Raunchy Bastards #136

Nineteen And Homeless

When you’re cruising around looking for a cute homeless guy, you have to move fast. The good looking ones don’t stay homeless for that long – usually they are in a temporary situation until some dumb chick lets him stay at her place, or maybe even an older gentleman with a spare bed and some cash. Bascially, the trick is to move in fast, ascertain the situation by asking if the guy is looking for a job. From there on, it’s easy peasy if the guy says, “Yes.” A lot of times a guy without a home has recently been evicted or kicked out. Sometimes he has just gotten out of jail. Hell, it can also be that they simply don’t have enough money for a bus ticket to where they need to be. At any rate, it’s usually the result of poor foresight, among other multiple issues.

This guy was extremely interested in forty bucks, but at the same time reluctant to do anything that would seem “gay.” I told him that I filmed porn, and that I’d get him the money he needed if he would jerk off. After some hesitation he agreed, and it was back to my place lickety split! I could tell that he hadn’t been in his situation long because he hadn’t pawned his phone yet. Lucky for him I had wifi! He used his phone to work it up, and although he kept telling me to not touch him and to keep my distance, I could tell that he liked the attention. Once he was hard he ditched the phone and just got off on the situation he was in. He got rock hard pretty damn fast, and he blew a nice load. Definitely will be keeping tabs on this one.

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