industry, so he’s thrilled to hear he’s at the top of Diego’s wishlist, too. These studs are on the same page about what they want: Diego to top and dominate Calvin. Calvin can’t wait to get his hands on the star, kissing Diego and running his hands through his chest hair as Diego squeezes the blonde’s perky ass. Diego fucks Calvin on the dining room table, then pounds his ass in piledriver until both guys are cumming hard.

Face Value: Bareback

The handsome Michael Boston has a busy life, but that doesn’t stop him from seeking some fun as he ventures into a public restroom for some naughty play. Michael starts jerking off in a stall, then gets on his knees with his big uncut dick under the divider for the handsome Igor Romani to start blowing him. The two studs come out of the stalls, and Michael starts deep-throating Igor’s thick uncut cock, with Igor returning the favor until Michael flips him around and starts rimming Igor’s beautiful hole. Michael slides his huge cock slowly into Igor’s ass and right away starts pounding him hard and fast over the urinals. Moving to the sink, Michael lifts Igor’s muscular legs in the air and keeps fucking him as his moans grow louder. The hunks continue passionately banging in the stall with Igor bouncing up and down on Michael’s cock until he shoots his load, after which Michael quickly cums all over Igor’s eager face.

Shooting Their Loads

When Johnny Rapid brings his buddies Jax and Dalton Riley to the firing range, he knows that shooting guns always gets Jax turned on and ready to shoot his load. Once the guys get back home they get their dicks out and Johnny sucks Jax’s cock as Dalton watches before joining in the threesome. Jax may be a top only, but he still lets Dax eat his hole, and both Johnny and Dalton know it’s better to give AND receive. Johnny’s enjoying riding Dalton’s dick so much, he tells Jax to fuck him too in a super tight DP before Johnny and Dalton cum all over Jax and Jax shoots a huge load.

Next Door Men Bareback Anal Gay Sex

A Warm Welcome: Bareback

Thyle Knoxx is sick of being voluntold to house his mom’s whole social circle for free, so when she calls him up and tells him Tomas Decastro will be staying in his spare room, Thyle decides to give his houseguest a welcome he won’t forget. Thyle is sure that if he and his roommate greet Tomas fully naked, he’ll run for the hills… instead, Tomas strips down to his birthday suit and joins them on the couch! Thyle announces it’s time to jerk off, and Tomas joins right in. And when Tomas finds Thyle riding a dildo on the table, he comes back with a dildo of his own! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, so Thyle warmly welcomes Tomas’s big cock in his ass!

I Need A Plumber – SkynMen

Romero Santos looks on as Hugh Hunter tells him about all the corroded pipes under the sink, but Romero can only focus on Hughs hot ass and crack. Adam is working out when Drew finishes up repairing the bathroom sink and sees Adams raging hard-on. Drew has another pipe to work on. Brutus returns to his hotel room and finds a leak. Leo arrives and fixes the seal on the door. Brutus thanks Leo by fucking him hard. Pretty boy Brandon can`t get the dishwasher to work, so Daddy Brendan Patrick helps him out as always, fucking him on the kitchen counter.

Sorry Mom: Bareback

All the promises Logan Cross and Daniel Hausser have made not to fuck their mom’s new boyfriend go out the window when she brings home the hottest one yet, muscular zaddy Myles Landon. The horny twinks fight over who gets to seduce Myles, then decide there’s more than enough silver fox to go around. Logan makes the first move, sucking Myles’s cock as he showers, and once they get him back to their room, it’s Daniel’s turn. Logan sits on his face as Daniel rides his cock bareback, and Myles makes sure to fuck both twinks equally. The hot teens cum at the same time as Myles shoots his load all over their faces!

Nate & Diego

Soft-spoken Nate Grimes describes his first sexual encounter with a guy, how he discovered he was a bottom, and what he’s most looking forward to in his scene today with Diego Sans, and it makes him impatient to get started! The guys’ arousal increases as they kiss passionately, pulling off each other’s clothes, and Nick gets his first taste of Diego’s big cock. Diego uses his tongue and his fingers to make Nate’s ass nice and ready for him, then takes him deep in doggystyle. Nate loves to ride Diego’s dick and even takes a hard piledriver pounding before Diego’s talented fucking skills have him cumming hard, and Diego pulls out to add his load to the mix.


Dexx is chillen in some smooth sexy shorts when Rikk York walks up to him. Rikk begins to rub Dexx’s cock through the shorts and soon enough he has that big dick in his mouth. They move into a sexy 69 position so they can both have their mouths full of cock. Rikk’s cock is throbbing and after he rimmed Dexx’s sweet smooth ass he slowly pushes his dick into that tight hole. Dexx takes it like a champ as Rikk fucks him in a few positions until Dexx ends up on his back where Rikk fucks the cum right out of him. Rikk pulls his bare cock out and blows his load all over Dexx’s chest.

Horny Dudes Hard Gay Sex


Our favorite Balkan Badass is back and this time he is taking it in both ends and giving it right back. This is an international fuckfest that left every cock sore. Alexander is a perfect man, handsome and beefy with a soft hole and a hard cock. You’ll see in this film why we fell for this Serbian Beast and we know you will too!

Locked Up. Fucked Hard

Brad waits, naked and hard, in his cell in the sex dungeon, right where blonde dom Christian left him. At his master’s command, the obedient sub slides his hard tool between the bars of his oubliette for Christian’s firm attentions. After roughly squeezing the submissive’s cock and balls, Christian unlocks the cage to fuck Brad’s mouth, then his ass. Brad craves his dom’s hard touch as Christian spanks his thighs and pounds his ass till Brad cums. As soon as Christian blows his load, he locks Brad back in the oubliette… until the next time.

Always Be Closing

It’s the return of Super Daddy! Nick Capra is back in the game and better than ever! Hairy hot and sweaty, dirty talking Nick takes on Noir newcomer, Taye Scott in a no holes barred, battle of the best. Nick destroys Taye’s hole and he gladly takes every nasty inch of Nick’s hairy cock. I think this house will sell for sure.

LATINLECHE: Numero 104

This week, our cameraman invites a boy, his boyfriend, and his stepfather over for a good ole fashioned family orgy! They get their fill of bareback fun and then jerk themselves to completion, covering the horny kid in a coat of steaming leche in this great production.

Sexy Rocker Brad Blows His Load For You

Brad is a cool guy with tattoos, pierced nipples and a nice body. He was looking to make rent this month so he agreed to jack off for me. Brad says he has fantasies about doing anal, but he didn’t elaborate. Hmmmm! I tried to talk him into letting me blow him (and he almost did), but he chickened out at the last minute. Back behind the camera, I focus on Brad’s cock as he gets closer to cumming. I also get some nice close-ups of his feet. In no time, he shoots a good load on his stomach. I think he got off on having a guy watch him jack off…

Fucking Young Guys

The Foreman’s Son – Hot House Video

Nails aren’t the only things getting hammered hard in ‘The Foreman’s Son’. Head down to the construction site, where award-winning model-turned-director Trenton Ducati captures 10 ripped, hard-laboring studs in steamy, raw action. These workers are hot, their bodies are sweaty, and they’re all horny for bareback sex with each other! After Arad Winwin shows Dakota Payne the projects he wants done, the two try to stay on task, but their raging hard-ons get the better of them when Arad drops his pants and stuffs Dakota’s open ass with his fat cock. Alex Mecum and Devin Franco are setting up a paint project, but when Alex notices his sexy co-worker, he quickly drops his tools, and his pants to flip-fuck each other’s tight holes until they both cum hard. Dakota Payne and Logan Cross put together scaffolding on a hot and sweaty afternoon when they decide to strip down and make themselves more comfortable. Dakota runs his hands up and down Logan’s sweat-drenched body as Dakota’s raw cock thrusts into his buddy’s open hole, pumping him hard until he gets the job done with a steamy load for Logan. When Arad Winwin accidentally drips paint onto Ian Frost, the two rip off their clothes and fuck on the scaffolding, until both horny studs are covered in jizz. Zario Travezz and Taylor Reign pick up where Arad and Ian left off, but still no luck on finishing the assigned task. Instead, the horny construction men shove their stiff cocks into each other’s tight asses until painting themselves white with cum. You won’t be able to say much about the jobs they did on the site, but these sexy construction workers are worth every penny as they drill and screw hot and horny manholes in ‘The Foreman’s Son’.

Johnny All the Way

Former Georgia boy Jay Tee may be living the high life in LA these days working as an extra on popular TV shows, but he’s joining Johnny Rapid in Savannah for the holidays. The guys grab some delicious BBQ and then trim the tree before Johnny sucks the candy cane in Jay’s pants. Jay deepthroats Johnny and then fucks him doggystyle, and the star rides the up-and-cummer like a sleigh. It may be the South, but these two guys’ loads are going to make it a white Christmas!

Bi Stepbrothers 5: Scene 4

Talent: Victoria Pure / Nick Vargas / Rick Palmer

Bi Stepbrothers 5: Scene 1

Bitch Boy

Bo Sinn awakens to discover that the briefs he left on the floor have disappeared. Still fully naked, he goes in search of them, only to find his twink roommate Daniel Hausser dressed in black lacy lingerie and stockings, licking and sniffing his shorts! Deer-in-headlights Daniel can’t stop admiring Bo’s huge cock, and Bo finally notices what a nice ass his roomie has, so he decides to fuck it! Daniel deepthroats Bo’s dick before hopping on for a ride, then props his feet up on the railing so the big tattooed top can fuck him even deeper in piledriver. That huge cock makes Daniel cum hard, and Bo gives the well-trained twink a creampie and makes him push it out.

Jax & Deacon: Bareback

“You guys have been asking for this,” says Sean Cody favorite Jax as he cuddles up to hottie Deacon. “I’ve been asking for it, he’s been asking for it, everybody wants to see it. AND we get to do my favorite thing ever–” “Fuck,” Deacon adds helpfully. “Okay, second-favorite,” Jax replies. Before these guys head back to the Sean Cody studio to get started on their fave activity, they hop on a jetski and head out on the bay. The water may be cold, but Jax and Deacon are hot hot hot as they flex their perfect muscles and admire each other. Deacon and Jax can’t agree about who’s got the better body, but they are in full agreement about what they want to do with them, as Deacon rides Jax’s huge cock. These guys are so turned on by each other they even cum in sync!

Tough Jocks Barebacking

Cum Here

After their workout, Drew Dixon and Ryan Bones are hot and sweaty, and their muscles aren’t the only thing that’s hard. Drew rubs Ryan’s dick through his shorts, nuzzling his sweat-soaked t-shirt till Ryan fucks his face. Ryan bends Drew over to breed that hole, and the horny bottom rides the tatted-up top’s hard cock till he cums before Ryan gives Drew’s ass a good stretch in doggystyle, then sprays hot jizz on his hole.


Check out this Scorchin HOT 40 minute Video “First Fuck Vid In The New House: Big C Flips With A Hung, Verse Dude From Grindr”. It’s so crazy to turn on Grindr at the new house because it’s a whole new set of local guys! This dude wanted a Flip session with me before introducing me to his amazingly sexy boyfriend a few days later. I apologize in advance for the bruise on my butt– We are still sore and bruised from the car accident, and my tailbone got damaged bigtime! The sex is crazy hot though, two masculine verse dude flippin like crazy!!!

My Brother, My Hero Ch 2: Prank Gone Wrong

Devious Theo Brady pulls a classic shaving cream to the face prank on his older stepbrother, Brian Adams, but the big guy gets payback with some serious bareback anal pounding. He feeds the boy his stiff dick and then slides his cock in the kid’s sore hole to punish him raw.

My Brother, My Hero Ch 1: Role Model

Skin To Skin: Bareback

Tattooed hunk Boomer Banks and blond twink Danny Gunn are enjoying every minute of their vacation: cruising on a boat, strolling through a seaside town, dancing at the club, and of course, spending as much time as possible skin to skin. The couple make out by the pool and Danny sucks Boomer’s cock before asking the burly top to eat his tight hole, and Boomer is happy to give Danny just what he wants before fucking him doggystyle. Danny takes control as he rides Boomer’s dick, then revels in the feel of his man’s skin against his as Boomer pounds his ass till they both cum!

Off The Grid Part 3: Bareback

Isaac (Leander) has tracked his fiance Abe (Gabriel Phoenix) to the hotel where he stayed the night, but Abe takes off as soon as Isaac catches a glimpse of him. Isaac chases Abe into a hedge maze, using the dating app Grid to find where Abe is hiding and to talk him into taking him back. The lovers return home, where they get reacquainted with each other’s bodies, and Isaac hungrily devours Abe’s ass and cock, unable to get enough, before riding him reverse. Abe makes Isaac’s ass his own, making his man cum as he breeds that hole before adorning Isaac’s cheeks with his jizz!

Gay Bareback and Domination

Daddy Lessons Ch 1: In The Closet

Taylor Reign can’t keep his eyes off his stepdad, Donnie’s, rockin’ body. His fantasies are fulfilled as the old man slobbers on his huge cock and then injects his tight asshole with a serving of hard man meat!


When you r hungry for a load you are hungry for a load and once I get that first one it only makes me hungrier for more!

Tom Of Finland: 1957*’s first collaboration with iconic queer erotic illustrator Tom of Finland takes things back to Tom’s early days in 1957. Birdwatcher Theo Brady catches a glimpse of fisherman Kurtis Wolfe through the trees and snaps a few pics before getting out his big cock as he watches the burly stud. Kurtis catches his watcher in the act, but no sooner than Theo starts sucking Kurtis’s cock, the sound of a siren pierces the air, and Theo and Kurtis scatter as police officer Matthew Camp stalks through the woods brandishing his nightstick. Theo can’t believe his eyes when he spies Matthew eating Kurtis’s ass and fucking him doggystyle, and the pair entice the shy twitcher from the woods to take photos as Kurtis rides Matthew’s cock before joining their threesome for some double penetration!

Down To Business

Colby Tucker is suffering from a broken heart so he’s shirking his responsibilities at the office. When Zario Travezz shows up at his house to get some paper signed, he’s not too happy to find Colby wallowing in his self pity. After some intense back-and-forth, the two men become heated and soon the heat translates into a hot fuck.

Zane’s Tickle and Cum

26-year-old Zane is willing try anything once, and this is his first time being tied down and tickled. His Southern boy’s charm comes through in his sweet, gentle laughter as Franco tickles him all over his naked body. Along the way, Franco pauses to taste and toy with Zane’s dick, which is already hard from the novel situation. He’s ticklish on his ribs and in his bellybutton, and especially ticklish on his inner thighs and size 11 1⁄2 feet. Franco sucks and nibbles Zane’s toes and soles, causing high-pitched giggles to break through his constant laughter. While lying on top of him, Franco lubes up Zane’s cock, then rubs it against his furry belly and tickles Zane in his armpits. Franco takes the next opportunity to suck Zane off and torture his sensitive cock until he’s exhausted and asking for a nap. Of course, naps don’t happen on Franco’s tickling table! Franco tickles Zane’s inner thighs and feet, making Zane jerk his arms and legs like a broken marionette. Even when Franco releases his arms, mild-mannered Zane obeys and keeps his arms back as best he can, letting Franco tickle him until he just can’t stand it anymore.

Bareback Anal Fucking

Captain Rapid Part 3: Bareback

When Johnny Rapid spots two hot guys sitting on the cliffs overlooking where his boat is anchored, he swims over and convinces them to come aboard. But before Johnny can let ginger Kyle Conners and bohemian Xavier Cox into the cabin, they have to obey the maritime law and fuck! Xavier sucks Kyle’s cock and Johnny peeks from abovedecks as Kyle sucks Xavier’s dick and Xavier fucks him doggystyle. Seeing just how horny these guys are, Johnny lets them use his berth to keep banging, and Kyle wants to take a turn sliding his dick into Xavier’s ass. Xavier rides the horny ginger and then the guys each jack off till they cum before going up on deck for a scenic cruise.

Captain Rapid Part 2

Off The Grid Part 1

When Isaac (Leander) met his fiance Abe (Gabriel Cross), he knew this was the man he’d delete his dating app for. But as his wedding approaches and his best friend Kirk (Dato Foland) asks to fuck him just once, Isaac grabs at his last chance to sow some wild oats. The friends with newfound benefits take turns sucking each other’s cocks and Kirk tongues Isaac’s hole before sliding his cock inside. Then the groom-to-be gets the best of both worlds as they flip fuck, Isaac fucking Kirk in mish and doggystyle before riding him till he cums. But just as Isaac swallows Kirk’s load, Abe arrives and catches them in the act!

Jax & Lane: Bareback

Jax is excited to be paired with Lane today because not only does Lane have an amazing body, they’re also real-life best friends. Jax says, “I know Lane is an absolute bottom-monster, he can take a dick like no other, so I’m pretty excited to be able to just not hold back.” Lane is just as stoked to take that big dick in his ass and get picked up and tossed around a little bit by his big strong friend Jax! After Lane sucks his dick, Jax picks up his bud to kiss him before throwing him down on the bed and eating his ass. Lane rides Jax’s big dick till Jax cums in his tight hole, and Jax keeps going till he makes his best friend cum too!


Eli is an ass man so I figured what better gift than Marcus and his beautiful ass with perfectly smooth hole. He spent a good amount of time face deep in Marcus’ hole, but can you blame him?! Marcus is the type of bottom who can either be connected with his top in a passionate love making session or lie there and just be a hole for his top to use until he unloads in you. He was the latter of the two, and loved every second of it.

Big-Dicked Geovanni Deep-Throated

I invite my adventurous buddy Brian over to see what he can get newcomer Geovanni to do on camera. Geovanni may not be willing to suck dick, but he clearly doesn’t mind getting a blowjob from another guy. I put Geovanni next to Brian on a small sectional so they’d have to touch. I knew Brian wouldn’t mind, but I was surprised when Geovanni got hard so fast. I tell Brian to suck on Geovanni’s boner. While Geovanni enjoys the BJ, he reaches around to help stroke Brian’s dick. When Brian gags, I give them a break and try to get Geovanni to return the favor. But he refuses to suck cock, so I get the guys stroking instead. I jack Brian while he leans over and sucks Geovanni’s balls. Geovanni pushes Brian to lick his taint, and it’s not long before Brian is ready to cum. He strokes off a big load and Geovanni nuts right after. Brian sucks Geovanni’s big dick clean.

Dads Men Jocks and Twinks

Call Boy Decoy

Deangelo is a handsome man, he doesn’t have to pay for sex. He wants it how he wants it and sometimes you have to pay for what you want. That doesn’t mean you always get what you pay for. Taylor shows him, with his mouth and ass, that having the best of both worlds, is worth all the money in the world.

Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers Episode 4

Caught by Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson after defying her orders, things are looking grim for Johnny Rapid, but when he warns Constable JJ Knight that Sophie’s trying to poison him in order to give her favorite, Joey Mills, the job, things finally start looking up! JJ sits down with Johnny, Joey, and the other new whore, Ty Mitchell, to hash out how things are going to be. JJ and Johnny get their cocks sucked by both Ty and Joey before fucking the twinks doggystyle, and when it’s time to cum JJ fucks Ty’s mouth as he watches Joey fuck Ty’s ass while getting his ass fucked by Johnny! The guys seal their alliance as Ty gets covered in jizz…but down in the basement, the Cock Destroyers are also making up, and vowing to take over the world!

A Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers Episode 1

My Best Friend’s Dad Scene 4

Big daddy Tristan Brazer takes on Young and hung Tristan Hunter And teaches him a good lesson. If he’s going to hang around his stepson he Needs to learn some tricks. Tristan is a dominant top and uses every muscle in his body and every inch of his cock to take this boy down. After some sweaty sucking fuck, the stepdad gives Tristan the thumbs up.

My Best Friend’s Dad Scene 3

Parole Dad Ch 3: Mom’s Home

This week, little Lukas Stone’s ex-con stepdad, Logan Stevens, sneaks into his bedroom while the boy’s mom calls the kid for dinner! The old man wants a quickie, so he fucks his boy’s young asshole bareback and then strokes him to a creamy climax.

Parole Dad Ch 2: Thanksgiving with Dad

My Brother, My Hero Ch 1: Role Model

Sweet Theo’s older stepbrother is honored to find out that the little guy has chosen to write about him as someone he admires for a school paper. To show the boy just how much he cares, he stuffs his butt full of hard man meat and then injects him with his sticky seed!

Mature Men Anal Fuck

BARE: Hookups And Fuckdowns

Ep 1 – NakedSword Originals

Derek Cline and Trevor Laster can hardly keep their hands off each other as they lock lips and strip each other down. When Trevor’s cock pops out first, Derek wastes no time getting down on his knees to service the stud’s lengthy cock. Trevor delivers long and deep strokes to the back of Derek’s throat that the oral stud takes with ease. Trevor wants to show off his oral talents, so he bends Derek over the couch and spreads his cheeks to get full access to Derek’s hole. Without hesitation, Trevor plants his face firmly in between Derek’s smooth ass and works his tongue in and around his hole, making sure to give his balls some much needed attention too. When Trevor has had his taste of Derek’s ass, he replaces his tongue with his throbbing raw cock and shoves it deep inside Derek’s hole. Bent over the armrest, Derek takes the bareback pile-driving that Trevor is delivering to his hole. Switching positions, Trevor sits back to let Derek climb on top and ride him as deep as he likes. Derek rides Trevor’s pole deep until he wants to lay back and give Trevor control again. Grabbing onto his ankles, Derek watches as Trevor’s throbbing rod slides in and out of him making his eyes roll back. While Trevor keeps probing his cock into Derek’s ass, Derek lets out a thick load that lands all over his stomach. Seeing Derek covered in his load sends Trevor over the edge and he strokes his meat until his own cum is added into the mix.

LATINLECHE: Numero 100

Our cameraman is celebrating our 100th episode of Latin Leche with two of his most gorgeous studs and their hairy stepdaddy. The three indulge in some deepthroat cocksucking before the boyfriends get their tight buttholes pounded by the young guy’s stepdad!

Body Worship Ritual

Black God, Eric Ford, has been entrusted with two young men in today’s Body Worship ritual. Little Matie and young Derek take turns slobbering on the strong man’s thick boner before offering their inexperienced assholes up to the Black God’s girthy cock!


We met Travis on line, he told us he was a top,and when you see that MASSIVE beautiful man meat you will see why he is more often than not asked to top, he seemed pretty shy at first then he confessed he has been a fan of Maverick Men for while and has always wanted to try bottoming and we looked like the guys to help him give bottoming a try, man did he open up literals and figuratively lol We had a blast dominating his holes, nothing hotter than topping a bottom curious top 🙂 for those of u that like to watch a hard core ass fucking session with breeding and facials , you are in for a treat, enjoy!


There is nothing sexier than Riley Mitchel’s eyes when he looks up at you while sucking dick. Want to know how to make him hard? Just stick your cock in his mouth and he starts leaking all over the place. A lot of jizz was exchanged in making this film and we know Riley is going to be a favorite of yours just like he is of ours.

Anal Cream Pie Barebacking

My Best Friend’s Dad Scene 2

When you have a sex dream, there is no better subjects that huge dicked Max Konnor and willing Latin bottom Cazden Hunter. Max fucks Cazden until his eyes roll back in his head and moans with pleasure. Cazden takes every inch of Max down his throat and fucks the come right out of him.

My Best Friend’s Dad Scene 1


Fresh addicts!

Taking loads like there’s no tomorrow. Just fuck em in and get the fuck out. My face was buried into the pillow the entire weekend. Idk how dudes filled me up but I’m still hungry for more.

Deacon & Gibson: Bareback

Bearded hottie Deacon and naughty twink Gibson pose on the rocks by the beach, teasing each other as they flex their muscles and run their hands over one another’s bodies. When these guys get some privacy, they pick up right where they left off, wordlessly falling into a passionate embrace as they pull off their clothes and Deacon pushes Gibson down to the couch then sucks his cock. Deacon can’t wait to hop on Gibson’s dick, riding him and then urging Gibson to fuck him hard till the sexy twink explodes all over Deacon’s ass, pushing his cum into the bottom’s tight hole as Deacon cums too.

Pup & Tank Fuck Raw All Over A Construction Site

Tank Joey is doing some construction when Pupcheer comes to see what he’s up to. His muscular lover being up on the ladder puts him in just the right position for Pup to eat Tank’s ass and suck his cock. Tank bends over the workbench so Pup can finger his ass and fuck him bareback doggystyle. The guys get a little messy as Pup cums all over Tank’s ass and the floor, then he sucks Tank’s cock till he shoots a huge load all over Pup’s face.

Blaine Pounds Johnny

Ebony hottie Blaine Porter is ready to make the leap from social media model to pornstar…as long as he gets to fuck Johnny Rapid’s tight ass! It’s a big day for Johnny, too, since it’s his first ever interracial scene. Johnny can’t believe his eyes when Blaine pulls out his big black cock, and he can hardly swallow it all! Blaine definitely seems like he’s done this before as he eats Johnny’s ass and fucks him bareback doggystyle, and Johnny can’t get enough as he rides Blaine’s cock. This is the biggest dick Johnny’s had in a while, and it fucks a big load out of him. Then Blaine uses it as lube till he cums too!

College Dudes Going Gay


Adrien Hart is doing his new job of housesitting for people in California. He’s on one of his first jobs settling into the beautiful home when Jaxx Maxim enters thinking he is supposed to be watching the home. Oh no a double booking. The two men, neither one wanting to give up the job stay and stay out of each other‘s way until they can’t take the sexual tension anymore and end up sucking dick, eating ass and fucking their brains out.


Dave has recently started doing porn this last year, and he DM’d me saying he’s been wanting to play even before he bagan porn… He doesn’t live in L.A., so when he finally scheduled a trip I made sure to make it happen! He is an ultra talented bottom with pussy lips that spread beautifully around my thick cock. I had saved up a day load, and my dick was extra hard. The lighting was beautiful and the sex was on fire!
He told me he doesn’t usually like riding dick because he’s a big guy. I understood completely, but assured him I have an extra strong dick!!! So he hopped on, and the result is truly beautiful. After quite a bit of awesome ass to mouth, I fuck him until I blow my built up load. Felt Amazing! Such a cool person too, can’t wait for him to visit again soon! Until Next Time!!!


When our cameraman meets this hot scruffy punk, it doesn’t take much to get him to suck dick. The straightforward stud slobbers on our lucky cameraman’s uncut cock before bouncing on his raw dick and shooting a hot load all over his stomach.

Ace & Michael

Ace Quinn thinks Michael Boston is super cute, with a fat, juicy ass he can’t wait to eat and nice, plump lips he’s excited to kiss. Ace dishes the details on his favorite kind of sex, his porn-watching habits, and his fave positions before hopping into the shower with Michael to finally get his hands on that ass! The guys start some intense making out before Ace fucks Michael’s throat, then eats his ass and fingers him. Ace fucks Michael’s tight hole nice and deep in doggystyle and then enjoys his favorite topping position before Michael cums hard, moaning loudly! That’s just what Ace likes to hear, so he pulls out and cums all over Michael.

Lachlan & Sean: Bareback

Muscular, tattooed hunk Sean is catching rays at the beach in his tight swim trunks when surfer Lachlan strides up with his board. The hunks eye each other up and wordlessly head back to the house, where Sean immediately starts sucking Lachlan’s cock before he rides that dick. The horny bottom loves getting fucked deep in doggystyle, and the naughty top covers Sean’s ass and balls in his cum, then licks it off before going straight to round two.

Screwing Hung Hunks

Outta The Park – Raging Stallion

America’s favorite pastime is baseball, and the Stallions are the hottest team in the league! With more hard hunks than any other team, these bareback hunks know how to knock it “Outta’ the Park!” When star players Ricky Larkin and Wade Wolfgar step out of the showers, they find bat boy Sharok cleaning up the locker room. Sharok knows the guys need to blow off steam and offers up his hole for them to use in an epic, switch-hitting three way, until Ricky and Sharok spray jizz all over Wade’s tight hairy body. Opposing team mascot, Drake Masters, harasses concession vendor, Jessie Colter. When Jessie tries to get Drake to leave, Jessie finds out that Drake’s sausage tastes better than the wieners he sells. Jessie pounds the mascot until he fucks the cum out of Drake and pumps his load deep into Drake’s hairy hole. Donnie Argento and Wade Wolfgar are training for the playoffs when Donnie pulls out his dick for Wade to gobble up, and the two take turns sucking cock until Drake drenches Donnie’s ass with jizz and takes Donnie’s load on his tongue. When Ricky Larkin orders up a “nice big juicy wiener” from the concession stand, Lucas Leon takes his cue and sucks Ricky’s cock before getting his legs in the air, so Ricky can fuck the ass in front of him until his cock erupts with cum. Superfan Papi Suave runs into his favorite player, Rooney Marx, at the gym and offers up his ass so Rooney can get balls deep inside the muscle hunk. Rooney fucks the jizz out of Papi and then pumps his load on Papi’s hole to fuck back inside. Nigel pulls a double play and fucks both Donnie and Anthoni until everyone gets their bases loaded. When the players from this league show up at bat, you better be ready because in this game there are no foul balls, no strike-outs, the bases are always loaded, and the hung jocks are all waiting to hit it “Outta’ the Park!”

Poltergayst: Bareback

Colby Tucker has lit some candles, prepared some snacks, and he’s all ready for a solo movie night. But when he ignores the warning not to watch the movie “Poltergayst” after midnight, next thing he knows, naked Dante Colle is crawling out of his TV screen and demanding he eat his ass! Colby fucks the sexy apparition doggystyle, and Dante rides Colby’s cock so well it’s spooky. Colby fingers Dante’s ass till he cums, then fucks his tight hole bareback, cums all over his ass, and licks it all off. Good thing there’s no rule against eating jizz after midnight!

The Magic Touch

When the beautiful Gabriel Clark says that he’s a sensual lover, you better believe him. The way he describes kissing, licking, and grabbing a handful of ass is enough to make anyone hot and bothered. 
So it’s no surprise that when Gabriel met tall Nikko Russo, sparks flew. They started by kissing gently, with Gabriel softly teasing Nikko’s nipples as they passionately rub their groins against each other. Nikko then slowly gets on his knees to pull down Gabriel’s underwear and starts sucking on his huge, uncut dick until Gabriel pushes him onto the bed and returns the favor by licking Nikko’s big, uncut cock from the base to the tip before deep-throating him. Gabriel then lifts Nikko’s legs to have better access to his beautifully puckered butthole, and dives right in, rimming Nikko as he gently moans. Ready to slide his big dick inside Nikko, Gabriel thrusts slowly at first and then rhythmically builds momentum with each new position until Nikko cums all over Gabriel, who then blows his huge load on Nikko’s cock and ass before exchanging one final, passionate kiss.

My Best Friend’s Dad Scene 1

Dad is on the down though. He has his buddy Colby Tucker over for some work out and sweaty man play. When Tristan Hunter sneaks downstairs defined his best friends dad choking on cock it totally turns him on. This big huge muscle man sticks his big dick in Colby’s waiting asshole. This is Tristan Brazers first scene and he steps up to the plate.

Barebacking Muscled Jocks

Just Fucking Around – SkynMen

Sometimes all you want to do is just fuck around. Joe Hudson can’t resist Fierce Jock; street trade really gets him going. Jessie Colter and Brian Bonds are bored because of the chilly, rainy weather, so they turn up the heat in the bedroom. Bryan Knight loves his daddies, so when he’s ready just to fuck around, he calls on Randy Harden. Brendan Patrick loves a big black cock; Timarrie Baker to the rescue!

Parole Dad Ch 1: HOUSE ARREST

This week on Family Dick, we finally meet Lukas’ stepdad, an ex-con who has just been released from prison. While Logan is on house arrest, little Lukas takes the opportunity to seduce his pop and show him just how much he missed him. The sexy stud drills the kid’s tight hole before drowning him in creamy cum!


This week, our cameraman welcomes a sweet boy to Buenos Aires by offering him some cash for a slobbery, deepthroat blowjob. Then, he introduces the kid to his muscular buddy, who jackhammers his hole and drenches him in warm, creamy leche!

Alec’s Audition

24-year-old Alec has a bit of an exhibitionist streak. I have Alec strip out of his clothes and show me his size 10 1/2 feet. He lubes up his dick and boners out with no problem. I get a close-up of his tight hole, then let him kick back and beat off straight porn on his phone until he shoots his big, thick load.

Fall Into Place: Max Saga, Mario Roma

It has finally happened for Max Saga and Mario Roma. The schedules have been cleared, work is complete, phones are off and all has fallen into place so our two sexy guys can get hot and wild with no interruptions. Max seductively strips his clothes and drops them onto Mario, who is watching from below the balcony. Mario strips Max of his last article of clothing, his underwear, where he encounters his perfectly curved cock waiting to find its way down his throat. Expertly running his hot lips and mouth up and down Max’s dark cock shaft, Mario demonstrates just how hungry he has been for this moment. Mario is not only famished for cock, but Max’s beefy, muscular ass. He spins Max around, spreads those beautiful mounds and finds the treat he has been dreaming of and gives Max the tongue fucking we all dream of. Max takes his opportunity and begins to retract Mario’s foreskin as his tongue comes in and tastes the delicacies that were hidden beneath his hood. As Max inhales Mario’s cock, he tugs on his heavy, hairy balls and brings Mario’s excitement to a new level of pleasure and pain. Before he gets too excited, Mario bends Max over the sofa and rams his wet, raw cock deep into Max’s huge ass. Mario changes positions and Max lowers his ass onto Mario’s throbbing cock. Max’s cock swells to full capacity with each deep thrust of Mario’s cock. The guys switch again and this time muscle bear, Mario finds himself on his back as Max’s chestnut cock parts his hairy, pink hole and slides deep inside. The view of the handsome muscle bear with his legs spread open and taking his hard cock really turns Max on. Max is unable to control himself any longer and shoots his hot load of cum all over Mario’s ass. Swirling the cum with his fingers, Max begins to massage Mario’s ass with his cum, which sends Mario over the edge and blows his thick, creamy load onto his furry abs. Keep that schedule clear, we need to repeat this again.

Diego & Ace

Diego Sans is so excited to shoot with new exclusive model Ace Quinn, he doesn’t even know where to start! He decides to dive right in with pressing his body up against athletic Ace as the two men kiss passionately, then hungrily devouring his cock and balls before tasting his ass. Ace can’t let Diego have all the fun, so he takes a turn sucking Diego’s dick before he hops on and rides him reverse. Ace definitely lives up to all of Diego’s expectations, cumming hard as he takes a deep doggystyle pounding, and Diego leaves a big load on his perfect ass!

Hot Men Anal Bareback Sex

All In The Family

Nick Fitt, Zario Travezz, Wesley Woods, Vadim Black, Bar Addison, Arad Win Win, Shane Jackson, Zak Bishop

All In The Family Scene 1

Business Deals

Bar and Konnor are two men who seem know how to get a job done. It doesn’t take very long, however, before their business meeting goes off the rails. Before they know it, Bar starts worshiping Max’s massive cock, while Max takes tender care of Bar’s sweet fat butt. The question is will they ever get anything done?

Bronson’s Tickle Seduction

Bronson has been tied up before, but never like this. First, Franco gets him naked and sniffs him. Then he makes Bronson help him undress and shows Bronson the big boner in his boxer briefs. Franco locks Bronson’s ankles and wrists, then plastic wraps him to the chair. With Bronson’s feet suspended and hands tied behind his head, Franco starts tickling his armpits. He tickles Bronson’s pits, ribs and even his inner arm while Bronson laughs and bounces. Removing both shoes, Franco applies his tickling touch to Bronson’s size 11 socked feet. On goes the blindfold, and a whole new level of sensation opens up. Franco uses his tickly beard and mouth on Bronson’s sides, allowing Bronson to tilt and lose his balance. Bronson pops a boner and Franco quietly watches as he shows off, pulsing his thick cock up and down. Franco’s big hard-on stretches his underwear while he continues tickling Bronson’s feet, removing Bronson’s athletic socks as he tickles him. Franco sucks Bronson’s toes and nibbles on his soles, making him laugh with delight. With his smooth feet completely exposed, Franco tickles Bronson using his fingertips and a couple of nubby tools, causing Bronson to start leaking pre-cum! The tickle seduction continues as Franco moves from Bronson’s feet back up to his armpits, ribs and bellybutton. After deep-tickling there and into Bronson’s upper thighs, Franco uses a feather on Bronson’s pretty feet. Franco jumps from one spot to another on Bronson’s ticklish body before finally giving into Bronson’s distracting dick. It doesn’t take much to make this 24-year-old hard, and soon Franco has him shooting an enormous load of cum. Franco eats a ton of it as Bronson’s cumming, then he removes the blindfold and uses his cummy beard to tickle Bronson’s feet. Before he releases Bronson completely, Franco screws with him some more, tickling him in his pits and on his sensitive feet.

Brysen & Noah: Bareback

Brysen and Noah have known each other for about two years, since Brysen was running an underwear contest in Florida. “I ended up picking him as the winner of the underwear contest. And I invited him back to my room and fucked the shit out of him,” Brysen confesses. Today, Noah says he’s still got a crush on the Sean Cody hunk, and he’s most looking forward to “Getting fucked really good.” Brysen doesn’t make Noah wait, bending him over and eating his ass before giving him a hard doggystyle pounding. Noah definitely gets what he wanted as Brysen fucks that hole till the bottom shoots a huge load, and Brysen adds his own jizz on top!

Poltergayst: Bareback

Colby Tucker has lit some candles, prepared some snacks, and he’s all ready for a solo movie night. But when he ignores the warning not to watch the movie “Poltergayst” after midnight, next thing he knows, naked Dante Colle is crawling out of his TV screen and demanding he eat his ass! Colby fucks the sexy apparition doggystyle, and Dante rides Colby’s cock so well it’s spooky. Colby fingers Dante’s ass till he cums, then fucks his tight hole bareback, cums all over his ass, and licks it all off. Good thing there’s no rule against eating jizz after midnight!

Straights Becoming Gays


When his straight buddies approach him about anal play, Zane Williams figures the two of them are just poking fun, but after some Q&A, he quickly realizes they’re very serious. Zane figures he’ll slowly break in these two straight studs, seeing as how it’s their first time and all, but he quickly discovers that straight boys like the dick almost as much as gay guys. Zane takes his turn pounding both Carter Woods and Elliot Finn, and they enjoy it so much that their girlfriends better beware. What started out as adventurous straight play is about to convert these two hunks into full on cock junkies. Wouldn’t be the first time… Enjoy!

Fill My Teen Hole Twice

My favorite thing about Jack Lowe is that if you give him a place to sleep and some spending cash, he is down for almost anything you can throw at him. Jack was spending the night at the same time Trevor Hardman was helping me with some projects around the house, and when Jack slept way past breakfast we decided that it would be fun for both of us to creampie him. Well, Jack woke up and I told him to clean up and get ready – we were going to film something. He didn’t even ask what it would be.

We started rolling the camera and explained to him that we were both gonna poke him. He hates getting fucked, in general, but what he does like is admiration and attention, so to butter him up I pulled out his dick and commented on how great is was. So hard, thick, yada yada. Regardless that this scene was about his teenage hole, and not his dick, his mood improved and we all had some oral fun. Once I had rimmed Jack’s ass and he was ready, Trevor gave it first crack. Now keep in mind, Jack is always hard to fuck at first. He takes a while, compared to almost anyone else. Once he is open enough, though, the rewards are bountiful. Fucking an 18 year old stud like him is one of the sheer pleasures in life.

Sure enough, he got loosened up enough for Trevor to creampie him. And after Trevor dropped his load in Jack’s ass, I felched it out again. Then I laid Jack on the bed and shoved my dick in him once more. You could tell that his ass was getting sore at this point, but it sure felt damn good. I came too while fucking him. Nothing better than waking up to two creampies, now, is there?

Student Boy Bob Fucks Drew

Fit and horny Drew is back and he wants some cock. Bob is up to the challenge.

Sliding In

Daniel is very happy to see Joel after a while since seeing each other, and Joel with an awkward call from his mum steps out of the room, Daniel notices another type of vibration coming from the bedside table, and to no surprise it’s one of Joel’s dildos! Joel to avoid hearing more about it, he starts kissing Daniel to try and forget about the dildo, and these two start getting intimate quite quickly as they both remove their clothes and remain in their underwear. It’s not long now before both boys are sucking each others dicks and Joel is using the dildo to help with Daniel’s erection. After playing with Daniel’s hole for a while with the dildo and getting him to open up, it’s normal that this could only end up with Daniel riding Joel’s dick, making both boys moan in pleasure, and only wanting more!

Bait: Bubba; Straight: Lanz

This week, Caruso adds a twist to!

You may remember a sexy Latin beefcake from several months ago named Lanz. Lanz is hot, hung, and hairy! And, this straight stud had his first gay for pay experience right here at the studio. But, after his experience, Lanz decided he really enjoyed himself and he just couldn’t quit thinking about cock! He fooled around with a couple of guys since then but there was one guy that he really had his eyes set on… a coworker of 3 years!

Bubba and Lanz have been working together for years but they haven’t really talked much about their sex lives. And, it wasn’t until recently that Lanz worked up the courage to confide in his buddy. Bubba was shocked that Lanz had not only hooked up with multiple guys but that he filmed a gay for pay scene! But, Lanz was just as shocked to find out that Bubba is actually gay. For years, Bubba hid his secret and never came out to Lanz because he didn’t want to mess up their friendship. Of course, this did in fact change everything but only for the good. Bubba was so excited that he asked Lanz if he could be in a video as well. Lanz agreed but only if Bubba would shoot the scene with him! Both guys were so excited about how everything worked out that Lanz quickly called up Caruso to see if he could set everything up and now here they are! Just waiting to get down and dirty with each other and blow their hot loads!

Big Dicked Hunks Fucking Sucking and Jacking

Cock Hammer 3: The Estaban Orive

Dark Alley Media

Esteban Orive has one of the biggest, most massive cocks in the gay porn world and he fucks bottoms hard and raw; cumming in and on their butt holes.


Featuring Jason Collins!

Would you love some big-dicked biker to come tear open your hole? Fuck yeah you would. You’d be begging him to come every day! You can tell by the look on Liam’s face that even though it’s hard to get Jason’s monster piece of meat to fit up inside his tight little hole he just can’t get enough of this big man enormous cock!

Rugged Fuckers Kai & Kyle

Getting Kyle and Kai together for a fuck was long overdue, you’re gonna love the result.


Featuring Pierre Fitch and Rocky Vallarta!

Don’t miss this Insanely Hot 33 minute 3 Way Fuck “Jared Fucks Legendary Porn Star Pierre Fitch And His Hunk Daddy Boyfriend Rocky Vallarta Before Heading Out To The Bars In Montreal, Canada”. Jared had taken a week long trip to Canada without me last week, and I’m editing all the footage now… It was super hot to see how Jared got his groove on without me around, and of course Pierre Fitch is famous in the Biz, having almost 20 years under his belt performing!!! His new BF Rocky is hunky as hell, and I popped major wood when he started slapping Pierre’s ass, telling Jared to “drill him hard”. They headed out to the bars after tearin up some hole– Jared also filmed with two other sexy boyz & of course I got into my own trouble back at home, so Stay Tuned for some hot vids coming up!!

Big Boy Bryant Jacks Off

Big dicked British boy Bryant makes clear in this solo that he’s owned by Sean Taylor

Dominating and Rough Fucking Submissive Guys

Blowing George

George is a nerdy college freshman who visits the Fraternity gloryhole before class to get his rocks off. He takes off his shirt and sticks his dick in the gloryhole. George keeps pretty quiet while I blow him, but he warns me right before he’s going to cum…like it matters! He sprays his big load all over my face and in my mouth.

A Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers Episode 1

When twink Johnny Rapid is caught soliciting by local constable JJ Knight and taken to meet Cock Destroyer Rebecca, he has no idea he’s about to become a pawn in her game to get back at fellow Cock Destroyer Sophie by infiltrating her brothel. Sophie’s pet, Joey Mills, tries to cozy up to newbie Ty Mitchell, but Ty is whisked away by JJ, whose job as constable means he gets to test out all Sophie’s new employees! Ty shows what he can do, first massaging and worshiping the constable’s sore feet, then sucking and deepthroating his cock. JJ tastes the tanned twink’s ass and loosens his tight hole with his fingers before fucking him doggystyle. Ty enjoys his attentions so much that he cums hard before taking the constable’s huge load on his face. But while the constable is disporting with Sophie’s newest boytoy, Rebecca is ready to make her move…


This week, our cameraman promises his cute, horny friend that he will find a hot stranger for him to fool around with on film. On his hunt, he spots a good-looking guy waiting for the train and he brings the handsome stud home. The two hit it off immediately, and the sexy stranger plows the little guy’s hole raw and shoots his creamy leche everywhere!

New Friends Are The Best Friends

I met Chris Colt online, and after spent a little bit of time with him, and having seen his very large and thick cock, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind plowing my friend Elis. Chris has that clean-cut, good boy vibe, and if it weren’t for the tattoos, you could mistake him for a church boy. Elis is almost the complete opposite. Elis has an alt/emo type look, and is a few years younger than Chris. He likes his hair shaggy, and has a wild temperament.

Putting them together was a great idea, because slut-boy Elis really brought out the aggressive top in Chris. Watching little Elis get dicked down by that massive cock, attached to such a handsome body, really gets me going. But the start of the action is really when Elis begins going down on Chris. Elis seems to know exactly what to do while working on Chris’s pole, and by the look on his face, Chris greatly appreciates it.

When Chris turns his attention to Elis’s hole, though, he aims to stretch it out and completely wreck it. He fucks Elis in doggie and missionary, and from behind. In each position, you can just tell Elis’s ass is getting more blown out every second. The hot part is, however, that as Chris is dicking him down, he nuts – and it’s a huge load! The inner freak in Elis just loves it. And when Chris pulls out and dumps a load in his mouth and all over his face, Elis treats it like it was whipped cream, eagerly lapping it up. Hot scene!


Hands behind his back, face down and ass up, Jesse Prather lies on the bed, exposed, for bearded dom Ricky Larkin’s attention. Ricky spanks his sub’s pert ass and teases his hole with his fingers before making Jesse lick his boots. Jesse nuzzles Ricky’s cock through his pants before the harsh dom squeezes Jesse’s balls hard, then caresses his body with gentleness. Jesse undresses his master and licks his armpit before sucking his cock and hopping on to ride him. Ricky fucks Jesse hard in doggystyle, dominating him with every thrust until he cums.

Horny Straight Dudes Being Seduced

Dalton & Vincent: Bareback

Dalton Riley is really excited to have some fun on set with tanned and tattooed hottie Vincent Oreilly. Dalton describes how he got into the industry, a few of his favorite things, and everything he wants to do with Vincent today before his sexy scene partner enters and takes a seat in his lap. The guys’ arousal ramps up as they kiss, and Vincent gets right down to sucking Dalton’s big dick. Dalton wants to taste Vincent’s hard cock and his ass, then fucks him deep in bareback doggystyle. Vincent rides Dalton and begs for every inch of that dick as he cums, before Dalton leaves a massive load all over Vincent’s face.

Eden Wolf Ch 3: THE GIFT

This week, pure Elder Wolf has been hand-selected by President Lewis to service the beefy Bishop Napoli while blindfolded. The boy chokes on the priest’s hard cock and then perks his ass out for the strong man to pound his tight hole raw!

The Return of Gramps Ch 2: CHOPPING WOOD

In the second chapter of The Return of Gramps, little Marcus gets a lesson in chopping wood from the old man…and it quickly turns into a steamy family affair. They head back to the cabin, where grandfather, father, and son line up for a hot rim train. The cute twink gets spit roasted by his step dad and gramps, then swallows both of their loads!

The Return of Gramps Ch 1: FAMILY NUDISTS

Jocks: Alex Berg, Diego Summers

Alex Berg and Diego Sommers return from the gym all horned up. Straining their KB’s, the cocks are released and sucked and swallowed. Diego flips Alex and fucks him raw and in every position he can until the cum flies.

A Lesson In Kink For Hung Blake – Part 3

Blake Harvey & Sebastian Kane

Big-dicked boy Blake is in for some final pain and punishment before being released.

Jerking It With Str8 Oliver

Oliver Dean

Hot straight boy Oliver is back, with his big saggy balls ready to be emptied again.

Horny Studs Anal Bareback Games

Psycho Joe Ep. 3 – NakedSword Originals

Leo Rex, on his phone and not paying attention, nearly gets hit by a car when ‘Psycho Joe’ (Mickey Taylor) saves his life by pulling him out of the way. In a “my hero” moment, Leo makes a plan with Joe to meet up later. Moments after, a hooded figure attacks Wade Mathews outside his apartment, covering his face with a rag and making him pass out. Meanwhile, Leo heads to the pub where he tells all his mates about his near-death experience and his new love interest, the bartender who saved him. To his surprise, his friends find it creepy that Joe just happened to be at the right place at the right time. After a heated exchange, Leo is having none of their negativity and takes off with Gabriel Phoenix, leaving Drew Dixon, Jake Daniels and Igor Bellucci to entertain themselves. The trio heads to the main bar and start making out and stripping each other’s clothes off. Jake pulls down Drew’s pants to reveal his uncut dick. While Igor and Drew make out, Jake sinks to his knees and fills his mouth with Drew’s cock. Igor wants some meat in his mouth so Jake and Drew stand in front of the kneeling Brazilian twink and let him savor every inch of their cocks. Jake joins Igor on the floor so they can both swallow down Drew’s rod. Now it’s Jake’s turn to feed his mates some cock, and Igor and Drew don’t waste an inch. Igor and Jake prime Drew’s hole with their tongues before Jake bends him over and drives in his cock. Drew sucks on Igor’s meat while Jake pounds him from behind. Switching it up, Drew goes ass to mouth on Jake’s cock, while Igor takes his turn stretching Drew out. Drew wants to cum and gets on his back on a bar stool to stroke a load out onto his heaving abs while Jake keeps thrusting his cock inside Drew. Drew gets down on his knees one last time to take his mates’ loads straight to his face, making sure to lick up every last drop. But what about Leo, should the guys explore their bad feelings about their mate’s potentially psycho date?

Psycho Joe Episode 4 – NakedSword Originals

Make Me Squeal

It’ll take more than being poked and talked dirty to by a slutty tourist like Damon Hart to make decorated member of the British palace guard Billy Essex lose his focus…but when the naughty American gets on his knees and grabs Billy’s cock, his body definitely starts reacting. Billy can’t concentrate on anything but Damon’s mouth sucking his dick, and soon he’s bending the impertinent Yank over in his guard booth for a nasty doggystyle shag! As surprised visitors look on, Billy cums all over Damon’s face. Rule Brittania!

Brotherly Love: PROM WOES

Beautiful Bar isn’t the most coordinated dancer, so he asks his caring older stepbrother for some pointers before his prom. It doesn’t take long for the lesson to turn into a hot bareback fucking as the twink spreads his legs to bounce on his big bro’s rock-hard cock. He gets his tight hole stretched and pounded out and takes Wolfie’s creamy load all over his chiseled chest all before their parents get home!

Win Win: Andy Onassis, Klein Kerr

Your demands have brought Andy Onassis and Klein Kerr together in this chemistry filled sex fest. Cock sucking skills are stretched, ass eating perfected and explosive raw ass flip fucking.


Not-so-innocent twink Bar Addison sneaks into a warehouse to watch burly, bearded hunk Ricky Larkin strap on his bondage gear and play with his big, hard cock. When Ricky finally spots Bar, he pulls him over to the bed, rips off his shirt, and strips off his jeans before locking a metal cock ring around his hard-on. Blindfolded, Bar sucks Ricky’s cock by touch and takes a saucy spanking with the paddle before Ricky drips hot wax over his back and his reddened ass. Ricky fucks Bar doggystyle before sucking his toes and eating his ass, then cums all over his cock, and the generous top slides his still-hard dick into Bar’s ass one more time as his sub cums!

Wet Dreams Part 1

Colby Tucker and Angel Rivera swim toward each other, shedding their clothes as they come together under the water in a passionate embrace. When these studs come up for air, Angel can’t wait to suck Colby’s cock. Muscular Colby dives deep into Angel’s ass with first his tongue and then his dick, and then these hotties flip so Angel’s on top fucking Colby doggystyle before cumming on his ass and taking Colby’s cum all over his face.

Hung Buds Fucking Anal


Featuring Leo Rex!

I gotta send some love to The Boner Guide for this one folks. Im shitty with who’s who in the “industry” so I’m not as privy to who’s fresh meat as I used to be, but I’m so thankful this dude was put on my radar. Long story short, The Boner Guide sent out a tweet saying that it would be so hot if me and Leo Rex did a scene together. I hop onto google, find Leo Rex’s Twitter account, and I’m in lust, because he’s dripping with ink AND has a British accent, so I’m already having serious FOMO. But the dude lives in the UK, and I can’t afford that kind of trip, so I just tacked Leo to my fantasy list. And then, the universe decided it had to see us fuck because no more than two weeks later I was in San Fransisco visiting my buddy Nick, creeping on social media, when I saw that Leo just happened to be visiting the same city from the UK. So attention all viewers, tell me about your fantasy pairings and what you want to see, it gets me off getting you guys off, so send in them requests! 


Featuring Vincent O’Reilly and Dario Alexander

My favorite videos are when you have two guys who just love to fuck/get fucked, who love it raunchy, and who get so into it that they forget they’re being filmed– just like this video. If you couldn’t tell, eating ass is one of Dario’s favorite things to do, especially when it looks like Vincent’s. And I made sure Dario knew Vincent loves getting choked out while getting fucked, which was right up Dario’s ally so they were both in heaven!


Don’t miss this Scorchin Hot 2 Part, 1 HOUR LONG Video “Big C Breeds A New Cute Amateur Visiting From France”. This cute Twink sent me pics and was over just hours later… He has a nice boy dick and the smoothest, sweetest bubble butt!! We literally fuck around on the top floor fireside for hours. He does everything so well: sucks a mean dick, bottoms deep in literally any position, and had no hangups about being in front of the camera. These are my absolute favorite types of encounters!! I told him to hit me up whenever he’s in town! Enjoy!

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