Boys Halfway House Incident #175

A Blast In The Ass

The residents, of course, are all encouraged to get jobs as soon as they arrive, and most do. They might not keep a job long; however, they usually find a new one quickly. Many a resident has found out the hard way that watching television instead of walking around resumes is a good way to have a sore ass – and fast.

This recalcitrant seemed to think that getting fired meant he got a little vacation. So, instead of doing his best to find some employment in order to keep current on his weekly rent (which was already past due), he sat on his butt biding his time. Even though he isn’t a complete idiot, he seemed surprised when the shit-storm hit. Our newest House Manager, accompanied by the one we call the sergeant, walked in and immediately disturbed his couch potato state of mind. Before he knew it, he was stark naked and about to be dealt with by a good hard fucking.

After being choked on a thick cock, the House Manager got some more traditional dome. This resident, after all, has really become quite good at head. But lips and tongue alone don’t always satisfy, nor do they count toward completing the punishment (especially when the rent is due). Pretty soon he had a thick bare dick laying into him. As his (somehow) still pink tight ass is getting pounded, he just looked down in shame. As much as we try to instill confidence in these guys, sometimes they just have such a bad estimation of themselves.

The resident gets railed on the couch and then rides it. He is actually very good at riding pole, too. It was almost enough to make the House Manager nut. But they weren’t finished with him yet. Another few positions on the coffee table and back to the couch was just about enough, though. Once he had a big juicy load of cream inside him and smeared all around his worn out cunt, it seems like he might have gotten the lesson. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget it.

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