Raunchy Bastards #104

Bringing On The Power Fuck

This scene is one amazing fuck. I’ve been filming and fucking Tristan now for over a year, and he’s an amazing bottom (see all his other videos!). Tristan self-identifies as straight, and hasn’t changed that tune, yet. That said, he is perfectly open minded and doesn’t mind getting pounded down as long as there’s something in it for him. I had been asking Tristan to try fucking a dude – really fucking him, but he had been a little reticent about it. As he explained it, since he was straight it was easy for him to get fucked but he was worried he wouldn’t be sufficiently excited to get a boner and fuck another guy. I certainly thought he could do it, and I finally got him to give it a go. Since I had Devin Marcel on hand, who is a complete cock whore, I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult for Tristan to get up in there. Well, I was right. Tristan fucks the shit outta Devin, and it is hot, hot, hot!

At the beginning of the video, Devin admits that he loves being the “bitch.” He likes getting his hair pulled while he is getting plowed, and loves to deep throat. Tristan didn’t waste much time after hearing that – Devin was down on his cock like white on rice. Tristan proceeds to bareback Devin every which way, and once Devin nuts, Tristan creampies his sexy hole. Great fuck!

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