Tim Fuck – Stephen Harte & Atlas Grant

The fur flies when Atlas Grant gets his paws on Stephen Harte.

He devours that hairy hole before plowing it deep marking it with cub seed.

Czech Hunter 329

Today I walked around a local gym at the right time. A very cute dude almost bumped into me as he rushed out of the exit. He probably couldn’t wait to drink his delicious protein shake. We started chatting. This boy was probably the most cheerful guy I met in a log time. I managed to get some basic info out of him, including a bit nasty things regarding his girlfriend and their sex life. The boy was unemployed, trying to get by. When we were walking through an empty park, I decided to strike. I wanted to see his cock. He hesitated but only because it was cold, in fact he didn’t mind public nudity that much. Not even when jerking me off right in the park. I promised him extra money for a little visit of his apartment. I hope the boy would have a nice warm bed.

Raunchy Bastards #139

Worth The Price Of Admission

Carson is one pricey guy, but to tell you the truth, he is completely worth it. He and I chatted for a long time before I actually met him, and he was courteous on the phone. He was so nice, in fact, that I worried he might be a wet noodle in the sheets, but I sure was in for a pleasant surprise!

Carson gets into making out, and he also seems to love pretty much anything as long as it gave me pleasure. His skills are good, too. He sucks dick like a champ and can ride a dick like it’s an Olympic sport. Of course I had to eat his ass out before I fucked him. His hole is pretty, too. Nice, smooth, pink…. the best. I fucked him in several positions – he can take it hard, too! I pounded that little hole until I was out of breath. When we were finished with missionary, he hopped up on my cock and I fucked him until I came. It wasn’t difficult nutting in this one’s hole, that’s for sure! The funny thing is that as my dick was coming out of his hole, he swiped up a drop of cum with his finger and tasted it. I didn’t know he did that until I was reviewing the cam footage. Ha!

I have very few unkind words about Carson, except his price. Other than that, hell yea, I will definitely be seeing him again regardless. Maybe if I see him enough I’ll get a volume discount.

Debt Dandy 219

The Czech Republic is quite a difficult country. And public health care is no exception. Mother of this poor student had fallen ill and needed a treatment. Unfortunately, waiting list was very long. Her son was determined to help. He even tried to bribe a doctor. That corrupt bastard asked for 35 000 Crowns. Now my client was looking for money everywhere. Without any success. When he was starting to despair, he found my advertisement and called me. I was moved by his story and I wanted to help but I am a business man. I don’t give up my money for free. The boy wasn’t happy but agreed to do what I asked for. And he was absolutely amazing at it! Honestly, I was surprised he had a girlfriend because he deep-throated my cock like if it was his hobby.

Debt Dandy 218

I put some nice new advertisement on the internet and it’s really working. This boy had seen the ad and decided to solve his lack of cash by getting a loan from me. His departed grandfather left him an apartment that was undergoing renovation. Our poor boy couldn’t afford to finish it. Being without manual skills he had to hire workers, which is never cheap. I was asked to lend him 35 000. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but the boy was unemployed and living off benefits. So, not exactly a trustworthy client. I wasn’t going to lend him a single Crown. He was cute enough to work it off. His slim body and innocent face were too tempting. I knew that 35 000 was too much even for him but what the hell! I have birthday next week, so I considered his hairy ass a little gift…

Czech Hunter 328

It took a while to find the right guy today. Choosing a Friday evening wasn’t a good idea at all, every place was so crowded and everyone so busy. I was almost going to give up and move somewhere else when I met a group of friends. A girl and her two friends were definitely worth a try. The younger boy had just turned 19 and the plan was to go drinking and celebrating. They were nice enough to let me go with them. I wanted to return the favor so I offered them cash for some nice nudity right next to a bus station. And those crazy bastards agreed. I loved their big cocks, I’m sure the girl appreciated them as well. Then the situation got a bit complicated because I wanted a threesome but had to get rid off the girl. I wanted a proper birthday party.

Raunchy Bastards #138

Gutterpup Turned Out And Creamed

Bo Connor and Ian Odell are two great guys that I had the pleasure to meet recently. One is straight but kinky as fuck, and the other is “straight-ish.” Well, it could just be that they are so young and still trying to figure things out, who knows? What I did want to do was to turn them both out as gay sex-crazed nymphos. It didn’t take too much convincing, either. At any rate, the results are hot!

Bo and Ian begin making out, and you can tell there is some sexual tension in the air. By the time they are sucking dick, it’s almost like they are trying to out-do one another. Since they both have rock hard cocks and love the money, I also had them each fuck the other. Ian I had pegged for a total bottom boy at first, but this guy knows how to fuck! I was pretty pleased about that, although Bo wasn’t as happy with having his hole blown out like that, haha! By the time Ian is done with him, his ass looks like a summer carnation. But luckily for Bo, he gets to have his revenge, and he fucks good, too. Bo fucks the cum right out of Ian and then keeps fucking him until he gets his nut, too. Not too bad for two supposedly straight guys.

Boys Halfway House Incident #162

A Good Start Makes A Good Ending

We’ve always had the philosophy that a good start makes a good ending. This applies to recovery as well as other simpler things in life. When this dumb ass newbie showed up at the House, we decided that he’d better have a very good beginning to his stay. During intake, I took it upon myself to ensure that he knew not only all the rules, but our more nuanced culture. Some might call this predatory, but this isn’t Hollywood or D.C., this is the real world, and little fucks like this guy need to be put in their place the first time you meet them, otherwise they will always keep trying to push your buttons. Needless to say, this guy’s button got pushed first.

Not surprisingly, he did exactly what he was told to do, starting with going down on my hard cock without hardly flinching. I could tell he’d probably done it once or twice before, probably in exchange for something illicit. However, he wasn’t the best at it, so I’m guessing he usually didn’t need to resort to cock sucking every time he was jonesing. I made sure to fuck his face pretty good, though, and his cock sucking tears were definitely welling up in his eyes. When I walked back a few steps, I think that he thought it was over, but it was far from over. Once he was on the bed, legs up, fingering that tight virgin asshole, it began to dawn on him what actually laid in store.

Now, some guys are easier to crack open than others, but I would say this guy was about in the middle. He was definitely tight, and I could tell it was very uncomfortable by the screams and groans. That said, after not too long I was fucking him pretty damn deep. I got him in a number of positions, too. Riding wasn’t the easiest for him, but he has strong legs and he made a good go of it. Once I had him on his side, it was pretty much smooth sailing. The feeling of his raw jock hole when my dick was sliding in and out of it was fantastic. He is a hot guy, and fucking him was very pleasurable. I definitely dumped a big load on his hole, and even though he though I was finished, I shoved my dick back in him as deep as I could. Now that’s a good ending.

Czech Hunter 327

I was looking around a railway station once again and bumped into Jakub. He came to Prague to visit his girlfriend. He was unsuccessfully waiting for a taxi when I met him so I decided to help. I called him one and rode with him in hope for a good shag. He was definitely poor, he couldn’t afford the whole fare, which made me really hopeful. But in the end he just showed me his cute shaved cock and left to bang his girlfriend. All I had was the taxi driver. He was young and quite hot so I decided to try him. And it worked! He was just a student making extra money by driving a taxi. We went to his small and ugly flat where he insisted on taking a shower before we started. I couldn’t wait that long! So I barged in the bathroom and fucked the poor boy right in the bathtub.

Raunchy Bastards #127

Wannabe Thug Is Just A Cheap Whore

I met Dalton through on of those online ads. The ad stated he wanted to do porn, and the pics looked pretty good, so I initiated communication. Only when I picked him up at a bus stop (which was at a truck stop) off of the rural interstate did I realize that I hadn’t been communicating to Dalton at all, but to a “friend” of his. I wasn’t too upset, since Dalton was a baby-faced 18 year old pretty much down for whatever. He told me he was excited to get into the biz. When I pressed him further on who his friend was, he finally told me the whole story. At first I had thought that it was a middle aged gay guy, because I’ve had that happen more than once. However, his friend was an only slightly older straight dude who was setting him up in return for a cut. So, sort of like a pimp, only a friend-pimp. The ghetto these days is brutal!

I knew just the person to call to help me break in this teen hole: Danny. Danny came over after he got off of work, and we didn’t waste much time getting Dalton onto the bed and out of his clothes. He admitted that he had been butt-fucked before by a tranny, whom he referred to as his girlfriend. Some interesting stories this guy had! He wasn’t as loose as you might think, though, and the next day he confessed that his one and only attempt to take tranny dick wasn’t a complete success. Danny and I, however, were successful.

While Dalton was slobbering on Danny’s knob, I loosened up his beautiful smooth hole with a rim job, and before long Dalton was taking some bare cock into his freshly legal hole. It did take a while to get him accustomed to a cock in his ass, but we kept his mind off of it by facefucking him at the same time. Little tough guy getting spitroasted and bred was a pretty hot time! Although Dalton seemed pretty excited at the beginning, by the time his hole was blown out by two big dicks he wasn’t quite as happy, but he was still a trooper. Both Danny and I dumped out loads on and around his hole, and I licked up Danny’s cum from Dalton’s teen fuck hole. I love felching these newbie teens.

I tossed him some moolah after we were done with him, and he seemed pleased as punch again. As a matter of fact he spent the next 15 minutes snap chatting a wad of twenties and a small bottle of Crown that had been on the counter. All’s well that ends well! It’s just too bad that his ghetto bud was going to get half of his fistful.

Debt Dandy 217

Marriage is a very serious step that one should think through very carefully. This young boy wanted to marry the girl he was with for a year and a half. I wasn’t sure if she didn’t push him into it but that wasn’t my business. So our boy had to organize a wedding. And more importantly, pay for it. Wedding is not exactly a cheap matter. He learned that very quickly as he had to gather 25 000 just to pay the advance. He was almost broke and his girlfriend was breathing down his neck. Maybe she was pregnant, who knows. Anyways, our little boy was desperate. He sat there on his bed and told me everything. He looked like he would burst into tears at any moment. Simply adorable. I couldn’t wait to stuff my cock inside him.

Boys Halfway House Incident #156

Pretty Boy Railed Senseless

We got a new resident this week. He is a pretty boy for sure: blond hair, bright blue eyes, an innocent demeanor, and an appropriately deferential attitude. I’d read his enrollment report and figured out just what kind of guy he was before I even met him. Lots of talent and expectation early on, falls in with some friends who lead him astray, thinks he will never get caught. Then his grades start falling and he barely manages to graduate. He’s disappointed his parents and fucked up just enough that they are worried. So they send him to our humble House. Even though he reeks of entitlement he’ll probably get a long just fine.

When I first met him, he looked scared shitless. Pretty boy was definitely out of his element. He was also eminently fuckable. I decided to go for the grand slam during his intake. And let me tell you, it didn’t take long before I ad my cock shoved in between his pretty lips. Nothing better than a Saturday afternoon with an 18 year old’s big blue eyes staring up at you while he’s licking your shaft. He actually took on the bitch role like a natural. The more I smacked him around, the more I wanted to smack him around. Damn, his cheeks sure got rosier after a few good whacks. Meanwhile, his cock sucking skills left a little to be desired, but he sure could open his mouth wide. I spent some time throat fucking this puppy before moving on to the good stuff.

When he bent over, exposing his cunt, the frightened look in his face definitely egged me on. I’m pretty sure he had no fucking clue that he’d be getting ass banged during his recovery. Better to let him know up front, though, right? I lubed it up and slowly started sliding my cock into his hole. It was just about the right amount of tightness versus give… and it actually gave way a lot quicker that I thought it might. Only a few minutes in and I had this bitch-in-training backing up on it like he was a Hollywood waiter looking for a big break.

Even though he’s a bad egg, he has obviously grown up being submissive to authority, and although it probably wasn’t pleasant, he took it like a champ. I railed him hard, and then had him ride me. He barely flinched; he just did a good job as he was instructed. He even hopped off and went ass to mouth with barely a hesitation! I told him to get me off with his hands and mouth just because I was curious if he could do it. Not only did he manage to do a great job, he didn’t gag when I shot spurt after spurt of cum into his mouth. This one is definitely going to be a House favorite.

Raunchy Bastards #099

This Straight Boy Loves The “D”

Bud Strong put an ad online wanting to be a pornstar. He only lived a short drive away, so after a few texts he was over to have a go at it. I told him that I’d take some photos of him and he could “try out.” I didn’t explain exactly what I meant by “try out,” but luckily I had Tristan over that day, so Tristan imparted a lot of words of wisdom about porn as we were getting ready for some photos.

Bud was down to get sucked off, but he was so nervous that his dick wasn’t having any of it. When I suggested he tried sucking Tristan’s dick, it all became crystal clear to both of us. This guy, although he lives his life as straight, (and said he had only experimented a little back home with some buddies while partying) absolutely loves the “D”! He was slobbering Tristan’s knob so well that I had to have some of his straight boy mouth for myself. I whipped my cock out and before long he was jerking both of us and sucking us off. Bud sucks cock like a dick-starved motherfucker, that’s for sure! He got both of us off, and seemed to be happy about the whole experience.

I never heard from Bud again. I guess he just wanted some “D” that day but didn’t really want to do much porn after that. Who knows?

Debt Dandy 216

This boy got into serious problems only because he was doing his job. He worked as a bouncer at a bar. He was a tough looking one, no doubt about it. One evening he got into an argument with a guest who was bothering everyone around. Eventually it let to an actual fight which our guy won easily. Unfortunately, the other guy ended up at a hospital for some time. To make things even worse, his mother was a lawyer. She threatened to press charges if her son didn’t get a financial compensation. Our muscular boy needed almost 25 000 to settle the whole thing. I loved his muscles so I agreed to help but I wanted something in return. It’s been some time since I fucked a nice gym bitch like this one. I led him pose for my amusement and then I drilled his tight little ass.

Czech Hunter 325

Robert was on his way home from a crappy part-time job at a fast food restaurant. He was definitely tired and not exactly happy about me trying to have a friendly chat. He was also a student so his life was a financial mess at the moment. He and his girlfriend returned from holiday in Italy some time ago and he still looked depressed about being back in Prague. I wanted to cheer him up a little. And what else could cheer him up better than money? Apparently, my cock can also be very uplifting, especially when it’s combined with a load of money. Robert was money hungry little whore and he really enjoyed our time together. The little bastard had a rock solid boner from the start. He almost made me cum just by sucking me. I couldn’t let him go that easily.

Boys Halfway House Incident #155

Pounded Open & Sperm Stuffed

Some of the residents are actually highly functioning on the outside, but they made a stupid mistake and fortune sent them to us. These guys are sometimes the worst, because when you secretly get away with something for so long, it’s difficult to believe that your secret is out. People like this aren’t used to being monitored and told what to do. That’s not our fault, though, and half of the battle is breaking their will and getting them to step in line.

Our unfortunate resident is a case example of the kind of guy who still believes he can get away with his problem. Luckily for us here in the 21st century, we have highly accurate tests to detect when one of our lambs has gone astray. When I marched in and presented him with the evidence, it didn’t take him long to crack, either. Better yet, it gave me the perfect excuse to get my dick in that sexy fucking hole of his. I had been wanting to breed him since I laid my eyes on him, and I finally got my chance. I slapped him to put him in his place, and then I took my cock out of my pants. As he grabbed onto it with his smooth fingers, I could just tell this would be a wild ride.

To tell you the truth, as much as I wanted to fuck him, I could have just kicked back and let him blow me until I nutted into that pretty mouth of his. What a great cocksucker! Sometimes a guy surprises you and has the ability to suck a dick better than you’d think! At any rate, he worked it well, and when I turned my attention to his hole I was primed to get in there. I shoved his legs up in the air to take a look, and I was pleased as punch to see a perfect hole that looked more fuckable than a Hollywood character actress.

He had just the right combination of tightness and give, and his ass enveloped my cock like a tight fitting glove. I could have fucked this guy all day long! I did fuck him for a while, and in many positions. Raw-dogging this asshole was better than fresh cream butter on warm baked bread. I think he liked it, too. He put on that whole disgusted look, but he’s gonna be jerking off thinking about this pounding, I can just tell.

When I’d pulled my dick out of his ass and shoved it into his mouth, I was already close to cumming. I put it back in his hole and drove all the way to the finish line. I came buckets. When I pulled out after leaving millions of sperm up inside him, I was still gushing. What a treat. I am hoping that this resident keeps fucking up, because I could certainly give him some lessons in getting a long nicely with others every day of the week.