Debt Dandy 211

This boy was very lucky. He found a girl he loved, she was hard working and her mother let them stay at a flat she owned. Starting a family is not easy but his rich and hard working girlfriend made it easier. Still, our boy managed to screw things up. They both put their money together to furnish the new home. The boy had some debts she didn’t know about and they were coming due. So he simply used part of their money. He dodged one problem only to get into more serious one. He was even afraid about ending homeless. That’s how much he was scared of his girlfriend’s reaction. I could hardly ask for more. Scared boys are so easy to manipulate. The decision wasn’t easy for him, I could tell that from the moment I made him my usual proposition.

Czech Hunter 320

I looked around a skate park today. The boys I saw there were just superb. But I had to be very careful to approach them. One boy was so bad at skating that I had to laugh out loud. He came there with a girl. I thought she was his girlfriend but she turned out to be his sister. Kinda boring. Still, she helped me a lot to talk him into some crazy stuff. For money of course. At first he showed me a few tricks. I wasn’t sure if I should push things further while his sister was still around. To my surprise, she enjoyed convincing her little brother to show me more and more of his body. I guess they liked to tease each other. Her brother was no better. When he agreed to do more intimate stuff, he insisted on doing it in his sister’s room. I hope she didn’t smell my cum in there.

Czech Hunter 319

This was probably the greediest guy I have ever encountered. I met him right in front of his school, where he was waiting for his female friend. He was a student of design. He wanted to be a famous designer with a huge salary. He had it all planned. Ambitious and good looking, a very dangerous combination. And expensive! Just to make him to show me his abs put a huge hole into my budget. Fortunately, I brought more money than usual. The boy saw right through me, he knew what I was after. He played hard to get but he just wanted my money. And one step at the time, he got all I had. I didn’t care, I just wanted to have fun with this gorgeous boy. This time I wasn’t going to rush things up. We took time to get to know each other. I played with his beautiful cock and then I gently fucked his tight asshole.

Boys Halfway House Incident #150

Tarnished Soul, Wrecked Hole

From the minute I met this resident, I knew he was going to be complicated. By all outward appearances, he is a stand up guy. But he has issues deep down, and I’m sure the substances were somehow a way of him trying to relieve it all. Unfortunately, that route doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Although he’s from the Bible Belt, and he can recite verses off of the top of his head, he’s really just a redneck who’d rather be out muddin’ than sitting in a pew. He’s also an athlete, which is a bonus for us House Managers when it comes time for some personal attention.

I was the lucky one who got to break in our tall, blond friend. Unlike a lot of the others, I really think he didn’t know what was about to hit him when I walked through the door and asked him about his multiple curfew infringements. He got the gist quite quickly, however, and he was down on my cock just like the rest of these losers.

He had obviously not sucked a dick before, because he didn’t know what he was doing, but to give him credit, he really did try. I made sure that he sucked my cock long enough that the taste of it would be branded into his memory forever. And then, I moved onto his hole. In terms of the guys here, a lot of them have fooled around with another guy before, at least in some small way. I mean, with all the drinking and (more likely) candy popping going on in this day and age, combined with the degeneracy and overall moral decline of the youngsters, it’s bound to happen with a lot of them. This resident, though, I had a feeling he’d never gotten there. So I was pretty lucky to be treading new ground. His ass was virgin, at least when I walked into that room. When I walked out, though, he had a pretty busted up cunt.

I lubed up and shoved it in. Since he’s done a lot of sport, I knew he was used to some pain, so I didn’t try to go too slowly at first. I just gently got through the two rings and then went to town. Both doggie and missionary, he didn’t put up too much of a fuss, but when I started ramming him from behind, he starting gritting his teeth and expressing his displeasure. I kept going anyway of course, just glad that I had him pinned down enough to keep him from running.

When I got close, I stood in front of him as he knelt to the ground. I told him to open his mouth, and he didn’t. I had to grab his hair and tell him a few times, and even then I had to tell him to open wider. A cum-guzzler by nature he wasn’t! I got it done, though. A good amount got into his straight boy mouth, and a lot more went all over his face, even all most in his eye. With him kneeling there looking totally despondent, I almost felt sorry for him. But, I wiped the extra cum into his mouth, gave him a good slap on the face, and didn’t feel so bad anymore.

Debt Dandy 209

This meeting started quite ordinary. The boy was living at his sister for some time and definitely outstayed his welcome. Not paying her any rent was probably the main reason. She wanted 10 000 and him out by Friday. He found a new flat but needed money to pay the deposit and rent for the first month. He was broke so he asked me for help. He wasn’t happy about my special deal but 30 000 was too good to let the offer go. In the same moment he agreed, his girlfriend showed up behind the doors! I almost had a heart attack. Thank god he told her about our meeting so she let us finish the deal. We just had to be really quiet because she was next door watching cartoons. Only if she had known what her boyfriend was doing…Afterwards, I just creeped out unnoticed.

Czech Hunter 318

I wanted to experiment a little today. I went to a large park full of people and looked for boys. This time I avoided groups and searched for lone guys. I met a student of veterinary medicine named Lukas. I talked him into showing me his cute body. But I had much bigger task for him. I wanted a threesome and Lukas was supposed to find and convince another guy to participate. It wasn’t easy but finally we ran into a former lifter who had a very nice body and was willing to consider our offer. I was very horny and not willing to wander around looking for the “perfect” spot. I took them both behind the bushes right next to a path full of people. The boys were very inexperienced and shy, which made the action very sexy. Then I drilled both their holes.

Boys Halfway House Incident #145

One Hole Bred, Two Holes Red

One of the big reasons these guys get into trouble in the first place is that they have nothing to do. In particular, they don’t work. They have no jobs, and they don’t have much of an inclination to find one. Blame it on pop culture, which shows celebs constantly relaxing and partying, or blame it on their parents for being lazy asses themselves. Whoever you blame, though, these guys need to shape up. They are adults, and the sooner they begin acting like it the better off the rest of us will be.

These two are the worst of the crowd here at the House in terms of slothfulness, so I waltzed in a showed them what will be happening to them if they don’t make themselves scarce during the day (with something productive). Now, I always love getting head from two young guys at once. If you’ve never tried it, you should. When one of them’s jaw gets tired or they start choking, the other can just instantly take over. It’s amazing, it really is. So of course I had these dingbats down on my cock for quite a while. Their holes, though, were waiting on me.

I couldn’t decide which one to fuck first! They both have amazing butts and holes. I picked the younger one first, and he was definitely the tighter of the two. Then I moved over to the other one. His cunt definitely felt better, so I decided then and there that I would breed him instead of his friend. But I did go back and forth a few times. Both of them got a good slamming, and each of them got some ass-to-mouth action, too. Going down on a cock that just came out of your own ass is pretty fucking nasty, but going down on a cock that’s been inside your buddy – that takes the cake. I love fucking with these guys like that.

I had the more athletic of the two ride my dick to end off the therapy session. This kid can ride dick like a shanghai hooker! It didn’t take long for me to blow a massive load completely inside his hole. When he pulled up and it started streaming down my dick out of his ass, I had the other guy lick it clean. It might not pay the bills, but being total whores: now that’s a job I know they can do!

Debt Dandy 208

This boy had a little affair at work and his girlfriend found out about it. She left him to think and decide what he really wanted. He got three days to decide while she was staying at her parents. On the first night, our guy was very angry and confused so he went drinking with friends. They got pretty wasted and decided to race with their cars. Our boy was driving his girlfriend’s car and crashed it. Nothing serious but he needed money for the repair quickly. He was certain that his girlfriend would break up with him for good if she knew what kind of idiot he was. He still loved her very much, that was obvious. Was his love strong enough to accept my dirty proposition? As you can tell, he was willing to do anything I asked him to do. That’s how strong love can be.

Czech Hunter 317

I was hunting for summer boys today. I went to a local outside pool, sat down, and started drinking. I immediately noticed three cute guys drinking and chatting nearby. I sat to their table, almost expecting to get punched for bothering them. I was surprised how nice and talkative they were. Especially the cutie who was in financial trouble. That caught my attention right away. His friends weren’t that happy about me trying to bribe him into some crazy stuff so one by one they left. I was with him alone, all I had to do was to take him somewhere less crowded. I brought a lot of money with me today. I knew I could get anything I wanted from him. His empty wallet was a pressing issue for him. We went into a nearby forest where a big surprise waited for us both.

Debt Dandy 207

This boy was very nice, good looking, and smart. Unfortunately, he did some pretty stupid financial decisions that got him into trouble. He wanted to travel and enjoy the summer with his girlfriend and friends. He didn’t have enough money to afford it so he borrowed. Then he lost his job. He found a new one but the first salary was more than a month away. That’s why he decided to call for my help. Of course I could help but my terms are harsh. And for cuties like this I have a special deal. The boy was truly shocked by my dirty proposition. He was very heterosexual but he chose the “lesser evil” eventually. I’m not sure that I like my cock being called lesser evil but I got exactly what I came for. The boy got rid off his debts and I got my first cumshot of the day.

Boys Halfway House Incident #146

His First Bareback Lesson

Sometimes it’s the guys you would least expect who show up at the House in need of some help. These are young men who otherwise seem to have a perfect life except for one little problem that over time turned into a big problem. This particular resident had a lot going for him and threw it all away as he was seduced slowly into a cycle of addiction. The guys who are wound tight are always the ones who cause a lot of damage when they lose it.

We all thought that this one wouldn’t be causing many problems when he first arrived. Polite, well mannered, and deferential, he certainly had all the tools to focus on getting better and get on with his life. Just like all the rest, though, he let the devil on his shoulder tell him what to do. When it quickly became apparent that he was just another rotten egg like the others, we felt free to take our special course of action. If you are going to act like an idiot, you are going to be treated like one.

The best thing about pretty boy here is that he hadn’t had any experience sucking cock or giving up his hole. It was like plowing virgin ground. Even so, he did what he was told. When I had my cock stuffed in between those sexy lips with his eyes gazing up at me, I thought that maybe this was the life for him, after all. He actually sucks dick a lot better than I would have guessed. No teeth, and just the right amount of pressure. He didn’t enjoy being slapped around, but he didn’t cause a fuss, either. I could have cum in his mouth right then and there when he was submissively on his knees looking up as if he were seeking some kind of approval for the job he was doing.

My real intent, however, was to get my dick wet in his straight boy virgin butt. It was a beauty, too. He had some natural fur down there around his bung, underneath which lie a very pretty and inviting fuck hole. With just enough lube, I finally got my cock inside of him, and he winced but didn’t make much noise. Slowly I picked up the pace, and he didn’t show much emotion at all. Rather, he just relaxed and went with it. By the time I’d fucked him in a few positions and stuck my ass-juice soaked cock in his mouth, he was ready for a full-on pound down, which is exactly what he got. His ass looks good with a creamy filling, too.