Dirty Scout 82

I had two visitors today. They both came to Prague from a small town in the east. It seems that all boys with huge cocks come from the east. The first one was a mobile phone repairman. I couldn’t understand why he was unemployed. I was flooded with job offers like that. So I offered him one. A nicely paid one. He didn’t think twice and undressed to get the contract. He even jerked his cock off for my amusement and he did it for free. What a fool! The second boy came in later today and he looked a bit too relaxed for my taste. He had big ambitions. Even bigger than our agency could fulfill. Still, we had a nice job for him. But this time I wanted to fuck. I took off his childish clothes and got started. I was super horny after the first boy so he had to work twice as hard.

Debt Dandy 196

Having a new flat is amazing. Who wouldn’t like it, right? Unfortunately, Prague isn’t exactly a cheap place when it comes to rent. If you don’t choose your apartment carefully, it can really eat into your money. You can even end up like this dude. He wanted a nice place to stay with his girlfriend. They both had a good job so they decided to rent something nice. Then he got his salary slashed and she got fired. The rent was suddenly a big burden and the debt started bloating. In total desperation, he called me. I’ve never had sex with a fireman before but I expected at least a beautiful body. I wasn’t disappointed, he was amazingly ripped and hung even better. He gave me a long sensual blow job and then I rammed him from behind so hard he screamed.

Dirty Scout 87

A tall and lean visitor from far north arrived at my office. It was a lazy day so I needed some entertainment. The boy wanted to work at a warehouse, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t be weird. But this guy already worked at such a position and quit. The reason why he quit was quite delicate. He had to deflect sexual advances from his boss. He was even asked to give him a blowjob! It was hilarious because he told me about it while he was sucking me off. Apparently I looked better than his former boss and I offered him a better deal. I paid the mediation fee for him and gave him the job he wanted. And my pockets were still full of cash. I just had to convince this young man to open his ass for me. Only a blowjob wasn’t an option for me today.

Czech Hunter 306

It was a beautiful day so I decided to go on a little trip. I chose the part of Prague that is almost at the outskirts of the city. When I arrived, I spotted a beautiful rock that was overlooking the whole area. I decided to get there, I just had to find myself a guide. Luckily, I stumbled upon a young man who came there to visit his parents. He knew the area and was willing to take me to the rocky hill. Along the way we chatted about various things, then we got to relationships. The boy turned out to be bisexual with plenty of experience with both boys and girls. I thought he would be easy to talk into some nasties but he was incredibly greedy. He knew that I was horny and willing to pay a lot. In the end, that innocent looking boy cost me all my money. But the fun we had was worth it.

Debt Dandy 197

Relationships at work can often be tricky. One stupid colleague can make the time you spent in the job unbearable. This boy had to put up with a co-worker who was frequently under influence of various stuff. They both worked at a warehouse and our boy had to listen to insults from this guy every day. A few weeks back he finally lost his temper and hit him in the face. The guy learned the lesson but our boy broke a thumb during the fight. He lost his job and had to stay home on benefits. He ran out of money fast and his debts started piling up. So he called me and asked for 25 000. I was in a bit kinky mood so his plaster cast kind of turned me on. He was very much against any physical contact but I managed to talk him into it. He was at my mercy, anyways.

Debt Dandy 198

This young man called me because he needed 25 000 to pay a fine. He was a naughty boy, you know. After finishing high school he partied with his classmates. The party had to be pretty wild. Our boy got so hammered that he woke up in a police cell. Apparently he urinated on a police car. It was a bet he agreed on with his friends. He couldn’t recall the situation but still got a fine of 25 000 Crowns. Our little rebel had two weeks to get the money or he would spend a month in prison. He looked very young, exactly what I wanted today. As usual, I set the terms of the loan too harsh so he had no choice but to decline them. Then I offered him my special deal. I wanted to fuck him. Eventually, he agreed.

Dirty Scout 88

Our boy for today was very unlucky. He came to Prague by train where someone stole his luggage. He was very upset about it. He was kind of a redneck from a small village. He used to work as a maintenance guy of agricultural machinery and wanted to try something else. He wouldn’t be able to do that in Prague anyways. And he was outspending his income a lot because he was paying off a few motorbikes. Besides bikes, he had more interesting hobbies, martial arts are worth mentioning. I was curious about his body because he claimed to serve in the army. He was in shock when I offered him my usual deal but quickly agreed. He was totally broke. Coming from the countryside, he didn’t know how expensive Prague can be so he sold himself quite cheaply.

Czech Hunter 307

I spent a lovely afternoon at a park. It was full of people so it didn’t take me long to find a guy to have fun with. Lubos was a 21 years old student of programming. He was smarter and more ambitious than my usual play things. He was fun to chat with but he was extremely hard to convince to do anything dirty. He was very shy and was well aware of his value to me. I was extremely horny though-and he saw it. Step by step I managed to make him do every nasty thing I desired but it cost me a lot. We had to find a nice secluded place before he was willing to do anything, though. Especially convincing him to give up his ass virginity was a challenge. He squeezed all money out of me. He deserved it, at least as a consolation for what followed.

Twinkstars Up All Night

Lollipop Twinks

Our TwinkStars are Up All Night, feasting on hard young cock and rimming out their tight little holes before packing them full of throbbing cock! Young men with hormones busting out of their fit young bodies are springing boners constantly, and they need to satisfy their desires desperately. Thankfully all our stars have someone on hand to assist them in their efforts, creating a collection of amazing scenes each one ending with cummy climaxes to have you joining in!

Horny Biker Butt

Plugs & Fucks Twink, Then Takes A Hot Facial

No question about it, Vitali Kutcher’s courier service really is second to none. Not only does the young fellow arrive at your door attired in skimpy lycra, with a suitably appealing bulge on full display, but – as Lucas Drake discovers – he’s also prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that the goods your receiving are up to expectation. So much so, in fact, that Kutcher actually helps Drake try out the new shiny metal butt-plug that he’s ordered over the internet! Of course, it goes without saying that you can’t shove something like that up your raw arse without having a little bit of preparation downstairs, so to speak; but that’s very clearly all part of the service, as Kutcher gobbles on Drake’s dick and rims the young twink’s hairless ass with first-class gusto. Not that Drake is averse to enjoying a bit of cock himself, it must be said, as the two fellows 69 each other towards ecstasy; but all the same it’s the young lad’s hungry pucker that serves as the centre of attention here, and it almost comes as something of a relief to see Kutcher finally plugging Drake’s hole in preparation for the hard fucking that we all know is coming the young lad’s way. What’s more, Kutcher doesn’t at all disappoint – burying his dick right up to the balls in Drake’s slit, before inviting the horny twink to assume cowboy position so that the lad can bounce up and down on cock like the whore he was always born to be. It’s an uncompromising display, that’s for fucking sure; all sweetly topped off by Kutcher unburdening a heavy wad of jizz, before Drake unburdens his cum-sac all over Kutcher’s face!

Good Ol’ Country Boy Tricked By Creeper

Raunchy Bastards #102

Creeper Casting


Grant is the type of guy I usually see at country concerts. He’s from a relatively rural area, he’s a good ol’ boy, and he loves having a good time on the weekends. Contrary to popular belief, redneck teens like this are surprisingly into experimentation, and almost all of them have messed around with another guy. This is much more so the case than guys who grew up in suburbs or the city. Must be that fresh country air (or moonshine). At any rate, I was excited to have a for-real cowboy type apply to do porn, and I had him over less than two days after our first conversation. He was excited to be doing a scene with a chick I set up, but I told him I’d need to get some photos and see how he does on camera first.

The photoset went well. Grant has an amazing physique and looks very natural showing off his muscles. His biceps are perfect, and his butt equally without a flaw. At the conclusion of the photos, I told him he’d need to get hard and bust a nut for me, so that I knew he could. As he worked up his dick and jerked off, I moved the camera closer and closer, until I was right up on his cock. When I grabbed his dick, he didn’t flinch, but he didn’t seem overjoyed, either. I jerked him some and then sat down beside him and whipped my cock out, too. I figured he might have had a circle jerk with his redneck buddies before, so this was probably not that new to him. He didn’t say anything, so I kept pushing the boundaries. When I grabbed his wrist and slowly moved his hand down to my dick, he grabbed it and began stroking me off. Damn! There’s nothing like a 19 year old hottie country boy giving a hand job. This was new territory for him, I could tell. But even so, when I offered my cock for him to suck on it, he didn’t hesitate much. His mouth felt great, and I enjoyed the BJ. At that point, the rest was gravy. I buried my face between his glutes and ate out his teenage hole. We both ended up busting a load, and at the end of it, he seemed just fine. I told him I’d try to get him as much work as I could. Ha!

MXXX: The Hardest Ride

Episode 2 “Layin’It Down”

Away from the pack Pheonix Fellington confides to Brent Corrigan that Brent and Tom’s uncle JJ gives him the creeps and he thinks Ryan Rose is a spoiled pretty boy who gets everything handed to him on a silver platter. Brent defends uncle JJ but agrees 100% about Ryan. They head back to the gang where Ryan Challenges Pheonix to a race, cockily offering him the good bike. Mid-race Pheonix dumps Ryan’s bike, pissing off Ryan who obviously cares more about his $10,000 bike then his teammate. The argument heats up until Pheonix calls out Ryan for being a punk bitch and Ryan moves in. He grabs Pheonix and shoves his tongue down his throat, followed by this big hard dick. Pheonix crawls up on a picnic table and and opens his big juicy ass for Ryan’s hot mouth and raging boner. The 10K grudge fuck goes on until Ryan cums all over Pheonix’s twitching hole. Looks like Ryan really does get everything he wants.

Flip Flop Fuck Fest

Big-Hearted, Big-Dicked Lovers Enjoy A Flip-Flopping Fuck-Fest

When you’re young and in love the whole wide world seems a blissful place, and there really is no greater pleasure than to stroll hand-in-hand by the river or to kiss and exchange woodland flowers – as Lucas Drake and Titus Snow are only too willing to demonstrate in the opening moments of this romantic encounter. Indeed, such is the intensity of their good mood that they don’t even so much as bat an eyelid when a pillow splits during a playful bedroom fight, sending a cascade of feathers in every direction. Under normal circumstances, all manner of curses and bad language would result. Here, however, the lads nonchalantly start scooping up the mess, which in turn quickly results in them falling into a lusty embrace – at which point (not surprisingly) their handsome, meaty cocks quickly become the focus of the action. What’s more, it’s from here that a more observant viewer will begin to realise just what a partnership of equals this pair of horned-up beauties represents. Snow slobbers eagerly on Drake’s dick; Drake returns the favour. Snow rims his boyfriend’s hairless arse; Drake replicates the greedy performance. Snow gets his arse pummelled furiously; Drake eagerly enjoys his turn as the bottom. It’s as if these two lads really are truly in perfect tune with one another – as, of course, true lovers should be. Only in the final few minutes does any differential show; with Drake spurting out a heavy wad of boy-batter over his own belly mid-fuck, before allowing Snow the perfect honour of creaming over his outstretched tongue for a gooey and very satisfying finale!

Cum Junkie

Cum Junkie

Scene 03 – Dolf Dietrich, Mario Domonech & Antonio Miracle

Get ready for one fucking extraordinary 3-way. MARIO DOMENECH (Spain), ANTONIO MIRACLE (Spain) and DOLF DIETRICH (USA) undulate and writhe, sweaty limbs blurring into a single mass of male flesh — one man’s cock stuffs an arse as his own hole swallows cock, then each man takes his turn shifting into that coveted middle position. 

It is all gymnastics and fucking as they seamlessly flow from one position to the next. Over and over they twist and flip around, heaving and grunting until each man-cunt is loaded with jizz and each cock is spent and drooling. You will be wondering who is going to get the lion share of the loads. Trust us, you’ve never seen anything like it.

Sex Club Sluts

Dark Alley Media

Raw Fuck Club’s new sex club is now open and these slutty fuckers can’t wait to suck some huge cocks and fuck some hot raw ass. Eight muscle studs break the club in and lose their minds and their loads while they service cock through glory holes, eat ass, fuck, double fuck, and breed hole after hole in an epic orgy with super slutty Brian Bonds greedy for any and all loads. The action continues with Leo Forte pounding out and breeding Saxon West’s big, white bubble butt, Collin O’Neal and Sean Duran tearing up each other’s holes and loading each other up, and sexy daddy Damon Andros fucking huge dicked Osiris Blade into submission and shooting his load deep inside his sweet black ass.

Mike Gets his Ass Pounded

Peeping Mike Gets His Arse Pounded By A Horny Mega-Hung Pal

After a hard morning’s work, David Sky is ready for a break – but being the kind of guy that he is, it doesn’t take many moments before his mind is wandering to thoughts of how he can pleasure that thick, uncut cock of his. Glancing around him to ensure that no-one can see, he promptly pulls the aching shaft out of his overalls and begins to tug on the meaty rod for all he’s worth. What he doesn’t realise, however, is that there’s a Peeping Tom on the prowl in the shape of the ever-horny Mike Cole; who promptly saunters into eye-shot under the pretence of shovelling sand under the midday sun. It’s a bold move for a skinny twink, that’s for sure; but nowhere near as adventurous as what follows next, when he bundles himself up into Sky’s seat and reveals to his workmate that he’s seen the guy – once again a picture of innocence – having a wank. It’s at this point, of course, that Cole runs the risk of getting the beating of his life for insolence. What occurs instead, however, is everything you’d expect from a top-notch porn flick, as Cole goes down on his buddy and gives Sky’s deliciously oversized shaft a much-needed blow-out. Again, it’s a daring move – and one that gets its very just reward, as Sky bundles his mate against the side of the excavator and first rims and then pounds the young lad’s arse. What’s more, what ensues is a truly imaginative display of red raw fornication; with Cole fucked in a whole series of positions (even on top of the digger itself), which ultimately sets him jizzing into the dirt! All nicely rounded off by Sky furiously spunking all over his pal’s face!

Not Everyone Deserves Better

Boys Halfway House Incident #141

One of our residents went AWOL a few weeks ago, and to tell you the truth I wish he wouldn’t have called us and asked us to pick him up. Apparently he had gone on a bender and somehow he wound up six hours away, penniless and messed up. Of course he didn’t have anyone else to call or we probably would never have seen him again. Unfortunately, some of these guys just can’t get their shit together. I had to forego a perfectly nice Sunday afternoon of watching football to haul his ass back to the House. So, needless to say, I was not a happy camper.

When I picked him up outside of the bus station that he had been sitting at for 16 hours begging for change, he acted like it was no big deal. To top it off, when I got him in a private place and grabbed him by the ear to march him in the bedroom for his punishment, he couldn’t stop laughing about it. Well, I put a stop to that real quick. When I had him on his knees with my cock down his throat, the smile was gone and never returned.

I’ve never seen a dude like him with a worse gag reflex. I seriously thought he was gonna puke on my dick. He’d better hope that he’s never actually homeless, because a homeless young man who can’t suck cock isn’t gonna last very long. I tried my best to loosen up his tonsils, at any rate. When I’d had enough gagging and teeth on my dick, I decided to just use his hole instead.

Although it wasn’t too difficult to get my dick in him, I could tell that he wasn’t enjoying it one bit. He seems like the kind of guy who can’t take the slightest pain without moaning and groaning. I didn’t really give a shit, and I was glad he was uncomfortable. Every time he grimaced, I shoved my raw cock in deeper. Since he kept it up, he pretty much got his asshole blown out within five minutes. His butthole looked like some sort of exotic carnation. I didn’t let it go, though, and just kept fucking him every which way until I was ready to get my nut. This piece of shit dick-wipe definitely got what’s coming to him, including a was of cum on his swollen hole. Not everyone deserves better.

Tighter Than Pussy But It Feels Damn Good

Raunchy Bastards #081

 I Knew He Was Gay

Thomas had been through the ringer in a casting session, but he’d never been with a dude his own age, and he’d never fucked a guy. Since he has a great dick, I thought it would be hot to put him with Toby and see what he can do. Thomas was sort of excited about getting to be the stud, and he and Toby got along pretty well when they met the day of the scene.

When the cameras came on, Thomas became fairly serious, and you can tell that he was really feeling his way around some new territory. To tell you the truth, it was always in the back of my mind that he was just a major closet case – even then it is obvious that he hadn’t acted on it. He sure did cop a lot of looks at Toby’s dick, but he also shut his eyes quite a bit at first as he concentrated on getting hard.

Once the blowjobs began, Toby and Thomas are really hot together. It was like a big cock sucking festival – the 69 is especially hot. These two guys are in their prime and full of hormones, so the sexual chemistry kept building. Thomas was pretty much rock hard. When Toby sat on Thomas’s cock it took him a second to get used to it, but from there on out the fucking was intense. Thomas barebacks Toby’s hole good! Toby was definitely getting his hole cracked open! Thomas fucks Toby in several different positions before they both nut. The cumshots were big too, and Thomas dumped a fat load onto Toby’s swollen asshole. Sure seems pretty damn gay to me! I knew it would be a good fuck.

MXXX: The Hardest Ride

Episode 1 “The Bet Is On”

There’s nothing better than Texas BBQ, especially when it’s served up by the motocross hunks out at Tom Faulk’s place. Sean Duran arrives with his stripper girlfriend Ahslee (Axle Rose) and things start to go a little crazy. Shots of tequila lead to burnouts on the patio and an impromptu strip show that gives Tom an idea. He bets Sean he can fuck his girlfriend harder than he can and all three head to the moto-barn. Sean is all in for a tag-team but Ashlee flips the script… she wants to watch them get it on. Tom and Sean jokingly accept the challenge but it’s clear a little peck on the lips isn’t what Ashlee has in mind. Reluctantly they start to make out and jerk each other off. Horned up, Sean fucks Tom’s face then gets on his knees to suck his buddy’s dick. With his cock wet and hard Tom decides to give Ashlee what she really wants and slams his rock hard meat deep in Sean’s muscular ass. They fuck hard until both guys blow their loads, leaving them both drained and a bit confused. What the fuck just happened?!

Raw Dick and Spunky Kiss

Flip-Flop Veg Lovers Taste Raw Dick & Exchange A Spunky Kiss

It’s breakfast-time at the mission house, and the boys are not unnaturally very hungry; but for Mark Fontana and Lucas Drake it’s an appetite of a much more carnal nature that’s concentrating their attention. So much so that at the first opportunity they’re snogging each other’s faces off and ripping off their clothes. Of course, anyone who knows these boys would never expect anything less; and it will come as little surprise to see fall to his knees in order to worship his pal’s succulent, uncut shaft and beautiful low-hangers. Nor will anyone be particularly amazed to see Drake returning the favour – feasting on Fontana’s nicely curved ramrod and acting out the bitch. What may come as a little bit of an eye-opener – not to mention an ass-opener! – is when Fontana decides to spice things up a little bit by thrusting a handsomely sized courgette into Drake’s very welcoming hole; playfully tonguing the vegetable as if to lube it for the occasion. It’s a very kinky, imaginative introduction to the fucking that promptly ensues; with Drake manfully taking his mate’s dick like the veritable pro that he is, prior to Fontana deciding to enjoy his share of the action by plonking himself down on his mate’s knob and riding it reverse-cowboy style. Ever the greedy one, however, Drake can’t resist another taste of hard dick in his guts before the encounter comes to an end – a fitting testimony to the lad’s cock-crazed reputation, and which soon brings him to a sticky climax. All of which leaves Fontana to cream Drake’s cute little face with a sac-load of jizz, before both exchange a gooey goodbye kiss!

Cum Junkie

Scene 01 – Jessy Karson & Nathan Gear

JESSY KARSON (Canada) has never looked better than he does when Liam took him out to a local British junkyard to fuck the hell out of bottom boy NATHAN GEAR (UK). JESSY is such a fucktard when he is horny and wants to breed. Poor little NATHAN looks confused, excited and willing to go with the hard fuck pounding that JESSY delivers into the kid’s insatiable holes. 

From tractor to trailer, woodpile to woodshed, with plenty of room to get down and dirty, JESSY uses his tireless uncut cock to take NATHAN’s hole on a farm tour.

Cum Junkie

Scene 02 – Alexx Desley & Two Masked Men

All the world’s a stage and down in a basement dungeon meatpacking plant, beautiful tattooed pig and pierced ALEXX DESLEY (Netherlands) gets taken advantage of and ram rodded by two men in ski masks. ALEXX waits on all 4s and happily gets fucked by both hard dicks. 

ALEXX is a pretty stunning bottom who you are going to love watching get fucked. And for all you bottoms out there — you are going to want to get fucked by these unknown top men. They are as beautiful as their fat slabs of meat. 

They turn ALEXX inside and out, working his hole mercilessly, leaving him delirious, with two arse-loads of steam room spunk swimming in his guts.

Bi College Guys: Marc

Corbin Fisher

Marc is the ideal combination of all the right things – handsome, yet cute; boyish, yet studly; intense, yet playful. It’s only fitting this super hot college jock who seems to be the best of both worlds in countless ways also shines when thrown in to action with a guy and a girl at the same time. Whether taking a stiff dick in his own flawless ass our burying his hard cock in a hole himself, Marc shows us he has it all, and can do it all!

Banging Twinks Ass

Twink Puts A Mobile To Handy Use Before Banging His Bud’s Ass

We all know how fucking annoying it can be when you’re right in the middle of something important and your phone rings, so spare a thought for Lucas Drake and Angel Lopez in this kinky little bedroom adventure. After all, they’re busy getting up to all sorts of filthy antics together when one of their mobiles sounds; although given the obvious pleasure that both of them are experiencing at the time it’s perhaps not exactly too much of a surprise that they try desperately to ignore it. Unfortunately, the caller – identified only as “Boy” – is clearly a very persistent fellow, and doesn’t give a flying fuck that Drake is deep-throating and rimming his hyper-sexy buddy. Nor, for that matter, does the fellow care that he threatens to upset our enjoyment of these two beautiful boys in full rut. But for every problem, of course, there’s always an answer – and it doesn’t always necessarily have to be the most obvious solution. So when the phone rings for a second time, Drake decides to put the vibrations to good use – thrusting it into Lopez’s greedy little arsehole and using it as a twisted little sex-toy. Whether Samsung would ever recommend such a use for their equipment will most likely forever remain a mystery. What we can say, however, is that this imaginative exploration of Lopez’s pucker quickly results in the lad getting the full-on, no-holds-barred fucking that he deserves; pummelled in a whole series of depraved positions and squirting like a geyser in the process. All of which is arguably only eclipsed by the lad getting his face whitewashed by Drake’s eruption at the end!

Czech Hunter 305

Summer is in full swing so I tried my luck at a popular lake in Prague. I knew there would be a plenty of cute boys to bribe into doing something filthy. After a few minutes I met two young friends, Jirka and David, chilling out and catching bronze. They knew each other since high school at their home town and both came to Prague to work. The boys were a bit cautious and hard to convince but my money made them to trust me eventually. We moved away from the crowds into a nearby forest where the real fun started. I love when I can watch two old friends exploring their sexuality. Maybe it was the alcohol, we had a few beers, but things got pretty passionate very fast. What started with a little gentle kiss ended up in a crazy threesome.

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