Boys Halfway House Incident #164

Steamrolled Bareback

We hired a new House Manager a few weeks ago. The guy has some experience dealing with young delinquents, but I’ll be damned if this guy doesn’t have high blood pressure or something. Unfortunately for the virgin in question, his first punishment session happened to be with one of the worst new offenders we’ve had in months, and it didn’t turn out well for the poor guy’s hole. He was caught in an extremely groggy state with some contraband in plain view, which is a huge no-no. Based on how he took to getting steamrolled bareback, my guess is that he will at least do a better job of hiding his infractions in the future.

Now, here’s the thing when it comes to virgin holes. I don’t care how broke a guy is, or how straight, or whatever, there ain’t no dick going in a virgin hole and it’s not going to be extremely unpleasant. I’ve seen some porn sites claiming that the guys are desperate and need cash and all of that, and that they are supposedly straight. Well first of all, the friggin’ waxed eyebrows should be clue number one. And clue number two is when a 7 incher is shoved up the guy’s butt and he starts ooh-ing and aww-ing. Give me a fucking break! A real virgin is gonna scream, moan, grit his teeth, clinch his fists, tense up and otherwise resist. Even a closet shit-stabber who wants it isn’t gonna like it the first time. Or the second. Thus, there are two approaches to that tender carnation down there. One is to take your time with it and give the guy time to at least loosed up a bit. The benefit of this approach is that you leave minimal damage so that you can fuck him again the next day, or even later that night. The other approach, which we generally only use when we don’t like the dumbfuck in question, is to plow right in. “Sink or swim” definitely opens the dude up, and teaches him his lesson in a way that he’ll be feeling for the next few days. The new Manager obviously prefers the latter approach, and based on his experience, I trust him completely.

After fucking him in doggie like a little bitch, and then flipping him over and choking him out, this good-for-nothing god a nice huge wad of jizz on his tongue. He was asked not quite politely to swallow it. I thought that was a nice touch. We are all hoping that he shapes up and starts flying right, because if he doesn’t he might not be able to walk outta here.

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