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Pulling a VERY SEXY cheeky 21yr boy on the train 🚅 (genuine BTW) gets Shagged rotten‼

Chatting up and pulling a proper beautiful 21yr boy on the tube (ALL REAL) Gen footage of me meeting him! Very fit essex cheeky lad with flawless skin, so so beautiful! ! I convince this stunning lad to come film with us! I love the fact we don’t even know who he is!!! And he does (come with us) lol I Shag him fucking rotten!, being inside him feels the best ever and I make sure I blow it right over and up his arsehole for ALL to see and he LOVES IT… LOVE being deep, inside him feeling the skin of my cock against the skin of his bum ! After partying with us I get him over and make sure that 21yr sexy lad doesn’t leave my gaff without my load pumped right up into and inside his cute little arsehole WE LIKE HIM VERY VERY MUCH!!!

Deviant Otter


As much as I love rough, mean faced sex, I also think its really hot when a guy is wicked smiley and doesn’t take things so seriously, like my new bud, Jake. The weather was great so we chilled out by the pool also because the construction guys were out working next door and I felt like putting on a show (sorry about all the drilling and banging). So its no big surprise that him and I shared the same fuck buds, and apparently they’ve mentioned to him that we have very similar dick (like size, shape, feel, etc), and boy were they right! After blowing him and using his a butt for a bit my curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to know what it felt like to sit on my dick, so I decided to ride him. And it reminded me that I really like a cock up my ass, so expect more of that in the future!

Maverick Men


Here’s a special double bubble feature video for you lovers of variety. This nasty-hot double feature has everything you’ll need to stroke one out in two minutes flat. However, I recommend holding off on that orgasm until you check out both of these sexy vids. The first part features our ever so popular buddy, Dirk. Everyone loves Dirks sexy persona and mad skills in the sack, as well as his furry body and truly amazing hairy bubble ass. We met up with Dirk at a local strip club where he was dancing and shaking that sweet ass in our faces. We asked him back to our hotel room for a late night booty call. We miiiiight have been a bit drunky McSkunky. We sucked and rimmed and squirted all over the place, regardless of our state of inebriation. The second part, features our sexy blonde hair, blue eyed muscle jock, Sean. We tortured him with some relentless tickling and throat fucking until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and fucked his tight muscle ass wide open.

Guys In Sweatpants


The last time we saw Chandler, he was getting dicked down and taking a load from one of the biggest dicks on the site… now he gets to do the same to Karson’s nice bubble butt! Karson loves sucking and worshipping a nice dick, so he takes control of Chandler’s… working and sucking the head, licking from the balls all the way up the shaft, and deep throating it. Once he sits on Chandler’s hard cock, they fucked nonstop until Chandler busted his load into Karson’s ass doggystyle. There’s nothing hotter than the sound of a pelvis slapping onto an ass as the raw cock goes in and out of a hole…and there’s lots of that here!

Bait: Scott DeMarco Straight: Aston

Scott DeMarco is back at the studio and this time he’s not alone. He’s brought along his buddy Aston that recently found out that Scott does porn. Aston was blown away when he found out but it didn’t take a toll on their relationship. Instead, it brought them closer together. Aston used to date Scott’s best friend and after they broke up, Aston and Scott remained friends. Good friends…

Scott has been dreaming about hooking up with his buddy for a while but he had to wait until his best friend broke up with him before he could make a move. Lucky for him, Aston was down to give it a shot. So, Scott called up Caruso and he quickly arranged the shoot.

Scott has developed a thing for uncut cocks so you could imagine how excited he was at the thought that he’d be choking down Aston’s beautiful uncut dick!

Caruso stepped back and told both studs to get to it. Scott was quick to drop to his knees and start sucking Aston’s cock. But, then Aston said something that Scott couldn’t believe. Aston said, I know this sounds weird but, I want to sit on your cock! And, Aston rode that cock like a champ!

Czech Hunter 347

I was hunting around a shopping mall at the outskirts of Prague and it went badly. I had absolutely no luck. I decided to take a break and have a lunch at the food corner. There I noticed a young boy eating. We started chatting and he told me that he stopped there on his way from work. He was a factory worker so I was afraid he might be too tired for my crazy ideas. But once I showed him my money, he started bursting with energy. We found a nice secluded place and got busy. The poor boy was freezing but I liked it. The cold tightened all his muscles so I had a great view at his ripped and tattooed body. Not to mention the most important muscle of his body. After I was done with him, I gave him a ride home. I’m sure his girlfriend was happy about the unexpected bonus.

Raunchy Bastards #159

Rejected By Parents, Looking For A New Daddy

I had met Ethan just under nine months ago, but after our first encounter, he went totally AWOL for the longest time. I wasn’t too bothered, this happens frequently. Neither was I surprised when he got back in touch. They come and they go, right? Well, when we re-met, Ethan sure was wanting to make a good impression. He showed up wearing some real spiffy duds, and his politeness level had jumped about 200%. I couldn’t tell whether something was up, or whether I had just caught him on a bad day the first time around.

Well, needless to say, we had a good session. This hot straight jock sure knows all the right moves! After a nice massage, we moved on to some oral satisfaction. Ethan loves kissing and licking around my dick before he finally goes down on it. It feels great! Then when he does put my cock in his mouth, he really goes to town. Throat fucking him definitely was amazing. Then I moved on to his young stud hole.

It was as if he were a virgin again, even though I knew he wasn’t. Ethan must not have been getting any dicks up the love canal lately. Maybe he took time off completely from his ‘profession,’ and it wasn’t just me? Or maybe I was the only one…. I wouldn’t know because I don’t ask a lot of questions. What I DO know, however, is that his ass made my bare dick feel amazing. After getting him loose, I was able to fuck him pretty damn hard, too. I could tell by the end of it he was beginning to get sore, but I was gonna get my money’s worth, come hell or high water. Being nice and polite doesn’t obviate one’s duties. I was satisfied when I did cum in his ass. The feeling of all that warm cum exploding on into his ass, then covering my cock in a beautiful slick sensation – that’s what Saturday afternoons are for!

It turns out, as I found out afterward, that Ethan had been kicked out of his house and lost his job as a result. I do feel for him a bit, being rejected by his own kin. But, I dunno, if he’s looking for a new Daddy, he’s gonna have to keep looking, because I might have a few Benjies and an hour a week for a guy, but that’s as far as my generosity extends. Too many whores to deal with!

Dirty Scout 126

When your work colleagues aren’t up to the task, your job becomes a nightmare. This boy had that problem at both his previous jobs. Incompetent and stupid co-workers made his work life so miserable that he decided to seek out services of the best employment agency at the market. And I am sure that we didn’t disappoint him. The job I found him was exactly what he was looking for. Too bad that our boy didn’t read about our mediation fee. He couldn’t afford it so I decided to help him. I could tell he was pretty ripped so I simply asked him to undress. I just love using my power… He agreed and showed me his beautiful lean body. Then the tittle pervert started getting a boner! I knew this was going to be a cake walk. I offered him money for having a little fun and he agreed.

Debt Dandy 236

This guy was simply super cute, he could easily be a model. Instead he was an unemployed ex-welder in serious trouble. He got fired for causing an accident at his last job and the company demanded 30 000 from him to compensate for the damage. He was pretty depressed about his situation. But he had a plan how to put his life back on track. That plan involved borrowing 25 000 from me. I was very reluctant to lend him that kind of money so I proposed a different deal. And the boy didn’t resist that much. He was an opportunist, he saw an easy way out and he took it! Trust me, he was simply incredible. He even tried to be gentle and romantic, which wasn’t necessary. I just want to give guys a good pounding. And that was exactly was this sweet and gentle boy got.

Maverick Men Directs


Honestly, there’s nothing I enjoy more than teaching a previously-straight guy how to have sweaty aggressive man sex. We paired-up jacked muscle stud Stefan with super sexy Max and the magic happened. Obviously Max was excited to get naked with a gorgeous straight boy but much to our surprise, Stefan was really enjoying it too, especially the kissing. Stefan is a really hot kisser. He made out with all three of us. Woof! Then, we all took turns popping his rim cherry. Double Woof! He had never eaten a man’s ass before. Actually, Stefan had never had anyone eat his ass either, mainly because most women won’t do it, according to him. After all the tongue to hole action, Stefan was ready to plow Max’s ass. Hunter and I were riveted. It all got so hot that we both jumped in on the action and shot our loads.

Guys In Sweatpants


If there’s one thing we like doing here at GISP, it’s introducing and breaking in the new boys. Greyson is the new kid on the block, and he’s getting fucked for the first time on camera by fan-favorite, Mateo Vice. It was lust at first sight with these two, so much that they couldn’t even keep their hands off each other or clothes on while we were hanging out at the park. Greyson is all smiles as Mateo slides his nice, uncut cock in and out of his hole. This is Greyson’s first time being with an uncut guy, but I think he’ll be hooked after this hot fucking! Their constant eye contact and passionate kissing as they fuck lets you know they’re really enjoying themselves! Mateo busted his warm load into Greyson’s hole, pulled his dick out to drain the rest of the cum out, then shoved it back in and kept fucking until Greyson blew his load all over his abs.

Hung Young Brit

🤓Straight laced Boy Turns into Naughty Fucker in camper van sex🚐 tour🎪


This guy his just SO gorgeous!! SO sweet and WELL into being a bad RAW fucker same as me. His never done anything like this before and wanted to meet up in brighton. I fancy him so bad and his also REALLY DIRTY Minded and love’s bare too, same as me … I think he just likes me actually, which turns us both on More and It well shows. Making a boffing straight lace boy and bringing out his BB fantasy’s is HOT I end up literally begging him to cum over my arse and shove it back in me

Bait: Jaxton Wheeler Straight: Daxx

Many of you may already know Jaxton Wheeler from his 7 year porn career. He’s hot, ripped, and has an ass that’s out of this World! For today’s scene, Jaxton brought along a buddy from the gym who is also big and beefy! But, Jaxton’s buddy thinks he’s going to be banging a hot girl, not a dude…

Daxx is Jaxton’s straight buddy and lifting partner that he met about a year ago. He’s single, and after his last girlfriend cheated on him, he’s ready to just fuck and make money doing it!

Things were off to a good start as Daxx was explaining how he met Jaxton but when the conversation moved on to sex, it was time to break the ice. Caruso explained to Daxx that the girl isn’t going to make it but since both guys are already there, he could pay them double the money but they’ll have to take their friendship to another level and have sex with each other. It didn’t take long before Daxx caved in and agreed to give it a try!

What starts out as undressing and muscle envy, ends with Straight man Daxx getting fucked by his gym buddy and now his new fuck buddy Jaxton Wheeler!

Czech Hunter 346

I met this guy on his way to a shopping mall. I was super horny so I decided to be really straight forward today. I made him my usual offer right away and then let him go buy groceries so he could think it through. The poor boy returned with a clueless expression on his face and no groceries in the shopping bag. He couldn’t focus at all after he heard my proposition. He was so sweet and innocent! And also a bit naive because he agreed to go to my creepy cellar I had nearby. I guess he never met a pervert like me before. Don’t worry, I paid him well enough. He sucked me nicely, with some chocking though, and then let me in his bottomless ass. I’m not joking, it was enormous. I’ve never seen a virgin with such a big ass. At least I didn’t have to bother much with lube.

Boys Halfway House Incident #171

Petty Thief Pays With His Ass

Hunter was re-assigned to the House after he turned 18. These days, a lot of jurisdictions will place would-be juvie felons in a group home, and if they come from a wrecked family, then they basically just live there indefinitely. They used to be called orphanages, and they aren’t any prettier today than they were back in Oliver Twist’s time. However, upon reaching the age of majority, these derelicts are quickly shifted from one part of the system to another – that’s where we at the House come in. And unlike those “group homes” filled with a bunch of well-meaning, motivational quote-saying goody-two-shoes, our Halfway House is much more intense, and we are poised to impose real life lessons on the guys.

What’s are the lessons that young Hunter needs to learn? First off, stop being a petty thief. Secondly, get a skill – there’s more to life than living with a chick who’s on welfare and food stamps then playing video games all day. Thirdly, when you fail to comply, you will be fucked, at one point or another. Unluckily for Hunter, his first full day at the House was the day he ended up paying for the crimes of his youth.

I explained to him that I intended we become good friends, and then I showed him what I expect out of my friends. His blow job wasn’t that good, but it was earnest. To tell you the truth his small smooth hands felt better than his mouth. But what really felt good was that barely legal hole of his. I could have creamed just seconds after sticking my raw dick inside him, but I held off so that he could feel the full effect of retribution.

Granted, he was pretty tight at first, but Hunter’s hole loosened up substantially the longer I fucked him. I took care to get him in a lot of different positions. One of my favorites was having his legs curled up while he was on his back. As I grabbed both of his ankles and began to thrust deeper, that’s when I finally felt that Hunter and I might wind up being very close friends. His little teenage hole gave way, and from there on it was pretty smooth sailing. Like a lot of small guys who are getting fucked, his gape was spectacular. I kept pulling my dick outta him just so I could gaze on that beautiful wide-open, cavernous asshole. One of those times that I pulled out, I shoved my dick in his mouth, so that he could know what his ass juice tastes like. I don’t think he liked it too much, but maybe it’s an acquired taste. When I laid him on his side and began to slam him, I choked him out some, and that’s when he began to whimper. Even once I put him back into missionary, the howls and whimpering continued unabated. It was music to my ears. Those moans and groans are the sounds of justice finally being done.

I couldn’t decide whether to nut in his mouth or in his hole, so I decided to nut in both. Since he had such a wide hole after all that pummeling, I flipped him upside down, stood over him, and came everywhere. My streams of jizz caught on his tongue and face as well as into his awaiting hole. That was one hot fuck. Time will tell, however, whether Hunter is truly reformed. In the meantime, though, I’ve got another good friend to rely on until his time is up.

Raunchy Bastards #137

This Teen Is Down For A Pounding

Who is down for getting his ass smashed by a couple of big raw dicks? Ian Odell is! As I like to do with teenage newbies from out of town, we pretty much begin the scene at the airport. In Ian’s case, he wasn’t traveling from another time zone, so he was pretty much pumped and ready to go. Although he didn’t know exactly what was going to transpire or how it would go down, I did tell him that he would be getting fucked.

When I had been talking to him before his debut as an Internet whore, he had described himself as “mostly straight.” I could tell when I met him though, that whatever his sex life was like at home, he was going to be all about The Dick during his time with me and Bo. He also told me beforehand that he could bottom. Bo and I were definitely curious about that, and we found out about 45 minutes after Ian’s plane landed. He’s not a power bottom yet, but there is hope. That was the concensus.

After an interrogation in the car, as well as a quick shower, Ian was already on his knees sucking cock. This teen can suck a cock, too! Instead of just jumping right into the ass-pounding, Bo and I both lingered getting some great dome for a while. Bo started to lube up his ass eventually, but I told him I wanted to eat this little bitch out before his hole got all torn up. When I looked at that hole, it looked great, and I could also tell that he hadn’t been fucked that much in his life. I suppose that’s what one would suspect from someone who is “mostly straight,” right?

Needless to say, we made sure that he got fucked proper. Bo and I both barebacked the slut every which way, kissing and making out all along the way. It was a very passionate and intense threesome. The nice thing about Ian was that he was so eager to please, and he sure did just that. After all, this was his first night out of several, and he wanted to prove his worth. I have to say, he did prove himself, but his hole was pretty wrecked for a few days. No matter, it was a lot of fun (for me and Bo) and very worth it. Bo and I turned out this 19 year old in grand style.

Dirty Scout 125

This boy came to the meeting with a pretty ambitious idea in his head. He thought he was so important and so skilled that he deserved a very generous salary. His high financial demands were the main reason why he left his previous jobs even though he liked them. It wasn’t really that hard to figure out that there was a greedy guy sitting in front of me. Greedy and super handsome. I offered him an important and very nicely paid job to satisfy his overgrown ego and he still complained about the salary! Don’t people know what modesty is these days? When I tried my naughty offers on him, he wasn’t against them. All he cared about was money. I paid him and you should had seen how he liked the ride! I’m not sure if it was me or him who had a better time.

Debt Dandy 235

This boy was in a real rush to get money from me. And no wonder, the apartment building he was living in was about to be demolished. He had three days to find a new accommodation. He picked a flat but unfortunately he was unemployed and broke. He couldn’t even pay for the deposit. But he didn’t like what I asked for in exchange. He had a girlfriend and didn’t want to do me any sexual favors. But the deadline was scaring him so much that he agreed to be my little bitch. Too bad his girlfriend wasn’t there, I’d love to hear her opinion about the boy’s boner. She would be so envious! I shoved my cock down his throat and then pounded his tight shaven ass. It was so goddamn cute that I cummed all over that sweet hole. I hope he cleaned his bedroom before she came home.

Czech Hunter 345

Winter is almost over so I decided to enjoy snow while I could. I like to go skiing every year, it’s a great way to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery. I was a bit sad that I had no one to go with me but then I got a call from two of my previous encounters. They needed money badly so I decided to take them with me on my little vacation. The only problem was that one of them brought his girlfriend with him. She was too jealous to let him go alone. I had to convince them to ditch her for a while and go with me to my hotel room. The boys liked my offer a lot so it wasn’t too difficult to make them do all kinds of nasty stuff to each other. I watched them for a while and then, at the right time, I joined in. Trust me, those guys would do anything to earn my money.

Maverick Men


I have to confess: I thought this video was going to be a dud. That’s why I sat on it for so long, but now after reviewing the footage I can’t believe how super fucking nasty hot it is! I jerked off twice while editing it. Scotty’s moaning and whimpering along will make you bust a big ol nut. The fans of real, unscripted, authentic ass fucking will love this vid.

Hung Young Brit

Pre arranged BB cum fucking by good-looking 19yr Top fucks his cum roun Irish lad’s hole for me to use

I arrange for BBIrishlad to be fucked by a impressively breakthtakingly stunning Top. You shuld see this boy…he is outrageously good-looking! I can’t believe how naughty younger lads are these days, they are up for everything…I gotta tell you, Fucking this Irish lad with the 19yrs cum is one of the highlights of my life…I love it raw and sleazy so much and more so when others are into it as much as me.

Bait: Dustin Steele Straight: Sean

This week, we bring you another special edition of BaitBuddies featuring two hot men, rocking two hot bodies, and two beautiful and thick cocks. And, those two hot men would be Dustin Steele and Sean!

When Sean appeared on BaitBuddies, Dustin was interested to find out who he was so he asked Caruso. Caruso wanted to know why and Dustin told him that it’s because he’s hot and that he considers him and very manly man like himself. Oh, and the fact the Sean can rock a mustache!

Caruso decided to contact Sean but wasn’t sure how it would go since Sean’s last visit at BaitBuddies where he ended up fucking Trey Turner instead of a girl. But, Sean was interested and wanted Caruso to describe Dustin to him and Caruso quickly said that he’s a cowboy. And, to Caruso’s surprise, Sean must have a new thing for cowboys because he was all about making it happen.

Shortly after the phone call, both guys were on the couch and ready to get started. So, Caruso stepped back and let these two hot studs go at it! Both guys started off by rimming each other’s big bubble-butts and finished off with some intense flip-fucking!

Raunchy Bastards #162

This Is What The New Millennium Tastes Like

Hunter Gold is the first Y2K baby I’ve had the opportunity to creep on. I figured that just after the new year, sooner or later a fresh 18 year old would come along. Hunter was the first! A lot of guys, upon reaching the age of majority they immediately seek out a way to get into the porn business. Hunter was no exception. We texted back and forth for a few days before I had him booked. He was looking forward to the hot chicks I had planned for him, but I also sensed that he was slightly flirtatious with me, as well. My curiosity was definitely peaked. He almost had a change of heart at the last minute, but thanks to some smooth talking and promise of fame and easy money, he at least relented and showed up.

When I finally met this cherub in person, I was giddy with the thought of corrupting him. He literally had no idea what he was in for, but I had it all planned out. My game plan for Hunter was to take it slow, test out his boundaries, and push his limits gently, all the while stroking his over-sized ego. The nice thing about the young-ins these days is that they’ve become – through social media – so addicted to constant flattery and laudatory gratification that’s it’s very easy to pull the wool over their eyes.

I had explained prior to his arrival that we would begin with a basic photo shoot and that I wanted to see him get hard and pop. He wasn’t as nervous as I was expecting, but he had a bit of butterflies in the stomach nonetheless. Hunter looked good, too. He has smooth soft skin, a baby face, and piercing eyes. His smile is great as well. There isn’t much not to like about this wunderkind. Once the photo shoot had progressed to the nudes, he took off his boxers without embarrassment. He used his phone to get some porn going when I asked him to get hard, but I suspect that he didn’t need it – the phone was just a prop. This guy was turned on already, just being photographed. The entire time I was taking photos, I was liberal in my touching him and moving his arms and legs into place. I wanted to see how he would react to that. Even when I let my hand linger a few seconds too long, he seemed rather unfazed. That was my cue to take it to the next level.

I sat down next to him as he was pointing his hard teen dick into the air, and I moved his hand away and started tugging on it myself. He got quiet but let me do it. Then as he continued to jerk himself, I rubbed over that smooth torso of his. Well, at that point I realized I wasn’t going to get any resistance, so within a minute or so his legs were in the air and my face was buried in his ass. While my tongue was probing his newly legal fuck hole, I thought to myself, “So this is what the new millennium tastes like!” I had to wait 18 years after the new millennium to find out, but – heck – I’m a patient sort of guy.

After my entire face was sweaty and smeared with that beautiful fragrance of 18 year old boy cunt, I jerked him off to completion. It didn’t take him long to nut, either. When I was finished getting him off, I asked him to return the favor. It was really at this point that my suspicions were somewhat confirmed that he might have a daddy complex. He took hold of my cock with relish, and he had the look on his face that one might have when receiving a present he so desperately wants.

Regardless of what was going through his mind, I’ll tell you what was going through mine: Hunter’s small soft hands and nimble fingers sure know how to work a dick! You’d think he was a thirty year old “happy ending” masseuse with the handjob this guy gives. I loved it, and he made me cum so hard that my jizz was shooting a lot higher than normal. I even got him to taste my cum and give me his thoughts on it! Hunter is definitely a keeper, and I’m looking forward to corrupting him some more.

Dirty Scout 124

This boy’s father had good connections so he managed to get him a really sweet job for someone fresh out of school. Our guy worked as a manager of a small hotel and obviously he was terrible at it. It was such a bad experience that he decided to leave his home town and move to Prague to start a new life. He wanted to build his career without anyone’s help. And he wasn’t doing a bad job. I have to admit, I liked the guy. Not only as a sex object but also as a person. I decided to give him a chance and offered him a managerial position once again. I thought he was ready for it. Too bad he wasn’t ready to pay our mediation fee. So I gave him another proposition. I would pay the fee and he would even make some extra money. He just had to do what I wanted. Everything.

Boys Halfway House Incident #173

Some Guys Never Learn

He left our care a year or so ago with some promise, but within a week he was in trouble and back on house arrest. After a year of having to remain inside with no one else around except his grandmother, he begged to be shifted once again to our care. We can’t say we were too surprised, because some guys much prefer the occasional ass drilling to the loving nurture of their next of kin. What a world we live in.

When I found out that he had returned, I wanted to set the pace for his new stay. After all, he sucks a pretty good dick. His hole, though, still needs a lot of work. It is so damn tight! Getting through his sphincter takes a hard cock and a lot of patience. After a year away, and not in an institution, I was pretty sure that he had tightened back up to practically virgin territory, but in fact he actually felt tighter than he used to be! After slobbing on my cock for a few, and some careful fingering, I thought his ass might be ready. It took a while to ease it in, but damn if it wasn’t a rough go. Finally he was getting fucked proper, but the way he was grasping onto the bed sheets was an indicator of how much he disliked it. It did feel quite good, though, and his ass was still nice and grab-able. Overall a very satisfying fuck. I liked the was he worked a cock with his mouth too much, though, so instead of dropping my load, I told him to finish me off with a blowjob. It didn’t take him long to make my load explode into his pretty little mouth. Unlike fucking, giving good head is one thing you never forget. It’s kind of like riding a bicycle. Only in his case, a bicycle he picked up in prison. Damn that felt good, too. Some guys never learn, but it’s good that they also don’t forget certain skills along the way.

Debt Dandy 234

Computer guys are great. They may be talented in one particular area but they often lack in others. This boy was a real technology enthusiast, he loved all kinds of gadgets. But he was terrible at money management and a little bit delusional about his importance. He wanted a bigger flat and he decided to get the money he needed by borrowing from me. He told me that he would get a nice programmer job very soon. He was sure about it. I’ve seen overconfident guys like him before. I would never lend him anything. But I would certainly pay him for a little bit of fun. He was 18 years old innocent looking boy. Not to mention he was extremely shy. All that created a perfect combination. He was incredibly cute when I shoved my cock down his throat.

Maverick Men Directs – Video


This vid features two brutes named, Riley and Rod. These two hairy and hung beasts flipped-fucked each other into oblivion. When I first met Riley, I thought he was not only very sexy but also really genuine and funny. And then he got horny and I saw a whole other side to him. Woof! Riley was amazingly focused on fucking or getting fucked. He looked at Rod like he was a giant meat stick, there only for his pleasure. They even broke out the poppers for some serious hazy nasty sweaty deep-seeding man-sex. Get ready!