Although it’s not uncommon to find crafty home made devices around the House, it IS unusual to actually smell smoke. We found the perp out back, and immediately dragged him inside by his pretty blond locks. Upon emptying his pockets, more paraphernalia was discovered, which was more than enough to get us two House Managers in prime gear.

After basically wrecking his throat with both of our cocks, we shoved him into the shower, wetted him down, and then lubed up his little tight hole. Each of us gave this prick the pounding of his life – he won’t forget this afternoon, ever! On his back, on his knees, spitroasted, and pinned down on hi stomach, we treated him like the little bitch he is. After we were done with his hole, we both had him go ass-to-mouth on our dicks. He must not have ever tasted his own ass juice before, because he gagged quite a bit. Thankfully he didn’t throw up, but this delinquent definitely got put through the ringer.

When we were ready to shoot our loads, we positioned the dumb fuck with his head on the toilet, and then both of us came into his mouth. The second load gets shoved all the way down his throat. By the looks of his expression when we were finished using him as our afternoon boy toy, he won’t be breaking THAT rule again. I’m sure he’ll keep messing up, though. He’s not too bright.

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