It’s Shaken Not Stirred For This Cute Cock-Loving Soccer Slut

Most of us would surely baulk at the prospect of having our mixer-drink stirred by a guy’s cock, but Connor Rex – fresh from playing soccer with his buddy, Vitali Kutcher – is clearly ready and willing to be the exception. Of course, the fact that the oversized stirring-stick in question belongs to a guy like Kutcher is surely good enough reason to go along with the fun; and Rex compliments the high-natured jinks by donning his mate’s dick with a selection of lemon-slices for good measure. It all makes for a fine-spirited aperitif for the hard-natured action that we all know is just around the corner; and suffice it to say that both horny strikers are soon on top notch form, with Rex gobbling down on Kutcher’s cock and Kutcher knocking his mate’s legs into the air so that he can greedily rim on the pretty little rosebud now proudly on display. Those of you who enjoy a prolonged foreplay might be in for a little bit of disappointment here, however. The fact of the matter is that both these boys are horned up to the max; and it’s no time at all before Kutcher can’t hold back a moment longer from plunging his meaty ramrod deep into Rex’s arse. No doubt about it, the cute-faced bottom is in fucking extra-time bliss as Kutcher’s balls slap gamely against his rump; and to underline the fact he’s regularly changing positions and taking slurps off his buddy’s joystick between moves. Little wonder that this pair of wonder-sluts are soon preparing for the final whistle; taking it in turns to blast a clearly much-needed wad of spunk towards each other’s open mouths for a top-notch finale!

Raunchy Bastards #106

Suburban Teen Converted Into Gay4Pay Whore

Times get tough real quick when mommy and daddy turn off that credit card. Boys from the suburbs get excited about finally moving out of the nest; they and some friends find a cheap house to rent in the city. A few months later, one of the roomies has already ditched them, they have a few other unexpected expenses, and they learn that a weekend evening on the town can easily set them back a hundred bucks. Next thing they know, they hate their job working at the local juice shop, and they miss having their parent’s car to borrow. They begin looking online for a cougar with money, but it doesn’t take them too long to figure out that middle aged hot women with money don’t exist, or if they do exist, they don’t want to fuck and feed some wannabe frat boy whose idea of a good time is having their 21 year old friend to buy them a bottle and then play video games all night. When mom or dad finally cut off the credit card for good, somewhat hoping that the young man will come to his senses, he has hit the suburban teen equivalent of rock bottom. All that privilege doesn’t really get you too far in the real world.

This is the point at which guys like me come into their lives. Of course, I have to be a bit lucky and find them at exactly the right moment in their lives. Somewhat open-minded, good looking, cash-strapped teenagers are not a dime a dozen. But if the money is right and you can shmooze them just the right way, it works on occassion. The first step is to act like you’re doing them the favor. Act like you are really too busy to waste your time with them, but express a genuine interest in their well-being. Be prepared for a lot of last minute back-outs. Most importantly, always play down the gay aspect of it with the straight boys. Tell them how much you like pussy, too. Hint that you might just have a hot chick who wants to do a threeway. After you’ve fed them the line, you just have to wait for them to take the bait. If all goes well, the hottie will be down on your dick within a few weeks. This usually occurs on a Tuesday. The weekend drained all of his money, and Monday he was too hung over to think about it. But on Tuesday he realizes that he needs that rent money, pronto.

It was a real treat breaking in this new whore. He has exactly the type of fit young body I like, and surprisingly, he he isn’t a bad cocksucker. He loves having his ass eaten out, too, which is a major plus. I mean, I would have eaten him out anyway, but hearing those moans of pleasure is always nice. He wasn’t too put off by some light making out, and he let me cum on his tight straight teen asshole. So all in all, this was a top notch hookup. Guys like these usually don’t last too long, because they come to their senses and begin living within their means shortly after having a guy their dad’s age treat them like a slut. But sometimes they come around again and again. Time will tell!

Dirty Work

Hot House Video

These horny handymen have a talent for ‘Dirty Work’. They labor all day, and they work each other over hard any chance they get. Director Nick Foxx gets down to business with eight pieces of rough trade for cum-spurting, hole-stretching, working-man action. Defiant painter Jimmy Durano responds to a scolding from his boss, Ace Era, by shoving his cock into Ace’s face and ass! When Chris Bines gets bored on the job, he starts horsing around with his boyfriend Gabriel Cross, blowing one load in his face and another after fucking Gabriel’s tight hole. Sparks fly between Austin Wolf and Derek Bolt in the workshop, and Derek is more than eager to get a taste of the big tool in Austin’s pants. Nick Sterling uses two tools, his cock and a big mechanized dildo, to coax one of the biggest cumshots you’ve ever seen out of Coby Mitchell. If you hire these men to do your ‘Dirty Work,’ you might find them slacking off at the job, but at least they’ll be hard, horny, and ready to bust a nut!

Dirty Scout 97

This boy was full of contradictions. He claimed to be straight but enjoyed our meeting a lot. He also warned me about being really clumsy, it was the reason why he refused to take any technically oriented jobs. And yet he handled my cock with extraordinary skill. He claimed to be very shy and still he agreed to whore himself out for a good job and little extra cash. His body was just incredible and his cock so sweet. I gave him a pretty rough ride and tore his ass wide open. We went on for good 20 minutes before I unloaded on his cute face. And then he told me that he expected me to last longer. What a cheeky bastard! He was worth every single Crown I gave him. I hope he gets fired soon, I’ll be waiting for him. Next time, he’ll be barely able to sit or walk.

Cock-Crazed Beauty Gets His Arse Fucked To The Moon & Black

Out of all the horny, cock-crazed twinks that Prague has to offer, one arguably stands out from the rest. Lucas Drake – whose whole existence at times seems to rest on him getting his hands (not to mention his ass!) on the next big dick. So it pretty much goes without saying that the news that a hunky black stud of Marcus Campbell’s calibre was in town kind of drove the cutie almost insane! To such a fucking extent, in fact, that our director, John Smith, had to rearrange his filming commitments to ensure that the blond-haired beauty got his share of big black cock. The result, needless to say, is this breathtakingly brilliant duo, which sees Drake hanging off that meaty British cockhead in next to no time – much to his obvious delight! Not that Campbell remains unimpressed by his new playmate’s performance; even to the point of enjoying a munch on Drake’s dick himself. But there’s just no denying that it’s the young Czech lad who’s the real impetus here; although given the look of near-anguish on Drake’s face when the mega-hung Brit boy first pushes into the twink’s fuck-hole, you rather get the impression that the cutie might have bitten off more than he can chew. Having quickly accustomed himself to the invasion, however, Drake is soon upping his gear; grinding his hips up and down as he rides Campbell’s ass-slayer like a pro. An almost impossible-looking reverse fuck only underlines the classic nature of this coupling; with Drake soon having the spunk banged out of his balls, prior to the black mamba completing the pup’s sweet humiliation with a full-on facial!

Debt Dandy 206

A desperate student called me for help. He studied for too long and lost the stipend from the government that covered the fee for the college. He was a foreigner so he didn’t realize it in time. He was really close from finishing the program and the debt caught him by surprise. When I met him, he was very stressed out and afraid. He was scared that all the hard work he did so far would be for nothing. He was quite muscular and handsome so I gladly offered him my help. I wanted to get inside of his pants, I didn’t care about the money. He needed 35 000, which is quite a sum for a poor student. He would never get the money in time so he agreed to become my sex toy. After I silenced his protests, he even agreed to do some very nasty stuff.

Tattooed Twink & Suited Solicitor Face A Flip-Flopping Jizz-Fest

Legal assistance comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes – when you’re a bit of a jack-the-lad and accustomed to living on the edge – you have to grab a lifeline as and where you find it. Which in tattooed beauty Mark Fontana’s case means accepting the advances of the fresh-faced suited-and-booted legal new boy, Alex Aurora. To be fair, given the fact that Aurora is hardly unattractive and clearly scrubs up very nicely in a shirt and tie, it’s not exactly a burdensome endeavour; and before you know it Fontana is beavering away inside his mate’s trousers, feasting on the deliciously impressive equipment that’s hiding away inside. It’s an advance that Aurora clearly appreciates; taking the first chance to return the favour by gobbling on the chav boy’s todger, then making a beeline for that sweet little slit that you just know is crying out for attention. Seconds on, and having rimmed the pucker for all it’s worth, the charming newbie has managed to bury the head of his dick deep inside; and before you know it is quite literally balls-deep in Fontana’s guts, banging away to his heart’s content! Whether the boy from the wrong side of town quite anticipated such a prompt invasion is anyone’s guess; but given the spirit with which he subsequently sits on Aurora’s lap and rides the fellow’s schlong like a common tart, we can only conclude a favourable response. So much so, in fact, that he’s soon replying to the onslaught with a sleek codicil of his own – a late-on return fuck that steals Aurora’s on-screen cherry, leaving the lad’s ass-hole oozing with fresh spunk!


Raging Stallion

This action is ‘Dicklicious.’ Get your taste of nine ‘Dicklicious’ men with big, mouthwatering cocks and tasty holes that need filling! Director Steve Cruz pairs together the most irresistible dicks and fuckable asses, and the chemistry is off the charts. Bravo Delta wields his XXL cock to fill Aarin Asker’s hairy hole, and the intense sexual connection leads them to a cummy climax. Tegan Zayne and Derek Deluca take turns getting spit roasted when take-charge top Bruce Beckam orchestrates a wild and raunchy three-way fuck. Muscle-man Myles Landon uses his massive tool to dominate hunky Bruno Bernal’s ass. Blond muscle stud Brian Bonds feeds his cock to Rafael Lords in a sweaty, energetic fuck session. When you get a taste of these ‘Dicklicious’ men filling holes with their massive cocks, your sexual appetite will be satisfied!

Top 10 Hottest Stars of Summer


Raunchy Bastards #078

I’m Not Gay But I Want Some New Shoes

Danny Luca and Patrick Gentry. I love them both, but I’ll be damned they can’t save their money. Burns a hole right through their pockets. That must be why they are always calling me asking them if I have any work for them. Of course, since they are favorite, I do my best. I was actually excited to see Danny plow Patrick’s little tight hole. I was hanging out with Ryan that weekend, and he volunteered to help film. It was quite the party.

As we were getting ready, Danny started talking about his sneakers. Apparently he had owned a pair of thousand dollar sneakers that were ruined somehow, and he was looking forward to replacing them. I was flabbergasted! These supposed straight guys, with girlfriends at home thinking they are out with their buddies, are fucking bareback so they can buy some new shoes. Where in the hell are the priorities of this generation? Oh well, to each his own. I really don’t care what they do with their money as long as they can do the job – which in this case is fucking like rabbits.

The fucking was intense, and you can tell that Patrick was simply overwhelmed at Danny’s cock. Danny loves to fuck chicks, and he sure does seem to like fucking Patrick, too.

Boys Halfway House Incident #148

Teenage Tornado Bait Creampie

This little prick hadn’t been in the House very long when he was already rubbing everyone the wrong way. Lazy, dirty, and dim-witted, no one even felt sorry for him. He didn’t come from the best of backgrounds. Where I grew up in the Midwest, kids liked him lived in those trailer parks on the edge of town – with the run down cars and homes falling apart. When a tornado hit anywhere around, inevitably it tore right through a trailer park such as that – thus, we always refer to these poor guys as tornado bait. This one lives up to his nickname, too. However, the only whirlwind he is gonna get at the House comes with a load of cum at the end.

After staying out the entire night, I had to chastise him. I was actually looking forward to it since I like those 18 year old straight boy booties. His blowjob was just so-so, but damn did he have an ass you could fuck for hours! I fingered him a lot to loosen him up, and it worked. Once I had my cock inside him, it was a great pounding. I slapped him around a bit with my dick inside him, just to let him know what a piece of shit he was. And before I was through fucking him I pulled out and stuck my pole right down his throat. Bitches like him are a dime a dozen, and he knows it, and I know it, and he knows I know it. I fucked him until I came inside him.

He’s teetering on the edge of getting kicked out of the House. I sure hope he can stay at least a while longer – enough for me to seed him a few more times.

Dirty Scout 96

This boy was almost too easy-going for my taste. He didn’t know what job he wanted. He would do basically anything decently paid. Well, he had only primary school so he kind of had to take anything available. Nicely paid warehouse job was just right for our guy. Except he couldn’t afford the mediation fee we charge. My dirty propositions surprised him only a little. He wasn’t shy at all. Actually he was quite curious and happy to fool around. He even wanted to try anal sex. For free! It turned out to be a very special experience for our boy. I fucked him hard like a cheap whore. He should have known better, he knew my cock was big. He was so shaken by the experience that he didn’t even demand more money. When I was done, he just left my office, with his shirt unbuttoned.

It’s Hard Hats & Hard Dicks For These Cute Cock-Lovin’ Builders

Pretty much everyone who knows him will tell you that Mark Fontana is a dirty-minded punk, who will take any opportunity that comes his way to get his cock out; but even so it still seems to come as something of a surprise to his pretty namesake, Mike Fontana, when the lad discovers Mark having a surreptitious wank in a quiet corner in the middle of the working day. Still, Mike’s attitude is promptly akin to accepting that if you can’t beat them then you might as well join them; and drawing up a plastic bucket to sit on, the lad pulls out his own aching knob and begins to enjoy some much-needed self-stimulation himself.

The result is the fabulous sight of both Fontanas wanking off in the sunshine like a pair of horned-up bookends; before Mark takes full advantage of the situation by falling to his knees and giving his mate an energetic blowjob. It’s a very bold move, but it’s one that quickly has the desired effect; as Mike immediately gives head in return, before bundling his mate over a nearby table and thrusting his meaty, uncut ramrod deep inside the young pup’s arsehole. What ensues is the kind of no-holds-barred fuck session that would surely put the sparkle into any working day, and which soon – not surprisingly – brings both lads to the point of no return. So it is that Mike delivers a stupendous wad of boy-juice, which he neatly splatters all over Mark’s face; before Mark, who at this point is literally still dripping with goo, unburdens his load towards his work-buddy’s mouth. All of which is then nicely topped off by the two boys exchanging a spunky smooch!

Big Black Cock Rewards Cute Lad With A Well Creamy Fuck-Hole

Young cutie, Connor Rex, is feeling fucking horny. Of course, there’s nothing unusual about that – it’s kind of his permanent condition! – but on this occasion he’s got a hunger for black cock; and in Czechia that’s not always the easiest of desires to fulfil. Fortunately, he’s got a vivid imagination. So much so, in fact, that he’s soon able to conjure up the inimitable Marcus Campbell onto his sofa – at which point all his dreams of big black cock are well and truly made into very sweet reality. Of course, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the lad is soon hanging off that dark, handsome monster – his lips tightly embracing the full length of meat now on offer. What might prove a little more unanticipated is the fact that Campbell is soon returning the favour, devouring Rex’s admittedly smaller cock with equal ferocity. Not that the black stud’s attention remains solely on the young twink’s dick for long. As ever with a guy like Campbell, his real goal is his twink buddy’s tight, hairless pucker; and it doesn’t take too long before he’s eagerly rimming that hungry hole for all it’s worth. That, of course, is but a prelude for the main course of action, as the black stud guides his dick into the pup’s guts and promptly indulges in the kind of invasion that a young lad like Rex quite literally lives for. Indeed, given the manner with which the boy rides that thick, dark salami you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that he’d really like to be permanently attached to it. As it is, however, the show ends with Rex getting a gooey arse; before Campbell gobbles the white boy to a sticky finale!

Debt Dandy 205

This gorgeous boy drove like a madman to get to work in time. His car couldn’t withstand his way of driving and it’s engine broke down. Unfortunately for our guy, he borrowed the car from his dad. And he was returning back to the Czech Republic in the evening that day. He wouldn’t be happy about the situation. The boy had a friend car mechanic who promised to take care of the problem quickly but asked for 16 000. That was the reason why my help was needed. The boy was quite scared of disappointing his dad but he was more scared of me for some reason. It was very hard to convince him to take his clothes off. He was a bit inexperienced but it didn’t matter. I was horny as hell and in the end, the boy had some fun, too. It wasn’t very difficult to make him cum.

Top 10 Craziest Locations


10. Kiss & Tel Aviv – Scene 1
Ryan Rose & Kayden Gray – Brashly filmed on a public beach south of Tel Aviv on, and in, the Mediterranean Sea.

9. Into the Wilde – Scene 1
Christian Wilde & Brandon Jones – Shot in the back of a van driving around San Francisco with cumshots erupting on the Golden Gate Bridge.

8. A Wicked Game – Scene 2
Ryan Rose & Duncan Black – Lensed on the bow of a yacht off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

7. Secrets & Lies – Scene 4
Rocco Steele & Jacob Peterson – The action took place on a tractor in an old granary off I-5 in the California Central Valley.

6. Stalker – Scene 2
Brady Jensen, Phillip Aubrey & Robert Axel – Filmed in an old army barrack north of San Francisco located on a cliff over the Pacific Ocean.

5. Secrets & Lies – Scene 1
Brandon Wilde, Trenton Ducati & Brian Bonds – This was shot with Brandon precariously hanging from a ladder as Brian feeds him some dick while Trenton fucks him with a garden hoe in an old wooden barn.

4. The Mix – Scene 4
Connor Maguire & Conner Habib – Captured in the spleador of nature with Conner Habib hanging from a tree as Connor starts a forest fire in his ass.

3. Grindhouse – Scene 4
Adam Killian, Jake Genesis & Trenton Ducati – A 3-way shot in one-take with a live audience of over 100 people on stage at Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco.

2. Dirty Rascals – Scene 4
Connor Maguire, Darius Ferdynand, Dato Foland, Gino Mosca, Marcel Gassion, Phillipe Gaudin, Rick Lautner, Tim Campbell, Tommy Defendi & Vasek Konik – Filmed on a canopy bed on the lawn in front of a castle in a little town in the Czech Republic.

1. The Pack – Scene 4
Blue Bailey, Boomer Banks, Cam Christou, Leo Forte, Marcus Isaacs, Rafael Alencar & Seven Dixon – This orgy was shot on an elevated platform/stage with a live audience overlooking the Black Party at the Roseland Ballroom above 5000 partygoers at 7am in New York City.

Raunchy Bastards #085

Unemployed Mechanic Gives Up His Virgin Cunt

I had met this guy and known him for a long time before I finally got him to suck my dick, and it took another couple of months before he’d let me stick it in him. However, once the seed is planted in their heads, all you have to do is wait. He lost his job at the car shop, and next thing you know he was lying on the bed, legs up in the air, just waiting for me to bareback his virgin cunt.

This fucker’s ass is so small and tight! I rimmed him and fingered him but it didn’t seem to loosen it up much, so I just lubed up and went right for the prize. It wasn’t easy fucking him, but I loved every second of it. Nothing feels better than a virgin straight boy asshole. On top of all of that, I got him to bust a nut while his asshole was still throbbing from having my cock pounding it. Overall not a bad Wednesday afternoon.

All American Workouts Vol. 3

Corbin Fisher

Dirty Scout 95

This boy was from a city far north of Prague. A very poor and desolate place. Being born there doesn’t exactly give you a head start in life. Our boy was a prime example. He grew up in a family so poor he had to attend school that was in walking distance, only because his parents couldn’t afford public transportation. That’s how he became a locksmith. He came to me for a better job than he had so far and I was willing to help him. He was a lean and young looking boy. And he obviously needed money to get by in Prague. He agreed quickly to what I asked for. Maybe too quickly, I’m sure he was regretting his decision later when I was pounding his tight asshole. He almost refused to continue, that’s how tight he was. Still I enjoyed his body a lot.

Legal Newbie Awards Bad Boy With A First Class Ride Of Hot Ass

Whoever said that lawyers don’t have a heart? Or that the only thing that they truly appreciate and understand is hard cash? Well whoever it was, the image of legal minds being solely obsessed with mercenary reward is definitely in for a bit of a bashing here; as fresh-faced solicitor, Bjorn Nykvist, displays his distinctly compassionate side when Jaro Stone enters his office looking for representation in court. All the same, there’s still no such thing as a free lunch; and whilst our legal eagle might not be thinking of the bucks, he almost certainly thinking of the fucks! Indeed, it’s a definitely a deal of a carnal kind that’s quickly getting brokered between these handsome youngsters; with the two buddies heading straight for bed in order to run through a few points of order. Needless to say, it isn’t long before both their dicks are the centrepiece of negotiations; with a fine display of cock-sucking quickly developing into an ambitious session of energetic 69-ing. Ultimately, however, the urge to get Stone’s infamous butt-picker deep inside his guts simply proves too much for the blond-headed Nykvist; who then proceeds to get his innards bashed to a legal high in a succession of positions, most notably reverse-cowboy. It’s enough to send even the most dullened of fans into a spunk-fevered frenzy; and it certainly isn’t long before Nykvist’s cock is squirting out a generous wad, which Stone eagerly laps up to full effect. Not that Stone’s ensuing eruption is any less intense; as both lads underline their rank as top-notch performers by exchanging a final devilishly jizz-laden smooch!

Boys Halfway House Incident #149

Bareback Slut Training

Many guys start out their adult life with the best of intentions, and then they end up in the back seat of a squad car with their brain so fried that they barely know what’s going on. Such is the case with this new piece of work we had enroll a few weeks ago. I had read some of the reports, but by meeting him sober you wouldn’t know what an out-of-control nightmare he can be. I immediately pegged him for someone who would fuck up a bit at first, then calm down and get with the program, and I was correct. But, damned if I wasn’t just waiting for him to mess up. Those pretty eyes were just begging to be looking up while he had a mouthful of dick. When he missed his first job opportunity, I went in for the kill.

Now, it’s not as difficult as people think to turn a straight dude into a slut. A lot of people think that only women can be sluts, but that’s just because they are sexist pieces of shit. People like that probably watch too much porn. Anyone, not just girls from the trailer park, can be made into the best sluts ever. All you really need is a weak-willed person with a low self-esteem. Then all you gotta do is treat them like a slut, and they become one. This resident is a perfect example. Once he got the not-so-subtle message that his role in the relationship was to put out, he played the part perfectly.

There’s almost a checklist of acts that a true slut must be capable of, and I went right down the list with this loser: Blowjob, check. Deepthroat, check. Gagging on cock, check. Getting fucked until his hole looked like a pomegranate, check. Sticking his tongue out to receive a was of spit, check. Going down ass to mouth with gusto, check. Taking a load of cum up his ass, check. Taking said aforementioned was of jizz and eating it fresh out of his blown out hole, check.

He was such a good bareback ho that I bet he’s gonna seek it out in the future, if for nothing more than to prove what a likable guy he is, and that he’s cool to hang around with. Meanwhile, we’re gonna make sure that he can hold down a job and stay clean. His ass might be sore most of the time, but at least he’ll have a place to sleep and 3 square meals per day.

Debt Dandy 204

A young couple called me for assistance. They owed rent to their landlord. The threat of eviction was very serious at the moment so they were quite desperate. Then things become a bit ridiculous. The boy told me that he lost part of their savings on poker. He wanted to win the rest of the money they needed but made things only worse. His girlfriend, who didn’t know about this brilliant plan, got really angry, smacked his face, and left. Only if she knew what was coming next… Her boyfriend agreed to earn the money the nasty way. When she saw him sucking my cock, she threw a real tantrum. She yelled something about two faggots and left the apartment. At least I had more time to enjoy all his holes. And he had time to think about a proper apology…

Pill-Popping Blond Gets His Arse Popped & Creamed By Hot Pal

Having a boyfriend who’s a courier has its benefits – not least of all the fact that he can bring you all kinds of exciting things in his delivery sack at the end of his delivery round. Which is something that young newbie, Casey Flip, discovers when Martin Rivers drops in to present the fellow with a little surprise. No, not an engagement ring – although you’d be forgiven for thinking that by the shape and size of the box that Rivers hands over! – but rather a tiny blue tablet that has the miraculous potential to boost their sex-life. Minutes later, and both boys are sporting the kind of hard-on in their shorts that would get even a eunuch worked up into a sexual frenzy; and it’s little wonder that the lads are quickly smooching away like a couple of whores in anticipation of some hardcore action to come. Of course, it comes as no surprise that those monstrously over-swollen dicks are soon on full display; with the lads top-and-tailing on the sofa to enjoy a sultry session of 69-ing. But experience tells us that it won’t be long before the urge to have his guts filled to the brim with man-meat will soon prove way too much for a guy like Rivers; and it really comes as no great surprise when he finally presents his arse to Flip, so that his buddy can first energetically rim the hairless beauty and then finally pound it with his dick for all he’s worth! Suffice it to say that nothing is left to the imagination as Rivers is pummelled in a series of positions; before Flip quite literally fills his pucker with fresh teen cream. A beautifully sordid display, topped off by Rivers jetting goo all over his own belly!

Meat Rack 4

Treasure Island Media

Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2

Falcon Studios

12 years ago…Falcon Studios released Heaven To Hell, one of the most talked-about and successful gay porn movies of all time. An epic story of good versus evil and of paradise lost and pleasure found finally continues in Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2… The Devil (Dean Monroe) rules with a harsh hand and his soulless Dark Angels do his evil bidding, reigning terror over all who cross their paths. The Devils slave, Rogue (Skyy Knox) refuses to accept this fate and escapes to the world above, making him Earthbound. On earth, Lord (Andrew Stark) is on a mission to find out who’s ripping him off, but Snitch (Trelino) gets in his way and he must pay with a powerful pounding. Frustrated by one of his Rouge going astray, the Devil demands his other minions to service him. Dark Angels Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin and Gabriel Alanzo do as they are told in an epic, hedonistic group sex marathon. Lord is angered and equally in need of relief when he orders his sidekick, Alleycat (Armond Rizzo), to ease the sexual tensions built up in his massive dick with a tender yet intense session. While on a fact-finding mission, Henchman (JJ Knight) comes across the mysterious Biker (Blake Riley) and their anonymous session leads to them cumming Hard across each other’s faces and bodies. As Dark Angel (Andre Donovan) closes in on capturing Rogue in a nightclub, he can’t resist the sexual energy and astonishing good looks of Barfly (Johnny V). The powerful lust of the moment distracts this Dark Angel from his mission, meanwhile, Rogue finds angelic gogo dancer, Lucky (Brent Corrigan) and finds true love in him, consummated in a passionate and romantic love-making rendezvous, the breathtaking encounter breaks the ties that bind Rogue to an eternal hell. Human kindness is put to the test as lust and desire fuel the suspense in this highly stylized, erotic, XXX thriller where sex is king but love conquers all!

Raunchy Bastards #070

Wigger Breeding

My favorite thing about wiggers is how they are always hustling for money, but never have any. This sure does make it easy to get them to be your friend for an hour , though. And these guys will be as nasty as you want them to be – they just think about that cash. The funniest thing is that their minds are set almost completely on improving their (temporary) social standing via sharing photos on social media. The second they have some dough in their hands, they are snap chatting wads of twenties and bottles of Crown. Or if they hit the jackpot, it’s new sneakers and maybe a nice speaker. And the result? The next day they are broke, ready to give up their sweet tight asses all over again.

For better or worse, Patrick is just like the rest of the pack. The difference is that he actually has a bit of a sweet side. I can’t vouch for after he leaves my place, but at least some relative taught him some manners at some point in his life. This particular afternoon I wanted to bust a nut up some fine ass, and Patrick was more than happy to head over to my place, via a ride share that I had paid for. I love shoving my face in that bubble butt, and digging my tongue deep into his hole. What a nice cunt this guy has! When it comes to teen asses, Patrick definitely has one of the best. After I tossed his salad real good, he blew me and we got into a 69. His blowjob skills aren’t half bad, and truthfully, one of these days I might just have him come over and swallow my load. But this particular day I was eager to get into his hole.

Patrick has definitely got a tight one. I don’t think he’s bright enough to go around soliciting more friends, so he basically has me to fuck him. That’s more than fine as far as I’m concerned! He rides me at first to loosen up, and then I pound him down until I’ve deposited a load of warm creamy sperm deep up his love canal. With that all finished, Patrick got up and left. He was probably eager to hop on Instagram or something.

Dirty Scout 94

This time I welcomed a man of faith at my office. A huge cross hanging down from his neck. Well, maybe the boy just thought he was looking cool. I don’t know. It definitely didn’t stop me from making various dirty propositions. He wanted a well-paid job at a warehouse I had for him but couldn’t afford the fee. Luckily, he was completely broke. More opportunities to have fun. He wasn’t cheap but he was money well spent. If you like lean but muscular boys with huge dicks and tight asses, you will love this one. Getting a boner was no problem for him, he sucked and licked me like a pro, and then he offered his ass to my horny boner. The boy screamed a lot. First in pain, then with pleasure. The little pervert just needed a little stretch. In the end he had a lot of fun, too.

Legal Divide Wins Street-Boy A Big Dick & A Face-Load Of Spunk

Just because you’re a lawyer and you wear a shirt and tie all day doesn’t mean that you can’t be attracted to guys of a lower standing order. Cocky young lads with tattoos, like Mark Fontana for example. Nor does it necessarily follow that chaps who have the cerebral ability to aspire to study the rule of law aren’t duly blessed in other – more physical – areas! Monster-hung buds like Milan Sharp being a perfect example. So it is that this arguably mismatched duo pitch up together to celebrate their differences; with Fontana immediately heading for the contents of Sharp’s rather kinky-looking leather pants, which he admirably tries to deep-throat to mixed effect.Every effort for trying, however; and suffice it to report that his reward is Sharp’s keen attention on his sweet, hairless butt, which the legal expert meticulously rims in anticipation of some eye-watering action to come. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Sharp’s intellectual prowess is going to secure his position as lead role throughout, however. They might look like chalk and cheese – Sharp in his shirt, Fontana in his baseball cap – but the fact remains that when it comes to cock they’re more than equals. So much so, in fact, that Fontana is soon returning Sharp’s interest hip-thrust for hip-thrust; banging away at the donkey-hung maestro and bringing him towards the sticky point of no return. Which neatly brings us to arguably the talking point of the escapade – namely Sharp’s almost obscene (and furious) rupture, which leaves Fontana shell-shocked and dripping in equal measure! In a word, fan-tas-tique!