Raunchy Bastards #078

I’m Not Gay But I Want Some New Shoes

Danny Luca and Patrick Gentry. I love them both, but I’ll be damned they can’t save their money. Burns a hole right through their pockets. That must be why they are always calling me asking them if I have any work for them. Of course, since they are favorite, I do my best. I was actually excited to see Danny plow Patrick’s little tight hole. I was hanging out with Ryan that weekend, and he volunteered to help film. It was quite the party.

As we were getting ready, Danny started talking about his sneakers. Apparently he had owned a pair of thousand dollar sneakers that were ruined somehow, and he was looking forward to replacing them. I was flabbergasted! These supposed straight guys, with girlfriends at home thinking they are out with their buddies, are fucking bareback so they can buy some new shoes. Where in the hell are the priorities of this generation? Oh well, to each his own. I really don’t care what they do with their money as long as they can do the job – which in this case is fucking like rabbits.

The fucking was intense, and you can tell that Patrick was simply overwhelmed at Danny’s cock. Danny loves to fuck chicks, and he sure does seem to like fucking Patrick, too.

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