Guys In Sweatpants


It’s not often we work with straight guys, but Rex was super eager to have his first gay sex experience so we figured why not?? Leave it to the straight guy to get in a bar fight the night before a shoot, and show up with a black eye! Aaron’s had his fair share of gay sex, but it’s his explanation of his first time getting fucked that you should really hear! Rex says he can usually cum and keep fucking to give multiple loads… to which Aaron replies, “I need multiple!” And sure enough, Rex fucked Aaron so hard and good that he made him cum unexpectedly, and a few seconds later, dumped his load into Aaron’s ass. But he wasn’t done… he rolled Aaron over, held him down, and kept pounding him until he blew his second load all over his hole! Something tells me this won’t be the last time Rex finds a guy’s willing hole to dump his loads into.

Hung Young Brit

2 young sexy UK lads offered out to Anonymous naughty BB cum givers..

I love getting fucked RAW by strangers
letting just anyone come round and me getting filmed being such a dirty
cunt and taking a RAW breeders load in the back of my arse. Me and my mate,
whos actually the boy from brighton videos (we have become fuck buddies
now) We went on a pervy holiday offers me Out to the world for any
Anonymous naughty BB cum giver to cum use our boy holes and spunk there
load wherever they want, turns out two of the guys are fit as fuck, the
first guy is just so keen to shag the fuck out of me I GET SOOO TURNED ON
by this fantasy I’m ready to cum right away….you can see just how much I
love Anonymous Naughty Breeders and the thought of being used on film for
everyone to see. The two young fit couple at the end of the film use and
spunk up my mate and I have to then have a go with there cum in his
arse…This Video I wank off to DAILY…(yes we were are this twisted and
want you all to know it) lol

Czech Hunter 343

When I was partying heavily last night, I met this absolutely crazy dude. I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I fuck him, right? Guys, I’m not some pervert who has to fuck all the time. I wanted to have a fun night out. And, I left my camera at home… That’s why I asked him to meet me the next day. I told him that I have a job for him. He didn’t need to know specifics. When I finally revealed to him what it was all about, he was a bit shocked and turned me down. He was too scared about his poor ass. Fortunately, I had a backup plan. I recently had another guy living nearby who was pretty fuckable. I offered my new friend that we would fuck that guy together. I rented us a nice room at a massage salon. And I’m sure the boys had fun, too.

Raunchy Bastards #158

Jonesing Hustler Loses His Virginity

I had met Gibson in person once before. He had come over for a nice transactional afternoon, but at the last minute he got scared and left, leaving me alone with a hard cock. He was fairly freaked out about touching or sucking a cock. Fair enough, I had thought at the time. I still wanted to fuck his little virgin hole, but only time would tell.

It didn’t take long for him to hit me back up, though. I suppose he had exhausted all of his resources, including his back-up resources. While chatting with him, he was very into a detailed negotiation about what would happen, and for how much, if he came back over. As hard I I tried, he wasn’t going to budge on cock-sucking. This here is a straight guy with some very defined limits, let me tell you! At any rate, he tried to nickel and dime me about what each sexual activity was, and how long it would take for each. I told him – and we ended up agreeing upon – I would loosen him up with my tongue and fuck him until I came. He understood that if he wasn’t going to give me a BJ, that I would probably fuck him a lot longer than I normally would. I also told him that it wasn’t going to feel that great since it was his first time, but if he wanted to leave with a benjie, he needed to shut the fuck up and take it like a man. No stopping, no whining. Having reached our accord, I offered to get him a ride share. He told me that he had a ride, which didn’t surprise me. The first time that he came over his dealer drove him, and was probably pissed off that he came back empty handed. I had a feeling this guy had a lot of debts.

I didn’t feel bad taking his virginity and dumping a load of cum inside of his freshly deflowered hole. After all, anytime I can help someone get out of debt, I see it as a positive. . . a win-win.

I loved rimming his hole. He had just gotten out of the shower and was clean as a whistle. His cunt tasted good, and I couldn’t wait to crack it open. When I did go in, I had him on his back, and I used a lot of lube. It took maybe 4 or 5 minutes until he was relaxed enough for me to pick up the pace, but when I did, it was sheer delight. After that initial position, he rode me (pretty damn well, actually), and then I flipped him over and fucked him hard until I had deposited a load of sperm deep inside him. He’s not a heavy fellow, so it was easy to just manhandle him into just the right positions. Great fuck.

At any rate, he got what he wanted since he performed his end of the deal. And I’m assuming his “ride” got what he wanted, too. Two days later, he texted me asking if I was free. I was not. And after that, I never connected with him again. Of course that was only a few weeks ago. Either he is in rehab, jail, hospital, or worse; or maybe he just decided that being used as a human pocket pussy wasn’t for him. But I kinda hope I get to use his hole again, it felt great.

Dirty Scout 122

A cute little accountant came to visit me at my office. And what a visit it was! He looked more like a model than an accountant. In fact, he looked like a little angel. He was just divine. Finding a job for him was not a problem. I would have made him a director of the Earth just to get in his pants. When the boy undressed, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Being naked in front of me made him so nervous that he got an erection. At least that was his explanation. The boner was almost bigger than the boy’s head! I offered him all my money. I wanted to have him just for myself. The contrast between his innocent gentle body and the huge schlong was so hot! Honestly, I would be scared to put anything like this inside of me. Fortunately, I didn’t have to. I was the one fucking him.

This guy was funny. He was constantly broke, he had no job, yet he lived in a large apartment with a terribly high rent. And he threw parties whenever he managed to put a few Crowns together. He smoked like a chimney which put a big hole in his budget, too. I liked it, I’m fed up with all those depressed self-pity guys I meet all the time. He looked very open-minded to me so I expected this to be easy. He surprised me. This guy didn’t like gays at all. He got really offended by my offers and started yelling at me. I was a little upset, to be honest. I almost expected a fist fight. Then he started to bargain. He wanted more money from me. I was really horny so eventually I agreed. I don’t like being taken advantage of like this so I decided to give him a really rough ride.

Maverick Men


I just found this deliciously amazing video in my archives from a few years back. This is back when we shot a bunch of stuff with our super sexy boy-toy, Tom. I’ve posted little snippets from this video before, but I’ve never posted the full video. Now that I’ve reviewed all the footage, I’ve come to see just how fucking HOT this one is. In this vid, we spent the weekend with Tom. We chilled in our loft for the first night. Then, we got up early and took him swimming and sodomized his holes pool-side. We took Tom home for some four-way action with another sexy fuck bud of ours. We all sucked, fucked, rimmed and shot our loads all over the place.

Maverick Men Directs


Archer and Troy are two of the hottest and most delicious vanilla cupcakes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting on vid. We met Troy through Archer and we love it when guys bringing their boyfriends along on the shoot. Archer and Troy both have big cocks, beautiful round bubble butts, tight hard bodies, and gracious sexual appetites. In this vid, you’ll see the boys horned-up first thing in the morning, walking around with big fat hard-ons. I asked if I could just film them in their natural habitat, frolicking and sucking each other’s cocks. I LOVED being right there in the mix, smelling their sweat and cum and watching them get it on.

Deviant Otter


I met this sexy fucker back when I was in Vegas being a production assistant back in 2016. If it wasn’t for this stud I would have gone without weed for almost a week, and you all know that would have been tragic for me, so I already had a serious love/respect for him when he got to town. We came up with a bunch of ideas of how to bang him out for our shoot, but in the end we decided a sling would be best for our lazy stoner asses. Luckily for me, Brian was staying in my buddy’s guest room (which had a sling and a willing camera man…and I had the weed), so I just kept drilling his ass until he needed to cum. I wanted to cum with him, but theres something deviantly satisfying about using a man’s hole after he’s busted his load, so I kept going until I couldn’t hold back anymore and then came deep in his guts. Plus I couldn’t stop huffing poppers. Disclaimer: If you make me cum in you, I will make you push all of my spunk back out just to push it back in.

Guys In SweatPants


Chandler is an 18 year old cutie who came to us from Tennessee. This is his first time ever getting filmed having sex on camera, and what better way to spend it than getting fucked and bred by Austin? Chandler was hoping for a shoot with Austin, and Austin loves breaking in his new boys, so this it was a perfect match. Watching Chandler suck on Austin’s huge cock is enough to make you cum in itself, but luckily it didn’t stop there! Austin tongue-fucked Chandler’s hole until it was lubed up enough to slowly slide each inch of his veiny cock into it… then they fucked nonstop like animals. The smiles on Chandler’s face as he lay there taking Austin’s cock is the cherry on top of this fuck fest! Not to give too much away, but let’s just say: Chandler may have left the house this day day with some of Austin’s load still in him. Enjoy 😉

Bait: Hans Berlin Straight: Mike

Hans Berlin is this week’s bait guy and he’s one good looking man! He’s a tall, blond, blue eyed hunk, with a killer body and fat 8” uncut cock! Hans is very comfortable and very experienced in the sex department. He’s had sex with straight guys before but, he can never get enough!

Mike came to the studio, looking to hook up with a hot porn star and get paid to get laid. Mike has only been with girls but he’s also had a three way so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable getting naked in front of another dude. Mike has a swimmer’s build with a cute little bubble butt and a fat uncut cock!

Caruso steps out of the room to check on the female talent and returns with bad news that the girl can’t make it. Both guys are rock hard and ready to blow so Caruso makes them another offer… If both guys will have sex with each other then he can pay them double the money. Mike was reluctant but Hans jumped right in. Hans guided Mike through the entire process but when it came to fucking, Mike totally took over!

Czech Hunter 342

I picked probably the worst time possible to go out hunting. It was raining terribly but I was way too horny. I wanted a quickie so I picked up the first guy I met. He was a student and didn’t look like too much fun. He was quite shy and uptight. When I asked him about sex, he started blushing. It was very cute and all but my boner couldn’t wait. I paid the boy and took him to the nearby park and shoved my cock down his throat right away. Our boy was surprisingly good so I changed my mind. Just a quickie would be a waste of his talent. I took him to a garage I knew about. It cost me a hefty sum but he was definitely worth it. And the little devil liked it, too. He could barely hold his cum in! I stretched his nice tight ass as much as I could and then unloaded on his innocent face.

Boys Halfway House Incident #165

He Plays The Hand He’s Dealt

I only went into his room because one of the other House Managers told me that he gave good head. He’d been in trouble so many times, it’s not as if I really needed an excuse anyway. He was reading a book, which frankly, surprised me. Good for him. All kinds of good habits can be acquired at the House, as well as certain useful skills.

At any rate, I started rubbing on him, he didn’t bother flinching or acting like he was upset about being molested like that. When I pulled out my dick, he grabbed it diligently. And when I finally gave him a light push down on his knees, he took my cock in his hand, and then smoothly worked it over with his mouth. The guy’s god nice lips and a great tongue, so my buddy wasn’t lying when he described how silky his blowjobs are. I could have just busted a nut down his throat and gone about the rest of my day. However, being in the room alone with him, and with him already half undressed, I figured that I might as well fuck him.

I told him to remove his shorts, and it’s at that point that he realized this wasn’t ending with his mouth full of sperm. Now, in addition to describing his great cocksucking, the other Manager told me he wasn’t that easy to fuck. Maybe it’s because he is straight and was a virgin at the time? Maybe he’s just extra tight? Who knows, but I like a challenge, so I stepped up and did it. With his legs in the air, I took care to put extra lube on my dick. It was tight as first, but it didn’t stay tight for long. It only took a minute or two before I had his limber legs crossed and I was slam-fucking his little twenty year old butthole. Damn, it felt good! In fact, the longer I fucked him the more I sensed that he might be liking it. Or at least not hating it. I stopped for a second and gave his willy a tug. He popped a boner instantly! So of course I stuck my dick back in him. I jerked him off as I thrusted, and then when I got close, I told him to try and cum. With a minute his ass tensed up around my dick, and he shot an impressive load. Go figure. Knowing this guy and his predilections, I don’t think he’s anything but straight. However, he has definitely learned to play the hand he’s dealt. And he’s been dealt the role of a cock slurping cum dump. At least for now.

Raunchy Bastards #097

Straight Guys Explore Some In A Bareback Foursome

I don’t usually have the good fortune to have four young studs on my bed all at once, but I hit the jackpot when Tristan, Jared, Mike, and Toby all asked me for some “work” at the same time. “Hell,” I thought, “I’ll just have them all over at once!” I wasn’t disappointed in the decision, and the resulting video is steamy!

Since Toby is usually the ringleader, I turned on a camera and told the other three to do something interesting while I talked to Toby about what I wanted to go down. I do this alot – leaving the guys in the room alone for several minutes to see what happens. Usually, I walk back into the room and the guys are still partially clothed, trying to decide on which lesbian porno to watch the get hard. Oh… straight boys, right? This time, however, when Toby and I walked back in the room, the three were completely naked. Tristan was blowing Mike, and Jared was rimming Tristan. Yowzers! I knew that I was in for a treat.

As the blowjobs got more intense, I could sense that Tristan in particular was eager for a pounding. Yes, I know. As he explains it, he is straight, but he has discovered the joys of prostate stimulation by doing so much gay porn. Anywho… Tristan wanted a cock inside him badly, and although Jared would never admit it, he wanted it too. Mike and Toby each picked a bottom and away they went! The hard pounding and all of Tristan and Jared’s moaning made me hard as a rock. Mike, Tristan, and Jared even attempted a train, with Tristan in the middle! Not bad for their first time, either. Oh, yea, Tristan was banging Jared’s tight hole, too for a while. All very good stuff. Although Mike always has a slightly labored look on his face (maybe it’s because he is Italian?), the others looked gay as fuck. Tristan and Jared in particular, who were making out like high school sweethearts. Which made me chuckle, since they all say they are straight.

Mike returned to fucking Tristan’s boy cunt until Tristan busted a huge load all over himself, then Mike creampied him. Excellent. Then, as Toby continued to fuck Jared, Jared was having trouble cumming. While Mike filmed it, Tristan came to the rescue and helped Jared have his first ever anal orgasm. Toby then creampied Jared.

All this youthful, exuberant fucking was beyond priceless, and being the perv I am, I had to felch Tristan after Mike dumped his load inside. One because Tristan’s hole is too yummy, and two because Mike’s cum tastes great. So it was a double treat!

The four guys all fucked their brains out and everyone came, and at the end of it they were all smiles. I’m not going to say I knew their were gay, but you get the drift…

Dirty Scout 121

Prague is full of the Slovaks. They have loads of opportunities here plus the local language is quite similar to their own. I like seeing them at my office because they’re always good fun. They all just love money. This cutie was no exception. He came to me seeking a career in engineering and I had a job open. The juicy salary made him interested immediately – he was completely broke. I’m sure you can see why I like them so much. Skint and greedy is the best combination. He was hard to bargain with but I could see he only wanted to increase his price. He was a little greedy bitch as usual. I have no idea how good were his engineering skills but he definitely had the other skills I was looking for. And his ass was surprisingly comfortable.

Debt Dandy 231

I don’t like when people are late for our meetings. It always makes me think twice to even listen to their stories. This guy almost forgot about the meeting. I was annoyed a little bit but decided to give him a chance. Mainly because he went out jogging, which I thought was an acceptable excuse for being late. He may even have a nice body, I thought. When he arrived, I was quite pleased by his politeness and a fit body. Our boy got kicked out of his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and needed 40 000 to get back on feet. I heard him out and decided that it would be too risky to lend him anything. Instead, I offered him an “unofficial” solution to his problems. And by god, it was a great idea! His body was simply stunning, I’m sure he exercised almost every day. I couldn’t wait to get inside.

Bait: Jack A Straight: Zane Taylor

The amazing Jack is back and he’s been hitting the gym hard. His arms are huge, his body is ripped, and his ass is yearning for some straight cock! Jack is today’s bait and he’s back at the studio to trick a straight dude into going gay for pay!

Zane is this week’s straight guy and he’s young, hung, and ready to fuck! Zane is a Latin stud with fat cock and he’s hoping to put it to good use today. He loves watching porn and jacking off, and he’s already had multiple threesomes! Zane is confident when it comes to sex and he doesn’t mind having a guy involved or in the room as long as he doesn’t touch him.

After Caruso has both guys get hard while he steps out to check on the female talent, he returns with bad news that the girl can’t make it. Then, he offers double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. Zane gets nervous but he goes along with it and Jack quickly moves in and starts deep throating his thick Latin dick!

Deviant Otter


This precious lil puppy showed up at my doorstep the other night (granted I gave him my address, but I would like to pretend he was lost and found his way). After he settled in, we packed the bong a couple times and I had a few stiff drinks per usual. I was about to drain the snake when he suggested I don’t waste it and give him my piss. I was a bit shocked because he was just so smiley and innocent looking, but I should have known he had some kink him, that caterpillar on his lip is a dead giveaway. Woof. So, when I was done hosing him down he was rock hard so we moved things back to the couch. Well, you guys know the drill, he let me use his furry hole until I was ready to bust (despite the fact he had gotten torn up earlier and fucked up his back), so I guess he’s also a good pup.

Hung Young Brit


This 10/10 stunning young lad was desperate to be in our films. He convinced us to do it wearing a mask but you can proper see him anyway which is HOT! I team up with 9 Inch charile to BB tag team creampie the sweet 18yr french lad There’s no editing or nothing this is 100% REAL genuine HOMEMADE sex party footage. Me and charile make a wicked Pervy breeding team! His massive 9inch dick means he can open them up and cum ready for me to have a go! You WILL LOVE this video! HOT HOT HOT If you wanna be next in the mask then DM us we are thinking of expanding our Tag Team, DM us xx This 18yr gets Fcuked to hell and backk!!! He fucking wanted us to pump and dump him endlessly This is by far one of the hottest times ive ever had Charile is a right dirty perv … THIS IS HOT HOT HOT!!!! Come see the full movie….

Czech Hunter 341

One of our previous boys gave me a call and offered to bring his friend with him. They both needed money badly and were willing to do almost anything to get it. I didn’t think twice and agreed. I could always call it off if the guy was not good enough. Well, his friend was a cute blond 18 years old boy. No way I would ever turn down such an awesome opportunity. I explained them everything over a cup of coffee and they accepted my terms. I wanted them to reach their limits and I think I manage to do that. Watching those two friends playing with each other was very exciting. And telling them what to do was even better. Fortunately, they were so greedy that they did everything I asked them to do.

Raunchy Bastards #152

Straight But Curious & Just Broke Enough

I met Logan after he applied through an ad I placed online. The ad mentioned porn and quick cash. When we first corresponded, he sent me some photos, and I was happy as a lark. It’s like going fishing and actually catching something. I began to get disheartened, though, when I asked him for some nude photos. The best he could do were some headless torso and dick pics he had taken in his bathroom mirror. When we spoke on the phone, I got even more disheartened. Not that he didn’t sound like a great guy, but he had a full time job. In my experience, guys who work full time are a lot harder to reel in. He explained, though, that his work didn’t pay enough to cover some extensive damages to his car, and that he had already thought it through. I told him, “OK,” and we scheduled a time for him to come by for a “photo shoot.”

It was actually difficult getting him scheduled, but we finally found a day and time that worked for him. Right up until the last minute I was afraid he wouldn’t show, but he did! I wasn’t wrong to be worried about him bailing. He was more nervous than anyone I’d had over for a photo shoot in a long time. We chatted a bit about his life and his interests, and he calmed down a little bit. He has a female romantic interest at the moment, and he hasn’t really though much about trying anything other than pussy. (He did later admit to a drunken “fooling around” session with another guy and girl at the same time).

Well, all that back story was fine and dandy, but I was really just looking forward to getting him out of his clothes. As I usually do, I took pictures and had him slowly undress, one article of clothing at a time. Once he was naked and lying on the bed, oddly enough he had an almost complete boner without even touching himself! So much for nerves affecting the dick (or maybe he actually gets off on nervousness?).

Seeing that he was already hard, I pounced right away. I began by giving him a handjob, and that progressed fairly quickly to him blowing me. He gives a sloppy BJ, that’s for sure. After some quality sucking from this 22 year old former swimmer, I turned my attention to his beautiful bubble butt. He has a Florida tan, so his awesome ass stood out bright white compared to the rest of his body. It is a beautiful thing. It tastes good, too! I had my tongue deep inside his hole quicker than he could realize what was going on. He must have liked it, because he stayed hard. From there, the rest is history. He let me fuck him hard, and he can really take a pounding. Not what I was expecting per se, but hey, it worked for me. As I was drilling his little booty hole, I asked him if he could nut, and he said, “probably.” Well, 30 seconds later he was covered in LOTS of his own cum.

I don’t know about y’all, but I think Logan is definitely a keeper.

Dirty Scout 120

This boy finished a carpenter apprenticeship but insisted on working only as an assistant carpenter. He wanted to gain some experience first. I liked the modesty but I also needed a carpenter quickly so I pushed his career forward a bit. I convinced him to take a regular carpenter job. Then there was another problem as he couldn’t afford our fee. Why don’t people ever read through our terms? Maybe the font is too small 🙂 Anyways he was a well-defined blonde boy so I was more than happy to offer him an alternative. He was single so no moral dilemmas standing in the way… He was a bit scared but liked the taste of money and took care of my cock nicely. The little bastard had to be really horny because he came with my cock right up his ass!

Debt Dandy 230

Don’t get fooled by the shiny facade, Prague is going to hell and life here is getting more and more difficult. At least for ordinary people, life can be rough. This guy was a prime example. A nice good looking car mechanic and he couldn’t get a job! Can you believe it? Either the job market is on it’s last leg or the boy was just fucking lazy. He was definitely broke and sinking into debt. His flat was very nice so I was happy to hear that he didn’t pay the last rent. It’s always easier to convince people that are afraid of getting evicted. Nice flats are hard to come by in Prague. Our boy needed 20 000 and I offered him an elegant solution that would erase his debts. It was a little painful and humiliating for him but he managed to entertain me enough. It was money well spent.

Boys Halfway House Incident #159

Bareback Cum Infliction

Recidivism is high among these guys, which is why it’s important that they learn their lesson thoroughly before they can be given a clean bill and sent on their way. The House Managers try as hard as they can to instill an internal sense of moral order in these guys’ brains. It’s hard since the IQ has been slowly eaten away by bad habits. We know most of them are going to stay with us for however many months, get back into the real world, and fuck it all up within two weeks. Such is life, but nonetheless the House Managers tirelessly carry on as best they can with their instruction and admonition. This resident in particular has been a thorn in the side of everyone in the House, and he really is on his last straw. He’s cute and all, and his ass feels amazing. That said, there’s a new teenage delinquent every week, so his beautiful pink hole isn’t that special. In a final attempt at saving him from incarceration, a few of the House Managers decided to take it up one more notch.

After barging into his room for (yet another) shakedown, it wasn’t too difficult to find some contraband. This guy’s a real idiot. Well, before he knew it he was naked and down on his knees. By now he’s gotten really good at slobbering knobs. That will definitely be a skill he can use in jail. His innocent face, with those baby blue eyes, immediately makes him cell bitch material. It’s doubtful, however, that he will be able to get by with his oral skills alone. Why? Because his hole feels so fucking fantastic.

Unlike most of these losers in the House, he can actually ride a cock. Really, really well. Every time he rides any of us House Managers it’s all we can do to keep from busting prematurely. But our trusty manager kept his calm in order to keep going in this instance. Doggie was next, followed by several other positions. All the while, he was being spat upon and choked out like a little rag doll. This Manager finished him off in pile driver, though. As he was upside down on the floor, his little boy hole was getting pummeled as he was getting yelled at. There’s nothing like a teen looking up at you saying “Yes, sir.” while his colon is getting cleaned out. It’s definitely one of those moments that keeps us all going.

When we were done with his ass, we made him take a huge load of jizz into his mouth, and then made him gargle the cum for a good while before he was told to swallow it all. This resident is definitely in the top ten total cum dumpsters we’ve ever had at the House. It’ll be a shame to see him go if he fucks up one more time.

Bait: Seth Knight Straight: Cris

Seth Knight has been in the porn industry for a while and this week, he’s made his way over to the studio so that he can hook up with a friend that he’s been dreaming about fucking for a long time! Seth is only 27 but don’t be fooled, this guy is already experienced!

Cris is Seth’s friend and they met shortly after Cris moved to the states from Russia. Seth taught Cris how to speak English and helped him get on his feet. Now, Seth is hoping that Cris will allow him to teach him how to get fucked by a dude! Chris is super hot too but his cock is really big and really fat! So, Seth is going to be doing the fucking today and maybe next time he’ll be able to take that giant uncut sausage that Cris is packin’!

Caruso tells the guys to go ahead and naked! Right away the room heats up and the sparks start flying! And, even though Cris still identifies as straight, after today he’ll probably change his mind!

Maverick Men Directs


When you pair-up a nasty hot breeding bottom like Chase with a queer-for-beer, horse-cocked guy like Dax, you get something undeniably hot like this fuck vid! Dax was in NO MOOD to have sex with this kid, in fact he specifically told me, “Cole, I’m not doing that kid.” So, of course I made them fuck! I told Dax, “You’ll fuck him and fuck him good or Hunter and I will fuck you again.” I just love car sex. This kind of vid makes me squirt every time.