Tim Jack – Rob

Tim Jack – Rob

Age: 27 Height: 6’ Weight: 16 Dick Size: 9” Cut

Raunchy Bastards #114

Seeking Older Gentlemen

The ad said, “Seeking Older Gentlemen,” so I thought to myself: “What the hell?” Although I was accustomed to these types being the laziest, minute-counting, jonesing fraudsters (and potential thieves, to boot), I decided to take my chances. After all, his pics looked good and it’s hard to find them that good looking on a Saturday afternoon. Usually the good ones are still hungover and don’t bother updating their profiles until Sunday night, or even the next Tuesday, depending on how many freebies they’ve had at the bars (or how many bars, ha!).

It was a great relief, then, when Brad showed up. He was smiling, friendly, and courteous. He didn’t seem the least impaired, and better yet, he was interesting in getting right down to business. Not in the wham-bam sort of way, but in the just right transactional sort of way. He asked what I liked, and I told him I was an ass guy. He took the cue and from then on it was a lot of fun.

Not only was he a great fuck in the physical sensation sense of the phrase, he also moaned and groaned like a pornstar, and he even seemed to genuinely like it. A guy has to be a very good actor for his eyes to roll back into his head when he is getting plowed. He didn’t care that I wanted to seed him, either, and in fact, he encouraged it. After several great positions, I was pounding his tight butthole from behind, and he started saying, “Cum deep in my ass. Are you gonna fill me up with your load?” Now THAT’S a great sport. I will definitely be seeing my new friend Brad again.

Debt Dandy 215

Another lovely boy who really needed my help. He squandered all the money he had on drinks and slots machines. Too bad his girlfriend expected something entirely different to happen. She was coming home from a business trip soon and our naughty boy was getting desperate. He was sure his relationship would end very quickly once she found out. I was getting a boner from the start of our little conversation. I had to convince the boy! And he was so difficult! He was scared and didn’t like gays at all. I had to be careful and gentle. When the action finally started I was blown away by his skills! I rarely get sucked so nicely. The boy was scared of pain so I applied a lot of lubricant before penetrating his virgin ass. He loved it! Maybe he would do better without his girlfriend.

Czech Hunter 324

Having more sex partners at the same time can be great fun. Most men on the planet would certainly agree. On the other hand, if you’re a straight man, women have an exceptional talent to take your money away. This poor guy learned it too well. He had a wife (yes!) and sort of a “girlfriend”. He refused to use the term but they were basically friends with benefits. I met him at a train station where he was picking up his “girlfriend”. I soon learned that both his girls were kind of bitches taking money from him. The boy was really nice, I just had to get rid off the slut that came with him. She was obviously into me but I had no interest in a threesome. I only wanted her cute fuck buddy. He needed money badly, it wasn’t very hard to convince him to experiment a little.

Raunchy Bastards #094

Straight Italian Comes Back For More

I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I understand Mike completely. Ever since he came over and sucked my dick, he’s been calling me asking if I have any other videos he can be in. So, on the one hand, he is eager. And his cock is always rock-fucking-hard, so there’s that. But at the same time, whenever he is getting his cock sucked or fucking a dude or whatever, he always seems a little nervous or distraught. I guess I’ve chalked it up to the fact that he has some identity issues. If he didn’t enjoy it, he would be able to ram a dude and cum in his ass, right? Anyways, I suppose one could speculate all day in relation to these closet cases. In the meantime I just enjoy the blessings that the Almighty has thrown my way.

Mike is back with Toby, and they sure do have fun slobbering each other’s knobs and fucking raw! As unsure as he looks while his dick is massaging Toby’s prostate, Mike loves getting his dick inside some man-hole. You can tell. He fucks Toby in several different positions, and the action is so hot that as Mike is pounding Toby’s sexy ass, I whipped my dick out, too, so we could spit roast Toby together. I definitely like sharing my boys, and you know what they say: “Share and share alike!” So after all that intense man-sex, our Italian stallion creampies Toby, and since I’m throbbing myself, I nut all over Toby, too. Mike is turning out to be a pretty good top. I knew he was gay!

Raunchy Bastards #136

Nineteen And Homeless

When you’re cruising around looking for a cute homeless guy, you have to move fast. The good looking ones don’t stay homeless for that long – usually they are in a temporary situation until some dumb chick lets him stay at her place, or maybe even an older gentleman with a spare bed and some cash. Bascially, the trick is to move in fast, ascertain the situation by asking if the guy is looking for a job. From there on, it’s easy peasy if the guy says, “Yes.” A lot of times a guy without a home has recently been evicted or kicked out. Sometimes he has just gotten out of jail. Hell, it can also be that they simply don’t have enough money for a bus ticket to where they need to be. At any rate, it’s usually the result of poor foresight, among other multiple issues.

This guy was extremely interested in forty bucks, but at the same time reluctant to do anything that would seem “gay.” I told him that I filmed porn, and that I’d get him the money he needed if he would jerk off. After some hesitation he agreed, and it was back to my place lickety split! I could tell that he hadn’t been in his situation long because he hadn’t pawned his phone yet. Lucky for him I had wifi! He used his phone to work it up, and although he kept telling me to not touch him and to keep my distance, I could tell that he liked the attention. Once he was hard he ditched the phone and just got off on the situation he was in. He got rock hard pretty damn fast, and he blew a nice load. Definitely will be keeping tabs on this one.

Boys Halfway House Incident #140

Troublemaker Tag Team

Recidivism is rampant with a certain sub-segment of the residents. This one has been around the block (usually crawling home) a few times, and he really should know better. But, alas, some people never learn their lesson. We decided to give him another one, although we fear that the lesson was just pleasure for us, and not a lot of constructive admonishment for him.

He got a mouthful of each of our dicks. He’s a good cock-sucker, so we enjoyed that a lot! But it’s truly his butt that is his best feature, so we made sure to pay extra special attention. As he gets pounded, his bubble butt just bounces around, it’s quite the sight to see. His ass feels good, too. He didn’t seem to enjoy any of it, but we sure did – especially the spit-roasting. This bitch had it coming, and he got it good. A cock hammering away at both ends, and a great finish. Hopefully after this experience he will re-think his ability to commit to his own well being in the future.

Debt Dandy 214

An ambitious young web-designer decided to work on his own. He took a few contracts but needed a proper equipment. He expected nice big cheques soon so he took a consumer loan and bought a powerful computer. But life is full of surprises. The contract was cancelled leaving our boy 30 000 in debt. The loan was coming due fast. He was scared of past-due charges that’s why he invited me on such a short notice. I checked him out, especially his nice tight ass, and decided to help. His girlfriend was out shopping, unaware of the problems. Our IT guy was truly appalled by my indecent proposition. I’m sure he tried to figure out another way to get the money he needed. I smiled a little when he realized there was no other option than taking care of my kinky urges.

Czech Hunter 323

While checking out the Prague main railway station, I came across a young boy in a hurry. He was really quick, I had a hard time to keep up with him. He was pissed off and didn’t want to talk at all. He was late for work. His attitude changed completely when I offered him money just for a talk. Suddenly he had all day to talk to me. And he wanted more. My cash convinced him to tell me a few secrets and do some crazy stuff right in the public. But our boy was hard to satisfy because his financial situation was quite dire. He needed a nice cash reserve to get back on his feet. Of course, I offered him my help. I wanted much more than talking. He had to put his mouth in good use in a completely different way. And that was just a beginning of a beautiful afternoon.

Raunchy Bastards #098

Teen Rentboy Project

Tristan Sweet and Jared Marzdon are both sexy, horny young guys. What differentiates them is that they have a wild fuse, that if correctly lit, will make them explode with sexual energy. I knew this about Tristan beforehand, but Jared was the big surprise here. Both of the guys live near me, and both were for sale. Jared, however, was the unknown quantity. I knew he identified as straight, and this was before he started whoring himself out to websites. I figured that having Tristan along for the ride might help – he’d probably reluctantly give some head and grudgingly take dick up the ass. Tristan is definitely good at helping me groom some of the newbies because of his positive carefree attitude. However, almost the exact opposite occurred: Jared’s enthusiasm for dick got Tristan all the more worked up!

I’m not going to write a play by play of the entire hour of sweaty raw sex, but suffice to say, it was the hottest time I’ve ever had with two call boys. Whether they are closet uphill gardeners, or just very adept at acting like it, is none of my concern. They fucked each other, I fucked both of them, and no one seemed to be able to get enough. Both of these guys came while I fucked them, and they even fucked each other. Jared, in particular, got into making out, and he seemed to relish each new homo act like a gamer trying out the latest version of a game. Although Tristan got fucked a lot harder (Jared’s ass when this was filmed was really tight), I decided to dump my load inside Jared. I wanted to seed that whore so bad, and once I had done so, I wiped his cum off of his stomach and snowballed him. With an ass full of cum and his own salty jizz dripping down his chin, Jared smiles at the camera, seemingly proud that he was not only able to keep up, but to outshine Tristan.

It’s always good to try to enable the competitive nature that is inherent in young men. Both of these guys outdid themselves trying to please me, and each, and themselves. It definitely worked out for this old geezer!

Debt Dandy 213

This young man made more than a few debts. He was even so stupid that he got caught stowing away. Now all his debts and fines were coming down to crush him. He needed quick help. He didn’t want to loose his nice flat. By the way, his rich grandma paid him a nice sum of money every month and he still managed to spend more than he earned. He needed 22 000 Crowns. That wasn’t a problem for me. My only problem was being too damn horny. The previous client refused my offer and kicked me out with my sack full. This boy had to do. Nice and lean innocent boy… Eventually he agreed to become my bitch of the day. He even let me fool around with his tight ass. It didn’t stay tight for long. I hope he cleaned his apartment after I left.

Czech Hunter 322

I found an amazing spot for hunting today. I simply stood on a bridge leading to a shopping mall. No one could escape my attention that way. There I met two friends on their way from work. They both had a part-time job at a nearby stadium. It was nothing special and their salary reflected that. The boys didn’t complain about their situation but were more than happy when I bought them lunch and paid for a little interview. They were both quite good looking, unfortunately the cuter one was very shy. While his friend walked around half-naked, this cutie refused to show any skin. He told me that his dream was to own an expensive car. When I heard it, I knew this is going to be easy. The boy needed a financial motivation. I had plenty of that.

Boys Halfway House Incident #157

Destroyed Hole Plastered In Cum

This guy had been doing really well when he first arrived at the House, but after losing his first job in only a few weeks, he slowly slipped into an unfortunate pattern. Sure, he went to his meetings and didn’t cause a fuss, but he wasn’t proactive about finding a new job, and thus started becoming late on his rent payments.

Since he had been in the pen, he was definitely the kind of guy who didn’t make friends easily and didn’t want to be the center of attention, but he also didn’t want to rock the boat enough to get in any kind of trouble whatsoever. He’s a slim guy, and he has a girlfriend waiting on him back home once he finishes his treatment. After the third week of being in arrears, though, it was time he learned his lesson the hard way.

He surprisingly didn’t put up much of a fuss when I pushed him down on the bed and told him to take his shirt off. He grabbed my dick and started going down no problem. He definitely needs to watch the teeth, and I could tell he hadn’t sucked much cock before, if any, but he knew what was expected of him, and he did perform quite diligently. As a matter of fact, I could have had him just blow me until I nutted in his mouth. But knowing there was a virgin hole just waiting to be cracked open, I moved on to more pressing matters. He did look a little surprised when I told him to remove his shorts. If he thought he was getting away with just a BJ, he had another thing coming.

I throat fucked him a little more before I deflowered him, then I lubed up and stuck my dick carefully in his little hole. From then on it was pretty much easy peasy. Unlike a lot of virgins, he didn’t put up much physical resistance in terms of being tense or clinching his butt, so it definitely made it easier. I also had the feeling that he was better than most at concealing how much he didn’t like it. His facial expressions alternated quite a bit – from discomfort, to a vacant look, to something resembling pleasure. This was definitely a new experience for him, and he was reeling from all the new sensations. This encouraged me to fuck him hard, and fuck him I did. After four different positions, I just grabbed his ankle and went as hard as I could until I dropped a substantial load into his hole. When I pulled out and looked at it, I almost felt bad for him. Damn, did it look completely blown out! Jizz everywhere, too. This guy definitely got what he deserved.

Raunchy Bastards #130

Creep Pops Jock’s Virgin Hole

Dominic and I had only chatted for a few days before I had him over for a photo shoot. He seemed like a pretty sexy motherfucker, and I wanted to tap that virgin hole badly. He said on the phone that he was down for some gay4pay, but only if it paid extremely well. I told him not to worry about it, I had him all set. I explained that I needed to do some photos of him, though, and maybe test out his ability to actually do something with a guy.

When he showed up, he had a fairly large hickey on his neck. He explained that his girlfriend gave it to him, and that he was so embarrassed. It made me chuckle, because I was thinking that this might have been his way, either consciously or subconsciously, of reaffirming his hetero-ness. Well, the only hetero I know is hetero-flexible, and I set out to find out just how flexible this young man was.

Turns out Dominic is extremely flexible, and I mean both physically and sexually! He sure did have some mighty strange looks on his face when I grabbed his cock and started stroking it, but he let me do it. And he even returned the favor after a little cock sucking. But I really knew I had him when he bent over and offered up his ass for me to eat out. If these straight guys let you toss their salad, they will definitely be down for some dick in the butt! That leads to the physically flexible part… Dominic had his legs up in the air by the end of the “photo shoot.” I loosened him up with a dildo and then did the old “switcheroo.” A lot of guys won’t object to a small dildo even though they swear up and down that they’d never let a guy fuck them. But when you have their legs in the air, a dildo up their butt, and a bottle of lube handy, it doesn’t take much convincing to just whip out your cock and shove it in.

Dominic’s tight virgin hole felt fucking amazing, and on top of that, he ended up busting a great load of jizz on himself while my cock was inside him pumping away. I licked off his cum and spit it back into his mouth. Although he wasn’t expecting the snowball, and he acted like he didn’t like it, at least I knew that he’d do pretty much anything as long as I pushed the right buttons.

Debt Dandy 212

I had a meeting with a teddy bear today. This boy had a huge carpet all over his body. It was a surprise indeed, but I like different things from time to time. He urgently needed 24 000 Crowns to pay for various things and one of his friends recommended my services as a solution. He probably didn’t mention what I usually want in return because the boy was a bit shocked about my terms. He was so sweet while thinking my proposition over! Innocence and doubt in his beautiful eyes made me extremely horny. He refused me at first. I only had to indicate I would leave and he changed his mind on the spot. His situation had to be desperate. I couldn’t wait to put my cock in his mouth and slide it between his hairy ass cheeks. Cumming all over him was a nice bonus.

Czech Hunter 321

Today I pretended to be a headhunter for TV commercials. And it was a good idea. I caught attention of a tough guy with a nice hipster style. I told him that I needed a rough looking man and he would be ideal. He was even willing to take some nice pictures as a part of the casting process. Some of those pictures were a bit naughty but he didn’t mind it that much. His body was simply incredible and so was his huge cock. I would pay anything to fuck a guy like that. I just wasn’t sure I brought enough money. I had to be careful and slowly get what I wanted. The boy was in bad financial situation but he was too good looking to whore himself out easily. But in the end, my patience was well rewarded. He even took me to his apartment- sex outdoors was too scary for him.

Raunchy Bastards #122

Senior Takes Load To Pay For Prom

I don’t usually fuck around with guys who are still in school, but this 18 year old had already moved out and was trying to be self-sufficient. What better candidate for some help? I liked him from the minute we started talking. He has an “aww shucks” manner and is quite polite. He even showed up with a tie on! Now that is truly special. A lot of these guys have absolutely no sense of customer service, but this one is different: he really aims to please.

Please he did! I helped him get his shirt off, and made sure to gently rub his young smooth body as he got undressed. He was nervous as hell, but he tried to hide it. He was definitely more comfortable once we started sucking each other off, but I knew he was golden once I had my tongue in his ass. I wish I could somehow get some closeups with these cams, because his beautiful pink hole was something else. It looked good, and it tasted even better. He loved every second of me rimming him, and I knew that would make for some good fucking.

Since he was new and inexperienced, I went easy on him when I first stuck my dick in, but it didn’t take him long to loosen up. And once I was fucking him he got into making out, which I thought was cute. He is so fresh that he hasn’t gotten jaded yet. That’s the best kind of slut.

I fucked him in several positions and he was rock hard the entire time. When I had him on his side and I was pounding him from behind, he busted a huge load. It didn’t take long after that until I dumped my entire nut deep inside his senior asshole. I was wondering whether he’d be sitting in class the next day with his hole still throbbing from the pounding, Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? At least he’s going to be able to take his girl to prom, and that’s all that really matters. That and the fact that I was able to have a few minutes of fun with a nice young stud like him.

Boys Halfway House Incident #153

Hapless Teen Fucked And Seeded

The attention span of the younger generation is shorter than that of a gnat. Instead of being brought up by their parents, they are weaned on electronic devices and social media. This affects the brain, and is akin to being locked up in a room full of slot machines that constantly need fed. The saddest part is that even those places in which full fledged attention is needed most – like recovery meetings, are affected. In spite of the rules and constant warnings, the younger guys reach for their phones and start scrolling without even realizing it. We hear about this a lot from the meeting leaders, and we try our best to keep it at bay. The only other solution would be to take their damn phones away, which would make this place like a prison. We want these guys to not feel incarcerated, but to knowingly and willingly participate in the improvement of their behavior.

This new guy is such a tweeker that he can’t go 10 seconds without looking at his phone. It’s a big problem, but one that we believe he is finally getting a handle on, at least after this last “corrective session.” He didn’t have much to say when we asked him about texting during the meetings, so we took him through a whirlwind punishment tour that included a lot of our dicks in a lot of his orifices.

He actually looks pretty good with two dicks stuffed in his mouth. He’s got a nice body, and a beautiful bubble butt. Too bad for him that he was so virginal – it seems like that cock didn’t feel too pleasant ramming against his innards. But after sucking a lot of dick, even ass-to-mouth, and getting slam fucked and seeded, it seems like this guy might just be learning his lesson.