Raunchy Bastards #108

He Likes That Boy Pussy

Grant Porter is definitely one of the sexiest fuckers I’ve come across in a while, and I just love filming him. One of the reasons he is so great is because his facial expressions let you know exactly what he is feeling. Since he loves to fuck, I thought I’d put him with one of our resident cum whores – Tucker Reece. Tucker is just as great to work with, and he loves dick more than any guy should. Right before Grant showed up, I let Tucker see a pic of him (they had never met). Tucker instantly got horned up and very excited. Needless to say, when Tucker and Grant got together, it didn’t take long for Grant’s dick to get wet.

Grant swears up and down that he is straight, but I’m just not buying it. Sure, Tucker gives great head that almost anyone would enjoy, but Grant seemed to downright relish Tucker’s hole. Tucker DOES have a nice hole, I fuck him as often as I can. One of the best boy pussies out there. I told Grant to take advantage of having such an eager bottom boy and pound the living daylights out of him. Grant did just that – and Tucker loved every minute of it!

Tucker takes it doggie before riding Grant’s bare cock. Tucker goes bananas while he is slipping up and down on Grant’s dick. Grant goes wild. His eyes are rolling back into his head and everything. I guess all that hot ass got him really riled up, because a few minutes later Grant was drilling into Tucker like a jackhammer. Grant pounds Tucker’s sweet cunt in missionary and from on top until he can no longer hold his load. If his face didn’t lie about how much he loved it, neither did his load Grant dumps and incredible wad of jizz on Tucker’s awaiting asshole. Everyone was in heaven by the end of this fuck, just the way I like it.

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