Dirty Scout 143

This boy was a little slow and gave me really hard time. He was a butcher who didn’t want to be a butcher anymore. His dreamed of going to Australia and catch snakes or something like that. It wasn’t easy to have a meaningful conversation with him. Fortunately, he had some experience as a cook, which made a pretty good combination with his butchering skills. I offered him a nice help cook position at a hotel in Prague. He wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. When I told him about our fee, I started to worry he might leave my office. I could see he had a muscular body so I tried all my magic on him. It was worth it because when he tossed away his stupid clothes, he looked amazingly. I could see his cock getting hard from the excitement.

Czech Hunter 364

It was a terrible rainy day and I was stupid enough to hunt at a park near Vltava river. The place was obviously totally deserted and I was getting soaking wet. When I was about to give up, I saw this young boy leaving one of the docked boats at the river bank. He was nice enough to talk to me and later even showed me some skin. It cost me some money but the boy was adorable. He had a lean and firm body of a young man. I would fuck him right there but the rain was quite annoying. And I had to convince the boy first, of course. He had no experience but he admitted being a bit bicurious as a teenager. Also he was incredibly greedy, which wasn’t too surprising. You have to pay extra to get the good stuff. I rented us a cabin we could hide from the rain. Anchors away!

Maverick Men Directs


Pairing up horse-cocked newbie Memphis with sexy redneck Gauge was apparently a great idea, especially once we saw how hot and awkward it was for both of them to get into the zone. I mean lets face it, the truth is these guys are pretty much straight. They both have females in their lives; Guage has a wife and Memphis has a long-time girlfriend. There’s no way to deny the physical pleasures of a big fat cock sliding in and out of your ass or some amazing head, but it’s how you handle it as a man as you realize you’re looking up into the face of another man fucking the a load out of you, as you cum all over yourself, lol. I really love human sexual psychology and all its gray areas that allow people to flirt with the reality that sex is fluid and different for everyone. So, why not try new things and enjoy the ride!? If you’re bisexual or just curious and want to be in a fun hot video with like minded guys, contact us at ColeAndHunter@MaverickMen.com –Hunter & Cole

Hung Young Brit


Taking little Sasha on holiday 🌴 with us – His a naughty boy!
We all end up in the cruising area
Sasha pulls this REALLY FIT 24yr lad who’s Fucking Fit as!
He bends that lad over and Bare fucks him on cam
There were guys EVERYWHERE – too many to count
We are surrounded by guys getting there cocks out – All the Biggeset dicks in spain
✔Dick sharing
✔Raw Fucking
✔Cute Lads
✔Massive Cocks
✔Cum Play
✔Cum Sharing
– as soon as one of my mates is done sucking one of these Sizeable nobs then one of my other friends jumps right on it!
Highlight of this vid! BY FAR … is BBirishlads sucking this Hung dick off
❌No wanking it
❌No touching it
✔He makes the guy cum ONLY with his mouth from start!
Until the guy blows it right over His tongue- we then snog it in each other mouths (this is super fucking horny to watch!)
We were surrounded by guys getting there cocks 🐓out 🙂
Taking our new resident cute lad to spain to be a dirty fucker turns out to be a good move
What happens next is PURE MADNESS ❗ xx George

Raunchy Bastards #121

Definitely Cheap And Fairly Easy

I met Pete on CL before they yanked that section. It’s a damn shame they did that, it’s a lot harder to find these guys. I always used to troll the M/F section looking for some horny broke teens and twenty somethings. Nowadays, it’s mainly driving around convenience stores and gas stations. At any rate, Pete was looking for a MILF, and even though I didn’t quite qualify, I asked him if he was interesting in filling up his wallet. Now, most guys need a lot of convincing, but Pete was living in a transitional home and was pretty hard up, so he said “sure” almost right away. I had to drive an hour, but that kind of drive is worth it for some young fresh straight virgin ass. I think he had been curious at least a little before I contacted him, or he wouldn’t have said yes right away. He did also say that he was interesting in t-girls. So, I guess he just needed some human companionship, and any kind of money was just icing on the cake.

So, I got a hotel room suite and he came over on time. He was quite friendly, and we got right down to it. He did not suck dick very well, but I let him go on at it for quite a while – he obviously needed the experience. Then, I began the task of working open his hole. It was a chore, because this guy wasn’t lying about being a virgin. I did eventually get him loosened up enough to where I could fuck him properly, and he took it fairly well. He winced and groaned some, but no more than normal. Finally I was able to get a nice pace to where I could breed this fucking whore. It felt great, and I like it when they are all smiles afterward. He was cheap and easy, but also a good looking dude. Just the way I like them!

Boys Halfway House Incident #181

Wayward Youth Tagged Hard

It amazes all of us House Managers that some of the residents just play hookie from work. Like it’s high school! The nice thing is, though, that since these jobs are arranged through a special program, we get a call from their bosses if they don’t show up. And believe me, we are a lot worse than the worst truant officer.

So this retard waltzes in the other afternoon, and we were waiting for him. At first he played dumb, but then he ‘fessed up. It wasn’t a minute after that, and he was on both of our dicks like honey on a biscuit. This guy is only 18, but he gives such good head you’d think he had been walking the streets for ten years. So this punishment wasn’t too bad – for us, at least. Both of us had fucked this one before, and we knew that he was basically a cock pocket, but we hadn’t tagged his ass before. It sure was a fun afternoon. We spit-roasted him and kept taking turns on his tight teen hole. And he liked it! Haha! Well, he moaned and squirmed a little, but after pounding his hole into oblivion, he was working up a sweat and riding cock like it was going out of style. Toward the end after one of us dropped a load in his mouth while the other was slam-fucking him, he even started jerking off. Then the other one came and shoved his fat cock back into the resident’s swollen ass. Not bad for a lesson on showing up for work. This guy is definitely gonna make a good party bitch for people to toss around, once he gets the hell outta the House.

Deviant Otter


Most times when I’m fucking around with a dude and filming it we chill out before we start ass fucking. Sometimes its just for a few minutes and other times we just lose track of time, usually from boozing or smoking too much weed. I’ve had a few requests from you guys about including smoking cigs and weed in more vids so I put together all of the unused footage of us smoking and stroking. @deviantotter

Guys In Sweatpants


I heard these two had been chatting on social media about hooking up, so when I found out Orson was traveling to the States from London, I knew we had to make it happen. All the sexual tension they built up after weeks of sexting was too much because Miller showed up to Orson’s hotel, and they were in bed ripping each other’s clothes off within minutes. They licked and suck every inch of each other before they flip fucked each other all over the bed. Miller’s 9″ cock was almost too much for Orson at first, but once it was all the way in, Miller pounded his perfect hole real nice. If you can make it until they cum, keep watching because they keep on fucking– that’s how good it is! Simply put: this is hot, passionate, and real fucking at its finest! @Austin Wilde

Maverick Men


I found this GEM way in the back of our MaverickMen porn vault! It’s a really special vid because it was our very first breeding video from 2013! I had almost forgotten about it because at the time I decided not to post it because it was just not the right time to share breeding. This one is such a hot fuck and breed video that we had to share it. Funny story, Leham the hot ginger in this video, had been begging us for years to share this and we just never did. He’s going to LOVE seeing it now after all this time and we hope you do, too. –Hunter & Cole

Bait: Bentley Michael Straight: Cade

Bentley Michael is back and we couldn’t be happier to see him and all of his glory! Bentley is tall, dark, handsome, with a big dick and a hot little bubble butt! After his last time here, he’s decided that he isn’t straight. He likes both men and women but he loves getting fucked up the ass now!

Cade is this week’s straight guy and he is hot as hell! He’s tall, ripped, and has a huge, thick, 9 inch dick! Cade spends a lot of time at the gym and he loves jacking off. Today, he’s here to fuck a hot girl and make some money! But, unfortunately for him, the only hole that he’s going to be shoving that fat cock in, is Bentley’s hungry hole!

Caruso breaks the news that the girl can’t make it today but he’ll pay both guys double the money if they’ll have sex with each other. Bentley explained that he was in the same situation before but now he’s moved on and expended his horizon. Cade finally agrees and in no time, both guys are kissing and swapping blow jobs!

Czech Hunter 363

Today I was hunting in front of the TV casting studio. I wanted to meet some cute actors and I was incredibly lucky. Jakub was at an audition for a small part in a movie but he got rejected. I could see the disappointed and defeat In his cute face. So I decided to give him another chance to become a star. He was a bit skeptical but my cash convinced him pretty fast. He was a student with empty pockets so money worked like magic on him. I don’t get why Jakub got rejected at the audition because he was simply gorgeous. He liked fitness a lot and it was quite noticeable. I prepared a few warming-up challenges for him which allowed him to show off his strength and beautiful body. I just loved watching this young boy pumping his muscles. He was simply perfect.

Raunchy Bastards #144

Ensure The Boy Sluts Leave Happy

The last time I saw Ryan, I bought him a plane ticket so he could visit. Well, for some reason, he missed his flight. I can’t remember if it was because he slept in, had a flat tire, or went to the wrong gate. It’s always something with these guys. At any rate, I told him that since I had to buy him a new ticket, that we were all gonna fuck the hell out of him before he went back home. He didn’t seem to mind the prospect.

So, the night before he left, Dominic, Toby, and I set up a few (bare minimum) lights and told Ryan to take off his clothes and hop on the bed. From there on, basically Dominic and I just used his ass like we would a personal pocket pussy. Ryan gives great head and his hole is nice, so we had a really fun time spit-roasting him. Dominic ended up cumming in Ryan’s mouth, and I came in his ass. Toby didn’t jump in. He said he was going to do a cam show later and wanted to save his energy. So he is pretty much off frame the entire time. But it was funny, because Toby was walking around with a boner in his hands while Dominic and I were railing on Ryan’s cunt. A pretty fun night, and I definitely made sure that everyone left happy early the next morning.

Dirty Scout 141

I hate when people come to my office dressed like clowns. This is supposed to be a job interview, goddam! But this boy was really cute in his rebellious way. He had a wild haircut and body covered in tattoos. Not to mention all those muscles and a cute face. Being freshly out of job he needed any kind of income really fast. Luckily for him, a big construction company in Prague was hiring. He couldn’t afford to pay our fee so I wanted to give him my usual naughty proposal but the little devil was faster. He offered me to suck my cock! I was in shock, this never happened. He didn’t look gay at all but I guess he was either very open-minded or incredibly desperate. He definitely knew how to handle a dick. Now I had to convince him to go all the way.

Debt Dandy 252

I met people who were very passionate about their tattoos before but this guy was somehow extreme. The only reason why he wanted to borrow money was his new tattoo. He was on the waiting list of his favorite tattoo artist for months. Then suddenly the artist offered him to do the tattoo the next day. Our boy didn’t hesitate and agreed. Originally, he planned to save money for the piece and now he needed it today. He asked me for 15 000 Crowns. Too bad the guy had some naïve ideas about repaying the loan. That’s why I offered him a more painful but a lot quicker way to get the money. He didn’t like it but I wasn’t going to let him go now. Not after he told me that he liked to work-out. I wanted to see his tattooed and firm body. I wanted to see him cum.

Young Hung Brit


Openminded couple wanted to meet up!!!
These two Hot REAL LIFE Boyfriends messaged me 📭 via the Website and wanted to film his Cute, younger cum pig BF being abused.
We both ram our cocks in his beautiful gob and spit in his face (which he wasn’t too impressed about actually) 🐵
we then take turns on his arse and even DP him one!
We are both so horny we both shoot our loads at the same time whilst pinning open his gob! This is VERY naughty and very piggish 🐖 lol
Theres no way his leaving without me spunking my cum Bareback in his arse for his BF to eat out later on so i spunk my load 💦 for a second time and fuck it in him!!
If you have the same fancies and wanna meet me or any of the lads then message us!! 📩
Im nervous at the start because these are Actual BF’s who messaged me wanting to meet so Im finding my feet bit with them xx George

Straight: Darin Straight: Aspen

This week, we have two of the industry’s most well known gay for pay guys and they’re here to make a little more cash. You’ll remember both Darin and Aspen from previous scenes. And, I’m sure you’ll remember their fat cocks! They’re big, they’re bold, and they’re beautiful!

Caruso asked Darin and Aspen why they keep coming back and both said it’s because the pay is so good. Surprisingly, Darin and Aspen have never met until now. They’ve known of each other’s work but they’ve never had a chance to work together yet.

Regardless of their sexual nature, both guys are so experienced in gay sex that they both know how to help a buddy out! Watch Darin and Aspen take turns sucking each other’s cocks, before Darin sticks his thick dick in Aspen’s tight ass!

Boys Halfway House Incident #186

Failure Is An Opportunity

Some residents just think that the Halfway House will be some sort of vacation for them. They come down from the Midwest on their parents’ dime hoping for afternoons by the pool and barbecues at the beach or something. It doesn’t often occur to them until they arrive that they will be slopping burgers and fries at some dirty fast food joint just for barely enough money to pay their rent and buy some store brand mac ‘n cheese or microwave burritos with the leftover. Needless to say, it also seems to slip their mind that they will need to be doing all of this sober.

The conundrum for us is that any time they step outside, they are tempted to go back to their old ways, and it’s pretty fucking easy. Any stop at a gas station or convenience store can land them a pocket full of rough times ahead. And so it is with this dipshit. He was barely here a week and he can’t even piss clean. So, I did what I had to do, which is to let him know exactly what his place in the world is: the bottom. Of course, failure is always an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for the resident to get a second chance, as well as an opportunity for the House Managers to get some primo teenage ass. Since this guy seemed like hardened type, I really let him have it.

After spitting on him and throat fucking him, I made him gag on my cock several times before I had him throw those legs in the air and introduce him to being a fuck toy. His hole felt really good, and I do believe that he might be one of my new favorite residents. He can really take a pounding, and he doesn’t make much of a fuss about it. He can ride, too, which surprised me. Usually these blue light special types can’t run half a block without getting winded, let alone ride a fat one for more than ten seconds. But him, he did a great job. I almost busted inside him just from his up and down motion. But I kept going because I wanted to get him in a few more positions before I dumped a load down his throat. He shouldn’t feel bad about being the latest House bitch, though. There’s no shame in getting help.

Raunchy Bastards #160

Hard Up Teenage Gutterpup

This video documents the first day I met Mac. He was in quite the sorry state, really. I have to say that I felt a bit sorry for him, but on the other hand, he could have definitely been doing something better with his life. At any rate, he was cheap, and that’s what matters the most.

I was most surprised about how he didn’t put up much of a fuss about anything. I wasn’t surprised that he showed me his dick in the car, but I was surprised that he didn’t accompany it with a bunch of bullshit about he wasn’t gay, he never does this, etc… I was equally surprised that he didn’t protest when I asked to see his asshole. I asked, and he just lifted up his legs. I guess he must have been brought up to just do as he is told. To tell you the truth, I could have gone further with him that day, but I knew that I’d see him again, and I wanted him to be the one asking me instead of the other way around.

I did get a total boner filming this smooth little 19 year old, though. He’s a small guy, just the way I like him. He got hard and came no problems, and he has a nice tuft of hair around his fuck hole. Anyways, I kept my boner in my pants, and on top of that I showed him the door without offering him a ride back anywhere. I don’t like it when these gutterpups start expecting too much. You give them and inch and they’ll take a mile.

Dirty Scout 140

Another boy trying his luck in Prague. At the beginning I didn’t like his casual attitude. He was dressed like to a pub and had a very vague idea of what he’d like to do. And he laughed all the time! I offered him a job but he didn’t like it because it would be on a boat and he didn’t like water. I mean, come on! He wanted to climb up the career ladder but he had no experience… How am I supposed to work with twats like that? Eventually he agreed to take a job at a factory because I promised him a quick promotion. Of course he didn’t know about our mediation fee so I had to offer him my naughty alternative. And to be honest, he tried very hard to satisfy me. Even though his ass was tight and his mouth inexperienced, he was a good sport and made it till the end.

Guys In Sweatpants


Brandon and Forest are two of our newer studs, and quite possibly a couple of our best versatile ones yet. We’ve seen Brandon top and then get creampied, but now it’s Forest’s turn to breed a nice hole. After some working out at the park, they worked each other out back in the bedroom. Forest said he couldn’t stop staring at Brandon’s ass, and couldn’t stop eating it once he got his pants off. Forest was infatuated with his ass, fingering it to get it nice and ready for his throbbing cock. Watching all of their muscles tense as Forest pounds Brandon’s lubed up hole is enough to make anyone instantly cum. Cumming while getting fucked is always amazing, and this was no exception! Brandon shoots himself in the face with his load while Forest keeps fucking him until he blows his load too! @Austin Wilde

Young Hung Brit


We were not filming 📽 a ‘scene’ or any of that shit, we are just got in from Fire night club where the European porn awards were on!
Only 1 rule…what ever i film goes on my site!
oh and try not to get too fucked up
(the ambulance 🚑 service is busy enough without this lot causing problems) lol
You need to see this footage! xx George

Bait: Cesar Rossi Straight: Lex

This week is another special edition of BaitBuddies starring Cesar Rossi and Lex!

Both Cesar and Lex are very popular on the website and for good reason. Both guys are hot, ripped, and they both have big and beautiful cocks! Lex still considers himself straight but he has hooked up a couple of times with Dustin Steele off camera! But, today is Cesar’s turn and he can’t wait to feel that thick dick inside him that Lex is sporting!

Caruso steps back and tells Cesar and Lex to do whatever feels good and they didn’t waste a second. They start out with some passionate kissing before dropping to their knees and swapping blowjobs! Cesar couldn’t wait to get fucked, so he straddled Lex and rode his cock hard! Lex flipped Cesar over and fucked the cum out of him before shooting his own hot load across Cesar’s belly!

Czech Hunter 361

I met Zdenek while walking along a beach. The place was surprisingly boring, I couldn’t find anyone remotely interesting. That’s why this paddle boats renting cutie caught my eye. He was going for a beer and then home after a long day at work. We sat down at a kiosk to drink and talk. Zdenek was in quite a precarious situation. Only a few days ago, his girlfriend delivered a baby. It put both of them in a tight spot. They were both only 18 years old. Zdenek’s job was not providing enough money for the family. Honestly, it felt really good to help the guy. Being a young father is not easy at all. He was very proud and kept refusing my offers. Fortunately, my funds were sufficient so eventually we ended up in a nearby forest. I gave the boy quite a pounding.

Raunchy Bastards #061

He Just Needs The Money

This scene is from the archives, and re-watching this casting session gave me an instant boner. Why? Because Danny Luca is hands-down the best fuck in the entire State of Florida. Hell, he even started off his career as an eager to please straight boy-whore, as is evident in this video. Personality-wise, he is as pleasant as can be, and his smile is infectious. It’s almost hard to say anything bad about him, except that he isn’t always available when I need to bust a nut up a tight young ass.

In this video, Danny gets to experiment with pleasing an older gentleman, and he passes with flying colors. Not only does he suck cock and get fucked pretty hard, he manages to do it all while looking good at the same time. Neither is he averse to kissing (as long as the money is right). Danny personifies the best qualities of a gay4pay model: He doesn’t care what you do as long as he is getting paid. No bitching, no complaints. He just wants to get the job done, and make you happy while he does it. So when I came in his ass and then had him sit on my face, and I felched out my own fat load, he didn’t bat an eye. Yeah, sure, when we were finished he called me a dirty old fuck, but I certainly deserved that. Being a creep is what I love, and the dirtier the better! Meanwhile, Danny gets barebacked and seems to have a bit of fun in the process. Not a bad casting session, by any stretch.

Dirty Scout 139

This guy’s friend recommended our company as a great place to get a job. Indeed we are the best on the market but sometimes people have to pay a price. His friend was a girl, which would explain why he was so surprised about my naughty offers. I would never care about some girl. Our guy was a computer network technician and I had a nice job for him. As anyone else, he had to pay our mediation fee. He was broke, that’s why I made him my naughty proposition. I wonder if he will ever mention this to his friend. I’m sure that her interview was far less painful. This poor boy was incredibly tight. It took some time to get in and stretch him nicely. And I almost thought he might be gay because of a huge boner he had at the beginning.

Boys Halfway House Incident #175

A Blast In The Ass

The residents, of course, are all encouraged to get jobs as soon as they arrive, and most do. They might not keep a job long; however, they usually find a new one quickly. Many a resident has found out the hard way that watching television instead of walking around resumes is a good way to have a sore ass – and fast.

This recalcitrant seemed to think that getting fired meant he got a little vacation. So, instead of doing his best to find some employment in order to keep current on his weekly rent (which was already past due), he sat on his butt biding his time. Even though he isn’t a complete idiot, he seemed surprised when the shit-storm hit. Our newest House Manager, accompanied by the one we call the sergeant, walked in and immediately disturbed his couch potato state of mind. Before he knew it, he was stark naked and about to be dealt with by a good hard fucking.

After being choked on a thick cock, the House Manager got some more traditional dome. This resident, after all, has really become quite good at head. But lips and tongue alone don’t always satisfy, nor do they count toward completing the punishment (especially when the rent is due). Pretty soon he had a thick bare dick laying into him. As his (somehow) still pink tight ass is getting pounded, he just looked down in shame. As much as we try to instill confidence in these guys, sometimes they just have such a bad estimation of themselves.

The resident gets railed on the couch and then rides it. He is actually very good at riding pole, too. It was almost enough to make the House Manager nut. But they weren’t finished with him yet. Another few positions on the coffee table and back to the couch was just about enough, though. Once he had a big juicy load of cream inside him and smeared all around his worn out cunt, it seems like he might have gotten the lesson. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget it.