Not Everyone Deserves Better

Boys Halfway House Incident #141

One of our residents went AWOL a few weeks ago, and to tell you the truth I wish he wouldn’t have called us and asked us to pick him up. Apparently he had gone on a bender and somehow he wound up six hours away, penniless and messed up. Of course he didn’t have anyone else to call or we probably would never have seen him again. Unfortunately, some of these guys just can’t get their shit together. I had to forego a perfectly nice Sunday afternoon of watching football to haul his ass back to the House. So, needless to say, I was not a happy camper.

When I picked him up outside of the bus station that he had been sitting at for 16 hours begging for change, he acted like it was no big deal. To top it off, when I got him in a private place and grabbed him by the ear to march him in the bedroom for his punishment, he couldn’t stop laughing about it. Well, I put a stop to that real quick. When I had him on his knees with my cock down his throat, the smile was gone and never returned.

I’ve never seen a dude like him with a worse gag reflex. I seriously thought he was gonna puke on my dick. He’d better hope that he’s never actually homeless, because a homeless young man who can’t suck cock isn’t gonna last very long. I tried my best to loosen up his tonsils, at any rate. When I’d had enough gagging and teeth on my dick, I decided to just use his hole instead.

Although it wasn’t too difficult to get my dick in him, I could tell that he wasn’t enjoying it one bit. He seems like the kind of guy who can’t take the slightest pain without moaning and groaning. I didn’t really give a shit, and I was glad he was uncomfortable. Every time he grimaced, I shoved my raw cock in deeper. Since he kept it up, he pretty much got his asshole blown out within five minutes. His butthole looked like some sort of exotic carnation. I didn’t let it go, though, and just kept fucking him every which way until I was ready to get my nut. This piece of shit dick-wipe definitely got what’s coming to him, including a was of cum on his swollen hole. Not everyone deserves better.

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