Blowing Younger Guys

Daddy Dick Makes Him Nut

Every time I meet up with Trevor, we have a great time. He doesn’t live too close, so it’s always a pleasure to be able to help him out. This time was particularly nice, too. He’s not the smaller type of guy I usually go for, but he sure does have what it takes in the passion department. Once he and I are alone, it’s a sexual frenzy. Even though he doesn’t particularly like getting fucked, he is so submissive that his entire demeanor changes and you’d think he was doing it for free, even.

This time around, we met up and traded BJs before I got into some serious ass eating. Nothing better than 20 year old straight boy hole. I could have dug my tongue in there for hours, but alas, we moved on. Because no one ever fucks him but me, he is still tight as can be, and every time I need to loosen him up. The great thing is, though, that he stays rock hard usually while I’m up in there. And he usually cums while I’m fucking him, too. This time was no different. After I nutted, I stayed inside of him and kept pumping away until he finally let out a gusher. He definitely likes Daddy dick, indeed.

Psycho Joe Episode 2 – NakedSword Originals

Fantasy Flip Fuck Leo Rex & Mickey Taylor ‘Psycho Joe’ (Mickey Taylor) is hiding upstairs in Leo Rex’s flat. He wanders around Leo’s room, rummaging thru his stuff until he finds a pair of Leo’s underwear. Overwhelmed by Leo’s scent, Joe can’t help but to pull his cock out and start stroking on his crush’s bed. We watch his fantasy play out when he imagines Leo joining him on the bed and slurping down his thick, uncut cock. As the clothes come off, Leo sits on Joe’s face to get the stalking stud’s tongue up his hole. Joe then bends Leo over to have total access of Leo’s ass with his hungry mouth. With Leo slick with spit, Mickey sinks his thick, hard rod deep into Leo’s crack. His fantasy gets more real with each pump as he pounds Leo doggy-style on his bed. To Joe’s surprise, Leo climbs on top of his stalker and takes a ride on his uncut meat. Joe pounds Leo one last time before Leo flips the switch and shoves his cock into Joe from behind. Joe can’t believe he has Leo’s cock deep inside of him and backs up on his cock to feel every inch. Joe gives Leo full control of his hole when he gets on his back to let Leo work his ass. While Leo pumps Joe’s ass, he helps him out by jerking his cock at the same time until Joe covers himself with his own thick ropes. To finish him off, Joe goes ass to mouth on Leo until the tatted stud unloads in Joe’s mouth. Just as he thought his dreams have come true, Joe is forced back to reality when Leo nearly catches him on the bed. Joe dashes off to remove all obstacles between him and Leo.

Psycho Joe Episode 1 – NakedSword Originals


Scott Finn couldn’t wait to suck his cock so once they sat on the bed he was quick and he wrapped that eager mouth around his cock and began deep throating it. Liam Danielscouldn’t believe how great Scott was sucking his hard throbbing cock. Liam was so horny he skipped blowing Scott and instead he put him on his back and spread his legs wide and pushed his big dick deep inside of him making him squirm and moan. Liam wasn’t taking any prisoners as he pounded Scott tight litle asshole. Scott couldn’t belive how he was manhandled by Liam. Liam fucked him hard every where on that bed without remorse and soon enough Scott let his nut loose all over the floor as Liam stroked his nut out all over Scott’s back.

Twink Tormentor In Control Part 1 – Casper Ellis & Leo Ocean

Slim little Leo has learned a lot about taking control of a boy like Casper!

Nolan Smokin In The Closet – Nolan Smokin In The Closet

Hot straight boy Nolan chainsmokes up a storm in the closet while he strokes his nearly 10 inch long cock! Nolan smokes em down to the filter and nearly finishes a whole pack!

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