Boys Halfway House Incident #176

Decimated Teen Hole Creampie

This little shit just turned 18 and he’s already gotten himself into heaps of trouble. It’s amazing to us how someone under 21 can be under the influence of the bottle, but I guess it just takes a few bad apples in your life to ruin it almost for good. We here at the House, however, believe in rehabilitation, even for those with severe emotional and psychological issues. After all, if we don’t help these young fuckers out, who will?

A big part of this guy’s recovery strategy is scare the fuck out of him so that he realizes what a cesspool his life has become in a very short period of time. So, when I confiscated some contraband from his duffle bag full of video games and black nail polish, I decided to give him some shock treatment. Within minutes, this emo was gagging on dick, his eyes were watering, and he was getting slapped around like he deserves. The face fucking and throat pounding were the least of it, though. Now every House manager has his favorite punishment strategies, but when it comes to 18 year olds, my personal favorite is to stretch out their tight little pink holes as wide as I possibly can. I had this douchebag finger himself before I began the task of shoving my cock in him. He didn’t seem to like it much, but I’m sure after a good fuck session he was wishing a finger is all that had been in there. After slam fucking his teen hole hard and deep, I decided to make him to the rest of the work.

Now – one thing that has to be said about this guy is that he can ride a dick. I’m not sure if he totally appreciates it, but when I told him to ride it until I nutted, he did just that. It took a few minutes for me to dump my load in him, but he kept on going even when most guys would need a break. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy with strong legs, but who the fuck know, maybe he was just scared as fuck and pure adrenaline kept him going? At any rate, I blew my nut into his decimated teenage hole, and I think we won’t be finding any more surprises in his shit for a while.

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