It Ain’t Easy, But It’s Worth It

Boys Halfway House Incident #139

There’s a saying in recovery: “It Ain’t Easy, But It’s Worth It.” Well, you sure can say that about a lot of things in life. It’s not easy being a House Manager either, but when you get to stick your pole in guys like Brad, it’s definitely worth it. Another thing that’s not easy – apparently – for Brad, is keeping his room clean. We strive for a clean and neat environment, but at the same time we want the guys to feel at home. Nonetheless, there comes a point when it’s simply too much. Since it was visitor’s day, I had asked Brad to tidy up his shit, but by noon he hadn’t lifted a finger. He was too busy playing video games and looking at himself in the mirror, I guess.

I hadn’t been in the room two minutes when he already had the game controller in his mouth sucking on it like it was a hard cock. The real hard cock would soon follow though. Brad seemed to put some effort into sucking my dick, of which I was very appreciative. He really doesn’t do a bad job at it. Of course, after being slapped around a few times most guys do give it the effort it deserves. When I had him bend over and spread his cheeks on the bed, though, I realized what a treat I was in for!

I lubed up and forced my cock into his tight teen ass. It gave some resistance, but not too much – less than I was expecting. He obviously hadn’t had anything that thick up there before, because his facial expressions were all contorted. His butt sure did look beautiful though as he backed up onto my pole. This guy has some potential after all! I flipped him over to loosen him up more, and that worked like a charm. Pretty soon he was ready to ride. Turns out this resident is quite the athlete. He almost made me cum just bumping up and down on it. I didn’t want the session to end so quickly, though, so I held it. I fucked him in another few positions before I finally did nut and shoved it deep inside his teenage bubble butt. By the end, he almost seemed to enjoy it, but I’m not sure that it wasn’t just an act. He is kind of a beta-male people pleaser, after all. Not that I care if he likes it or not. What matters to me is two things: He cleans his room, and I get a nut.

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