Boys Halfway House Incident #149

Bareback Slut Training

Many guys start out their adult life with the best of intentions, and then they end up in the back seat of a squad car with their brain so fried that they barely know what’s going on. Such is the case with this new piece of work we had enroll a few weeks ago. I had read some of the reports, but by meeting him sober you wouldn’t know what an out-of-control nightmare he can be. I immediately pegged him for someone who would fuck up a bit at first, then calm down and get with the program, and I was correct. But, damned if I wasn’t just waiting for him to mess up. Those pretty eyes were just begging to be looking up while he had a mouthful of dick. When he missed his first job opportunity, I went in for the kill.

Now, it’s not as difficult as people think to turn a straight dude into a slut. A lot of people think that only women can be sluts, but that’s just because they are sexist pieces of shit. People like that probably watch too much porn. Anyone, not just girls from the trailer park, can be made into the best sluts ever. All you really need is a weak-willed person with a low self-esteem. Then all you gotta do is treat them like a slut, and they become one. This resident is a perfect example. Once he got the not-so-subtle message that his role in the relationship was to put out, he played the part perfectly.

There’s almost a checklist of acts that a true slut must be capable of, and I went right down the list with this loser: Blowjob, check. Deepthroat, check. Gagging on cock, check. Getting fucked until his hole looked like a pomegranate, check. Sticking his tongue out to receive a was of spit, check. Going down ass to mouth with gusto, check. Taking a load of cum up his ass, check. Taking said aforementioned was of jizz and eating it fresh out of his blown out hole, check.

He was such a good bareback ho that I bet he’s gonna seek it out in the future, if for nothing more than to prove what a likable guy he is, and that he’s cool to hang around with. Meanwhile, we’re gonna make sure that he can hold down a job and stay clean. His ass might be sore most of the time, but at least he’ll have a place to sleep and 3 square meals per day.

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