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FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! This is a brilliantly hot video! Hunter and I met up again with our sexy, delicious, married, bisexual boy toy, Adam. This time he took us on a hike in the woods where we got down and rimmed and sucked and fucked a little, too. We wanted to get hard core on him, so we left the woods in search of some privacy. We got Adam back to our hotel and told him we were gonna rail on him as it had been almost two weeks since either of us had cum. Hunter and I love edging each other for weeks before we shoot a vid. By this time, We were so full of cum and so pent-up that we filled Adam’s hairy bubble ass with a gallon of cum. –Hunter & Cole

Hung Young Brit


REAL HOMEMADE Party 🎉 footage. Having a chill out round my house, Charlie’s young 🅱🅱 lover cute 21yr matewants to be used and abused…and have it on film as a memory 📽
Yes Please ‼
We get him round and both fuck him so much is arse cant take anymore…
I spunk first this time so Charlie cans lide his massive dick in that cummy young lads hole and use my cum as lube to fuck him rotten!💦
And yes!!!! He breeds his mate which is well pervy to watch 🙂
If you wanna be next in the mask Message us
we are thinking of expanding our Tag Team, DM 📧 us xx xx George

Czech Hunter 356

I was supposed to meet a boy that one of my fellow hunters fucked a few years back. My plan was that we would find another boy and have a threesome with him. We arranged a meeting but that little bastard didn’t show up. That’s why I started looking around on my own. It didn’t take too long and I found Martin, an 18 years old security guard. He was exercising when I approached him. Martin was pretty open-minded, which was a good sign. I was almost ready to take him somewhere discreet when the dude I was waiting for showed up. I was so happy, we would have a threesome after all! We went to this boy’s apartment and had a great time together. Poor Martin had no idea what he signed up for apparently. It was very painful for him.

Bait: Dustin Steele Straight: Jay

We’re back this week with another special edition of BaitBuddies, starring two hot longtime friends. And, one of them is a very familiar face around here! That would be Dustin Steele and all of his glory!

Jay is our new straight guy and he just happens to be good buds with Dustin. And, even though Jay considers himself to be straight and was married to a woman for a short time, he still doesn’t mind getting a helping hand from another dude when it comes to getting off! Jay lived in Florida for a short time and then he moved out to Iowa to continue his true love of farming. Both Jay and Dustin are farm boys and they have the corn fed bodies to prove it!

Caruso doesn’t have a setup and none is needed. Once he gave the go ahead and stepped back with the camera, Dustin dropped to his knees and started deep throating Jay’s fat cock! Jay started to get very vocal and more determined to fuck Dustin. So, Dustin bent over and Jay stuck his thick dick inside him and fucked him good and hard! Cowboys sure do know how to throw down!

Raunchy Bastards #142

Broke Teen Swallows

Sometimes a teen just needs to pay his cell phone bill. After all, keeping in communication is important! Luckily, he has just enough time left to shoot me a text before his phone got shut off. I told him I’d help him out if he wanted, and as always, he was happy to chill for a few hours. In addition to some fascinating conversation, I was looking forward to some great dome. Ian didn’t disappoint, either.

When he arrived we chit-chatted briefly, but seeing as it was late and all, I didn’t even get his basketball shorts off of him before I had my tongue buried in his ass. This guy has an ass for days! After spending some time massaging his sphincter, my cock was needing some attention as well. Ian is amazing at it – he could suck a nail out of a doorpost. I was happy to be on the receiving end of his specialty, and I also was eager to get his toes in my mouth. I’m not usually that turned on by feet, but he has a sexy arch, and I like them alot. While I worked his toes he jerked off his big dick for me. After a while longer, he got me close and I blew my entire nut into his mouth. Like a good boy, he promptly swallowed the whole damn thing. Broke teens are definitely the best.

Dirty Scout 134

This boy had a very tough life. His parents died when he was still young. Lack of proper upbringing left a significant scar. He only managed to finish primary school and then he gave up on any higher education. He started working at construction site. Then he made a living by cleaning streets. Eventually his aunt took him to Berlin. I expected that would be a life changing moment for our boy. It wasn’t. He worked there for four years as a garbage man and city streets cleaner. He made crap money while living at his aunt. No ambitions whatsoever. When his aunt died, he had to leave the flat so he decided to go back home. Now he was sitting in front of me waiting for some miracle job to fall in his lap. Well, he was young and cute so maybe I had a job or two for him…

Guys In Sweatpants


JJ and his monster cock are back again. On the lucky receiving end this time is muscle hunk, power bottom, Lucas Leon. It’s Lucas’ first time with us, and he and his amazing ass do not disappoint. Like most of us, Lucas loves big dicks, and you can tell by the way he licks, sucks, and worships every inch of JJ’s meaty piece. JJ gets Lucas’ ass nice and lubed up with his mouth, then bends him over the counter before sliding all 10″ in and ponding away. You know you have a good bottom when he’s rock hard without ever touching himself like Lucas. You’ll probably never watch a hot muscly bottom gets fucked missionary on a sink and enjoy it as much as Lucas does here. The only thing he enjoyed more was getting fucked even more in the bedroom and eating JJ’s big load! @Austin Wilde

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featuring superfan Tank!

For you guys out there that love to watch a hot little ass get stuffed with a big cock, this ones for you – especially if you love hearing a little guy moan and whimper as much as we do. Our number one fan Tank and his lover Josh came to see us when we did a club appearance at Club Inter Belt in Ohio. We all went out and had a blast and got pretty hammered so we checked into a hotel down the street. We spent the night and the next morning we discovered that Tank and Josh had a friend sleep over. They all woke up horny and wanted to do a fuck video. Get your cum rags ready for this one! –Hunter & Cole

Deviant Otter


Featuring Jack Andy!

Jack’s always been a friend of a friend, so I figured it was time that we finally got together because I’ve always been a big fan of his furry muscle bod, and that beautiful big dick of his. Usually me and the dudes I’m filming with chill for a bit, but Jack’s a pro and just goes for it, so he threw off his clothes and we started going at it. That boy can suck some dick, had me squirming like a little bitch, teasing my head and edging my shaft, really fucking hot. I could’ handle the teasing anymore because I thought I was going to cum, so I lifted his legs and went to town on his ass. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience; sensual, tingly, and to the point. I would highly recommend Jack’s services. Rob

Hung Young Brit


Had a fuck round James, 22yr with an 8inch Thick Dick!
James is proper sexy and models for some sex parties 🎉 he said he wasn’t interested in doing videos until Pete turns up! lol
I wake James up (whos passed out from the night before) with a HUGE morning glory!!
🌈 Me and James take turns Fucking this beautiful chav council boy up the arse, This is super hot and all 💯% REAL
I spunk a massive load over Jame’s Big nob 🍆 AS HIS ALREADY in Petes arse and james fucks my cum bare in the stunning twinks bum Before shooting a massive load over and up pete as well!! These boys LOVE anything to do with Bareback!! The sleazier the better, ‼This is a Fucking hot one guys‼ xx George

Bait: Javier Cruz Straight: Blaine Wilder

Javier Cruz is back at the studio and this stud is always hot and always horny! Javier can’t seem to ever get enough straight dick, and when he’s not out prowling around for it on his own, he’s showing up at the studio in search of it. And, we love seeing him in action!

This week, Javier has brought a buddy from work that’s looking to make some fast cash. Javier already told him that he was doing gay porn but to his surprise, his friend Blaine said he was interested in hooking up with a guy as well. Blaine has played around with guys in the past but that was when he was young and just experimenting. Today, he’s much older and he’s looking to go much deeper… Literally!

Caruso steps back and tells both guys to go at it and do whatever feels good. Blaine wasted no time and started choking down Javier’s rock hard cock! Blaine must have been thinking of this more than he wanted to admit because it wasn’t long after he had sucked Javier’s cock, that he was begging for him to shove that fat uncut cock in his tight little hole!

Czech Hunter 355

Prague had been like a furnace these days. That’s why a wanted to cool off somewhere near the river. I went to main outdoor swimming area in Prague and looked for boys. The place was packed with people so I had to look carefully. I noticed a shy looking guy lying on the grass and decided to spend a nice afternoon with him. He was surprised but not strictly against the idea. He was broke and my money would help him a lot. I wanted to do something different this time so I rented us a motorboat. I was looking forward to some nice river action. The boys was really shy and was scared by people. I couldn’t understand why, his cock was definitely something to be proud of. We fooled around a bit but eventually the boat was simply too unstable for what was coming next.

Raunchy Bastards #128

Wearing Out A Hot Young Slut Ass

Bo Connor and Dalton Kramer are both teenage sluts, in their own way, but to tell you the truth, they couldn’t be more different. Dalton is 18 and Bo 19, but Dalton is a bit of a hayseed, and still a bit uptight about man-sex. Bo, on the other hand, is a total freak who doesn’t mind some heavy butt play. Since Dalton has a big cock, I figured that he and I could have some fun with Bo – and put him to the test.

They definitely got along well enough, as they were both interested in each other’s tattoos and such, and when I asked them to make out with each other it didn’t take a split second for them to begin. Even though they both profess to being “bi” at best, by the way they were sucking each other off, I was a bit skeptical. I was even more blown away by Dalton’s ass-eating skills. It’s not too often you find a nominally “straight” 18 year old who will happily tongue another dude’s hole, but Dalton seemed to be all about it. That said, Bo DOES have a nice clean, pink, attractive hole. My goal for the day, however, was to blow it out a little, with the help of Dalton.

When the fucking commenced, I could tell Bo was definitely going to be tired by the time we were all finished. Dalton’s manner of fucking is definitely jack-hammer style, and as he was warming Bo up to his thick schlong, Bo was running from him (to the point that Bo was leaned clear over the chair almost doing a head stand!)

In addition, Bo was screaming a lot, so I shoved my dick in his mouth so as not to freak out the neighbors. Dalton and I alternately took turns using Bo’s mouth and ass, and then Dalton got Bo on the coffee table and really went to town. Bo was shouting like a banshee with each of Dalton’s thrusts, and it was so fucking hot I had pre-cum dripping like a faucet off of my cock.

Since Dalton is a bit new to being on camera, he was having trouble nutting that day, so I let him watch some of his favorite porn on his phone to get close, and while he was doing that, I fucked Bo’s hole some more. By this time, Bo was sore as fuck, so I took it easy. When Dalton was ready, though, Bo sprang back into action, gobbling up that teenboy jizz just before seconds later I came in his hole. After felching out my own cum, Bo still hadn’t stopped stroking Dalton semi-flaccid cock. This bitch just can’t get enough! And that is why I like him so much.

Boys Halfway House Incident #174

Swamp Rat Pounding

It doesn’t happen too often, but on occasion a guy will run away. Well, most of them just leave, not technically run away, because a lot of guys are here of their own volition, and if they want to leave, they can. But a lot of the guys are here because it’s a condition of their probation or parole. Now, on the one hand, it’s not too much of our business if they bolt. After all, there are a lot of guys looking for beds, and we’re not law enforcement, after all. On the other hand, especially with the hard-up cases, it makes sense to go get them if they get themselves in a pickle. After all, we’re here to help, right?

This swamp rat was one of the guys who was ordered into a home, and at the precious age of 18 has already seen a lot of institutionalization in his life. However, he’s used to running away whenever he feels like it, and the consequences used to be a slap on the wrist, and maybe some extra dish or laundry chores. When I heard he had bolted, I probably should have just called his P.O., but I called a few informant type friends and figured out where he had gone. He ended up about 5 hours out of town, which required a long drive and a motel stay. I didn’t mind that too much, since I figured I’d at least get my dick wet from this little swamp rat. Sure enough, I got all that and more.

He was nervous as fuck when I put my hand on his shoulder and started rubbing my crotch, because it wasn’t up until that point that he had figured out what the game is. He figured out pretty damn, quick, though. And given his history life on the streets, he was pretty much compliant This guy had sucked a dick or two in his life in order to get a favor, that’s for sure. He’s such a little fella’, I couldn’t believe my cock even went into his mouth, but he gave it a good try, and his cock sucking wasn’t too bad for a little straight boy. His ass, though, that was a whole different ball of wax. Faced with a thick dick, and when he realized I was gonna fuck him before the night was over, he didn’t seem to be too upset. I think he’s used to life throwing him curve balls. So I mad him lube up my cock, and then I held his skinny ankles as I shove my cock inside of him. It was tight, but not so tight that I couldn’t get a groove going. And after a few minutes he was gaped-out and ready to pound. Hell, he even rode me for a while, and that felt so good I almost nutted inside of him right then and there. I held back, though, because I really wanted him on his stomach so that I could get a better view of my dick sliding into his little teenage butthole. Sure enough, I was able to get to pounding pretty easily. After I had gotten my fill, I released a big nut right onto his blown out love canal, and then I just kept going for a while. I made him show me his jizz covered asshole when I was finally through. For a swamp rat from the boonies, he actually looked pretty good as a spooge canvas.

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We spent a long weekend with our angel-faced boy, Joey. We really got to know him and man did we crush on him and his delicious little hairy ass. As hard as we tried, we just couldn’t get enough of his sweet holes. We love Mikey’s willingness to share his deepest desires. We explored finger banging, dildo play, throat fucking, and nipple play. His eyes rolled back and he was in heaven. We had Joey moaning and gushing precum all over the place. We’re already planning his next visit with us. –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweatpants


If you like watching lean jocks fuck and cum in each other, you’re in luck here. This is Quin and Forest’s first time on the site, but it’s Forest’s first video ever! Since it’s their first time, I wanted to chat with them like usual, but as I walked in the room, Quin was already face deep in Forest’s beautiful ass. Definitely can’t blame him! After swapping blowjobs, they flip fucked all over the bed and floor. Quin has a beautiful cock that perfectly compliments Forest’s amazing bubble butt. The only thing better than the look on Forest’s face as he’s getting plowed is when they both blow their loads at the same time while that’s happening! Just two hot jocks enjoying each other’s bodies…inside and out. @Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


🐷 Trying to organise a group fuck so 🐷
Invited a few of the lads down to stay with me…
Private little party at mine with essex boy Charlie, whos FUCKING BEAUTIFUL, hung like a horse and a right nasty bastard also billy and The 18yr pup Jake and my house mate were all there‼
My flat mate was filming it with the 18yr pup jake but he chickens out half way through but shameless Charlie is such a horny fucker he wants to just be seen on film all the time being a dirty cunt. I love begging for him to spunk it right up inside me!!! (Maybe im the shameless one) haha
He Shags me to an inch of my life in the arse with hus HUGE thick 9″ dick unloads in right in the back of my as and leaves Me dripping with his cum
This not acted 🎥 Genuine video of him creampieing me
Both my mates were filming it all happen and its HOT AS HELL 🔥
Oh dont worry about jake….we will get him involved he just dont know it HAHA xx George

Bait: Allen Straight: Nicholas Ryder

Nicholas Ryder is this week’s straight guy and he loves having sex! He’s not just here to try to become a star, he’s here to get laid and he’s always wanted to do it in on a real set in a real studio. This guy has done a lot already, and even though he looks like he’s 25, he’s really 30. He’s says it’s the Italian in him and from keeping fit. Just wait until you see the ass on him! And, this stud has no problems with girls playing with his ass. He says he loves it!

Allen is our new bait guy from Orlando. Allen is hot, slim, and he has a really thick dick! Today, he’s hoping to put it to good use!

Once both guys stripped down and got their cocks hard, Caruso tells them that he’s going to go check on the female talent. He returns with bad news… As usual, the girl can’t make it and the only option for anyone to make money, is if both guys will have sex with each other. Allen thought about it for a bit and then he said he couldn’t resist the money. And, he decided that he would take it to another level by taking a ride on Allen’s thick dick!

Czech Hunter 354

Another beautiful sunny day in Prague, so I decided to hunt outside. I wanted to go for a little drink but the boy I met there made me totally forget about my thirst. All I could think about was him. He was waiting there for his girlfriend so I had to be really quick and convincing. Money did the trick. The boy was a student of agricultural so not exactly a rich guy. I offered him cash and he ditched his girl in a second. I love guys like that. We fooled around on the street for a few minutes and had a great fun. He was in a pretty good shape and didn’t mind to show it off. I’m sure all the ladies around enjoyed the view. And so did I but I wanted a lot more from the boy. We had to go somewhere discreet. I knew this was going to be a fun afternoon.

Maverick Men Directs


I LOVE getting straight boys to fuck each other. I love watching how things pan out; who maintains their straightness and who is a blossoming closet bottom, lol. In this vid, we paired-up super sexy straight boy Sean with delicious thick-dicked straight boy, Austin. You will love watching Austin slide his thick meat stick up Sean’s ass, especially as Sean squeals and moans in delight. A few wild things happened as I was filming them; I realized that both straight guys had never eaten ass or had their asses eaten. Naturally, I had to show them how it’s done. Also, I had to teach then the proper way to worship a cock. Much to their credit, they were quick studies. And then, Dax Daniels walked in the house during filming and I made him whip his monster cock out for the camera. Finally, just after Austin shot a thick hot load of jizz in and all over Sean’s gaping ass hole, we commanded Ren to lick and suck his hole clean. Wow! –Hunter & Cole

Raunchy Bastards #126

Slide That Cock Right In There

I was fortunate enough to get a call from Derek when I was hanging out with Rick.  Although Rick is the type of teen who is an exceptional bottom, and I love fucking him, he had never topped before and was eager to try it.  Derek, on the other hand had only gotten fucked once, and it had been a while, so I decided that these two should be in a scene together.  Derek wasn’t too keen on getting pounded, but he needed the money.  

Rick has a substantial size dick, and after each of these two had blown one another, it took a while to loosen Derek’s tight hole up.  It’s a nice, sweet pink hole, and one that doesn’t seem to have taken any abuse.  But Rick sure did try to give it to him!  Rick fucked Derek until he couldn’t stand it anymore, and then Rick nutted all over Derek’s face.  I made sure to rub some of it in his mouth, just so he could get a taste.

Dirty Scout 132

This young man used to have truly admirable jobs in the past. He worked at a nursing home for elderly people and then he took care of children from poor families. He tried to get a job abroad but failed miserably. It had to be pretty bad since he refused to talk about it. Now he wanted a new job in which he would be able to put his skills in good use. I had something really special for him. He would work at at summer camps that took place abroad. Who wouldn’t like free vacation as a full-time job? He was thrilled but couldn’t afford our fee. I’m sure he wanted the job really badly because it wasn’t too hard to get him out of his clothes. Now he had to decide how much money he wanted to make on the side. My offers were generous but the boy had to work hard.

Debt Dandy 243

Life in the northern part of the Czech Republic was way too boring for this cutie. That’s why he decided to move to Prague and start a new life. He even brought his girlfriend with him. Unfortunately, our boy had a child with his ex-girlfriend so he had to pay alimony. Not to mention some other debts he managed to accumulate. He was not able to get any decent job over the six months he was in Prague… Now all those bad decisions caught up with him. Still he stayed optimistic and smiled all the time, which I just loved. My offers scared him a lot but he got over it and agreed to have a little fun. I’m sure he expected it to be a lot quicker and less painful. His ass was extremely tight and took a lot of stretching. It was hard-earned money.

Boys Halfway House Incident #178

Roses Fall But Thorns Remain

There are some residents that just deserve everything coming to them, and this idiot is one of them. He’s so slow at his chores that even his bunk mate complains. He goes to work late, comes back late, and basically can’t get into the game. This isn’t boding well for his recovery, either. In addition to his road to success, however, I’ve basically been interested in one thing since he first transferred over to us, and that is getting his pretty lips around my cock.

The funny thing is, when I walked in on him and made up a b.s. excuse to begin his intensive therapy, he dropped to his knees like a cocksucker in a porn shop stall. “Well,” I thought to myself, “at least he knows what’s expected of him around here.” He sucks cock like a pro, and I was enjoying it. I could tell he hadn’t sucked a lot of dick, but definitely enough to know his way around. No teeth, firm lips on the shaft, and he only choked and gagged a few times. In another few weeks he won’t even be having trouble deep throating the whole thing. Getting fucked, on the other hand, isn’t his forte. But he will get the swing of that as well, I’m sure.

It took me a few minutes to work my dick into his hole, and I could tell that he wasn’t enjoying it one bit. He was clenching his teeth and clenching a fist while I slid my pole further into his cunt, and I was a little worried that this was going to be a tough fuck. I guess it had just been a while, because once he was loose enough, he took it like it was payday.

I fucked him on the kitchen counter until his hole was red, swollen, and gaping. I coulda busted inside him right then and there, it felt so good. He didn’t take too kindly to me grabbing his hair, but I’m not sure if it was because he didn’t want to be treated like the bitch he is, or if he was worried about how it would look after I was finished with him. But anyways, now that he WAS ready for a pounding, I wanted to see if he had some skills. I made him ride me, and the guy has some jump in his game! It felt great. I love making these young dumb delinquents ride dick. It’s a memory that will be burned into their tiny little brains. For years or decades onward, every once in a while they’re gonna remember the time they were my own private little whore. Whether they remain whores is up to them, but because of their transgressions, they put themselves in the situation at least once. And when they’re older and not

Deviant Otter


Found this cute little thing vacationing in my neck of the woods. He’s new to porn, he just started popping up on Twitter and started filming for a few other sites. So if tatted ginger otters are your thing you are going to love this kid, his hole just gobbles up your cock, its great. I wanted to fool around in the yard but we got too stoned and lazy so we just went at it in my patio. I really wanted to bust in his wet hole but he was really persistent about getting a facial so I finished on his face, and then made out for a bit so I could eat my own spunk. Definitely hittin’ that again. Rob

Guys In Sweatpants


Greyson is new, but with his boyish good looks, cute accent, and ability to take a dick, he’s quickly become a fan favorite! This time he gets the pleasure of playing with and getting fucked by Hoss’ nice and wide cock. Since Hoss is a pleaser, he spends a long time with his face buried in Greyson’s ass getting it nice and ready to fuck his brains out. There’s nothing hotter than a guy’s huge balls slapping your ass as he pounds away. In a hot turn of events, since cumming with a dick in your ass is always better, the cameraman jumps in a finishes things off… then blows his load on Greyson’s freshly fucked hole! @Austin Wilde