Blowing Younger Guys

Daddy Dick Makes Him Nut

Every time I meet up with Trevor, we have a great time. He doesn’t live too close, so it’s always a pleasure to be able to help him out. This time was particularly nice, too. He’s not the smaller type of guy I usually go for, but he sure does have what it takes in the passion department. Once he and I are alone, it’s a sexual frenzy. Even though he doesn’t particularly like getting fucked, he is so submissive that his entire demeanor changes and you’d think he was doing it for free, even.

This time around, we met up and traded BJs before I got into some serious ass eating. Nothing better than 20 year old straight boy hole. I could have dug my tongue in there for hours, but alas, we moved on. Because no one ever fucks him but me, he is still tight as can be, and every time I need to loosen him up. The great thing is, though, that he stays rock hard usually while I’m up in there. And he usually cums while I’m fucking him, too. This time was no different. After I nutted, I stayed inside of him and kept pumping away until he finally let out a gusher. He definitely likes Daddy dick, indeed.

Psycho Joe Episode 2 – NakedSword Originals

Fantasy Flip Fuck Leo Rex & Mickey Taylor ‘Psycho Joe’ (Mickey Taylor) is hiding upstairs in Leo Rex’s flat. He wanders around Leo’s room, rummaging thru his stuff until he finds a pair of Leo’s underwear. Overwhelmed by Leo’s scent, Joe can’t help but to pull his cock out and start stroking on his crush’s bed. We watch his fantasy play out when he imagines Leo joining him on the bed and slurping down his thick, uncut cock. As the clothes come off, Leo sits on Joe’s face to get the stalking stud’s tongue up his hole. Joe then bends Leo over to have total access of Leo’s ass with his hungry mouth. With Leo slick with spit, Mickey sinks his thick, hard rod deep into Leo’s crack. His fantasy gets more real with each pump as he pounds Leo doggy-style on his bed. To Joe’s surprise, Leo climbs on top of his stalker and takes a ride on his uncut meat. Joe pounds Leo one last time before Leo flips the switch and shoves his cock into Joe from behind. Joe can’t believe he has Leo’s cock deep inside of him and backs up on his cock to feel every inch. Joe gives Leo full control of his hole when he gets on his back to let Leo work his ass. While Leo pumps Joe’s ass, he helps him out by jerking his cock at the same time until Joe covers himself with his own thick ropes. To finish him off, Joe goes ass to mouth on Leo until the tatted stud unloads in Joe’s mouth. Just as he thought his dreams have come true, Joe is forced back to reality when Leo nearly catches him on the bed. Joe dashes off to remove all obstacles between him and Leo.

Psycho Joe Episode 1 – NakedSword Originals


Scott Finn couldn’t wait to suck his cock so once they sat on the bed he was quick and he wrapped that eager mouth around his cock and began deep throating it. Liam Danielscouldn’t believe how great Scott was sucking his hard throbbing cock. Liam was so horny he skipped blowing Scott and instead he put him on his back and spread his legs wide and pushed his big dick deep inside of him making him squirm and moan. Liam wasn’t taking any prisoners as he pounded Scott tight litle asshole. Scott couldn’t belive how he was manhandled by Liam. Liam fucked him hard every where on that bed without remorse and soon enough Scott let his nut loose all over the floor as Liam stroked his nut out all over Scott’s back.

Twink Tormentor In Control Part 1 – Casper Ellis & Leo Ocean

Slim little Leo has learned a lot about taking control of a boy like Casper!

Nolan Smokin In The Closet – Nolan Smokin In The Closet

Hot straight boy Nolan chainsmokes up a storm in the closet while he strokes his nearly 10 inch long cock! Nolan smokes em down to the filter and nearly finishes a whole pack!

Cum Shooting Dudes

Dinner For Three

Sexy redhead Jenna Clove calls off her fling with Ricky Larkin because she’s recently started a new relationship with the suave and athletic James Darling. Ricky doesn’t believe Jenna can ever settle down and insists on meeting her new beau. Eager to prove him wrong, Jenna invites James over for dinner. Overcome by jealousy, Ricky tries to tempt Jenna by sneakily eating her out under the table. Jenna pushes Ricky away, so the muscular stud sets his sights on James instead, pulling down his pants to lick James’ pussy. James knows he should push Ricky away but it feels so good that he can’t help but give in to the sensation! When Jenna realizes what’s happening she insists on getting in on the action, kicking off a sexy three-way where everyone gets a chance to ride Ricky’s thick cock.


Some exceptional cum shots in this scene

If you’ve got a load I want it in my hole. Like right now. I suck your balls. Play with your nipples. Whatever I gotta do to earn that load. Breed my fucking my hole man. Breed it!


Featuring Beaux Banks, Miller Axton and Judas King!

The day we’ve been waiting for awhile now: Beaux Banks joins the GISP crew! He’s greeted by our studs Miller and Judas for one of the hottest threesomes we’ve ever shot. They started out doing a Q&A for their fans on social media before letting loose and devouring each other in a hot, passionate fuck fest. With his fat cock, beautiful ass, and insatiable desire to get fucked, Beaux quickly became the center of attention, and had a dick on either end of him most of the time. Both Miller and Judas used Beaux’s hole to bust their loads before licking up every drop of Beaux’s load as he busted it towards their faces.


Cute boy David is back and covered in cum!

Crazy low-class / low standards Dirty boy David can’t get enough cum –
💥 Proper over the top cum in the mouth facials
His SOOOO fucking sexual- he was messaging me for ages asking if I got some lads for him to fuck on film (remember him from quite a few vids back? ) he was the one that had the beautiful bf with the massive dick called Xapier
This Mad crazy cum loving whore David begs for ANYONE and EVERYONE to cum off load in his face 🤤 over his Tongue and in his mouth so he can swallow
He came to mine begging to take me on as a challenge to see who could get as many dicks out as possible and let them blow there spunk – he knows exactly how to try and get me going the little Shit LO
This fucking beautiful yet naughty boy sucks off ALL dicks put his way 🆘
He can make you cum just by sucking alone- if you see him out n about just go up to him and ask his his thirsty and he will immediately jump on his knees
His insists on Getting ever last drop 💧 so he can gulp in down
💯 % REAL guys having REAL sex

Fucking Virgin Twinks

Private Bitch

New recruit John Rene is being put through his paces by his brutal commanding officer Cesar Xes. Cesar berates John, criticizing his technique as he obediently cleans the floors. Cesar takes his cock out and orders the submissive private to show him if his cock sucking technique is any better than his floor cleaning. Lucky for John, his soft lips feel great wrapped around Cesar’s uncut cock. Cesar returns the favor, showing John exactly how you give a long wet blowjob as he stares up at John’s moaning face. Under Cesar’s tough exterior though, he’s a hungry bottom bitch who can’t wait for John to pound his hole all over the barracks. John fucks Cesar until he’s about to blow then lets the strict officer squeeze every drop of cum out of his cock and all over his eager face.

Psycho Joe Episode 1 – NakedSword Originals

Fuck the story lines. Just get to the bareback fucking! Raging Stallion and award-winning director, Steve Cruz, bring you 11 hung studs who are ‘Hot, Raw & Ready!’ for bare, all-sex action. When Pierce Paris drops his towel in front of horny hunk Woody Fox, Woody takes his cue, first getting face fucked, then rolls over to let Piece’s monster cock stretch his ass bareback until both studs drop their loads all over Woody’s hairy ripped abs. Marco Napoli and Sharok swap blowjobs until Sharok bends over to take Marco’s thick raw cock and huge load up his ass leaving his hole filled with cum. Logan Stevens pulls out his dick for Alessio Vega to savor and suck on. When Logan is nice and hard, he bends Alessio over and plunges deep in his ass until he covers Alessio’s tight hole with jizz. Ricky Larkin and Colby Jansen explore each other’s muscle-ridden bodies until Colby takes it to the next step. The two hairy studs swap head before Colby stretches Ricky’s hole bareback with his extra thick cock. Zario Travezz can’t stop eating Logan Stevens’ delectable ass and keeps going until Logan wants a taste of his own. The studs suck each other off and 69 until Logan drops a load before Zario lets loose and gives Logan a mouth full of cum. Nico Santino, Taye Scott and Zario Travezz, flip fuck until Zario finishes off by alternating bare fucking both studs in front of him. In the end, Taye ends up with two holes full of jizz and crotch full of cum. These horny studs are always ‘Hot, Raw & Ready!’ and eager to please.

Running Butthole Challenge Part 2

Johnny Rapid has decided that he’s going to take part in the Running Butthole Challenge, even if it means causing a hell of a ruckus in his hotel room as he repeatedly tries and fails to get the angle right. Cassidy Clyde in the room next door is trying to get some business done, but Johnny’s crashing and cussing is driving him up the wall. Cassidy goes to Johnny’s room to see what’s causing the commotion and finds the aspiring acrobat wedged between his bed and the wall. The two twinks come to an agreement, that Cassidy will help Johnny out if he can make it worth his while. Soon enough sweet faced Cassidy is sliding his massive cock into Johnny’s waiting hole. Johnny takes it all, letting Cassidy pound him all over the hotel room before rolling over and letting Johnny return the favor until Johnny’s ready to blast his cum all over Cassidy’s face.

Running Butthole Challenge Part 1: Bareback

Model Choice Part 1

Brock Banks has had his eye on Nic Sahara for a long time, so when he’s given the chance to choose who he’s going to be fucking for his model’s choice scene he jumps at the opportunity. Brock watches Nic strip down, sniffing his underwear fresh off his body and watches the tall athletic stud play with his smooth hole. The chemistry between the two hunks is undeniable as they savor their first opportunity to work together. Nic gives Brock’s long uncut cock a deep, wet blowjob, taking it all the way down before letting Brock give his ass the rimming that they’ve both been craving. The bearded hottie pounds Nic’s hole making him moan as he rides him until they’re both ready to shoot their thick and creamy cum shots.

Czech Hunter 461

I met this blonde guy while he was on his way to a floorball training session. He didn’t look beefed-up but the floorball thing got me interested. I expected to see a nicely shaped body. His cute face and blond hair made him look so innocent… I was definitely in. Now to figure out the way to get in his pants… It was very simple because the guy liked money a lot and wasn’t exactly shy. He whipped his cock out right in the middle of the street and then took me to his place. There this hot twink showed me his true self. He deepthroated me like a pro and opened up his tight asshole for my horny cock. It didn’t even cost me that much. I fucked him like a bitch and he loved it! His explosive orgasm was a pretty good proof of that. The little slut ended up with his upper body covered in spunk.

Kai Gets A Thick One Up Him – Antonio Bach & Kai Cameron

When we showed Kai a pic of new boy Antonio he couldn’t wait to come and get that cock.

Fucking Straight Dudes Bareback

Bait: Mateo Rose
Straight: Adrian

Mateo Rose is back! Caruso didn’t think he would ever see him again but to his surprise, Mateo reached out to him and asked if he could set up another scene? Only this time, Mateo wants to get fucked by a straight guy! Mateo has been expanding his horizons since his first encounter with another guy but he still makes it very clear that he loves to fuck women.

Adrian is this week’s straight guy and even though he’s 30, he looks like he’s in his early twenties. Adrian has had his fair share of women in his life but he still hasn’t fucked a girl in the ass yet! And, it’s no wonder why… Adrian has a massive 9.5 inch cock that stays rock hard!

Caruso tells both guys to get hard while he steps out to check on the female porn star. But, unfortunately there isn’t one. He returns and delivers the bad news but he follows it up with a double the money offer… If both guys will have sex with each other then he will double their money and everyone can leave satisfied. It took Adrian a few minutes to agree but once he did, Mateo took over and started stroking Adrian’s big, black, and beautiful cock!

Cracker In Distress

This resident was recently released to us, and we’ve already had a lot of fun showing him the ropes. Of course, this cracker hasn’t had much fun himself, but given his whirlwind of problems since he turned 18, it’s probably for the best that he spend some time in quiet reflection rather than enjoying the ride. He was brought in overnight, so first thing in the morning me and my fellow House Manager went in at the crack of dawn to greet the newbie. The welcome wasn’t that warm, however. We did a full search of his stuff, and we found some items that ought not have been brought into the House. After some terse words from us, he seemed to not be understanding his place in the pecking order, so we decided to show him how to have some proper respect for our authority.

He managed to be a halfway decent cocksucker, but damn was this teenage virgin’s hole tight as could be! It took a while to crack him open, and as the cock went in further, his screaming and moaning got louder. By the time I was going full throttle on his little tiny hole, he was almost squealing like a girl! It’s always funny to hear those kind of noises coming from some dumb-ass macho-wannabe cracker. Pretty sure he’d never quite sounded like that before. And also pretty sure that he’d never begged for mercy like he was right before he got a huge load deposited in his cunt. He might break some of the minor rules going forward, but we are damn sure he got the message about who’s in charge and his place in the world.

Lane & Cole: Bareback

Lane and Cole don’t waste a second, because these hunks have a very busy schedule for getting busy! First, Cole sucks Lane’s hard cock before lying back for a great view of Lane’s muscular body as he rides Cole’s pole! Lane moans, “Fuck that ass, yeah. Pound it!” as he asks for more. After Cole pounds Lane in doggystyle and mish, it’s time for him to switch things up and get a turn taking Lane’s dick. These hotties just keep on cumming!

Bisexual Burglar

Dante Colle and Sonia Harcourt are trying to make a little time together when they’re interrupted by the muscular masked menace Kip Johnson, a burglar with his eyes on Sonia’s priceless jewels. However, when Dante catches Kip stealing he’s so horny that he can’t help but give the fast-fingered intruder a lesson in possession. Dante plays with Kip’s tight hole, rimming the thieving stud before he slides his thick cock inside him. When Sonia comes out to see what’s happening the horny homeowners decide it’s time for everyone to get involved in a bisexual three-way. Kip and Sonia take turns getting railed by Dante’s hard cock and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and mouths in this sexy scenario.

Czech Hunter 459

Meeting this guy was like winning a jackpot. His name was Michal and he was simply amazing. He looked still like a teenager even though he was 24 years old. A nicely lean and adorable little angel, who was about to get totally wrecked. The boy lived with his girlfriend but didn’t mind showing a bit of skin. He even agreed to suck me off. I didn’t feel like walking so I called us a taxi. I was so horny that we had to start right in the car. I wanted this sweet boy to have fun so later I showed him how a proper blowjob looks like. He liked it, judging by his enormous boner… Michal was a bit intimidated by my cock but agreed to have sex with me. He loved it and happily agreed to meet me again. I hope he’ll get broke because I would fuck this boy every day. I can’t wait to see him again.

Camp Chaos – Hell’s Kitchen: Bareback

In the final episode of Camp Chaos, Matthew Camp recounts the time he spent with a lover in Hell’s Kitchen. Matthew remembers rimming his hairy ass and getting into bed with him after a long day, sheltering against the ever-present sounds of sirens on the street outside. Matthew begins interviewing men to help him recreate this formative experience, but when he meets Liam Lee the connection is instant and powerful. The two bearded men shower and groom each other tenderly, enjoying each other’s bodies and company as they joke and play. Liam tells Matthew about a steamy four-way encounter he had in Hawaii before the pair move into the bedroom to make a new memory. Matthew explores Liam’s hairy body, kissing him passionately as they share an intense and intimate encounter.

Young Slut Wants It Hard

Cano spots Gonzo walking by on the street and immediately decides that he needs to have the bearded stud’s cock inside of him. Gonzo leads Cano to his house where he lets the eager twink give him a long and deep blowjob. Cano takes Gonzo’s cock all the way down, letting the dark-haired hunk fuck his face in the living room before moving into the bedroom so they can take it to the next level. Gonzo rims Cano’s hairy hole, playing with the smooth-chested dude’s ass before shoving his cock into him. Cano takes it all, moaning as Gonzo’s thick rod pummels him until they’ve both shot their thick white loads.