The recruits keep falling in waiting for their chance to be a part of this great squadron. For today’s test run to see if he has the guts to become a soldier is Craig, he’s 25 years of age, weighs 185lbs and stands a strong 6 feet tall. Craig loves the night life and hits the clubs up as much as he can when he’s not at the gym working on his muscular body. He’s easy going and likes to let the night play out without any expectations. He’s found his way to us luckily and we are sure you will love how hunky this recruit is. Craigs long legs are showcased as the camera looks up to him revealing his golden hair on his balls and his beautiful butt muscles clinching as he balances. 


Golly, these are a couple of COOL cats!  I just love this duo and I think the whole squad will too.  We have ‘fresh steez’ Matthew Reeves paired up with ‘smokin’ hot’ Scott. It doesn’t take too long before Scott subtly suggests Matthew lean on over and have a taste.  Matthew enthusiastically dives right in, taking Scott’s happy cock into his warm mouth. Scott wasn’t about to let Matthew have ALL the fun.  After a little while, the guys reposition so Scott can service Matthew for a while.  Scott sure knows how to work a hard cock.  It’s easy to see how well he does by Matthew’s reaction.  The guys move from the couch to a standing position so Scott can continue pleasuring Matthew.  Scott takes advantage of this opportunity to display his impressive collection of cock-sucking skills.  In fact, Matthew enjoys it so much, he decides to have some more of Scott’s dick.  Scott reclines on the couch and lets Matthew do some more work.  Then, before anything else, the boys sit together on the couch and kiss passionately for a while.  I don’t blame ’em…good sucking like that only leads to genuine, hot intimacy.  And then of course some fucking!  Scott gets on all fours on top of a black, leather footstool and allows Matthew to penetrate his tight ass.  Then they switch things up a bit, with Scott going to his back for more punishment.  This is some of the hottest action I’ve seen come to us in a while and I know everyone’s gonna fall in love with this pairing.  They’re such hot dudes and they have a long way to go in this troop, as far as I’m concerned.

Hard Sex 18

Bald hottie Marco DiLucca gets his ass torn apart by ripped muscle top Stefan in this video. Watch the masculine duo get rough after Stefan throat fucks his companion on the bed. Marco really was made for that cock – at either end. 10 incher boy Steven Prior drills Kai’s willing ass! Darius takes James’ 9.5 inch monster but after a while it is just so big it hurts and the scene doesn’t go as planned! Luke Desmond and Dillon Brooks flip flop, fucking each other with their nine inch cocks.


This here is Mikey and I really think he has LOTS of potential!  Mikey comes to us as a brand new recruit who’s never been naked on camera, which explains the little bit of nerves we see off the jump.  Once Claude gives Mikey the go ahead, he takes his time fattening up his cock before any clothes come off.  He finally does peel off his shirt and his dog tags dangle as we check out his lean, strong chest.  Mikey starts to work up a good rhythm on his cock.  As he strokes on the couch, Claude gets in low and tight to give us a nice looks at his fat stiffy.  He goes to his feet for a while and Claude comes over the top to show us what things like from Mikey’s own perspective.  Claude gets behind Mikey for a while and we see Mikey’s sweet bottom.  His skin tone is just perfect and I couldn’t help but imagine that ass getting fucked nice and hard by one of our go-to cadets. Mikey ends up back on the couch and sprawls a leg out for the final stretch.  I like the way Claude captures a nice shot here of Mikey’s stroking action, along with his tender cheeks just underneath those tasty-looking balls..  This time, he did a great job fighting through the nerves and busting a sweet nut for us.  


This one really warms my heart.  I love seeing a real gung ho cadet like Chase teamed up with a less experienced dude like sweet Dante.  We’ve had the pleasure of seeing each of these guys do some serious battle on the frontlines, but this time Chase is really stepping into a leadership role.  Dante has come to consider himself already a pro at sucking cock.  Seeing Chase’s face as Dante bobs on his knob, it’s easy to see that he has indeed come a long way.  Claude chuckles as Dante sucks, remarking to Chase that Dante says he knows exactly what a man wants.  Hahaha Chase wholeheartedly agrees! They switch things up and Chase gets busy slurping down Dante’s boner.  True to form, Chase really gets into it, sucking with strength, giving Dante a real experience.  It feels SO good to Dante that he decides he’s hungry for more of Chase’s thick meat!  So they switch AGAIN!This time, Dante works on Chase’s erection with true purpose and passion.  He uses what he just experienced as an example.  Impressed by the way Chase devotes himself so much to a blowjob, Dante puts in even more hard effort than before, really showing Chase that he’s here to be an integral part of the squad.  Chase is certainly VERY impressed.  He decided to just have one more go at Dante’s dick.  He gets back in and sucks even HARDER, with even more intensity!!  It ends up being just too much for Dante to hold back.  He erupts a hot load all over Chase.  This turns out to be too fuckin’ sexy for CHASE to hold back and he goes ahead and does the same, turning right around and cumming on Dante’s chest.


Here’s a unique young recruit who had me intrigued from start to explosive finish. This is David Prime and it’s his first experience gettin’ naked on camera.  When that cock comes out, my mouth was watering, y’all!  Yummy! David’s dick is so well shaped and proportioned to his body.  As he gets into stroking his firm cock, David slowly lets those nerves melt away and he really is able to lose himself and enjoy the sensation. After some good warming up on the couch, David goes to his feet and Claude comes in tight, right underneath David’s balls. Wow! If you’re a balls lover like myself, you’re gonna appreciate the set on this boy!  And then we get a look at David’s gorgeous ass. My goodness, talk about strong legs and that wonderful, manly hair on his cheeks and thighs!  David ends up back on the couch to tug out a nice, healthy load. In fact, he REALLY erupts for us, shooting warm cum all over his arms, stomach, and even a bit on his own chin!