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Call me “fucked-up” but I love to train straight/gay-curious guys how to top each other. It’s just so hot watching their expressions change from “ewwww, no” to “oh man, that felt fucking awesome!” You’ll love the hot fuck scenes in this vid showing Dax and his buddy Memphis’s monster cocks go at it. You’ll also love the chit chat between two straight guys. I left the camera on in-between scenes and thought it was pretty fucking hot and very insightful into the mindset of these two fuck studs. –Hunter & Cole

Deviant Otter


Every fisting bottom is different. Some like to stretch out at home, others like to just shove a big plug up their ass,and then their are the ones that I especially love, the ones that let you help them open up from the start. I kept this footage out of the original update because it was a bit long and filmed in realtime, and I didn’t wanna mess with the intensity of the fisting action. However, I think some of this warming up footage may be hotter than the original post, so I wanted to share it with you guys. And please let me know if this is stuff you guys wanna see and what else I can do to help you milk those cocks dry! @deviantotter

Guys In Sweatpants


If you’re familiar with our live cam shows, you know how hot the fucking is. Real, raw, and unscripted. Mateo and Forest were craving each other’s cock and hole since they met, so we turned on the webcam, grabbed a camera to film it, and let them devour each other. It’s rare that you find guys like these two who love breeding a nice wet hole just as much as they love having their hole bred. They both also loved showing off their deep throating skills on each other. They took turns fucking each other all over the couch, and Mateo just happened to be the lucky one who got to cum while getting plowed, Forest busted his load inside Mateo’s ass, pulling out, leaving him covered in his own cum and his ass dripping the rest of the load that has just been shot in it. @Austin Wilde

Deviant Otter


I Me and this dude have wanted to blaze and fuck for what feels like forever. We finally just met a month ago at gang bang shoot during Southern Decadence, but we didn’t have any time for some one on one action. Well to my good fortune, it turned out that he was going to be in Fort Lauderdale shortly after the trip and he had some down time. Needless to say we got stoned off our asses and then used his until he shot a giant load all over himself. And don’t even get me started on that puppy dog face he makes, it makes my nuts throb. Fucking woof. @deviantotter

Hung Young Brit


Xavier’s ex boyfriend’s (there’s ex’s now) well trained arse hole gets 2 Brit lads spunk
fucking him RAW and begs it to be fingered n fucked roughly whilst being pinned
📌 down
We take turns🔂 on this cute lad, holding his legs open and both riding him
I Fucking LOVE the Sorry look on his face😭
Ithink he though we were going to go easy on him but James is a right pervert and wanted to dick him Over n Over
We get so twisted🔀 seeing how far we can push in the Spunk on mate’s massive
nob (and I cum ALOT too) James the perv then fucks our bottom boy with it
James Gets off on ramming as many cum soaked fingers 🖖deep up his arse as
This is a proper Sex session with Xavier’s ex boyfriend-
I can’t help smelling his feet (what’s wrong with me)
This clip is really fucking horny
I spunk my cum directly onto James’ dick so as he’s waiting to Fuck this cute little
lad again -oh my god, as I Cum, 👀 watch how David’s fingers (the bottom lad)
come into the shot blatantly just to grab a bit of cum to finger 🖖 into his bum/ this
boy is one dirty mother fucker ❗️
James is fucking him so much and for so long- he’s another naughty, young, dirty
Barebacker in-fact they are both just like me!!!!
Think the words Bareback obsessed definitely fucking describes these two absolutely beautiful stunning boys❗️ xx George

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We are very excited to welcome our new friend Dino into the MaverickMen wolf pack! Dino is exactly the kind of guy we love; he’s chill and sweet, sexy, hairy, hung and man can he fuck! We met him a few years ago dancing at a club and as soon as we set eyes on him we thought he was our super sexy best bud, Dirk Stackhouse. Not only do they look alike, they also fuck alike with aggression passion and lust! We love a guy that can take it as good as he can give it. –Hunter & Cole

Hung Young Brit


Bottom boy Slut gets bathed in cum!

We all gang up on one bottom boy Slut
(This guy was so sexy with a tight little waist)
You gotta see this lad being used and spunked in by EVERYONE.
I chose my words carefully “it’s absolute carnage”
literally 70 hung guys – using this lad bent over.
Before we even get to him his arse was fucking dripping 💦
Aaron the dirty fucker jumps in first – even puppy-faced 19 yo Sasha bare fucks him raw with all the strangers’ cum in his arse!
👀 Look how drenched in cum Sasha’s hands are.
Sasha starts 👊 the bottom guy – he goes in bone dry and when he pulls out it’s soaked in cum (no exaggeration).
I cum deep inside the bottom boy’s arse ready for everyone else to have a fuck with. OMG I’m so horny watching everyone take turns abusing this bottom boy that I have to shoot it one more time – this time all over the entrance to his Arsehole so I can shove it back in ALL ON 📸 FOR YOU TO 👀
Some random cums over the butt cheeks of this guy and then Aaron jumps at the chance to fuck him with it!
This 📼 is too epic to describe.
WE have never been this fucking filthy.
THIS 📼 IS a fucking MUST SEE ✔️ xx George

Maverick Men

THE DEVIL MADE US DO HIM – We fucked the devil!

Since our favorite holiday Halloween is just around the corner, we’re treating you to some red-hot superhero muscle ass! We met this muscle stud in Florida and he’s been a big fan for years and has always wanted to do a video with us. Since it’s the Halloween season (almost) and since he loves superheroes, we agreed to let him wear his devil mask. To be honest, with a jacked muscle body and solid steel ass we couldn’t have cared less if he wanted to wear a pumpkin on his head, lol. But don’t get it twisted – we don’t want or like guys wearing masks in our videos and that’s why we SERIOUSLY fucked the hell out of him as punishment. –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweatpants

THEO’S WELCOME FUCK – Welcome the dynamic duo!

Not only is this both Theo and Trevor’s first time on GuysInSweatpants, but it’s Theo’s first video ever! Theo has that cute, boy next door look, with a nice ass that any top would want to plow. But also a big 8″ dick that would make any bottom want to jump on. After a minute of chatting, Trevor dove into his ass, only coming up for air to say “damn, you have a nice ass!” Theo said one of his favorite things to do is ride dick, so already lubed up from Trevor’s spit, he climbed on top, and slid all 8″ of Trevor’s big cock in him. Soon after, Trevor took control, threw him over the back of the couch, and started plowing him doggy style– making sure he felt every girthy inch! All it took was Trevor busting his load on Theo’s hole and shoving it back in balls deep to make Theo bust his two week load over his head and all over his body! @Austin Wilde