Dirty Scout 130

I have never fucked an army man. This young boy was my first. He wasn’t a typical foot soldier but a fancy IT specialist. He did mostly some analytical and encryption stuff but still… He was a soldier! I wanted to fuck that blonde bitch so much! The guy had a really good qualification so I had to give him basically the best job I had available in his field of interest. And I had to pray for him to be broke. It was my lucky day! Our boy was way too picky with jobs offers in the past months so his savings run out. He was grateful for every extra Crown I offered him. He had some reservations about the stuff I asked for in return but still we had a great time. I think the guy was really horny from living alone and didn’t mind letting some steam off, be it with a girl or with a pervert like me.

Debt Dandy 241

Today I visited a mysterious foreigner in need. This poor Italian boy borrowed money from wrong people back at home. He wanted to start his own business but blew it and had to leave the country. Some really bad people were after him. He chose the Czech Republic as his hiding place but he had a tough time to get a job and generate any income worth mentioning. His savings were gone and he was sinking into debt. I thought he would be an easy prey for my lustful cock but I was wrong. He threw the money back at me and asked me to leave immediately! It was funny. It makes things a lot sweeter when they change their minds. I was almost out of the door when he agreed to my deal. I could barely hide my smile. He was in for a pretty rough ride.

Maverick Men Directs


You should know this was Stefan’s first time doing gay porn. Prior to this shoot, he had never been with a man, ever. We were with a bunch of guys for a week-long shoot in the Pocono Mountains at the Rainbow Mountain Resort. Stefan was very nervous and almost backed out several times, until we made him spend the night with us in our bed. Hunter and I did a really hot vid with Stefan for MaverickMen called, Muscle Stud Cherry Pop. After that, he was good to go, lol. And, he came to learn that topping was for him so it was easy to pair him with our muscle buddy, Steven. We matched up these two muscle fucks and then asked them what they wanted to do, if they could do anything on camera. It was unanimous; they both wanted to workout and fuck at the gym. Woof! I Watched them sweat and pump iron (and then swap blow jobs and rim jobs) and it was almost too much for me to endure. My cock was rock hard the whole time. –Hunter & Cole

Maverick Men


For all you fans of breeding big hairy sexy brutes, this ones for you. As you all know by now, we don’t usually tackle tall hairy porn star man beasts, we usually prefer the submissive side of inexperienced men, but we made an Exception for this guy, because hunter and I have always had a little secret crush on macho, we have seen him and his big sexy man ass here and there in other videos but mostly topping, so when we discovered he loves to bottom and be submissive, we knew we had to get in that ass! And FUCK! Did we ever, we fucking railed his holes so hard and so deep then filled his hole up with so much cum it was dripping out! You will love watching how much macho loved getting man handled by us, I think he was a bit shocked at how hard we made him cum. –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweatpants


It’s been over 2 years, but JJ is finally back where he belongs– fucking and breeding our willing bottoms! If you like fun brother role-play, the first few minutes of this video will be enough to get you going. Their sexual tension was perfect, resulting in hot and passionate kissing and body worshiping. The look on Ty’s face when he pulls out JJ’s 10″ cock to suck on it is exactly what you’d expect… surprised, yet so happy! You know you’ve got yourself a good bottom when you can slam him balls deep with your 10″, and he just lays back with his arms behind his head watching and smiling in ecstasy. JJ slamming Ty doggystyle is what made JJ bust his huge load all over Ty’s back. “Fuck your load back into me,” Ty says as he blows his load all over the bed. @Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


Keen barebacker Billy so wanted to be filmed fucking raw, my Chavy twink British mate was to hand to film it all lol
This Dirty northern lad gets so excited and gets well carried away (look at his face) 😊 when Im telling him what i wanna do!! We both wanna bareback the fuck out of each other, His just there wanking his pre cum outta his dick ready to fuck it in me.
He was so horny he came twice…OMG and HUGE amounts of spunk!! without resting, right over in and up my arse and in gob EVERYWHERE…ALL HERE for you too see.
I want all the videos to be like this… the hottest time!!
I am fucking close tos punking all throughout this and am right on the edge trying to hold off.
This is the shit ive been wanting to do for years!!
This scaly is a right dirty bastard, clearly a total bb fan! And it shows HAHA 🎞 xx George

Bait: Conner Mason Straight: Rafael Cruz

Sweet and sexy Conner Mason is back at the studio and he’s on a mission to find some straight, uncut, Latin cock! And, he’s at the right place for it!

Rafael Cruz is this week’s straight guy! Rafael is Latin, hot, and very well hung! As a matter of fact, he has an amazing uncut cock that’s almost 9 inches long! Rafael is very experienced in the sex department but he hasn’t done anything with a guy before. Well, that was before today…

Caruso has both guys strip down and get hard which didn’t take long at all! But, when he delivered the bad news that they girl isn’t going to be able to make it, things went downhill. That was until Caruso offered double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. Rafael continued to stroke his cock while considering the offer. After a couple of minutes, Rafael finally caved in and decided to give it a shot. It wasn’t long until Rafael was fucking the cum out of Conner before pulling out and shooting a hot load as well!

Czech Hunter 351

Today I went for a walk along Vltava river. The river bank is usually full of young people who want to chill out and have fun. It’s a great place for hunting. I was lucky that the place wasn’t too crowded so I spotted my guy quite fast. He was cute and really easy to talk with, not shy at all. I even convinced him to take his T-shirt off in front of all those people. We had a beer and talked about various things. It was nice but I didn’t come there just to chat. I decided to take him somewhere more discreet. I simply wanted to fuck his tight virgin asshole. I took him to my favorite place outside Prague and fucked him hard right in the middle of a meadow. People were walking by but we didn’t care. We just kept fucking like if there was no tomorrow.

Raunchy Bastards #155

Butt Fucking Isn’t Just A Hobby

I like throwing two of my boy whores together at the same time. Most of the time, they’re only used to being with me alone, and a lot of the time they’ve never even been with another guy. So it definitely puts them off guard, which is always fun to watch. I like the reactions of the ‘straight’ boys when confronted with a guy their own age. Now Charlie I’ve known for a couple of years now, and he lives relatively close. Logan is my new heartthrob, and I can’t get enough of him. He lives more than a 4 hour drive, though, so I don’t get to see him nearly as often as I would like.

One Friday, Logan hit me up to see if he could drive down the next day, and I said, “Sure!” I hit up Charlie to see if he could come over, too. I was happy that when they met they hit it off. When you’ve got a couple of hookers on your bed, it’s always good if they are getting along. At any rate, this was a really fun time. Charlie and Logan got to fuck each other, and I fucked both of them.

Charlie just started nutting while getting fucked not long ago, which was a surprise, but a pleasant one. Just goes to show that once you get used to buttfucking it can become enjoyable. Even for the straight dudes. So I was bound and determined to get a nice load out of him. Logan fucked him for a bit, but I finished him off, railing him darned hard until he released his joy juice. Charlie and I also spit-roasted Logan, which has been a fantasy of mine since I met him. Logan is such a bottom bitch, and he really needed to get stuffed on both ends. It’s cute, too, how he acts like he doesn’t like it that much sometimes when he is getting fucked. At first he acts very nonchalant about it, but then when you pick up the pace, the moans and the look on his face betray his true feelings. Charlie has a big cock, too, so him and me tag teaming Logan was spectacular. We ruined his hole that day, but in a good way. After Charlie was finished pummeling him, I ate him out for a good several minutes. There’s nothing better tasting than a freshly fucked cute little 20 year old whore’s ass.

I creampied Logan while Charlie filmed it. Amazing session with two great Raunchy Bastards. I’m looking forward to more of both of them!

Dirty Scout 129

I had a bad feeling about this boy at first. He looked too capable, confident, and intelligent. He also had good schools and a pretty extensive experience as an accountant at his home town. He also tried to make it in the film industry as an extra. It’s usually not easy to convince guys with a good qualification into doing naughty stuff. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong about the boy. He had a girlfriend but also used to “experiment” during high school a bit. I wonder if his girl knew about his “artistic” side. I think this little sucker enjoyed every single part of our interview. Especially the part when I didn’t have any pants on. He sucked me incredibly and let me destroy his ass. For a price, of course. But I didn’t care, he was worth a lot more than I actually paid him.

Boys Halfway House Incident #176

Decimated Teen Hole Creampie

This little shit just turned 18 and he’s already gotten himself into heaps of trouble. It’s amazing to us how someone under 21 can be under the influence of the bottle, but I guess it just takes a few bad apples in your life to ruin it almost for good. We here at the House, however, believe in rehabilitation, even for those with severe emotional and psychological issues. After all, if we don’t help these young fuckers out, who will?

A big part of this guy’s recovery strategy is scare the fuck out of him so that he realizes what a cesspool his life has become in a very short period of time. So, when I confiscated some contraband from his duffle bag full of video games and black nail polish, I decided to give him some shock treatment. Within minutes, this emo was gagging on dick, his eyes were watering, and he was getting slapped around like he deserves. The face fucking and throat pounding were the least of it, though. Now every House manager has his favorite punishment strategies, but when it comes to 18 year olds, my personal favorite is to stretch out their tight little pink holes as wide as I possibly can. I had this douchebag finger himself before I began the task of shoving my cock in him. He didn’t seem to like it much, but I’m sure after a good fuck session he was wishing a finger is all that had been in there. After slam fucking his teen hole hard and deep, I decided to make him to the rest of the work.

Now – one thing that has to be said about this guy is that he can ride a dick. I’m not sure if he totally appreciates it, but when I told him to ride it until I nutted, he did just that. It took a few minutes for me to dump my load in him, but he kept on going even when most guys would need a break. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy with strong legs, but who the fuck know, maybe he was just scared as fuck and pure adrenaline kept him going? At any rate, I blew my nut into his decimated teenage hole, and I think we won’t be finding any more surprises in his shit for a while.

Maverick Men Directs


You should know this was Stefan’s first time doing gay porn. Prior to this shoot, he had never been with a man, ever. We were with a bunch of guys for a week-long shoot in the Pocono Mountains at the Rainbow Mountain Resort. Stefan was very nervous and almost backed out several times, until we made him spend the night with us in our bed. Hunter and I did a really hot vid with Stefan for MaverickMen called, Muscle Stud Cherry Pop. After that, he was good to go, lol. And, he came to learn that topping was for him so it was easy to pair him with our muscle buddy, Steven. We matched up these two muscle fucks and then asked them what they wanted to do, if they could do anything on camera. It was unanimous; they both wanted to workout and fuck at the gym. Woof! I Watched them sweat and pump iron (and then swap blow jobs and rim jobs) and it was almost too much for me to endure. My cock was rock hard the whole time.

Guys In Sweatpants


These guys have been craving each other for the longest time, and we finally let them go at it! Miller even admits that Vincent and Mateo have been on his “list” since day 1. The sexual tension was high so we unleashed them, and let them devour every each other…every inch and hole. Mateo and Miller took turns fucking Hoss and Vincent, tagging each other in and trading bottoms mid-fuck. Miller’s got that perfect “make me cum” dick, so he went down the line, fucking a load out of each of the guys. The best might be Hoss telling him to “choke me!” as he intensely blows his load. The final blow ends with all 3 of the guys on their knees begging for Miller’s load… and them all taking on their faces and mouths!

Hung Young Brit


Shocking shameless young lads fucks bare on bed in Trackies and hoodies. Dirty minded twink wants to fuck his cum in me Later that night he wants to fuck his cum up me more….We are so fucking naughty, the htought of him fucking his old cum in me more sends him over the edge and he shoots again right up me for a second time he shoots another massive cum load, I fucking love proper feeling him inside me. If your into what we are into then get in touch 😀

Debt Dandy 240

Ales looked like someone who used to be a nerd for the most of his life. Then something changed and he rebelled against the world. He dropped out of school, knocked up some girl back in his home town, and covered himself with tattoos. He still looked quite cute and intelligent but you could tell he wanted to be a rebel. He moved to Prague to start a new life but so far he was failing miserably. 28 000 Crowns was the sum that would get him out of financial trouble. He didn’t have a job worth mentioning so I wasn’t ready to lend him anything, instead I offered him a fun way out of his problems. He had to follow my naughty orders to earn the money. The boy agreed and trust me, watching his innocent face contorted with pain and pleasure was incredibly hot!

Bait: Sean Duran Straight: Adrian

Sean Duran is back, bigger than ever, and he has some new ink. At least now he can always have some cock on that beautiful chest of his! Sean has always been a great and convincing bait guy and since he can’t get enough straight cock, he’s back at the studio and hopefully he can land some straight Latino dick!

Adrian is the straight guy this week and he’s a hot Latino from Columbia. Adrian is a sex fanatic and he’s already had threesomes and orgies! He’s had so many women already that he can only recall fucking one of them in the ass. He loved how tight it was but he thought it was kind of weird. But, that didn’t stop him from busting a nut! Adrian has a great body, great face, and a fat uncut cock! Oh, and his ass is big and beautiful. Caruso asked Adrian if he’s ever let a girl lick it and he said no way because that it would be too weird…

As usual, Caruso had to break the news that the girl can’t make it but he can offer double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. Obviously, Sean was down for it but Adrian wasn’t. Then, out of nowhere, Adrian said I’ll try it. Sean jumped at the chance and grabbed Adrian’s cock and started stroking it. Before the scene is over, Sean will have rimmed Adrian and both guys will have fucked each other good and hard!

Czech Hunter 350

My plan for today was to go shopping and looking for boys at the same time. It seemed like killing two birds with one stone. But not every plan works. As soon as I started, I got a call from a boy I met only a few months ago. He desperately needed money so he offered himself and his friend at my disposal. I was willing to give the guy another go but I wanted to see the friend first. To be honest, he was a lot better looking than I expected. I really wanted to watch them doing naughty things to each other. It was a beautiful day so I decided to have fun outside. We drove outside Prague and settled on a nice meadow. We had an amazing threesome. I let them take care of me nicely and then showed them how to play with each other. The „straight friends“ loved it!

Dirty Scout 128

This boy spent most of his adult life in a kitchen. He loved cooking and enjoyed being a chef. But his dream was to have his own business. He wanted to be his own boss. That’s not an easy thing to achieve and he knew that. So his plan was to move to Prague, save enough money, and then realize his dreams. The job I had for him would certainly help him. The boy would work as a head chef at a restaurant making nice money. But first he had to pay our mediation fee. It took him by surprise, he was dirt poor at the moment. All I had to do was to make him an offer that would be just good enough. That made him an ideal sex toy. I let him suck my horny cock and then I pounded his tight hairy ass. He couldn’t wait to get the hell out of my office.

Raunchy Bastards #131

Transmissions Aren’t Cheap, Neither Is He

Bo is really one of my favorite fucks. The poor guy just can’t catch a break, though, so he is always hitting me up. If he didn’t live two and a half hours away he’d break my bank and my dick! But it is definitely nice to spend some quality time with him. We usually hang out, go out for dinner and a few drinks, and then I fuck the living daylights out of him. He always has such a nice boned when he’s getting banged, too.

This particular session actually happened the night before his 21st birthday, the first time I met him, and we went out for some Tex Mex afterward. He tried to sneak a drink in, but got the evil eye from the server. Anyways, that’s a whole other story. Our first encounter happened because Bo needed a new transmission, and he was out of possibilities, so he decided to pimp himself out. He was already a bit of a freak, so taking that last step toward male whoredom wasn’t as big of a deal as it is with most young guys. Which made the whole experience quite nice. Don’t get me wrong, I usually get aroused by a nervous, fidgeting guy who knows he’s about to get his cherry cracked open, but I also on occasion enjoy a boy who just wants to make daddy happy.

Bo sure does make me happy, too. He is a great kisser, and loves getting fucked (even though he identifies as straight). In this session, we suck dick and I eat him out a lot before I dive in. I love rimming his ass – it is a beauty! After I fucked him, he came and then I nutted into his eagerly awaiting mouth. What a charmer, swallowing it with a smile. Well, he’s not cheap, but I understand. Transmissions aren’t cheap, either.

Hung Young Brit

3 RAW Trashy 🇬🇧 lads horny AS FUCK and STILL CRUISING!!

–Part II–3
lads go cruising! I FUCKING LOVE Outdoor fun This whole video is one of my fav by far.. Its GREAT!! Beautiful naughty lads seeking naughty fucking dicks in the middle of the day Watch us go looking for more guys I get cum all over my face then fucks it back into my arse with that spunky dick BB in Me and charile take turns in loading alex’s perfect cheeky bubble butt (crowd watching) Real sex, real guys. Outdoors (we were a little bit ‘Happy’ after partying all night) We are so horned up after the party we literality will fuck anyone Someone told me about the fuck tree, but I didn’t realise it was a night thing, during the day its as open as fuck which we kinda fail to realise till it was Too late YES we get caught at 6:29 Whoops!

Bait: Cesar Rossi Straight: Adin

Cesar has made his way back to the studio and we’re happy to see him again. The last time we saw Cesar it was just before the holiday season of 2017. Now, he’s back and he’s looking just as hot as ever! And, if he has his way, he’ll be getting fucked by a big straight man!

Adin is this week’s straight guy and he’s a big hunk from the Midwest. He stands at 6’3” but it’s not just his height that makes him big because this man is big all over and he has a big and beautiful bubble butt to complete the package!

After interviewing both guys for a bit, Caruso steps out to check on the female talent and he returns with bad news… The girl can’t make it today… But, Caruso offers to double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. Surprisingly, Adin says that he’s pretty open and if it feels good, then he’ll give it a shot! And, just like that, a star was born!

Czech Hunter 349

One of my friends invited me for a game of bowling. I almost turned her down but then she mentioned that two of her friends were to join us. That sounded pretty interesting. Those two boys were quite good looking. One of them was kind of a douchebag so I decided to go after the sweet and innocent one. We all had a great time playing bowling. I stopped counting drinks after some time and just enjoyed myself. But all that time I had my eyes on Petr. He was a college student so I expected him to be a tough nut to crack. He sucked at bowling but I didn’t care. I wanted to have fun with him. When he started to loosen up, I proposed a game. The loser of the game had to show his dick. When he agreed, I knew I got him. The guy was easy.

Raunchy Bastards #143

Cum Dump Express

Lance Farrow was one of my lucky finds – a college student strapped for cash, who was not only a cute blond but didn’t mind at all taking it up the butt. A lot of guys will do it for money but they complain before and after how much they dislike it, but not Lance. He is fairly upfront about how much he loves getting banged by a) his girlfriend’s strap-on and b) a cock. Well, more recently a cock, because we’ve had him getting fucked as much a possible each time he pays us a visit.

I told Dominic that he should give Lance’s ass a go. There are holes that are nice to fuck, but Lance’s is primo! Warm and somewhat tight, but with enough give that you can really pound the fuck out of him. Dominic was game – in fact he was looking forward to it. Toby and I set up the lights and basically let these two gay-sex-newbies go to town. But this scene is mainly about Lance getting a lot of pleasure. Lucky for him Dominic has a great dick and a lot of stamina. After fucking him every which way, Dominic lays down a big load of cum on and into Lance’s hole, and then keeps fucking him. When Dominic is finished, Lance fingers all of Dominic’s cum out of his cum-dump hole. So much for being straight but curious. We all think Lance has moved beyond that phase now.

Dirty Scout 127

I really like boys from small towns. They look so innocent compared to city boys. This one was such a sweat heart. I could tell he was from a good family. He had good schools and I liked how ambitious he was. His French was so good that he wanted to become a translator. Unfortunately, all I could give him was a job at a French company. He was still excited about it and gladly accepted the job. His excitement faded away once he realized he wasn’t able to afford our fee. So… we had to improvise. His naked body left me in awe, specifically his horse cock. I have never had an applicant with such a monster dick at my office. He was bigger than me! When we moved forward, he revealed some other hidden talents and skills. Small town boys can be pretty slutty sometimes.

Guy In Sweatpants



Ash’s fat cock is a thing of beauty, and Jackson enjoys every last inch of it in this video. Every once in awhile, he would pull it out of his mouth, look at it, and just smile. But who wouldn’t?? Ash was more than happy to return the oral favor on Jackson’s perfect hole, getting it nice and lubed up before he stood up and slid his fat cock all the way into it. Gotta love the look of ecstasy on a bottom’s face when you hit that spot for the first time. Their fucking is super hot, but I think the hottest part is when Ash has Jackson flat on the bed, pounding him, and Jackson just begs for more! Ash’s loads are always explosive, and this is no exception. Cum makes for the best lube for sliding his cock back in Jackson too!

Debt Dandy 238

This boy was a mystery. He didn’t want to talk about his job or his past. He even refused to tell me where he was from. Maybe he really didn’t know. I liked it because it spiced things up a little. The guy needed 24 000 to pay his debts, mostly installments for his expensive car. He lost his job and made a few debts since then. After a month of unemployment everything started to crumble. I really wanted to help him with his financial situation. That’s why I offered him a painful but quick solution. Instead of taking a loan he would take my dick. The boy was a bit nervous because he lived with his brother. Eventually he agreed. My cock got him pretty scared. It could barely fit in his small mouth. Too bad his virgin asshole was even smaller.