Boys Halfway House Incident #148

Teenage Tornado Bait Creampie

This little prick hadn’t been in the House very long when he was already rubbing everyone the wrong way. Lazy, dirty, and dim-witted, no one even felt sorry for him. He didn’t come from the best of backgrounds. Where I grew up in the Midwest, kids liked him lived in those trailer parks on the edge of town – with the run down cars and homes falling apart. When a tornado hit anywhere around, inevitably it tore right through a trailer park such as that – thus, we always refer to these poor guys as tornado bait. This one lives up to his nickname, too. However, the only whirlwind he is gonna get at the House comes with a load of cum at the end.

After staying out the entire night, I had to chastise him. I was actually looking forward to it since I like those 18 year old straight boy booties. His blowjob was just so-so, but damn did he have an ass you could fuck for hours! I fingered him a lot to loosen him up, and it worked. Once I had my cock inside him, it was a great pounding. I slapped him around a bit with my dick inside him, just to let him know what a piece of shit he was. And before I was through fucking him I pulled out and stuck my pole right down his throat. Bitches like him are a dime a dozen, and he knows it, and I know it, and he knows I know it. I fucked him until I came inside him.

He’s teetering on the edge of getting kicked out of the House. I sure hope he can stay at least a while longer – enough for me to seed him a few more times.

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