Raunchy Bastards #144

Ensure The Boy Sluts Leave Happy

The last time I saw Ryan, I bought him a plane ticket so he could visit. Well, for some reason, he missed his flight. I can’t remember if it was because he slept in, had a flat tire, or went to the wrong gate. It’s always something with these guys. At any rate, I told him that since I had to buy him a new ticket, that we were all gonna fuck the hell out of him before he went back home. He didn’t seem to mind the prospect.

So, the night before he left, Dominic, Toby, and I set up a few (bare minimum) lights and told Ryan to take off his clothes and hop on the bed. From there on, basically Dominic and I just used his ass like we would a personal pocket pussy. Ryan gives great head and his hole is nice, so we had a really fun time spit-roasting him. Dominic ended up cumming in Ryan’s mouth, and I came in his ass. Toby didn’t jump in. He said he was going to do a cam show later and wanted to save his energy. So he is pretty much off frame the entire time. But it was funny, because Toby was walking around with a boner in his hands while Dominic and I were railing on Ryan’s cunt. A pretty fun night, and I definitely made sure that everyone left happy early the next morning.

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