Debt Dandy 250

Another family man called for my help. Don’t worry, he was only 23 years old. He left his girlfriend and his son and moved to Prague. His plan was to get a job and prepare a new home for his loved ones. He was lucky that his uncle basically left him a basement flat. The place was a total dump but the boy was determined to renovate it and live there with his family. He wanted to start as soon as possible but didn’t have money. That is why he asked me to lend him 25 000. The guy was attractive to me and I got turned down too many times that day… I couldn’t wait. I decided to go straight to the point and offered him 25 000 for fucking him right there. He was shocked and started blabbing about having a family. Sometimes dedication and sacrifice are required…

Deviant Otter


So apparently it’s almost been a year since me and Sean had a hangout so I decided a reunion was in order, especially since one of my buddies told me he was getting into fisting. Shoving my hand up a dude’s ass isn’t generally my go-to, but every now and then I like to go deeper and punch around a man’s guts. If you haven’t had all your digits in a guy’s ass you can’t imagine the sensation of feeling their heartbeat and knowing you have the power to bring pleasure or bring them to the brink of pain. It’s a really hot mindfuck. And if fisting isn’t your thing feel free to skip around on the video, there’s plenty of rough fucking and shoving toys up my dude’s ass. Rob

Guys in Sweatpants


If anyone’s interested in a well-trained massage, followed by a nice ass eating and hot, raw, fucking, Ty is your man! There’s no better way to get your bottom loosened up than relaxing him with a massage, then shoving your face in his ass. It’s even better when that ass is a beautiful as Lucas’. Once Lucas’ ass is nice and lubed up, Ty pulls him towards him by his hips into the doggy style position, spits on his cock, then slides himself into his perfect hole. The look on Lucas’ face as he’s getting plowed should be award-winning in itself. Ty’s topping skills are right up there with his amazing bottoming skills…as he power fucks Lucas. They finish each other off with Lucas on his back and Ty slamming his hole. Ty fucks him so hard and good that his load is exploding out as his pulls out mid-fuck, all over Lucas’ muscular body! @Austin Wilde

muscle bottom


Many of you love to watch us dick-down jacked muscle guys. So, here’s a perfect bearded and tatted muscle man for your viewing pleasure. Don’t get us wrong; we love muscle ass, hairy ass, twink ass – you know by now that we love all kinds of guys. But I have to admit, we see and feel the appeal; there’s something about penetrating a hard muscle ass that works a huge load out of our cocks. We filled up Riley’s ass with so much cum that it was squirting out of his mouth, lol. We love you, Riley! Hope to hang with you again soon. –Hunter & Cole

Bait: Chandler Scott Straight: Sean

Chandler Scott returned to the studio this week but he didn’t come alone. Instead of contacting Caruso to set him up with a random straight dude, Chandler brought along his straight buddy that he used to experiment with while growing up! Sure they got each other off and sucked each other’s cocks but that’s as far as it would ever go… until today…

Chandler’s friend Sean is definitely a stud with a hot body, great face, and a nice big dick! And, maybe it’s because he’s with his friend Chandler, but this guy was totally comfortable naked, on camera, and with another dude!

Caruso told the guys to get started and they didn’t hesitate! This was a long time coming because both Chandler and Sean were so passionate together! And, even though Chandler had been dreaming of getting fucked by Sean, Sean had also been wondering what it would feel like, so he pulled out, laid on his back, and let Chandler fuck the cum out of him!

Raunchy Bastards #113

Teen Squeals Getting Porked

Unlike a lot of 18 year olds these days, Robby actually has a day job. That never stops him from hustling on the side, however. Not only does he have a great work ethic, but he seems to enjoy his work (a lot!). All the better, because when I see him he is awfully cheerful and full of energy. This night I was fortunate enough to grab out little session on camera, too.

He’s pretty good at massages, but frankly he probably needed one more than I did. At any rate, it’s nice having that kind of personal attention. And his massages come with way more than a happy ending, too. After he had worked on my back with his tiny hands, I rolled over so that he could work on my shaft with his silky teen mouth. It was so great – if I would have cum down his throat right then and there, I still would have considered it a good night. But lucky me, I got to go a lot further. When he rolled over and offered up his sweet pink hole, I dove in face first. Robby tastes good – so good. His hole is tight too, so much so that it’s surprising he isn’t a virgin. Maybe he just has great muscle control. Whatever the reason, my tongue – and my cock – are grateful.

When I stood up and slid my dick inside of him, his face lit up. It didn’t take long to get up to full speed, and I’ll tell you what: the looks on his face are so priceless it’s difficult to describe. Pleasure, delight, awe. I’ve never in my life met a teenager who liked cock in his butt as much as him. I’m lucky that I get to tap it as often as I do, too. He not only loves it, but he can take a pounding like no other. I was laying into him like a sledgehammer into a brick wall, and he still wanted more. It’s somewhat common to meet a young guy with a daddy complex, and it’s fairly common to meet a guy who can get slam fucked without mercy, but it’s difficult to find a guy who has both qualities. He definitely earns my respect (and more than just that). After I bred his ass we laid on the bed together for a while. I was catching my breath, but Robby was probably enjoying the cum dripping out of his hole. What a great boy fuck.

Maverick Men Directs


We brought together two guys that have had a long-simmering lust for each other since high school. They used to fantasize about hooking up in the locker room, but the closest they ever got was staring at each other at the urinals – and you guessed it; they both have big dicks. Tommy starts out wanting to get cock worshipped, rimmed, and then top Ren, but the tables sorta got turned as it all turns into a nasty flip fuck video. –Hunter & Cole

Young Hung Brit


HOT 19YR wants to fuck me 🙁

This vid is really funny, i really like Aarons commentary, Me & Aaron are so not buying his BS. lol
(I love the way he thinks his going to 🔝 me)
Dude – this boy has the worlds most perfect bum cheeks and loves getting them out! (very kim kardashian)
He 👀 innocent but his actually a naughty little shit – you can see the way he goes right for my cock as soon as he knows im hard – thats his no angel
♨ Aaron is proper egging me on to do him !
I even spit right in his gob then stick my dick in there – fucking love using this boy
What do we think of him?
Message us if you wanna have some fun NO 🔞 Pls x
This vid is 45mins long and is HORNY AS FUCK 🙂 xx George

Bait: Jorge Straight: Darin

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Darin Silvers but he’s back this week in a special edition of Darin gets bigger and better each time he comes back and even though he’s filmed a lot of scenes with dudes, he still considers himself straight and is only gay for pay!

Jorge is this week’s bait and he’s a big fan of Darin. As a matter of fact, Jorge emailed Caruso and told him that he thought Darin was the hottest guy on the website and that he loves to jack off while watching him. So, Caruso decided to make Jorge’s dream come true and contacted Darin to set up the shoot.

Caruso steps back and lets the guys get down to business. And, after a little undressing and kissing, Jorge drops to his knees and starts choking down Darin’s fat cock! Jorge services Darin and rides his thick dick like a champ before dropping to his knees once again so that he can swallow Darin’s hot load!

Boys Halfway House Incident #182

Hole-istic Therapy

A brand new guy in the House, who hasn’t even had an opportunity to get a full night’s sleep, is generally a bundle of all-messed-up. These are young people who have (almost) officially fallen to rock bottom. The good news for most of them is that there is generally only one way to go, which is upward. Our thankless jobs as House Managers is akin to scraping road kill off of the side of the highway, except that in this case, the road kill is expected to spring back into action and become a useful member of society.

In addition to getting our dicks wet, we definitely understand that we strive toward a higher purpose. We generally assume that treating these losers like whores in no small part contributes to their quick recovery. Most often, they want to get the hell out of their and never return. I’m sure this guy will react the same. Newbies like him on their first day are a bundle of conflicting thoughts and emotions: embarrassment, despair, anger, and sometimes hope. They are easy to sway at this delicate moment, which makes it way easier to get some early favors from them. And once they’ve complied once, the rest of the times is like taking candy from a baby.

He looked puzzled when I pulled my cock out after giving him a little pep talk about “getting along” and “we’re all here to help each other,” but in spite of his initial bewilderment, this twenty year old cock sucker knew exactly what to do. It might have been the first cock he’d sucked in days, in fact. I could sort of tell that he didn’t mind it too much. The verbal abuse he took well, too. I was pretty sure that he had been used to being called a piece of shit from an early age. But in spite of all of that, when he noticed my attention going towards his hole, the look on his face changed immediately. He was not about it.

I fucked him anyway, and I fucked him good. This guy was taking it, too. So it definitely wasn’t his first time. However, I intended to make sure it was his most memorable. As I put him on his knees, I continued going in deep, and grabbing his hair was the next obvious step. If you’re going to have a haircut like that, you should expect to have it grabbed while you’re getting dicked-down, am I right?

It felt so good, I was audibly impressed. And since he was so athletic, I had him ride it. Well, I found out that even though he might be “gym athletic” he was actually a lazy cunt. But after I barked at him to do it better, he found it in himself to give it the good old college try. Well, that did it for me, and I bred the little fucker while he was impaled on my cock.

He might last a few weeks, or he might finish the program. My hope is that this kind of hole-istic therapy gets his mind focused so that he can get the hell out of here and do the right things with his life.

Raunchy Bastards #039

Breaking In Two New Whores

When it comes to rentboys, fresh is always best. A lot of times I’ll have an experienced guy help me out with a newbie, but sometimes the stars align and I actually get two new guys at once. This was the case with Leo and Patterson. I had just met both of them – one online, and one through a friend. Since my friend Jed was hanging out with me on the same day that I got texts from both of these guys, I asked him if he wanted to help me break in two new whores. He was all about it!

Patterson was in a frat and was just looking to make a little dough (and experiment, I think). Leo had gone to high school with another young buddy of mine, and they stayed in touch. Leo was 19 at the time of this filming, and Patterson was 21. Neither had much experience. That said, each had his specialty: Leo can suck a mean dick, and Patterson is a hungry bottom, whether or not he knows it yet.

Anyways, the guys both showed up within 15 minutes of each other, and we all just turned on some lights and threw the two whores on the bed. As things progressed, each of the two got to show off his skills, and me and my buddy got to get our dicks wet. Since the guys were anything but nervous, it was an interesting time. It’s one thing to do a one-on-one in a dark room, but completely another to be in a group situation. Well, in the end it turned out well. Patterson got barebacked and Leo got an entire load of jizz sprayed into his mouth. They were pretty cheap, to boot!

Guys in Sweatpants


We’ve all been there: it’s summer, you’re packing up the car to go to the beach, and next thing you know, you’re sucking dick and getting fucked bareback in the backseat. If anyone loves sucking cock, it’s Quin. He worships every inch of Brandon’s like it’s his last meal. Both of these guys have the perfect cocks for fucking, and that’s just what they did….flip fucking each other both outside and inside the Jeep. They always say versatile guys have more fun, and this just proves it! There wasn’t a single minute where one of them wasn’t getting fucked and not loving every second and inch of it. Quin had Brandon missionary in the backseat going to town as they both blew their loads at the same time. If you like internal cum shots, you’re in luck because Quin unloads inside Brandon, and it’s fucking glorious!@Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


💯% REAL guys all come back with after the European porn awards… Warning! this is
💯% Real
💯% unedited
this is really ruff footage, there are mistakes, there is bad lighting, but i promises you its 💯% fucking genuine! no bullshit – these lads were all just wanting to breed the fuck out of each other
I get dumped up by a cum loving dirty bastard with a stash!
He scrapes up his pre-cum and fingers it in my arse – his such a bareback loving cunt ❗
OMG this video sends me insane ❗ ❗
I dont normally 🍾🥤💊✨ but
im not going to lie 🤥, we were all a bit cunted after celebrating a win! Best Website 🎖 xx George

Maverick Men


We found this gem from years ago, when we first started shooting. I really wasn’t going to put it out because this straight boy chickened out at the last minute and wanted to wear a mask. However, he was a virgin with a sweet hairy ass crack and sexy body, so we decided to teach him a lesson and punish fuck his virgin hole. If you like cute straight virgin man ass getting gaped open by two cocks, you’ll like this one. –Hunter & Cole

Bait: Valentino Straight: Anthony

Welcome our new bait guy named Valentino! Valentino is from Houston Texas but he doesn’t sound like it. You’ll notice his Italian accent as well as his Italian charm. Valentino is only 21 but his love for straight men has been going on for some time. He says he loves the challenge and today, he hopes to land another straight hunk!

Anthony is the week’s straight guy and he’s definitely a hunk! This 23 year old Latin stud just got out of college so he’s in desperate need of money and since he’s single, he figured that he would give the porn World a shot. He’s big, beefy, and he’s also packing a big uncut cock!

Caruso tells both guys to work up their cocks and see if they can stay hard in front of the cameras, as well as another dude. Neither guy had and issues so Caruso tells them that he’s going to step out for a minute to check on the female talent. Once again, he returns with the bad news that the girl can’t make it. But, if both guys will have sex with each other then they’ll earn double the money. There was a brief period of awkwardness but Anthony couldn’t resist the cash and agreed to try it out!

Czech Hunter 358

Today I called one of my guys and told him that he can have a job if he manages to get a boy who would join us for a threesome. The guy had a great idea. There was a high school nearby and he suggested to go there and hunt. We didn’t have to wait too long and a beautiful athletic boy walked right into our trap. He was almost eager to show us his amazing body. For having a look at his cock we had to go somewhere more discreet. He was scared that his teachers might see him. When he finally showed us his equipment, we were impressed. I couldn’t wait to see that hose hard so I offered him all my money for going to a hotel with us. Trust me, you don’t see such a huge boner every day. Enjoy the view!

Raunchy Bastards #151

Old Fat Fuck Lures Boy; Turns Into Cum Rag

When Ray told me that he was straight and still in high school, that made me all the more eager to corrupt him. I asked him to drive over for a photo shoot, and I explained that I would tell him all about the porn industry when he arrived, as well as take some stills. A few hours before the time he was supposed to show, he went radio silent, and I got worried he wouldn’t show. Then, like clock work, he arrived. Apparently he had had tire trouble on the way. Lucky for me he’s good with a spare.

Ray is 18 and he definitely looks his age. However, unlike a lot of younger guys, Ray is actually polite and punctual. That was a plus. And he is a bit shy. When he finally took off his undies during the photo shoot, I could tell he hadn’t been anywhere near this kind of situation before. Just as well, because after I grabbed his hard cock he was *definitely* in a situation he hadn’t been in before.

Although he professed to never having had a gay experience, I definitely got a curious vibe from him, and that helped me a lot, because he pretty much went with the flow as I molested him. Surprisingly, and one of my favorite things, is that he didn’t use any teeth when he was sucking my cock. My other favorite thing is how protective he was of his butthole. He didn’t want me to go there at all, but I did anyway, and although he said he would never get fucked, I’m not so sure. Perhaps.

Well, needless to say we had a lot of fun. The proof, as they say, though, is in the pudding. After a long session, I asked him to cum, and he laid down on the couch. A proceeded to grab his head and shove my cock into his mouth as he whacked off furiously. I came first, all over him, and then as if on cue, Ray came too. And he came A LOT. He must have enjoyed it somewhat, because that kind of orgasm surely doesn’t happen every day. He looked really hot lying there in my and his cum, though. I liked it so much I took a picture. That’s exactly how I like my senior photos to look.

Dirty Scout 136

Another boy from a small town in my office. This poor boy tried so many jobs only to get screwed over by crooked employers. One day he said to himself enough with the crappy jobs, I want to do something meaningful and well-paid. Too bad he couldn’t find anything. He was unemployed for a year and then decided to try his luck in Prague. He was a bartender and even though he had a very little experience, I decided to give him a chance. Night live in Prague is booming and there is always a shortage of handsome boys mixing drinks behind a bar. I could tell he loved the job offer. I’m sure he didn’t expect to work this much to get it. He was kinda greedy and wanted extra money. Too bad I don’t give up my money easily. Not sure he really enjoyed our interview till the end.

Boys Halfway House Incident #180

Old-Fashioned Hole Thrashing

It’s pretty brazen to be selling when you are in recovery, even if you aren’t doing the stuff yourself. Well, we definitely toe a hard line when it comes to this sort of infraction. I had the dipshit sit in his closet for a few hours to think about what he had done, and even afterward he came across as quite snarky and un-remorseful. Well, I didn’t tell him this, but I planned on getting my dick wet and then calling his P.O. anyway. In the meantime, I figured I’d have a little fun with this miscreant.

I grabbed a fistful of his hair and shoved his mouth down on my cock, over and over. No gag reflex, which was great. He sucks a pretty mean dick, this one. I could have had him just give me some dome until I nutted, but I was eager to see what kind of junk he could pack in his trunk. When he removed his clothes and bent over, I saw that his hole was nice and pink, and not nearly as used as I had thought it would be. Loose, too. Hell, it didn’t take much more than a gob of spit to slide my fattie right in there. He winced on cue, but to tell you the truth he is just a little whiny bitch anyways, so I wasn’t surprised. After some hard pounding in doggie, you could have stuffed a baseball bat up his cunt.

Since his hole wasn’t going to pose a problem, I just let loose, thrashing his hole hard until I was sure that he was going to give up. Instead, he had a boner! Well, that was my cue to have him ride me hard. You wouldn’t think by looking at him that he was very athletic, but this guy bounced up and down on my dick for a lot longer that I was expecting, the whole time jerking his hard little dick. This is one of those rare cases where the punishment backfires: the resident actually gets off on being treated like dirt. Oh, well. At least I was enjoying it, which is all I cared about in the first place.

I pulled out to see his gaping boy hole, and he just stuck his fingers right in there and kept going until he nutted. I let him, since I knew he wouldn’t necessarily have this opportunity in the County Jail, and hey – I’m not all that bad to these guys. So he came and then I came in his mouth. After a bitch slap, I left him soaked in his own sweat and both of our jizz. Won’t be seeing him again for a while, though, I expect.

Debt Dandy 247

Stupid times. That was the boy’s answer when I asked him why he called me. It seemed like he was hit by a series of bad luck events. Including unemployment, debts, and problems with his car. Even a nice thing like a present turned sour for him. I’m sure he didn’t want his girlfriend to know about all the problems, that’s why he met me secretly. It would be crazy to lend money to someone in his position. The loan would create more problems than solve. That’s why I offered him my usual naughty solution. He was so shocked that he needed a few shots of Vodka before he finally agreed. I didn’t understand why. His huge boner was up almost from the moment he undressed. And he tried very hard to please me. He did a very good job.

Maverick Men Directs


There’s something about two big super hung and aggressive tops nailing a moaning bitch bottom in the ass that I just can’t get enough of! There’s just nothing better than a delicious mix of men of color brutally crushing the ass of a whimpering twink. If you love car sex, huge monster cocks, ripped bodies, double penetration and aggressive nasty sex, this video is for you. –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweat Pants


Justin is a muscular, carefree, country boy from the South who loves sex. We’ve been looking forward to having him on the site for awhile, and wanted his first time to be a good one–there’s where Greyson comes in! They started off in the shower, where Greyson got to worship Justin’s muscular body, and lick and suck on his nice cock. They wasted no time though, and hit the bed where Justin lubed up his cock, jumped behind Greyson, and slid himself in. Justin is the kind of top who loves to fuck hard, but also loves to play with his cock in and around his bottom’s hole…and it’s hot as hell to watch. Doggy style is one of Greyson’s favorite positions, and you can definitely tell as Justin pounds away. If you make it to the end, you’ll get to see Justin’s load dripping out of Greyson’s hole after he unloaded in it! @Austin Wilde

Young Hung Brit


Russian boy 🅱🅱 fucked in front of 2 mates
I promised domitry I would get him fucked RAW in the local gay cruising area 🌳 by strangers, it pissed down with rain 🌧 so no guys – thats where I come into it!! Lol
I fuck his beautiful bum bareback – 😉
Nearly caught by dog 🐶 walker! … but I dont give a fuck, keep on fucking him, just get him to shut up, she’s FUCKING CLOSE man lol
Just wanna Spunk in Russian boys cheeks in the rain.
My mates were skiving of work, they got it on video for ya! 🎞
I’m so close to coming the whole time
After I spunk one over & in sexy little shit he turns me round and give me his cum right up my arse, its fucking drenched with spunk and had to go home on the bus like that 🙂 🚌 xx George

Bait: Guy Lima Straight: Joey Strongwater

Guy Lima is our new bait guy and he’s one hot and horny Peruvian stud! He’s young, hung, and uncut! Guy is obsessed with straight cock so he’s here at the studio to see if Caruso can help him out. And, he tells Caruso that he likes his guys rugged and hairy.

Joey Strongwater is this week’s straight guy. He’s 31, hot, hairy, hung, and rugged. He’s the perfect match for Guy except for the fact that he’s never done anything with another dude.

Caruso tells both guys to strip down and see if they can get hard in front of the camera. Both guys didn’t have any issues and were rock hard within minutes. That’s when Caruso told them that he was going to step out of the room to go check on the female talent. He returns a couple of minutes later with the bad news that the girl can’t make it. But, he can double the money that he was going to originally pay them if they will have sex with each other. Joey was reluctant at first but then he finally caved in and said he’d give it a try.

Raunchy Bastards #134

Straight Cracker Thinks Raw Gay Butt Sex Is Gnarley

Ethan Brandt gives it to Ash McCoy with his big fat cock in this great fuck scene. This scene happened on the first day that I had ever met Ethan, and he wasn’t too eager to have gay sex, but he smiled and gave it a great try. Luckily Ash had a one hour window of opportunity – he literally came over during his lunch break from the gym where he is a trainer. Talk about personal service!

Long story short, I was just wowed by Ash. This dude can take a dick, and I enjoyed seeing him react to Ethan’s oversize dick. Being a lifter, I suppose he has that macho attitude about pain (or maybe it’s simply more enjoyable than painful?). If he didn’t have to be back at work, though, I swear he could have gotten fucked for hours and not complained. Despite having a girlfriend, Ash is definitely turning into quite the power bottom.

As for Ethan, well he not only kept hard for the whole ordeal, but he pulled out some fancy moves. He’s from the rural South, and maybe I underestimated him. Since his passion is mixed martial arts, though, I wasn’t surprised by his strength and flexibility, just the fact he got into the more advanced porn moves. I suppose when you are fucking Ash, Ash makes it a lot easier to do. Ethan did bust a load on Ash’s worn out hole, and shoved his load deep inside for a nice finish. After that, Ash hopped quickly in the shower and then was back off to work. Ethan, when asked about his first time fucking another dude, simply replied, “It’s gnarley!” with that hayseed grin on his face.

Dirty Scout 135

I couldn’t believe this guy was just an ordinary room painter. He had a look and body of a model. Too bad he was already taken otherwise I would try to turn him into my boyfriend. His girlfriend and son would probably object. Anyways, he wanted to move his whole family to Prague and needed a job before doing so. Obviously, I offered him the best position I could. I would do anything to see him naked. And pay anything to get inside him. He had some serious debts so in the end he wasn’t that difficult. I had to give him all my money but it was a good deal for me. The guy insisted many times that his girlfriend must never ever know about this. Let’s hope no one recognizes this cutie and sends the video to her. That would be evil.