Kiss And Tel Aviv

Kiss And Tel Aviv: “Rooftop Romance”

International boyfriends Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr show Tel Aviv what
love looks like as they playfully frolic from the city streets up to the semi-private
patio of their hotel room. An impromptu dance lesson gets both men so turned on they strip
down and take turns sucking dick and eating ass. Klein is the first lover to get his hole
filled, bouncing up and down on Massimo’s giant cock. Before either of them get off,
Klein turns the tables and shoves his dick in Massimo’s tight hole. Klein cums first
and eats if off Massimo’s washboard abs then bends over and gets fucked again until
Massimo pulls out and shoots all over his big raw butthole.

Czech Hunter 303

It seem summer finally came to Prague. Nice weather had brought out people to enjoy sports. My eye was on rollerbladers today. Again I went to the biggest rollerblading circle in Prague looking for a nice catch. The place was full of busy people but I managed to find a nice blond guy who just was packing his stuff. He was very cute and looked quite young. Actually I was in the mood for some young innocent boy. And he told me some interesting things. Most importantly, he was single, unemployed, and broke. A perfect candidate. We fooled around a bit next to the track and then I convinced him to go into the bushes with me. There the real fun started. This innocent boy turned out to be a pretty wild money grabbing whore. It was a pleasure to stretch his little virgin hole.

Object Of Desire

Hard Friction

Without chemistry, there is no desire. It is the essential element of sexual
connection. Director Steve Cruz hand-pairs eight intensely sexual men with their “Object
of Desire” for Hard Friction’s most passionate erotic exploration yet. Scruffy hunk Mick
Stallone gets pounded by Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario in a sizzling three-way. Sporty
East-coast bro Jeff Powers buries his boner in Bruno Bernal’s Brazilian booty. Australian
hunk Letterio Amadeo flip-flops with Mick Stallone in a passionate sexual exchange.
Bennett Anthony takes a wet rim job followed by a deep dicking from Caleb Daniels. Get
ready to achieve the ultimate sexual satisfaction with your ‘Object of Desire.’

Straight Teen Gets Bred For Concert Tix

Raunchy Bastards #068

Hooker Cam

It’s no secret that Noel is one of my favorite raunchy bastards. He is so pleasant and helpful, and I try to see him as often as I can. Hell, one time after I fucked him he offered to help install a bathroom fixture I still had in the box on the counter. Now THAT’S service! No handy man services were needed this particular afternoon, I just needed to get a nut and Noel had another unique and pressing time sensitive request: He needed money to buy him and some girl tickets to a concert over at the amphitheater.

When he texted me about this, I had only been seeing him for a few weeks, so he wasn’t very experienced still at this whole thing. He wasn’t a virgin, but as close as one can get. And his nerves sure as hell hadn’t calmed down about it, either. Noel is the kind of guy who talks more and faster the more nervous he is. Well, he was talking so much when he came over this particular afternoon that I thought I’d never get to fuck him! I left the whole conversation (one-sided conversation, that is) in the vid so you can see how sessions typically go, if you haven’t experienced this for yourself. Either the hooker doesn’t talk much at all and is all about business, or the guy talks your arm off before you can so much as get his shirt off. The former type of guy is seasoned and the latter is usually a newbie. Well, I finally eased Noel into a mutual massage, and then transitioned quickly from there into some bareback action.

I love sticking my dick bareback into straight teen hole, but Noel’s ass is one of the best. It’s just the right amount of tight! And even though he never gets hard, being straight and all, he is still very affectionate. He surprised me during this fuck because as I was plowing him he became a bit verbal, and then he wrapped his arm around my neck and began making out while I was plowing his little hole! That was a nice surprise, and it made me bust that much faster – right into his ass. I had really been wanting to creampie this guy, and when I did, it was perfect. I was really very happy with this visit from Noel. Noel was happy, too, since he got to see the concert with his girl!

Debt Dandy 193

Alongside alcoholism, gambling is the biggest problem in the Czech Republic. Ever younger people are falling victims to this terrible addiction. Our boy was one of the prime examples why it ruins lives. He started small, gambling away only tiny amounts on his mobile phone. Some time ago his mother gave him 40 000 to renovate his kitchen and he decided to risk and multiply his easily gained money. He just wanted more to buy new shiny things. After he lost everything on slot machines, he called me for help. The kitchen was renovated and the bill is getting overdue. His mother had no idea about the problems he got himself into. The boy was willing to do anything to hide his addiction from her. I’m quite sure he won’t touch a slot machine ever in his life.

Dirty Scout 84

I haven’t seen such a shy boy for a long time. Apparently this was his first ever job interview. I didn’t know what ideas he had about how interviews work but he was in for a surprise. Poor boy was so nervous, he could barely speak. From what I got out of him, his only real job was gardening. Not very manly in my opinion. At least he wanted a driver job… I had one nicely paid one in store. The boy was definitely a looker with a lean body. I wasn’t going to give him the job easily. After all, I’m the one who’s giving favors. The boy genuinely tried to please me. And everything went well until I slid my cock up his ass. You wouldn’t believe the scream! Well, you can just play the video. A little advice, turn down the volume. Your neighbors… you know?

Thick Hard Jizzing Cock

Horny Convert Donates A Thick, Hard Cock & A Mouthful Of Jizz

When you’re part of a religious cult, it goes without saying that proselytising is all part of a hard day’s work – spreading your message to everyone that you meet and explaining how their lives could be made so much better if only they embraced your way of thinking. Which in Mark Fontana’s instance here means stopping your bicycle in the park to spend a few minutes sharing the good news to a rather forlorn-looking Vitali Kutcher. To Fontana’s eternal credit, he sure as hell works wonders – before you know it Kutcher is following him home to learn more about the work of the Mormon church. But it’s not very long before the religious aspect of this conversion has been sorely eclipsed by plain old lust, as the two fellows promptly fall into an embrace and begin to pull each other’s clothes off! At which point it’s the worship of the mighty phallus that very much takes centre stage; with both buddies enjoying a last supper of meaty, uncut dick, before Kutcher promptly begins to rim Fontana’s hungry little arsehole for all it’s worth. By this point, of course, any hope of Fontana maintaining his holier-than-thou persona has long since been tossed aside; and it almost comes as a relief when he finally parts his legs to accommodate a carnal conversion to raw anal action. Cue the delirious sight of him interchanging between riding and deep-throating Kutcher’s violently erupting member; as he finally abandons his crisp white shirt (and his last vestige of saintly dignity), before jerking out a thick wad of creamy spunk out of his upturned shaft all over Kutcher’s tongue!

Flip Flop Fuck Suck Twinks

Rookie Dives Straight In With A Flip-Flop Suck-&-Fuck-A-Thon

We already know that Martin Rivers isn’t the kind of young lad to waste time when he encounters some handsome little slut, but it seems he’s encountered a soulmate in new boy, Connor Rex. Indeed, neither of these buddies hang about when it comes to the task of slobbering off each other’s dicks – geez, the action has only just started and they’re taking it in turns to feast on all the hard flesh on offer. And who the fuck can blame them, of course? Both buddies are as cute as the day is long, and both have definitely been blessed by mother nature in the cock stakes! Given the fast-paced nature of proceedings, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that Rivers – as the more experienced of the pairing – is quickly pushing for a little progression in the antics, parting Rex’s legs apart and getting his tongue firmly embedded in the lad’s tight virgin arse. Of course, you don’t need to be Einstein to realise that what he really wants to stick in that hungry little hole is his thick, uncut shaft – a wish that’s soon being granted! However, don’t think for one moment that just because Rex’s a newbie it means that he’s not got his own kinky ideas. For having taken every inch of Rivers’ delightfully oversized schlong in a variety of positions – most notably riding it cowboy-style like a five-star whore – the young lad is promptly returning the favour; stuffing his meaty member deep into his buddy’s pucker and banging away for all that he’s worth. No fucking wonder that Rivers is soon spewing like a fountain as a result; before Rex underwrites his first money-shot all over his pal’s pretty face!

Trio of Bar Blowjobs

Part 1 – Benjamin Banks, Ray Dalton & Stephen Harte

Special TIMSUCK series: 3 blowjobs in a bar shot simultaneously. Booze, buds, and cocksucking! We turn one of our favorite haunts into our personal pig pen. In round one, muscle daddy Ray Dalton likes what he sees: Stephen Harte & Benjamin Banks. These three break the ice and drop their flies. Stephen and Ben feed each other their loads. Special Thanks to Rock Bar NYC.

Two Horny Twinks

Two Horny Twinks Get Their Empty Holes Well & Truly Stuffed

On paper, of course, it might seem pretty obvious that Johnathan Strake is set to be the focal point of this handsome little threesome – and suffice it to say that director, John Smith, doesn’t disappoint. Why should he? Strake is a born-again devotee where cock is concerned, and there’s little fear of him turning his nose up when confronted with two of the tastiest, uncut schlongs in the biz. Yet the first part of the action here actually centres on new boy, Vince Todd – or, more specifically, Todd’s hairless little pucker. For having produced a couple of anal beads from under his pillow, Strake promptly decides that it might be a really good idea to see whether Todd’s tight, virgin hole can accommodate the said toys – a task that Milan Silver is only too willing to assist him with. As a result, Todd’s rump is given a really good workout by the lad’s mates; with the appearance of hard dick being somewhat on the minimal side. All that changes big style, however, once Strake returns to type; taking the focus of everything that Silver can thrust in his direction, whilst Todd helps out with some vigorous rimming and sucking. So if you enjoy watching some crazy little fuck-slut being banged in a succession of positions, before riding a stud like a bitch, then this is definitely your kind of scene. All of which culminates in Strake erupting all over himself; prior to the lad taking a full-on face-load courtesy of Silver. Leaving Todd to sign off his debut performance with a splendid, mega-voltage explosion of his own, whilst getting his guts pummelled again by those unforgiving beads!

Kiss And Tel Aviv

Intimate In Israel

Ken Rodeo and Josh Milk spend the day sightseeing in the city and end up on
a rooftop overlooking Tel Aviv. Uninhibited by the potential of prying eyes from the
surrounding buildings and construction sites, the two horned up studs waste no time making
out and getting naked. Both Ken and Josh show off their expert cock sucking skills then
Ken gets on all fours and opens his hole to Josh’s thick dick. Josh buries his meat
deep inside Ken and furiously fucks a load out of him then pulls out just in time to feed
Ken his creamy white jizz.

Czech Hunter 302

Today I walked around a bus station looking for boys. After a few minutes, a young good looking guy approached me and asked me politely for 100 Crowns. He didn’t look like a homeless person at all so I started talking to him. Apparently, he came to Prague to work on some antennas or something like that. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the story, I was more interested in his cute face and nice blond hair. The poor boy stayed overnight at a hostel, where someone stole his wallet. With all the money he made the previous day. That’s why he was wandering around the city begging for money. He just wanted to buy a bus ticket home. I offered him my help and much more. He just had to go for a little walk in a park with me.

That’s A Lot Of Jizz, Bro!

Raunchy Bastards #080

 I Knew He Was Gay

The afternoon this was filmed was quite a treat. Bottom boy Ryan was going to get pounded down by Danny, and I had been waiting to see this for days beforehand. At the last minute, I had met Thomas, though, so I threw him in the scene. Two is company, but three is even more company! Danny and Ryan got along well, and both of them were a bit suspicious of Thomas at first, probably because he seemed extra nervous. This was actually the first time he had done anything with a guy, so I told him we would go easy on him (this was filmed right before I broke his ass in, so it really is his first time).

The action started out with Ryan servicing the two straight boys. I love how Danny keeps staring at Thomas’ cock the entire time. It could be that he is an open minded straight guy who is just curious about the size of his dick compared to other guys…. or he could just really be into dick. I have my own opinion on the matter, but I’ll let the viewers formulate their own opinions. At any rate, Ryan’s mouth got them really revved up! Before you know it, Danny is slam fucking Ryan while Ryan is working on Thomas’ cock. The two “straight guys” sure can think up a number of different positions in which to spit roast the bottom. Danny and Thomas have a lot of fun fucking, and Ryan obviously loves it. He cums buckets while Danny is barebacking his hole.

The scene ends with Danny and Thomas both giving Ryan a “pearl necklace.” I like the interaction among these three; there is some great sexual chemistry and everyone sure did have a lot of jizz!

Dirty Scout 83

I know not much about tattooing. Today I had the pleasant opportunity to learn more about the subject because the new applicant knew a great deal about it. This cutie from Southern Bohemia was a tattoo artist in his spare time. We talked in length about his craft and it was quite interesting. He was also into sports, obviously I wanted to have a look at him. Besides his hobby, our little tattooer was quite interesting in other areas, too. For example, he was quite a whore to be honest. He needed money very badly and was willing to do some very nasty things to earn a few coins. I just had to be very careful because he had a super tight and sensitive anus. Poor boy spent most of the interview screaming. Well, no one has ever said that job interviews are easy.

Spunky Balls Game

Billiard Buddies Ride It Roughshod For A Spunky Game Of Balls

With so much money stashed in the bank what else have Angel Lopez and David Sky got to do but while away their time by playing pool? After all, it’s not as if they’ve got to go out to work for a living! Even so, there’s only so much on the beige that a young man can savour; and it’s not too long before they’re looking for a little more excitement in the game. For Sky that involves slowly getting undressed mid-game – a move that’s never going to fail to draw some kind of heated response from a lad like Lopez. Indeed, it goes without saying that the handsome buddy has soon cast his cue aside so that he can give his diminutive mate his fullest attention; dropping down to his knees and feverishly slurping on the thick, oversized knob inside Sky’s pants. Why, it’s almost as if all of Lopez’s birthdays and Christmases have come at once; and you just know from his sordid track record that it won’t be too long before he’s riding that mighty rod for all he’s worth. Clearly wishing to prolong the experience, however, we get to enjoy the sight of Sky returning fellatio first; but the plain fact of the matter by this stage is that Lopez is quite literally gagging to get his guts stretched to the max by his buddy’s monster. It’s a wish, of course, that Sky is only too willing to help make come true; first smashing into Lopez’s arse against the snooker-table, then railroading to heaven on top of the felt. But it’s only when Lopez is bouncing up and down on Sky’s dick that matters finally reach a crescendo; with even these top-notch sluts looking surprised at the volume of jizz they produce!

It Ain’t Easy, But It’s Worth It

Boys Halfway House Incident #139

There’s a saying in recovery: “It Ain’t Easy, But It’s Worth It.” Well, you sure can say that about a lot of things in life. It’s not easy being a House Manager either, but when you get to stick your pole in guys like Brad, it’s definitely worth it. Another thing that’s not easy – apparently – for Brad, is keeping his room clean. We strive for a clean and neat environment, but at the same time we want the guys to feel at home. Nonetheless, there comes a point when it’s simply too much. Since it was visitor’s day, I had asked Brad to tidy up his shit, but by noon he hadn’t lifted a finger. He was too busy playing video games and looking at himself in the mirror, I guess.

I hadn’t been in the room two minutes when he already had the game controller in his mouth sucking on it like it was a hard cock. The real hard cock would soon follow though. Brad seemed to put some effort into sucking my dick, of which I was very appreciative. He really doesn’t do a bad job at it. Of course, after being slapped around a few times most guys do give it the effort it deserves. When I had him bend over and spread his cheeks on the bed, though, I realized what a treat I was in for!

I lubed up and forced my cock into his tight teen ass. It gave some resistance, but not too much – less than I was expecting. He obviously hadn’t had anything that thick up there before, because his facial expressions were all contorted. His butt sure did look beautiful though as he backed up onto my pole. This guy has some potential after all! I flipped him over to loosen him up more, and that worked like a charm. Pretty soon he was ready to ride. Turns out this resident is quite the athlete. He almost made me cum just bumping up and down on it. I didn’t want the session to end so quickly, though, so I held it. I fucked him in another few positions before I finally did nut and shoved it deep inside his teenage bubble butt. By the end, he almost seemed to enjoy it, but I’m not sure that it wasn’t just an act. He is kind of a beta-male people pleaser, after all. Not that I care if he likes it or not. What matters to me is two things: He cleans his room, and I get a nut.

Straight Boys Fuck


There’s only so much pussy a boy can handle before he starts craving some hot stiff dick! The boys in this movie have all reached that limit and allow their carnal instincts to be taken over by the cock hungry gay boys they’re with! Whether it’s a risky moment in the gym changing rooms or a sneaky hook-up once the girlfriends gone shopping, the straight boys are all hung and definitely horny, perfect for the bottom boys to take full advantage of and enjoy the long solid shafts pumping them full of straight dick!!

Debt Dandy 192

Today I visited a young wannabe business man. He had big plans but they didn’t go as planned. Our entrepreneur sunk deep into debts. To make things even more interesting, his girlfriend got pregnant. When I arrived at the meeting, I was welcomed by a stressed out young man who asked me for 35 000 Crowns. He was very desperate, worked every day, taking weekend jobs when he could. The pregnant girlfriend had to stay calm and relaxed, getting ready for the birth. The guy was very caring, the baby was the only thing that mattered to him. Still, he didn’t like my special offer at all. He was soon to be a parent, after all. I enjoyed his nice long blowjob and then rammed his tight virgin ass. I like fucking people when it is for a good cause.

Raw Fucking Twinks

Doe-Eyed Rex Gives Hard, Horny Spaniard A Right Raw Fucking

No-one could ever claim that Mark Fontana was slow on the uptake. Less than forty seconds after introducing himself to the delightfully twinkish Connor Rex, the young Spaniard has his face buried in his new buddy’s crotch, feasting on the handsome shaft of meat that’s straining there. Not that Rex is anyway less opportunistic once the chance comes to swop positions; but as introductions go it’s certainly one to remember. What’s more, it’s not long before both beauties are laid out on the bed 69-ing each other like a pair of bookends – testimony, if testimony was indeed needed, that neither of these horned-up sluts are any less enthusiastic for dick than the other. Eventually, however, the lust for hot, raw man-meat seems to overcome Fontana more than his fresh-faced pal; and with Rex taking opportunity to rim the tattooed dude’s hairless little pucker, it’s not too long before the boy from Barcelona is getting his guts filled to capacity by a thick, uncut ramrod. To some, of course, this would be the stuff of nightmares. To a young, cock-crazed slut like Fontana, whose very existence seems to be to get as much dick inside him as possible, it’s sheer Nirvana; as Rex continues to bang away at his pucker in a whole series of positions like a wild animal. Given the intensity of this first “date”, it’s perhaps no surprise that the young bottom is soon at the point of no turning back; literally having the jizz pump out of him all over his own belly. Leaving Rex to sign things off with his own torrid rupture, which Fontana eagerly laps up so that the two of them can share a gooey kiss!

Czech Hunter 301

I was chilling out and looking for a nice catch when I saw this guy. He was easy to spot. A tall and huge boy. And I mean huge! I used my blog about athletes excuse on him and he swallowed the bait easily. He definitely wanted to show off. So I took him to a nearby work out place and paid him to exercise for my amusement. Half-naked, of course. The boy was a bodybuilder hence the view was simply gorgeous. All those pull-ups made me terribly horny. I just didn’t want to make him angry with some inappropriate proposition. Then he told me about his financial problems and I offered him a nice way to solve them. I was lucky because the guy was very open-minded, I think he even had a gay experience. Or maybe he liked me, who knows.

Kiss And Tel Aviv

Cock By The Ocean

Glorious clear blue skies and crashing waves are the perfect backdrops for
Ryan Rose and Kayden Gray who decide that this Tel Aviv beach is clothing optional. After
briefly sunning themselves they start to explore and find the perfect place out on the
rocks to deep-throat each other’s cocks. Kayden bends Ryan over to eat his ass then
slams his cock inside and pounds him hard. Ryan pushed Kayden back into the surf so he
can ride his cock until he cums. Ready to bust, Kayden stands up and jerks off, shooting
his load into the Mediterranean.

3 Straight Boys & Daddy Bareback Group Fuck Party

Raunchy Bastards #071

I Knew He Was Gay

Me and some of the boys were chilling that afternoon, and I floated the idea with them of doing a big bareback fuck fest. They all needed some cash flow, so they were of course down. Or should I say, they needed an excuse to get some dick? Ha! At any rate, Kip, Patrick and Toby were on my bed and undressing before I could even get everything set up to film it. They were laughing and joshing around with each other, having a good old time. I think it’s funny how the mood changed from bored to excited once the prospect of having a male/male anal sex was on the horizon. At any rate, I was excited, too!

Then out camd the laptop in order to look up some vids with chicks in it. Now, I’ve fucked so many supposedly straight guys over the years that I’ve come to accept the fact that they usually want to have some titty porn on in the background to “help them get hard.” At first it kind of irked me, but nowadays I just think that, “Hey, it’s a little crutch, the only one they have left that allows them a semblance of being a ‘normal’ straight dude in front of their peers.” Well, that’s all fine and dandy as long as it isn’t too loud. The last thing I wanna hear is some bitch moaning while she’s getting plowed. It’s really a put-on for themselves, but also the other “straight guys” in the room. I know this because when I fuck them one-on-one they get hard and bust no problem, without the pussy spreading on the laptop or smartphone.

Having three good looking young men in front of me inspired a lot of different positions, and they were all happy to oblige. First, Kip and Patrick did a 69, with Toby stepping in on the action. Then I had Kip fuck Toby. I got some good closeups of him sticking his raw dick into Toby’s tight hole. Trust me, it is tight. As much as this guy has been fucked, you’d think it would be loose as a goose, but somehow it always springs back into form. Patrick’s cock was harder than I’d ever seen it before from all that cocksucking, and little did he know at that point that it was predestined for him to be the bitch for the afternoon. Well, him and Toby both, I guess. I asked Kip to fuck Patrick, and he started fucking him, but I stepped in for a minute myself because Patrick has a great hole and I couldn’t resist. Soon enough Patrick was getting fucked by Kip, blown by Toby, and was sucking my cock all at the same time. Talk about an ADHD trigger! It was so fucking hot, though, seeing him just enveloped by other dudes. I fucked him some more and he stayed rock hard throughout, but I kinda felt bad for him, so I told Toby he should sit on Patrick’s cock, since it was so engorged. Toby rode Patrick really well while sucking of Kip, and then Kip fucked Patrick some more until he came. (He came buckets!) Kip nutted on Toby’s ass, and then Toby dropped a load into Kip’s mouth. Kip acted like he didn’t like it that much, but I know better. The reason all these guys busted such big loads is because what gay guy wouldn’t bust like that with all the bareback fucking going on?

Dirty Scout 82

I had two visitors today. They both came to Prague from a small town in the east. It seems that all boys with huge cocks come from the east. The first one was a mobile phone repairman. I couldn’t understand why he was unemployed. I was flooded with job offers like that. So I offered him one. A nicely paid one. He didn’t think twice and undressed to get the contract. He even jerked his cock off for my amusement and he did it for free. What a fool! The second boy came in later today and he looked a bit too relaxed for my taste. He had big ambitions. Even bigger than our agency could fulfill. Still, we had a nice job for him. But this time I wanted to fuck. I took off his childish clothes and got started. I was super horny after the first boy so he had to work twice as hard.

Hot Raw Fuck

Swimming Buddies Head Out Of The Water For A Hot, Raw Fuck

No question about it, Jaro Stone and Angel Lopez are such a fucking hot pair of horned-up beauties that you could surely quite literally sit and watch the duo splashing about in the water all day; but the fact of the matter is that they’re never the sort of boys who can play too innocent for long. Indeed, you won’t find yourself having to wait more than a minute or two before both beauties are out of their swimming trunks and engaging in somewhat suggestive play; which soon leads to the guys smooching away in anticipation of a decidedly hardcore session. Not unnaturally, of course, given the nature of their characters and the fact that Lopez in particular is quite simply a living, breathing cock-whore, it’s no time at all before the initial round of vigorous dick-munching has given way to an energetic session of sodomy; with Lopez eagerly parting his legs so that his butt can accommodate the full length of Stone’s infamous poleaxe. And to his credit, the young lad takes every fucking inch like the pro that he is; getting buggered raw in a whole series of positions, whilst taking intermittent breaks to slurp on his buddy’s cock as if to keep reminding himself (if indeed it was ever needed!) that Stone’s beautiful buttpicker is actually for real. No need to worry about that though, boy. Our Stone is as one hundred percent legit as the day is long; and having finally secured his place cowboy-style on the summit of the fellow’s cock, it’s no wonder that Lopez is soon spurting like a fountain in sweet appreciation. Before finally allowing Stone to unload a fine wad all over his face!

Breeding Ducati

Nasty Daddy

Super hot tattooed muscle daddy Trenton Ducati takes smooth big dicked
hottie Jack Hunter on the ride of his life in this steaming bareback scene from Nasty
Daddy. This is Trenton’s second exclusive bareback scene for Nasty Daddy. Watch Trenton
push Jack down on his hard dick to swallow it balls deep, while he orders him to finger
his hole. Jack gets rimmed deep. Trenton fucks him with a giant dildo and makes him lick
it clean. Then Jack gets pounded and bred before he fucks Trenton with his big dick.
Watch them powerfuck till they explode, ending the session with one of our hottest flip
sessions to date.