Raunchy Bastards #121

Definitely Cheap And Fairly Easy

I met Pete on CL before they yanked that section. It’s a damn shame they did that, it’s a lot harder to find these guys. I always used to troll the M/F section looking for some horny broke teens and twenty somethings. Nowadays, it’s mainly driving around convenience stores and gas stations. At any rate, Pete was looking for a MILF, and even though I didn’t quite qualify, I asked him if he was interesting in filling up his wallet. Now, most guys need a lot of convincing, but Pete was living in a transitional home and was pretty hard up, so he said “sure” almost right away. I had to drive an hour, but that kind of drive is worth it for some young fresh straight virgin ass. I think he had been curious at least a little before I contacted him, or he wouldn’t have said yes right away. He did also say that he was interesting in t-girls. So, I guess he just needed some human companionship, and any kind of money was just icing on the cake.

So, I got a hotel room suite and he came over on time. He was quite friendly, and we got right down to it. He did not suck dick very well, but I let him go on at it for quite a while – he obviously needed the experience. Then, I began the task of working open his hole. It was a chore, because this guy wasn’t lying about being a virgin. I did eventually get him loosened up enough to where I could fuck him properly, and he took it fairly well. He winced and groaned some, but no more than normal. Finally I was able to get a nice pace to where I could breed this fucking whore. It felt great, and I like it when they are all smiles afterward. He was cheap and easy, but also a good looking dude. Just the way I like them!

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