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featuring superfan Tank!

For you guys out there that love to watch a hot little ass get stuffed with a big cock, this ones for you – especially if you love hearing a little guy moan and whimper as much as we do. Our number one fan Tank and his lover Josh came to see us when we did a club appearance at Club Inter Belt in Ohio. We all went out and had a blast and got pretty hammered so we checked into a hotel down the street. We spent the night and the next morning we discovered that Tank and Josh had a friend sleep over. They all woke up horny and wanted to do a fuck video. Get your cum rags ready for this one! –Hunter & Cole

Deviant Otter


Featuring Jack Andy!

Jack’s always been a friend of a friend, so I figured it was time that we finally got together because I’ve always been a big fan of his furry muscle bod, and that beautiful big dick of his. Usually me and the dudes I’m filming with chill for a bit, but Jack’s a pro and just goes for it, so he threw off his clothes and we started going at it. That boy can suck some dick, had me squirming like a little bitch, teasing my head and edging my shaft, really fucking hot. I could’ handle the teasing anymore because I thought I was going to cum, so I lifted his legs and went to town on his ass. Overall I am very satisfied with my experience; sensual, tingly, and to the point. I would highly recommend Jack’s services. Rob

Hung Young Brit


Had a fuck round James, 22yr with an 8inch Thick Dick!
James is proper sexy and models for some sex parties 🎉 he said he wasn’t interested in doing videos until Pete turns up! lol
I wake James up (whos passed out from the night before) with a HUGE morning glory!!
🌈 Me and James take turns Fucking this beautiful chav council boy up the arse, This is super hot and all 💯% REAL
I spunk a massive load over Jame’s Big nob 🍆 AS HIS ALREADY in Petes arse and james fucks my cum bare in the stunning twinks bum Before shooting a massive load over and up pete as well!! These boys LOVE anything to do with Bareback!! The sleazier the better, ‼This is a Fucking hot one guys‼ xx George

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We spent a long weekend with our angel-faced boy, Joey. We really got to know him and man did we crush on him and his delicious little hairy ass. As hard as we tried, we just couldn’t get enough of his sweet holes. We love Mikey’s willingness to share his deepest desires. We explored finger banging, dildo play, throat fucking, and nipple play. His eyes rolled back and he was in heaven. We had Joey moaning and gushing precum all over the place. We’re already planning his next visit with us. –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweatpants


If you like watching lean jocks fuck and cum in each other, you’re in luck here. This is Quin and Forest’s first time on the site, but it’s Forest’s first video ever! Since it’s their first time, I wanted to chat with them like usual, but as I walked in the room, Quin was already face deep in Forest’s beautiful ass. Definitely can’t blame him! After swapping blowjobs, they flip fucked all over the bed and floor. Quin has a beautiful cock that perfectly compliments Forest’s amazing bubble butt. The only thing better than the look on Forest’s face as he’s getting plowed is when they both blow their loads at the same time while that’s happening! Just two hot jocks enjoying each other’s bodies…inside and out. @Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


🐷 Trying to organise a group fuck so 🐷
Invited a few of the lads down to stay with me…
Private little party at mine with essex boy Charlie, whos FUCKING BEAUTIFUL, hung like a horse and a right nasty bastard also billy and The 18yr pup Jake and my house mate were all there‼
My flat mate was filming it with the 18yr pup jake but he chickens out half way through but shameless Charlie is such a horny fucker he wants to just be seen on film all the time being a dirty cunt. I love begging for him to spunk it right up inside me!!! (Maybe im the shameless one) haha
He Shags me to an inch of my life in the arse with hus HUGE thick 9″ dick unloads in right in the back of my as and leaves Me dripping with his cum
This not acted 🎥 Genuine video of him creampieing me
Both my mates were filming it all happen and its HOT AS HELL 🔥
Oh dont worry about jake….we will get him involved he just dont know it HAHA xx George

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I LOVE getting straight boys to fuck each other. I love watching how things pan out; who maintains their straightness and who is a blossoming closet bottom, lol. In this vid, we paired-up super sexy straight boy Sean with delicious thick-dicked straight boy, Austin. You will love watching Austin slide his thick meat stick up Sean’s ass, especially as Sean squeals and moans in delight. A few wild things happened as I was filming them; I realized that both straight guys had never eaten ass or had their asses eaten. Naturally, I had to show them how it’s done. Also, I had to teach then the proper way to worship a cock. Much to their credit, they were quick studies. And then, Dax Daniels walked in the house during filming and I made him whip his monster cock out for the camera. Finally, just after Austin shot a thick hot load of jizz in and all over Sean’s gaping ass hole, we commanded Ren to lick and suck his hole clean. Wow! –Hunter & Cole

Deviant Otter


Found this cute little thing vacationing in my neck of the woods. He’s new to porn, he just started popping up on Twitter and started filming for a few other sites. So if tatted ginger otters are your thing you are going to love this kid, his hole just gobbles up your cock, its great. I wanted to fool around in the yard but we got too stoned and lazy so we just went at it in my patio. I really wanted to bust in his wet hole but he was really persistent about getting a facial so I finished on his face, and then made out for a bit so I could eat my own spunk. Definitely hittin’ that again. Rob

Guys In Sweatpants


Greyson is new, but with his boyish good looks, cute accent, and ability to take a dick, he’s quickly become a fan favorite! This time he gets the pleasure of playing with and getting fucked by Hoss’ nice and wide cock. Since Hoss is a pleaser, he spends a long time with his face buried in Greyson’s ass getting it nice and ready to fuck his brains out. There’s nothing hotter than a guy’s huge balls slapping your ass as he pounds away. In a hot turn of events, since cumming with a dick in your ass is always better, the cameraman jumps in a finishes things off… then blows his load on Greyson’s freshly fucked hole! @Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


Me and my mates go driving on a sex tour of the UK
I fuck the very first boy I meet actually in manchester’s gay district and park right on canal street 🍺
This dirty Greedy bottom boy cant get enough
His a hot fucker so No chit chat, I pull him in on the bed and start sliding my cock up him, he begs me to cum up him 💋 but I dont (well not yet) instead I fuck him rotten, I screw him all over the camper van 🚐
I wanna make his arse used and raw 💥 before getting my cum in him
All I got on my mind is blowing my cum inside this naughty manc lad
When he tells me how much cum has been shot up him previously that it!!! cant hold of any more…👉This lad is cute as fuck👈 xx George