Test Run

Damon Andros fucks Tobias’ cute tight ass after eating out his hole. Tobias takes Damon’s dick like a champ, getting fucked on his back before mounting up and taking a ride on top. Damon can barely control his pleasure, culminating in his warm load spraying over Tobias’ smooth chest.


Golly, talk about a sexy duo who know all the right moves!  This is Jake Grey and Johnny, and they’re hooking up with each other for the first time, but these two have already dipped their toes in the water here at AD.  After some quick chit chat with Claude, they take off their shirts and jeans, and get their meat stiffened up for a good time underneath their underwear.  Johnny pulls out his cock first and Jake is happy to wrap his mouth around it.  Wow, can Jake suck!  He really goes to town on that hard dick.  Jake’s dick is just gorgeous and Johnny seems happy to do some good, thorough work on it.  After a little sucking, Johnny is fired up and ready to fuck that tight, tender hole on Jake.  He bends him over the edge of the bed and slides his firm meat into that waiting, eager ass.  Johnny moves around to the side of the bed and Jake lays on his side to take more of Johnny’s hard cock.  Claude does an excellent job of moving around the guys so we can see Johnny’s cute, bubbly ass pumping away and Jake’s face while he endures a solid banging.  Next Jake goes to his back so he can look at Johnny as he has his hole stretched.  I really enjoy the angle from underneath here.  That ass on Jake is one for the books.  What a great soldier he is!!  I have a feeling Jake could be the new guy our big, strong AD tops set their sights on!  

Scared Stiff: Episode 1 – Night Time Truck Fuck

The guys have moved into their cabin at Camp Camelot – or as punk rocker Billy (Jack Hunter) calls it, Camp “Cum-a-lot” – and are pre-partying, waiting for the girls to arrive. Ringleader Jake (Ryan Rose) answers a loud knock at the door. Ranger Steve (Colby Keller) has come to warn them that there is a killer on the loose! After Ranger Steve leaves Billy and his preppy friend Skip (Seth Santoro) head out to the truck in the dead of night to get some blankets. A rustling in the bushes startles them and they hop into the truck. Sometimes being scared is the best foreplay. Skip confesses his secret admiration for Billy and it turns out Billy has a secret of his own: he’s always admired Skip’s perfect ass! They steam up the cab of the truck with a passionate make-out session that leads to some hardcore cock sucking, ass eating, and fucking. As their shiny loads of of hot white cum light up the night sky, Skip discovers that Billy’s huge cock is just what he needed to make him feel like one of the guys.

Debt Dandy 163

Looks like I’m getting more and more famous. This boy called me seeking help. His friend visited me some time ago and recommended my services. Did he tell him any embarrassing details of the meeting we had? The boy looked very surprised about my way of helping. Maybe he was just pretending to not look like a whore. Maybe his friend told him everything. I didn’t care much. He looked very cute and wanted 100 000. Yeah, like I was going to pay him that! After some negotiation, he agreed to 25 000 and 4 more meetings each worth of 20 000. A loan-shark was after him so he offered me to fuck him regularly. Too bad for him that I’m only interested in fresh and new asses. He will have to offer himself for the rest of the debt elsewhere.

Secrets And Lies: Scene 4 – “Forgive Me Father”

Livid from walking in on his son Ryder (Colton Grey) getting fucked by his brother-in-law (Trenton Ducati), Duke Ridge (Rocco Steele) is out for revenge. Searching the farm for Uncle Fredrick, Duke storms the barn with a deep baritone voice, “Why the fuck did you fuck my son?” No excuse is a good excuse for Duke, popping Fredrick in the face, knocking him to the ground. With bloody knuckles he doesn’t stop there, Duke grabs his nephew Beckett (Jacob Peterson) and forces him into the carriage house. “Why would you fuck my son? Haven’t we taught you the ways of the lord?” With nothing to lose, nephew Beckett admits with shy green eyes “I really wanted you Uncle Duke!” and lays an innocent kiss on his uncle. Caught off guard yet strangely aroused, Duke kisses him back. Beckett drops to his knees, finally getting a chance to feast on his uncle’s giant man-meat, eyes watering as he attempts to swallow its entirety and make his uncle proud. After being warmed up by his cousin, Beckett happily bends over the tractor to take his uncle’s enormous dick and ride him better than any stallion blowing cum all over the dirty shed. Uncle Duke explodes, blowing his load all over his nephew’s welcoming pink hole. Life comes full circle at the Ridge Family Farm. As cousin Ryder so eloquently said “its a ranch, these things happen.”


Boy, this recruit sure seems like he’ll be a great fit for the squad! His name is Joshua Kelly and he’s the type of guy that really knows how to get into the moment and enjoy expressing his sexuality. He’s sure gonna be the new, hot desirable dude around the barracks! I just love Joshua’s tall, lean physique. He’s the type of cadet that you just know will be ready to step in and take a hard ramming whenever it’s needed. And once Joshua strips down, we get a look at his nice, big dick. These tall, thin guys are always well hung! My goodness, Joshua uses lots of oil to lube up his big cock. I don’t blame him. With a dick that large and girthy, you don’t wanna take any chances! He starts out on a nice, cushioned chair, just kickin’ back, stroking his stiff meat, to standing up so Claude can get underneath for a wonderful shot.  Claude also gets a shot from Joshua’s perspective. This is when I really realized how long and thick that dick is. Josh takes his time and really uses a nice technique to pleasure himself. Then it’s back to the chair where Joshua brings himself to an incredible eruption. I think you’re gonna love this guy and I’m very excited to see him in action with a fellow recruit. Let’s hope we see Josh back in action soon!

Between The Sheets

Get undressed and ‘Between the Sheets’ with these ripped Falcon studs. They’re striking, they’re horny and they were made to fuck ‘Between the Sheets’, on the sheets and anywhere that lets them get off. Tony Dimarco directs while eight horny studs pound out load after load in the bedroom. Zander Cole has plans to go to the gym but Sean Zevran has plans to work something else out: Zander’s tight hole. Sebastian Kross puts his massive manhood to use on Andrea Suarez’ perfect, muscular ass. All American hunks Jacob Peterson and Jack Hunter have a spectacular flip fuck that leaves both studs with balls completely drained. JJ Knight’s big dick puts a big smile on Kyle Kash’s face in their intense, connected sexual encounter. Lock the door, take it all off and let your sexual desires loose ‘Between the Sheets’.


This duo is nothing but crazy, laid-back fun!  It’s our veteran Ryan Jordan matched up with newer recruit, Craig Cameron.  The vibe is there right from the jump, and it’s one that I really like. As Ryan bobs on that happy knob, Craig keeps admiring the size and beauty of Ryan’s gigantic stiffy.  I think he was getting a little anxious to give it a try.  But before he can, Ryan gets on his knees on the floor and services Craig for a bit longer. Finally, Craig gets to sidle up on his stomach next to Ryan and attempt to fit that hulking boner in his mouth.  ‘This is definitely THE biggest cock I’ve ever had in my hand,’ Craig says before he wraps his wet lips around it.  Craig slowly works up to getting down more and more of that long, girthy dong, eventually going to his knees on the floor while Ryan stands.  From there, the guys go back to the bed, where Ryan gets on his stomach so Craig can slide his erection into Ryan’s ass.  We get an excellent view of the cock penetrating Ryan’s tender hole, then we watch Craig work up to a nice pounding pace.  Then Ryan switches to his back so Craig can continue fucking him but also jerk his extremely swollen dick.  The guys laugh at how Craig needs to use 2 hands to actually jerk Ryan’s cock effectively.  Then the rubber hits the road for Craig.  It’s his turn to get fucked and Ryan is aaaaaall smiles!  Craig gets on all fours and Ryan pushes his gargantuan cock into that sensitive pocket.  Eventually, Ryan does get his whole shaft all the way in there and manages to work up a very nice rhythm.  Craig even goes to his back and Ryan jerks Craig’s meaty cock.  


Talk about a perfect specimen!  This is Zach, a Marine who doesn’t shy from a challenge and is always seeking to push his boundaries in the name of adventure.  And that’s what’s brought him here with us! Once Claude gives him the green light, Zach is eager to peel off his shirt and show us his incredible chest, stomach, and arms.  Wow, Zach is the total package!   Zach’s cock is well shaped and looks amazing in his hands.  Zach goes from sitting on the couch to standing.  That’s when Claude swoops down low to show us a view of that lovely erection from underneath.  Claude shifts gears a bit and captures a nice establishing shot, and we see that Zach is on his toes for much of this stroke session.  I really like this.  Zach is totally going for it, finally losing track of himself and allowing the pleasure to take over. I certainly enjoyed seeing Zach’s muscular ass cheeks, clenching and reacting as he jacks his cock with intensity.  Put that ass on the list of things to watch in the near future! I’m really glad Zach came in and graced us with an awesome solo.  I think his attitude and tasty physique make him a perfect new addition to the squadron. 


Ty loves porn. At home he’s had to surf cam sites to be on screen, but here in Vegas he gets a chance at the real thing. Ty’s had some earth-shattering experiences with big dicks before, so he knows he can handle the casting director. And with a kinky side, Ty can do more in a scene than your average amateur. Dax sits back when they first meet and allows Ty to do his thing, which means gagging on Dax’s cock until it’s rock-hard and glistening. Once Ty lubes his hole and hops on Dax’s dick, Dax’s inner dom comes out and he starts slapping his pig. It’s not long before Dax has stuffed an apple in Ty’s piggy mouth, and then Dax totally takes over, grinding Ty’s face into the floor and long-dicking his ass. This is one rough audition.


Boy, talk about two peas in a pod!  This is Matthew Reeves matched up with Dante, and they sure out did themselves. Matthew is first to suggest a little fooling around, and Dante doesn’t hesitate to lean over and take Matthew’s growing cock into his mouth.  Some nice, passionate sucking gets things heating up quickly.  Then Matthew returns the gesture, and goodness does he enjoy it!  I can tell Matthew is one of those natural-born dick suckers.  He uses his whole body to get just the right motion on the cock.  The incredibly hot sucking leads the guys to take It on to the next level.  Dante gets on all fours on the couch, presents his tender ass to Matthew, and Matthew pushes his swollen meat right into that warm, inviting hole.  Wow, what a hot penetration!  Once he’s in, Dante struggles a bit, but the two work together to get into a nice groove.  After some good fucking doggystyle, Dante goes to his back to let Matthew have some more fun.  This proves to be a little tougher on Dante, but gosh, Matthew seems to be A-OK with taking the action down just a half notch.  Then the guys to a side-fucking position which allows us a fantastic view of Dante’s hole being fucked.  Matthew gets bolder around this point, slapping Dante’s cheeks a bit.  And then it’s back to doggy for an incredible finish for these guys. 

Boys To Adore Galore

In this short film directed by Jake Jaxson, we’re taken on an exciting, celebratory journey through history while also witnessing it being created before our very eyes. As much of a tribute to Andy Warhol as it is inspired by the artist, Boys to Adore Galore features an ensemble of hot CockyBoys in their most natural form. Bravo Delta, Dillon Rossi, Max Ryder, Levi Karter, Jett Black, JD Phoenix, and Ricky Roman all share the screen to create a fun and sexually charged atmosphere that mirrors what you might imagine Warhol’s social life looked like back in the ’60s.


Meet Rocke (pronounced ‘Rock’)!  He’s braaaaand new and we got him!  We haven’t seen a fresh recruit like Rocke in a while and I was gettin’ a bit hungry for big muscles and sleeve tattoos!  Rocke is just delicious.  I couldn’t wait to see him shirtless, and of course, eventually totally naked, but I could just tell Rocke was gonna look absolutely amazing once he had all the goods on display.  And indeed, my prediction was spot on.  Rocke is bound by thick muscles all over his body and endowed with a seriously amazing dick!  Once Rocke gets comfy enough to really work up a healthy, throbbing erection, Claude moves in close as Rocke enjoys his boner on the couch.  Rocke stands up to show us the rest of the package.  Claude gets in tight, right underneath to let us see just how tasty those balls are.  Oh yes, I love the way Rocke strokes.  Then it’s back to the couch where Rocke takes a more reclined position.  Now he’s in a comfortable rhythm, jerking that oily beast and letting the ecstatic sensation take him to a sensuous realm.  Claude gets up high to give us a great shot of Rocke’s perfect physique. Finally, Rocke explodes with warm cum all over himself.  Wow, it sure does look like he effectively restrained himself for QUITE a good while, just for us.  I told ya he seemed like a sweetie!