Raunchy Bastards #039

Breaking In Two New Whores

When it comes to rentboys, fresh is always best. A lot of times I’ll have an experienced guy help me out with a newbie, but sometimes the stars align and I actually get two new guys at once. This was the case with Leo and Patterson. I had just met both of them – one online, and one through a friend. Since my friend Jed was hanging out with me on the same day that I got texts from both of these guys, I asked him if he wanted to help me break in two new whores. He was all about it!

Patterson was in a frat and was just looking to make a little dough (and experiment, I think). Leo had gone to high school with another young buddy of mine, and they stayed in touch. Leo was 19 at the time of this filming, and Patterson was 21. Neither had much experience. That said, each had his specialty: Leo can suck a mean dick, and Patterson is a hungry bottom, whether or not he knows it yet.

Anyways, the guys both showed up within 15 minutes of each other, and we all just turned on some lights and threw the two whores on the bed. As things progressed, each of the two got to show off his skills, and me and my buddy got to get our dicks wet. Since the guys were anything but nervous, it was an interesting time. It’s one thing to do a one-on-one in a dark room, but completely another to be in a group situation. Well, in the end it turned out well. Patterson got barebacked and Leo got an entire load of jizz sprayed into his mouth. They were pretty cheap, to boot!

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