Hairless Boy Gets Double Fucked

Hairless-Arsed Beaut Gets Double-Fucked & Splattered With Jizz

Donkey-dicked new boy, Adam Webb, is definitely keen – especially when he wakes up one morning and discovers that he and his mate, Vitali Kutcher, have overslept. Unfortunately – or fortunately, whichever way you look at it! – there’s simply no way that he’s going to get his mate out of bed in a hurry; especially when Kutcher realises that Webb is hung like a horse and as horny as hell! In just a few moments the hot little bitch’s mouth is hanging off Webb’s ramrod like his life depended on it; leaving the kinky bastard so turned on that he’s quickly allowing Webb to shove sex-beads up his tight arse-hole. All of which sets the scene nicely for the ensuing threesome the next day, when Lucas Drake and Bjorn Nykvist discover Webb fast asleep in his bunk and decide to compare his oversized flagpole with their own handsome shafts. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take long for Webb to wake up – at which point Drake soon becomes the focal point of all the action, with his buddies thrusting their aching dicks into the lad’s mouth, before ripping off his clothes to enjoy what’s nestling inside the boy’s pants. Cue a truly terrific threesome between these divine beauties, which culminates in the almost unbelievable sight of Drake plonking his hairless hole straight down onto his mates’ cocks simultaneously and riding them together like a bitch on acid. If that doesn’t take you to the point of ecstasy – no doubt flicking the rewind button as you jerk! – we don’t know what will. But seeing the slut’s face getting creamed by a tsunami of cum makes it a climax guaranteed!

Internal Specialist

Hot House Video

The Doctor is in…inside his patient’s ass. These ‘Internal Specialists’ take
their work seriously, and while they’re stand up professionals, sometimes their
attractions and urges take over. They know it’s wrong, but it feels so right to do
everything they can to thoroughly assist their patients and coworkers in taking care of
their sexual needs. Nick Foxx and Tony Dimarco deliver medical office fantasies where the
patients, doctors and assistants are delving deep inside each other and specializing in
getting off with maximum intensity. Woody Fox visits Dr. Dorian Ferro for a physical, but
Dr. Ferro is the one who gets deeply probed by Woody’s hot cock. The sexual tension
between patient Asher Devin and physician’s assistant Skippy Baxter grows so immense,
neither man can ignore it, so Asher puts Skippy’s legs in the air and fucks his brains
out! Armond Rizzo needed a new doctor, and his friends all had rave reviews of their
“experience” with Dr. Austin Wolf. After Dr. Wolf administers his cock from the front,
from the back, and even upside down, Armond is yet another fully satisfied patient! With
a sore back, Landon Mycles needs some special attention, and Dr. JJ Knight knows just the
trick to work out his deep aches and pains: an intense pounding with Dr. Knights
humongous dick. Medical assistants Adam Bryant and Jacob Peterson are the only ones left
in the ‘Internal Specialist’ office, and they can’t wait to fulfill some fantasies of
their own. After they strip off their scrubs, Adam delivers a powerful and satisfying
fuck to his coworker’s eager ass. Visit these ‘Internal Specialists’ and you’ll be in for
a medical ejaculation like you’ve never experienced before.

Debt Dandy 189

I visited a nice young couple today. They lived at a cheap hotel because they were kicked out of their previous apartment. They wanted to leave the hotel and move into a new apartment. They already picked one but they didn’t have enough money to pay the deposit and rent for the first month. They got into this situation after the boy lost his job and his girlfriend wasn’t able to provide for them both. She was a little edgy and angry at her partner. She acted like if it was all his fault. When I told them my “official” terms, she freaked out and left her partner to “figure it out”. Well, I wasn’t complaining. At last I was alone with him and we had all day to “figure it out”. The boy really had to love her because he was willing to do everything to sort their problem out.

Czech Hunter 298

I wanted to breathe some fresh air today, to enjoy sunny spring weather. Well, this idea didn’t turned out particularly great. The weather was quite chilly, the park I chose for a walk was a little depressing. To make things even better, I got a bit lost. I didn’t want to backtrack so I kept going, hoping for a nice catch. After good ten minutes I met a young guy headed home from school. He was pretty cool and talkative, he even offered me to lead me to a nearby bus station. The boy was almost eager to be on camera. He even told me some pretty juicy stuff. Being a working student, his life wasn’t easy. Still he tried to enjoy every moment of it. I offered him a nice and easy way to make money. Our guy didn’t mind extra cash at all. He only had to fulfill my every wish.

The Layover

Episode 3 – Colton Grey And Mickey Taylor

Colton Grey’s layover at LAX gives him just enough time to hit West
Hollywood and find some quick dick. One look at tattoo’d Brit Mickey Taylor is all it
takes and Colton whisks him off to a nearby hotel but Mickey seems more interested in his
phone than his new friend. Time is ticking and Colton knows the best way to get Mickey’s
attention, by shoving his fat cock down his throat. The face-fucking turns into ass-
pounding as Mickey slams his dick in Colton’s ass, throwing him around like his own
personal fuck-toy. Ready to pop, Mickey pulls out and jerks off into ColtonÕs open mouth.
Now Mickey really has something to Tweet about!

Straight Boys Become Cocksucking Bitches

Raunchy Bastards #055

 I Knew He Was Gay

Danny was over one morning, and I happened to get not one, but two calls from some straight guys I’d done some photosets with. One of them, Jigsaw, lived with his girlfriend but wanted to do porn. The other, Charlie, had let me give him a handie but nothing else. Charlie was in a halfway house and in between girlfriends. I really didn’t feel like filming anything because Danny and I had already had some fun that morning, but I do take sympathy on young men in need. I asked Danny if he could stay the afternoon and hatched a plot. I’d offer each of the guys a Benjie for a quick BJ scene. Danny thought it was hilarious that I was lowballing them that much, but said it was a deal, he would stay if we could get them both over at the same time and have both straight boys on their knees in front of us, sucking our cocks.

I called Jigsaw and made him the offer, which he promptly accepted. Then I called Charlie. I told him I wanted to film him in “some oral” but that I only had a hundred to spare, I was really just helping out another dude who needed some quick cash. After some sighing and a bit of hesitation, he said, “sure.” Bingo!

A few hours later they both arrived – one in his own car and one in a rideshare that I had paid for. I explained that I was just going to turn on the camera and everyone was going to suck dick. Charlie, looking surprised, said, “Wait, I’ve gotta suck dick, too?” I told him yes, that is what an oral scene is, and after a few seconds of silence said, “Fuck it, ok.” Wow, that was too easy!

I had Jigsaw and Charlie hop on the couch and eventually they were naked and Charlie had a raging boner. Jigsaw went down on Charlie first. Danny and I took turns filming, and before long we were both getting our knobs slobbed by these two – on the cheap, no less! You will see a point in the video where Danny looks over at me and gives me the thumbs up. This is when our mission was accomplished, and the two “heteros” were on their knees with mouths full of dick like a bunch of cheerleaders at a post-game party. It was not only fucking hilarious, it felt great. However, since neither of them had a lot of experience with cock, we had each of them finish us off with a handjob. Both of them excelled at that, and Danny and I nutted pretty damn quickly. Charlie got off too (surprise, surprise, haha). Not bad for a weekday afternoon. Now some of you may call me a perverted creep, but I really don’t give a fuck. When was the last time you had three straight boys on your couch naked and getting YOU off? Plus, they each got to pay their phone bills, or whatever the hell they needed the dough for. It was a total win-win situation.

Hot Piss and Cum

Classy Servants Play Hooky To Enjoy A Wave Of Hot Piss & Cum

When you’re filthy stinking rich, it pretty much goes without saying that you can afford to employ a servant – or (as in this case) two! But when the boss is away you can sure as fuck bet that the underlings will play; and it doesn’t take very long for Frank Arias and Mike Cole to take full advantage of being home alone together. In fairness, the pair of handsome dudes have just spent a fair amount of time cleaning and dusting; but ultimately the temptation of Cole’s lithe frame simply gets too much for poor Arias, who simply can’t resist making a pass at his taller colleague and who’s soon unbuttoning Cole’s shirt and trousers to find what delights are nestling inside. Moments later and the lad is down on both his knees giving his mate’s cock a clearly much-needed kiss of life; before Cole gets his own sweet taste of dick down on the floor. If you’re thinking that this is then going to proceed into a run-of-the-mill fuck, however, then you’re probably all set for something of a big surprise; when Cole interrupts the expected flow of the action to christen his mate’s pretty little body with a tsunami of hot piss! It’s certainly a very kinky turn to proceedings, and if anything it seems to ignite the set-piece into the stratosphere; as Cole (still in a bow-tie) promptly mounts his buddy’s wickedly generous schlong and rides it like a being possessed. Still not content, he then allows Arias to take him from behind like a cheap slut; before returning to his previous position to bounce on his pal’s lap. No wonder that he’s soon squirting like a geyser; then sprayed on the chest courtesy of Arias’s dick!

Dirty Scout 79

This boy had already many work experiences. Mostly bad ones. He even tried running his own business but failed miserably. Now he wanted an office job in Prague. He was the type of guy who would sit behind his computer doing nothing and then go jogging or drinking coffee. We usually have a lot of jobs like that open. I picked the perfect one for him and hoped he would swallow the bait. He did but our fee made him really cautious. I was afraid I lost him but eventually he agreed. He had such lovely legs! I couldn’t let him go now. I was willing to pay a lot today. I didn’t have to, he obviously needed money. The poor boy was very tight. I gave him a nice stretch hoping it would make the experience less painful for him. Hard to say if it worked. He was quite noisy.

Brutha Fuckas

Treasure Island Media

The grand finale stars CHRISTIAN getting fucked on a table by a room full of
colossal-dicked, black top men. We don’t usually bring in fluffers, but right before the
scene was shot, new T.I.M. exclusive JAMES ROSCOE called to let us know he was in town
and horny to suck cock; what better way to get these huge cocks ready to fuck CHRISTIAN?
Then each top takes turns—one after the other—impaling CHRISTIAN’s now sore butt hole
over and over, before blasting streams of sperm into his aching cavern. Plus 7 more hot

Debt Dandy 188

This boy got my phone number from one one of my former clients. Apparently, he spoke quite nicely about me. Anyway, the boy wanted to renovate his ugly flat but ran out of money. He was with his girlfriend for 7 years and was afraid he might loose her because of this. At first, I didn’t understand why she would leave him just like that. Then he explained to me. He already told her that everything was taken care of. She was abroad when I got in the apartment and trust me, the place didn’t look like a freshly renovated love nest at all. It was an ugly dump with a sad little boy sitting in the middle. I could tell that the girl was very important to our unfortunate fellow. He would do anything to make her happy. Well… he had to if he wanted my money.

Suck It Jerk It Make It Cum

Daddy Long Legs & Ruben Red

We ain’t gonna lie – not everyone is an accomplished cocksucker – but hey, a wannabe has got to start somewhere. Such is the case with Ruben Red. We don’t think he’s ever hear the term “deep throat”. That doesn’t stop Daddy Long Legs from getting what he needs. He does his best to tell Ruben what to do: no hands, suck it, jerk it, make it cum, and then finally he just uses the guy’s mouth as a human fleshlight hole for his meat.

Unemployed Dreamer Breeding

Boys Halfway House Incident #136

It’s tough enough for young men to get employment these days, and most companies hiring don’t really want guys with records and nasty habits on their payrolls. Nevertheless, we encourage – mandate, actually – that the residents get jobs. It helps them learn what life in the real world is like, and also helps them pay for their stay. Some idiots just don’t get the message, though. This guy has acted like a little prince or something since he arrived, but finally I got sick and tired of watching him play games on his phone all day.

He has a girlfriend, but you wouldn’t know it by the way he sucks cock. Hot damn, can this guy work a dick! I was glad I singled him out for some extra encouragement. He is certainly a compliant little fucker, and I loved the way he just does exactly what he is told. Of course, you have to tell him two or three times, slowly, and often re-phrasing your command. Nonetheless, once he gets the message he is on it. I was somewhat surprised by his submissiveness; he definitely seems like the type that would resist. You never know until you try, though. That’s what I always tell myself.

The real treat with this one was his hole. I was expecting him to be really tight. To my great surprise, he actually has a sphincter from heaven. When I shoved my dick in him, it was tight and loose enough to go all the way in on one of the first couple of shoves. He grimaced a little, but other than that it was pretty much smooth sailing. I took advantage of his ass feeling so good, and fucked him in as many positions as I could think of. This guy’s hole can take a beating, let me tell you! It helps that he has a bubble butt. I almost came a few different times, but I held back because I wanted to just keep fucking him.

I fish-hooked him and slapped him around quite often, but instead of looking pissed off, he just looked kind of dazed. I don’t know if he is just stupid, or whether we should run some more piss tests on him. Either way, if he doesn’t get a job and just hangs around the House all day, you can be sure that I’m going to be getting my cock in his cunt an awful lot.

I jizzed in his ass and gave him a few more pumps when I was finally finished with him. He whimpered a little, and then I grabbed him by the chin. He just looked up at me unsure of what had just transpired. I slapped him on the face and told him to get a fucking job. We shall see…

Student Hot Buddies

Student Life Proves Its Ball-Busting Best For These Hot Buddies

University life isn’t all about drinking, socialising and having sex. If adopted in a serious way it presents a young person with fabulous opportunities in return for a period of really hard work – and clearly Chad Johnstone is determined to be as studious as possible, given the fact that he’s reading text books in bed rather than just idling the time away. Unfortunately, Mike Cole – whose commitment to the scholarly life is self-evidently more questionable – has other ideas. That’s good news for those of us who want to see this pair of handsome young college boys rut like a couple of animals, however; and suffice it to report that it doesn’t take very long before their relatively innocent smooching has been eclipsed by a mindless desire to slurp on each other’s hard cocks. By which point, of course, any thought of cerebral exercise on the part of Johnstone has no doubt been totally erased from his memory; as the ever-horny student pushes Cole onto his side and thrusts that thick, meaty schlong of his deep into his mate’s tight little fuck-hole. From which point onwards, of course, the handsome Spaniard is like a dog in season; getting into a succession of positions for his long-dicked buddy so that he can savour every sweet inch of rock-hard man-meat to the max! No fucking wonder that his pucker is soon gaping wide open in response; and that his own shaft is soon yielding a fine wad of hot cream as he rides Johnstone like the total bitch we all know he is. Leaving the lad the final pleasure of stretching his mouth to breaking point, as he blows his mate to a much-deserved climax!