Czech Hunter 339

I met three different boys today, all of them were good sports and showed me their cocks. Fortunately, the best looking one was willing to get more physical. Dan was a young graphic designer. He was at a party the night before so he was a bit tired. He shared a few juicy stories about his sex life with me. He was straight but a long time ago he got sucked off by a guy he met at a bar. I didn’t hesitate and offered him a lot of cash for doing the same for me. Obviously, I wanted a lot more than a blowjob so when he finished, I convinced him to take me to his place. He was so good at sucking that I started to have doubts about his sexual orientation. Then I tried to put my cock up his ass… He was definitely straight and his ass had to pay the price.

Raunchy Bastards #111

Cum Filling A Needy Young Jock

Although I liked fucking him, I had gotten so many calls and texts from Thomas asking for a “loan,” that I had pretty much stopped answering him. It’s one thing to be a nice guy from time to time, but my goal in life is not to be an ATM for deadbeats, regardless how hot they happen to be. This one night, however, I was in a good mood, and I needed to get laid. I told him to come on over. When he did come over, he was dropped off by some girl who was not his girlfriend. I didn’t ask who she was. He seemed especially appreciative of my time (and money), more so than usual. In fact, he was downright chummy. He even tried to play it up that we used to have all those good times together. I played along. His amiability extended into the bed, too. He wasn’t much for making out, but this night he was extremely passionate, kissing a lot and being almost overly touchy. It made for a very different vibe, and I definitely got into it.

He always sucks good dick, and this time was no exception. And the other nice thing about him is that he is always tight. His ass feels like a virgin hole every time. After I rimmed him, I fucked him in a few different positions before I nutted deep inside him. By the time I finished, I could tell he was getting sore. Nonetheless, he took it like a champ. He needed that moolah. When we were done, we continued to exchange some pleasantries until the mystery chick finally arrived to pick him up. Not a bad fuck at all!

Dirty Scout 118

This boy looked very young although he was 19 years old. He was one of the nicest and most polite guys I’ve ever had in my office. He looked so innocent! He loved cooking and wanted a job along those lines, which wasn’t a problem. I offered him a position he could normally only dream of. It was a bit risky move on my part because it would hurt my reputation if I hired someone not competent enough. But I didn’t care at all. I wanted that sweet little dude. I couldn’t wait to stuff his mouth and tiny ass with my boner. It didn’t take too much work to talk him into it. And he was a surprisingly good bitch. He sucked me off and then he took my cock like if it was nothing. Innocent teens are the best. I told him to come back if he ever needs a job again. I hope he will.

Debt Dandy 228

This boy had probably the messiest apartment I’ve ever been in. He moved to Prague three months ago and apparently didn’t settle in yet. On the other hand, he stopped paying rent so maybe he knew he might not be staying there for much longer. That’s why he called me for help. He needed 20 000 to pay his bills. He was definitely looking well enough for me to try my luck. You should have seen how angry he became! I almost started laughing but I didn’t want to blow this up. I knew there was still a chance to convince him. I had to calm him down and help him to see reason. He knew very well how much I could help him. He just had to play with my cock and endure a little bit of pain. He agreed and I couldn’t believe my eyes how the little bastard liked it!

Bait: Logan Rhys Straight: Calvin

Logan Rhys is this week’s bait guy and he’s a total cutie. At 21, and with a killer swimmer’s build, Logan can get almost any gay guy he wants. But, Logan is more attracted to straight guys and the nervousness they get during their first gay for pay experience. So, Logan is here today to hopefully get fucked by a straight hunk. Oh, and Logan doesn’t care if he gets off. He just wants to please a straight guy!

Calvin came to the studio to make some money and get it on with a hot girl! He has a killer ass and a fat 8 inch cock! Calvin is tall, dark, and handsome, and this stud has already tag teamed a girl with one of his close buddies. Today, he’s hoping to have a threesome again!

Caruso left the guys alone so they could get hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. But, he returns with bad news… The girl isn’t showing up today. Calvin wasn’t happy with the news so Caruso laid out a new deal. If both guys have sex with each other, then not only will he pay them but, he’ll also pay them double the money! Calvin has to think about it for a while but he eventually caved in and decided to give gay for pay a shot!

Maverick Men


We just LOVE Oakley! We first met him many years ago when we first started making vids. We flew him in to Boston then, he was so nervous, and we got to know each other and began our friendship. We’ve watched him grow into the sweet and sexy man that he is today. This time, we met up on a cruise and we fucked and sucked all along the way. We can never get enough of his thick cock and thick cakes! Woof!

Czech Hunter 338

When I met Jarda, he was standing in the street and eating kebab. I couldn’t think of any conversation opener so I just asked about his stupid kebab. I wanted to see the place where he bought it and he agreed to lead me there. He was an interesting young guy obsessed with tattoos. And he was covered with them. Jarda dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist but lacked the necessary skills and above all he lacked money. I couldn’t teach him how to draw but I certainly could improve his budget. We fooled around in the streets for some time and then moved to his apartment to talk about the real stuff. He agreed to do all sorts of things and was pretty good for a newbie. Then came the moment when he was about to loose his ass virginity.

Raunchy Bastards #44

Teenage Rent Boy Grooming

This gem of a video was filmed on the first day I met Zed. He and I had been emailing back and forth. He was interested in making some money because he needed to fix his beater car or something. He was 18 years old, said he was straight but open minded, and he seemed like an overall nice guy. Since I already was planning on hanging out with Kadus I invited him to stop by, and I told him that I’d give him a tryout.

I prepped Kadus on what was going to go down. Basically, the goal was to break in this new whore. Since his ride was out of commission, Kadus and I went to pick him up. He was so sketched out that he insisted we pick him up at a grocery store (I’m assuming this place was a short walk from his parents’ home). We parked in the parking lot, but I couldn’t get him to answer his phone or respond to a text. Just as I was beginning to get pissed that this guy was flaking last minute, he shot me a text and said that he was at the entrance. So, we swung by and picked him up. He was nervous to say the least. However, he seemed like he’d be fun.

Because he was so nervous, I decided the best approach was just to introduce him to man-man sex in a non-threatening way. He didn’t seem at this point to be down for getting fucked, but I thought maybe we would slowly acclimate him to the idea. He and Kadus swapped handjobs and blowjobs, and then we moved on to the BJs. I had Kadus blow me and him, and then asked him to get on his knees and give it a try. He wasn’t that good at sucking dick, but he did it. So that was a start. Breaking in these newbie hookers is never easy.

Since he was too nervous to have a great hard on, I just fucked Kadus myself while he helped out holding the camera and sucking Kadus off while he was getting pounded. Now Kadus is a seasoned rent boy, so he likes taking it up the butt. Kadus came buckets while he was getting barebacked. In the end, the grooming session worked out just perfectly, because the next time we saw Zed he was down to make some money by selling his virgin ass. Another one bites the dust!

Dirty Scout 117

It’s nice to have married guys at the office from time to time. They are usually more reasonable than some teenagers with their stupid dreams. I particularly love to make them naughty things to get money for their families. This 25 years old guy was a former truck driver, he had a wife and two kids. He wanted a better job to be able to support them. I had a great position right for him but it wasn’t for free. And I’m not talking about our fee. He couldn’t afford it anyways so I went straight to the point and offered him my help. I wonder if he was thinking about his poor wife while I was drilling his hairy asshole. As I always say: it’s not cheating if there is no vagina involved. I’m sure he bought her something nice if his conscience needed to be cleaned.

Boys Halfway House Incident #152

Straight Boy Tag Team

Me and another House Manager who is a good buddy of mine confronted this dick wipe immediately after we found some contraband among his personal belongings. He’d gotten in trouble for a few minor things before, but never for something quite as serious. I didn’t really want to see him go, because although he is straight he has been putting out giving blowjobs pretty much whenever I wanted. However, this kind of thing can’t be tolerated, so we decided to go tag team on his ass.

He had a shit-eating grin on his face at first, but once he had a cock in his mouth and another cock in his hand, the smirk went away. We even stuffed both of our dicks in his mouth. It’s when he started to gag that I figured he was plenty unhappy enough. This resident has a high tolerance for pain, so we wanted to make sure that he got fucked real good. After treating his mouth to our dicks for a while, we progressed toward the barebacking. He knew what was coming and started loosening himself up. It didn’t help too much, though, because this mother fucker is tight. Like all holes, though, his loosened up after enough stretching. Once he was good to go, we took our turns pounding him. At one point I was ramming my cock completely in and all the way out again, and then in. Like a big brass pendulum on a grandfather clock.

Anyways, to make a long story short, when the spit-roasting was done we both bred his hole. The lazy fuck was walking around the House the rest of the day with an anal cavity greasy with two other dudes’ sperm.

Bait: Fernando Straight: Brian Michaels

Fernando Del Rio is back on the couch and he’s here to get some straight dick! Fernando is smokin’ hot but he still has a hard time hooking up with straight guys on his own. So, he’s back again and with a little help from Caruso, hopefully he’ll be getting fucked and sucked by a hot straight stud!

Brian Michaels is this week’s straight guy and he’s pretty damn hot himself! This blue eyed stud is ripped from head to toe and he’s packin’ a nice and thick 7” cock! Brian is only 22 years old so he’s decided it’s time to make his debut in the porn industry. He’s ready to make lots of money and fuck lots of hot girls!

Caruso tells both guys to get their cocks hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. Once again, the girl can’t make it and the only option left on the table is for both guys to have sex with each other. Brian started to freak out and explained to Caruso that he didn’t come here to do gay porn. But, when Caruso offered him double the money, Brian quickly changed his tune!

Debt Dandy 227

This guy scared the hell out of me when I first saw him. He was incredibly huge and muscular. I was a bit afraid to try anything on him so I just went through the normal procedure. In the worst case, he would get a loan from our company. As we were talking, I really started to like the boy. He was cute and actually also seemed to be well-mannered and intelligent. I was sure our boy would see all the upsides of my dirty offer. He was a bit upset at first, which scared me a bit. But it was just theatrics, he needed the money badly so I got what I wanted. The boy even had a nice work-out machine so I let him to show off his skills a bit. Then we walked into a territory less familiar to him. But he managed very well. Fucking muscular asses is the best.


Maverick Men Directs

I love this video for may reasons; the guys are all hot and hung and know how to fuck or get fucked, but my favorite part is that Archer, who has done many videos with us, felt comfortable enough with us that he asked his lover to come along and shoot. Troy agreed to come along if we could find a hot bottom for them both to fuck. I immediately thought of our sexy and delicious, Joey. I just love his beautiful eyes and sweet ass and body, but the hottest thing about Joey is the way he moans as you fuck his sweet hole.

Deviant Otter


I was out smoking a cigarette and I saw this really woofy thing sitting near by. After eye fucking him for a quick minute I realized he was with my buddy, Jameson, who was visiting from Boston, so I had an in. We were supposed to fuck around that night, but they had an early morning the next day so I was left with blue balls. Well, to my delight I got a message the next morning from Johnny, the woofy thing, saying that heís always wanted to try porn and he wanted to make a vid. So I scooped him up and we searched around town for bars and other public places that would let us fuck around, which you thing would be easy since Fort Lauderdale is crawling with sluts, but to no avail. Didnít stop us from whipping our dicks out all over the place though. Anyway, long story short, I got tired of driving around so I pulled into a parking lot and bred his ass behind my Jeep. My adrenaline was still flowing and my balls still werenít depleted so I brought him back to my place and had my way with him again. Between the piss and two loads up his ass, his hole was so juicy that he was leaking my spunk out all over the place for the rest of the day.


Guys in Sweatpants

Ever in the mood for someone to just pull up on their motorcycle, make you stop whatever you’re doing, and bareback you over his bike? That’s what Dante did to Trent, and it was fucking great. We were mid-story about one of Trent’s gym hookups when Dante rode up, but he didn’t seem to mind the interruption considering what was about to go down. Trent’s 10″ cock swings around as Dante grabs onto his hips from behind, and pounds his hole doggy style. Dante unloaded his first load with Trent on his back, and they used his cum as lube as they kept fucking. Once Trent busted his load, they used his cum as lube too, and Dante busted his second load all over and inside Trent’s already cum covered hole!

Czech Hunter 337

I was looking for boys at a subway station almost at the outskirts of Prague. That’s where I met a guy full of surprises. He was reserved at first but I managed to open him up. Suddenly he started to tell me about his sexual adventures. He really lightened up while talking about threesomes and other cool stuff he did. The boy was a student so I assumed his financial situation was far from ideal. That’s why I offered him a special way to broaden his horizons and make some nice cash at the same time. He surprised me a lot when he agreed, we just had to find a discreet place where to do it. And we found a very interesting spot indeed. We simply slipped in an apartment building and did it on the staircase. We were lucky that no one saw us. Or heard us. We were rather loud.

Raunchy Bastards #135

Grooming Shy Jock To Be A Cum Dump

Ethan came in for a photo shoot, and I fortunately talked him into doing some anal. He understood that gay4pay would be a lot of money compared to fucking chicks, so I told him that it’s a good way to get a start in the industry.

Ethan is very photogenic, so the photos looked pretty darned good. He is a 20 year old jock, also a nice Southern boy. He has some ink, and it looks good on him. His hair was pretty natural as well. I’ll tell you what, he sure is a trooper for being game to shove a few different size dildos up his ass. I told him I’d help him loosen up.

Sure enough, after some slow going at first, he was loose enough for the larger size dildo, and on top of that he had a chub. I asked him to stroke himself while he was getting anally violated by the toy, and he was rock hard! Ethan was a bit surprised that he liked it. I decided to help finish him off, so I give him a handy and he shoots a very nice load.

Dirty Scout 116

A few years back, this young man went abroad to work and it so happened that he also started a family there. When they all returned back to the Czech Republic, he found out that economic situation wasn’t exactly ideal. He couldn’t find a job he would considered fairly paid. Well, life is not easy. He was a rough looking guy and I wanted to tear his ass open so I offered him a job and hoped for the best. He couldn’t afford to pay our fee and wasn’t happy about my naughty offers and tried to back away from all this. But step by step, I convinced him to do things that would absolutely have shocked his wife. He maybe even enjoyed it because I don’t see candidates cumming all over my desk every day. I bet his journey back home was pretty painful, his ass had to hurt like hell.

Debt Dandy 226

None of my colleagues could make it to this meeting in time so I decided to take care of it myself. The boy sounded extremely sexy over the phone so I was really anxious to see him in person. He was rather a young man who came to Prague to make it big and failed hard. All his saved up money was long gone and he was sinking into debt. He even planned to renovate his new flat but at the moment he wasn’t even able to afford the rent. Without my help, he would get evicted soon. I could tell his body was pretty muscular. He looked so innocent! My naughty offer left him in shock. It took him a while to process it and to decide. He almost looked like he’s about to start crying. In the end, he agreed and I’m sure he had a great ride.

How To Pop A Tops Cherry

There’s nothing hotter than popping a willing virgin’s cherry, especially when he’s a muscular and tall horse-hung stud, like Charles. we recently met Charles and instantly fell in lust with his charming persona and palpable sex appeal. After a few days on a big shoot, he approached us and said, “I hear that you guys are the best men to take my virginity. I still have my cherry. Are you game to help me expand my horizons? I want to learn how to bottom.” Now THAT was music to our ears! This was a huge treat for us. You’ll love watching us pry open his beautiful muscle ass and hear him moan and yell like a true ass-virgin.

Bait: Jay Alexander Straight: Wes Kraven

This week, we welcome back the one and only Jay Alexander! Jay keeps getting better looking each time he shows up on his search for straight cock! He’s been hitting the gym hard and it shows! You have to see the guns on this Latin lover!

We paired up Jay with our new 6’6” straight stud named Wes Kraven! Wes is only 24 and he’s in need of cash but he’s also in need of good sex! He has a girlfriend at home but she’s not giving him what he needs so he’s here today to get laid and get paid!

Caruso steps out to check on the female talent while both guys work their cocks up. When he returns, it’s bad news… No girl will be showing up today but if Jay and Wes are willing to have sex with each other then Caruso can pay them double the money. Wes caves in and Jay starts working his cock! The scene ends with Wes fucking the cum out of Jay before pulling out and shooting his load all over Jay’s cock!

Boys Halfway House Incident #158

Spoiling An Untouched Boyhole

There aren’t a lot of residents as disliked as this one. He is sullen, anti-social, and frankly, a little strange. He mostly spends his time alone, and has a fuck-all attitude about everything and everyone. As long as a guy like him sticks with the program, no one much cares. You meet a lot of unsavory people in a program like ours. But even residents with a fairly good track record of staying out of trouble will falter. All of us House Managers were looking forward to that day, too. Not in the least because this teen had a nice cute butt that we all were hoping to smash. We got our chance when the dude dipped out in the middle of the night and tried to sneak back in unnoticed.

Me and our new junior House Manager decided to give him the full treatment. We marched into his room and woke him out of bed. He had one of those fucking annoying smirks on his face, like we couldn’t do anything to him. That really got us going, and before too long that smirk was wiped off of his face completely. When he began sucking one of our cocks, you could already see in his face that he was planning on how to get the hell out of there. His mouth was soft and warm, though, and eventually we both dipped our cocks in it. He was sucking one of us while jerking the other, looking up at us almost as if he were a little lost. Well, I’m sure he was, since he doubtful had been in a situation like this before. The gears in his little brain were definitely working overtime.

We instructed him to lay on his back and lift his legs. He had a nice boyhole, with a small tuft of hair surrounding it. It definitely looks just as untouched as it really was. But not for long. We lubed him up and began the task of taking his anal virginity. His hole was tight. It didn’t really loosed up too much, either, but it pulsated as he got fucked, and it felt great. After a good spitroasting there was nothing left to do except keep pounding the fuck outta him. He deserved it, and he knew it.

Since he seemed to like cock sucking even less than he liked getting his cunt torn open, we ended his recovery session with two loads of jizz right in his mouth and all over his sullen face. One of us came a good minute or two before the other, and it was actually better this way, because we got to see him squirm as he just let the cum linger in his mouth and stream down his cheeks. Then he got the other load. Chalk up another straight virgin ass taken!


Maverick Men

There’s nothing hotter than popping a willing virgin’s cherry, especially when he’s a muscular and tall horse-hung stud, like Charles. we recently met Charles and instantly fell in lust with his charming persona and palpable sex appeal. After a few days on a big shoot, he approached us and said, “I hear that you guys are the best men to take my virginity. I still have my cherry. Are you game to help me expand my horizons? I want to learn how to bottom.” Now THAT was music to our ears! This was a huge treat for us. You’ll love watching us pry open his beautiful muscle ass and hear him moan and yell like a true ass-virgin.

Anal Only

I’m so happy to welcome this guy back to the site. Cam was one of the first guys I shot with when I first launched my site, but back then I used condoms before PrEP was a thing, so needless to say I was very excited to finally get to fuck his hole with my raw cock. I would have preferred a more comfy fuck space, but there’s still a lot of work going on around the house so we had to fuck in my shed. And like the title says, we weren’t really in the mood for blowjob stuff so we skipped all the foreplay bullshit and just started fucking. Don’t get me wrong, I love sucking dick, etc., but sometimes I just want to fuck an asshole and cum.

Czech Hunter 336

It was cold outside so I was snooping around a subway station for another catch. It took me some time but then I spotted a real cutie waiting at the platform. Unfortunately, he saw me looking at him and he didn’t like it. I got a bit paranoid so I just followed him while keeping my distance. Then I decided to strike. He was surprisingly friendly. At first we just chatted, then I started making naughty offers to him. He was shy but my money convinced him to do quite crazy things right in a parking lot. Looking at his exquisite abs made me really horny so I was thrilled when we went to his place. He was too scared to show me his boner in public. When we got there, I could barely control myself. I offered him all my money for fucking him right on the stairs.