Some longer term residents end up becoming pillars among the community. For the guys who put in the effort and really try to get onto the straight and narrow, they are rewarded with public praise as well as more responsibility and some authority over the newer guys. It’s kind of like an R.A in a dorm for the best of them. Because we’ve taught them well, they sometimes even use our unusual techniques themselves to keep their housemates in line. So it was with true sadness that we witnessed the regression of this particular dickhead. He had been doing so well, too.

Since he had been doing so great, his fall was like a fall from a great height, and his punishment was swift and quite deserved. The newest House Manager is no joke, and the two of us sprang into action pounding the latest lesson into this dipshit’s thick skull. Well, we pounded our cocks into his ass, too. He won’t be walking upright for a few days, I can assure you. After a lot of slapping around and throat fucking his pretty little face, we took turns on his hole.

Back and forth we went, spit roasting him at times, and otherwise giving him probably one of the most spectacular therapy sessions in a long while. Overall we probably hit it in 6 or 7 positions, not giving him much of a break. When we were finished with our parts, we hauled his ass upwards and both dumped loads on his completely burnt out asshole.

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