Boys Halfway House Incident #156

Pretty Boy Railed Senseless

We got a new resident this week. He is a pretty boy for sure: blond hair, bright blue eyes, an innocent demeanor, and an appropriately deferential attitude. I’d read his enrollment report and figured out just what kind of guy he was before I even met him. Lots of talent and expectation early on, falls in with some friends who lead him astray, thinks he will never get caught. Then his grades start falling and he barely manages to graduate. He’s disappointed his parents and fucked up just enough that they are worried. So they send him to our humble House. Even though he reeks of entitlement he’ll probably get a long just fine.

When I first met him, he looked scared shitless. Pretty boy was definitely out of his element. He was also eminently fuckable. I decided to go for the grand slam during his intake. And let me tell you, it didn’t take long before I ad my cock shoved in between his pretty lips. Nothing better than a Saturday afternoon with an 18 year old’s big blue eyes staring up at you while he’s licking your shaft. He actually took on the bitch role like a natural. The more I smacked him around, the more I wanted to smack him around. Damn, his cheeks sure got rosier after a few good whacks. Meanwhile, his cock sucking skills left a little to be desired, but he sure could open his mouth wide. I spent some time throat fucking this puppy before moving on to the good stuff.

When he bent over, exposing his cunt, the frightened look in his face definitely egged me on. I’m pretty sure he had no fucking clue that he’d be getting ass banged during his recovery. Better to let him know up front, though, right? I lubed it up and slowly started sliding my cock into his hole. It was just about the right amount of tightness versus give… and it actually gave way a lot quicker that I thought it might. Only a few minutes in and I had this bitch-in-training backing up on it like he was a Hollywood waiter looking for a big break.

Even though he’s a bad egg, he has obviously grown up being submissive to authority, and although it probably wasn’t pleasant, he took it like a champ. I railed him hard, and then had him ride me. He barely flinched; he just did a good job as he was instructed. He even hopped off and went ass to mouth with barely a hesitation! I told him to get me off with his hands and mouth just because I was curious if he could do it. Not only did he manage to do a great job, he didn’t gag when I shot spurt after spurt of cum into his mouth. This one is definitely going to be a House favorite.

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