Boys Halfway House Incident #181

Wayward Youth Tagged Hard

It amazes all of us House Managers that some of the residents just play hookie from work. Like it’s high school! The nice thing is, though, that since these jobs are arranged through a special program, we get a call from their bosses if they don’t show up. And believe me, we are a lot worse than the worst truant officer.

So this retard waltzes in the other afternoon, and we were waiting for him. At first he played dumb, but then he ‘fessed up. It wasn’t a minute after that, and he was on both of our dicks like honey on a biscuit. This guy is only 18, but he gives such good head you’d think he had been walking the streets for ten years. So this punishment wasn’t too bad – for us, at least. Both of us had fucked this one before, and we knew that he was basically a cock pocket, but we hadn’t tagged his ass before. It sure was a fun afternoon. We spit-roasted him and kept taking turns on his tight teen hole. And he liked it! Haha! Well, he moaned and squirmed a little, but after pounding his hole into oblivion, he was working up a sweat and riding cock like it was going out of style. Toward the end after one of us dropped a load in his mouth while the other was slam-fucking him, he even started jerking off. Then the other one came and shoved his fat cock back into the resident’s swollen ass. Not bad for a lesson on showing up for work. This guy is definitely gonna make a good party bitch for people to toss around, once he gets the hell outta the House.

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