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Our favorite Balkan Badass is back and this time he is taking it in both ends and giving it right back. This is an international fuckfest that left every cock sore. Alexander is a perfect man, handsome and beefy with a soft hole and a hard cock. You’ll see in this film why we fell for this Serbian Beast and we know you will too!

Locked Up. Fucked Hard

Brad waits, naked and hard, in his cell in the sex dungeon, right where blonde dom Christian left him. At his master’s command, the obedient sub slides his hard tool between the bars of his oubliette for Christian’s firm attentions. After roughly squeezing the submissive’s cock and balls, Christian unlocks the cage to fuck Brad’s mouth, then his ass. Brad craves his dom’s hard touch as Christian spanks his thighs and pounds his ass till Brad cums. As soon as Christian blows his load, he locks Brad back in the oubliette… until the next time.

Always Be Closing

It’s the return of Super Daddy! Nick Capra is back in the game and better than ever! Hairy hot and sweaty, dirty talking Nick takes on Noir newcomer, Taye Scott in a no holes barred, battle of the best. Nick destroys Taye’s hole and he gladly takes every nasty inch of Nick’s hairy cock. I think this house will sell for sure.

LATINLECHE: Numero 104

This week, our cameraman invites a boy, his boyfriend, and his stepfather over for a good ole fashioned family orgy! They get their fill of bareback fun and then jerk themselves to completion, covering the horny kid in a coat of steaming leche in this great production.

Sexy Rocker Brad Blows His Load For You

Brad is a cool guy with tattoos, pierced nipples and a nice body. He was looking to make rent this month so he agreed to jack off for me. Brad says he has fantasies about doing anal, but he didn’t elaborate. Hmmmm! I tried to talk him into letting me blow him (and he almost did), but he chickened out at the last minute. Back behind the camera, I focus on Brad’s cock as he gets closer to cumming. I also get some nice close-ups of his feet. In no time, he shoots a good load on his stomach. I think he got off on having a guy watch him jack off…

Fucking Young Guys

The Foreman’s Son – Hot House Video

Nails aren’t the only things getting hammered hard in ‘The Foreman’s Son’. Head down to the construction site, where award-winning model-turned-director Trenton Ducati captures 10 ripped, hard-laboring studs in steamy, raw action. These workers are hot, their bodies are sweaty, and they’re all horny for bareback sex with each other! After Arad Winwin shows Dakota Payne the projects he wants done, the two try to stay on task, but their raging hard-ons get the better of them when Arad drops his pants and stuffs Dakota’s open ass with his fat cock. Alex Mecum and Devin Franco are setting up a paint project, but when Alex notices his sexy co-worker, he quickly drops his tools, and his pants to flip-fuck each other’s tight holes until they both cum hard. Dakota Payne and Logan Cross put together scaffolding on a hot and sweaty afternoon when they decide to strip down and make themselves more comfortable. Dakota runs his hands up and down Logan’s sweat-drenched body as Dakota’s raw cock thrusts into his buddy’s open hole, pumping him hard until he gets the job done with a steamy load for Logan. When Arad Winwin accidentally drips paint onto Ian Frost, the two rip off their clothes and fuck on the scaffolding, until both horny studs are covered in jizz. Zario Travezz and Taylor Reign pick up where Arad and Ian left off, but still no luck on finishing the assigned task. Instead, the horny construction men shove their stiff cocks into each other’s tight asses until painting themselves white with cum. You won’t be able to say much about the jobs they did on the site, but these sexy construction workers are worth every penny as they drill and screw hot and horny manholes in ‘The Foreman’s Son’.

Johnny All the Way

Former Georgia boy Jay Tee may be living the high life in LA these days working as an extra on popular TV shows, but he’s joining Johnny Rapid in Savannah for the holidays. The guys grab some delicious BBQ and then trim the tree before Johnny sucks the candy cane in Jay’s pants. Jay deepthroats Johnny and then fucks him doggystyle, and the star rides the up-and-cummer like a sleigh. It may be the South, but these two guys’ loads are going to make it a white Christmas!

Bi Stepbrothers 5: Scene 4

Talent: Victoria Pure / Nick Vargas / Rick Palmer

Bi Stepbrothers 5: Scene 1

Bitch Boy

Bo Sinn awakens to discover that the briefs he left on the floor have disappeared. Still fully naked, he goes in search of them, only to find his twink roommate Daniel Hausser dressed in black lacy lingerie and stockings, licking and sniffing his shorts! Deer-in-headlights Daniel can’t stop admiring Bo’s huge cock, and Bo finally notices what a nice ass his roomie has, so he decides to fuck it! Daniel deepthroats Bo’s dick before hopping on for a ride, then props his feet up on the railing so the big tattooed top can fuck him even deeper in piledriver. That huge cock makes Daniel cum hard, and Bo gives the well-trained twink a creampie and makes him push it out.

Jax & Deacon: Bareback

“You guys have been asking for this,” says Sean Cody favorite Jax as he cuddles up to hottie Deacon. “I’ve been asking for it, he’s been asking for it, everybody wants to see it. AND we get to do my favorite thing ever–” “Fuck,” Deacon adds helpfully. “Okay, second-favorite,” Jax replies. Before these guys head back to the Sean Cody studio to get started on their fave activity, they hop on a jetski and head out on the bay. The water may be cold, but Jax and Deacon are hot hot hot as they flex their perfect muscles and admire each other. Deacon and Jax can’t agree about who’s got the better body, but they are in full agreement about what they want to do with them, as Deacon rides Jax’s huge cock. These guys are so turned on by each other they even cum in sync!

Tough Jocks Barebacking

Cum Here

After their workout, Drew Dixon and Ryan Bones are hot and sweaty, and their muscles aren’t the only thing that’s hard. Drew rubs Ryan’s dick through his shorts, nuzzling his sweat-soaked t-shirt till Ryan fucks his face. Ryan bends Drew over to breed that hole, and the horny bottom rides the tatted-up top’s hard cock till he cums before Ryan gives Drew’s ass a good stretch in doggystyle, then sprays hot jizz on his hole.


Check out this Scorchin HOT 40 minute Video “First Fuck Vid In The New House: Big C Flips With A Hung, Verse Dude From Grindr”. It’s so crazy to turn on Grindr at the new house because it’s a whole new set of local guys! This dude wanted a Flip session with me before introducing me to his amazingly sexy boyfriend a few days later. I apologize in advance for the bruise on my butt– We are still sore and bruised from the car accident, and my tailbone got damaged bigtime! The sex is crazy hot though, two masculine verse dude flippin like crazy!!!

My Brother, My Hero Ch 2: Prank Gone Wrong

Devious Theo Brady pulls a classic shaving cream to the face prank on his older stepbrother, Brian Adams, but the big guy gets payback with some serious bareback anal pounding. He feeds the boy his stiff dick and then slides his cock in the kid’s sore hole to punish him raw.

My Brother, My Hero Ch 1: Role Model

Skin To Skin: Bareback

Tattooed hunk Boomer Banks and blond twink Danny Gunn are enjoying every minute of their vacation: cruising on a boat, strolling through a seaside town, dancing at the club, and of course, spending as much time as possible skin to skin. The couple make out by the pool and Danny sucks Boomer’s cock before asking the burly top to eat his tight hole, and Boomer is happy to give Danny just what he wants before fucking him doggystyle. Danny takes control as he rides Boomer’s dick, then revels in the feel of his man’s skin against his as Boomer pounds his ass till they both cum!

Off The Grid Part 3: Bareback

Isaac (Leander) has tracked his fiance Abe (Gabriel Phoenix) to the hotel where he stayed the night, but Abe takes off as soon as Isaac catches a glimpse of him. Isaac chases Abe into a hedge maze, using the dating app Grid to find where Abe is hiding and to talk him into taking him back. The lovers return home, where they get reacquainted with each other’s bodies, and Isaac hungrily devours Abe’s ass and cock, unable to get enough, before riding him reverse. Abe makes Isaac’s ass his own, making his man cum as he breeds that hole before adorning Isaac’s cheeks with his jizz!

Gay Bareback and Domination

Daddy Lessons Ch 1: In The Closet

Taylor Reign can’t keep his eyes off his stepdad, Donnie’s, rockin’ body. His fantasies are fulfilled as the old man slobbers on his huge cock and then injects his tight asshole with a serving of hard man meat!


When you r hungry for a load you are hungry for a load and once I get that first one it only makes me hungrier for more!

Tom Of Finland: 1957*

Men.com’s first collaboration with iconic queer erotic illustrator Tom of Finland takes things back to Tom’s early days in 1957. Birdwatcher Theo Brady catches a glimpse of fisherman Kurtis Wolfe through the trees and snaps a few pics before getting out his big cock as he watches the burly stud. Kurtis catches his watcher in the act, but no sooner than Theo starts sucking Kurtis’s cock, the sound of a siren pierces the air, and Theo and Kurtis scatter as police officer Matthew Camp stalks through the woods brandishing his nightstick. Theo can’t believe his eyes when he spies Matthew eating Kurtis’s ass and fucking him doggystyle, and the pair entice the shy twitcher from the woods to take photos as Kurtis rides Matthew’s cock before joining their threesome for some double penetration!

Down To Business

Colby Tucker is suffering from a broken heart so he’s shirking his responsibilities at the office. When Zario Travezz shows up at his house to get some paper signed, he’s not too happy to find Colby wallowing in his self pity. After some intense back-and-forth, the two men become heated and soon the heat translates into a hot fuck.

Zane’s Tickle and Cum

26-year-old Zane is willing try anything once, and this is his first time being tied down and tickled. His Southern boy’s charm comes through in his sweet, gentle laughter as Franco tickles him all over his naked body. Along the way, Franco pauses to taste and toy with Zane’s dick, which is already hard from the novel situation. He’s ticklish on his ribs and in his bellybutton, and especially ticklish on his inner thighs and size 11 1⁄2 feet. Franco sucks and nibbles Zane’s toes and soles, causing high-pitched giggles to break through his constant laughter. While lying on top of him, Franco lubes up Zane’s cock, then rubs it against his furry belly and tickles Zane in his armpits. Franco takes the next opportunity to suck Zane off and torture his sensitive cock until he’s exhausted and asking for a nap. Of course, naps don’t happen on Franco’s tickling table! Franco tickles Zane’s inner thighs and feet, making Zane jerk his arms and legs like a broken marionette. Even when Franco releases his arms, mild-mannered Zane obeys and keeps his arms back as best he can, letting Franco tickle him until he just can’t stand it anymore.

Bareback Anal Fucking

Captain Rapid Part 3: Bareback

When Johnny Rapid spots two hot guys sitting on the cliffs overlooking where his boat is anchored, he swims over and convinces them to come aboard. But before Johnny can let ginger Kyle Conners and bohemian Xavier Cox into the cabin, they have to obey the maritime law and fuck! Xavier sucks Kyle’s cock and Johnny peeks from abovedecks as Kyle sucks Xavier’s dick and Xavier fucks him doggystyle. Seeing just how horny these guys are, Johnny lets them use his berth to keep banging, and Kyle wants to take a turn sliding his dick into Xavier’s ass. Xavier rides the horny ginger and then the guys each jack off till they cum before going up on deck for a scenic cruise.

Captain Rapid Part 2

Off The Grid Part 1

When Isaac (Leander) met his fiance Abe (Gabriel Cross), he knew this was the man he’d delete his dating app for. But as his wedding approaches and his best friend Kirk (Dato Foland) asks to fuck him just once, Isaac grabs at his last chance to sow some wild oats. The friends with newfound benefits take turns sucking each other’s cocks and Kirk tongues Isaac’s hole before sliding his cock inside. Then the groom-to-be gets the best of both worlds as they flip fuck, Isaac fucking Kirk in mish and doggystyle before riding him till he cums. But just as Isaac swallows Kirk’s load, Abe arrives and catches them in the act!

Jax & Lane: Bareback

Jax is excited to be paired with Lane today because not only does Lane have an amazing body, they’re also real-life best friends. Jax says, “I know Lane is an absolute bottom-monster, he can take a dick like no other, so I’m pretty excited to be able to just not hold back.” Lane is just as stoked to take that big dick in his ass and get picked up and tossed around a little bit by his big strong friend Jax! After Lane sucks his dick, Jax picks up his bud to kiss him before throwing him down on the bed and eating his ass. Lane rides Jax’s big dick till Jax cums in his tight hole, and Jax keeps going till he makes his best friend cum too!


Eli is an ass man so I figured what better gift than Marcus and his beautiful ass with perfectly smooth hole. He spent a good amount of time face deep in Marcus’ hole, but can you blame him?! Marcus is the type of bottom who can either be connected with his top in a passionate love making session or lie there and just be a hole for his top to use until he unloads in you. He was the latter of the two, and loved every second of it.

Big-Dicked Geovanni Deep-Throated

I invite my adventurous buddy Brian over to see what he can get newcomer Geovanni to do on camera. Geovanni may not be willing to suck dick, but he clearly doesn’t mind getting a blowjob from another guy. I put Geovanni next to Brian on a small sectional so they’d have to touch. I knew Brian wouldn’t mind, but I was surprised when Geovanni got hard so fast. I tell Brian to suck on Geovanni’s boner. While Geovanni enjoys the BJ, he reaches around to help stroke Brian’s dick. When Brian gags, I give them a break and try to get Geovanni to return the favor. But he refuses to suck cock, so I get the guys stroking instead. I jack Brian while he leans over and sucks Geovanni’s balls. Geovanni pushes Brian to lick his taint, and it’s not long before Brian is ready to cum. He strokes off a big load and Geovanni nuts right after. Brian sucks Geovanni’s big dick clean.

Dads Men Jocks and Twinks

Call Boy Decoy

Deangelo is a handsome man, he doesn’t have to pay for sex. He wants it how he wants it and sometimes you have to pay for what you want. That doesn’t mean you always get what you pay for. Taylor shows him, with his mouth and ass, that having the best of both worlds, is worth all the money in the world.

Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers Episode 4

Caught by Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson after defying her orders, things are looking grim for Johnny Rapid, but when he warns Constable JJ Knight that Sophie’s trying to poison him in order to give her favorite, Joey Mills, the job, things finally start looking up! JJ sits down with Johnny, Joey, and the other new whore, Ty Mitchell, to hash out how things are going to be. JJ and Johnny get their cocks sucked by both Ty and Joey before fucking the twinks doggystyle, and when it’s time to cum JJ fucks Ty’s mouth as he watches Joey fuck Ty’s ass while getting his ass fucked by Johnny! The guys seal their alliance as Ty gets covered in jizz…but down in the basement, the Cock Destroyers are also making up, and vowing to take over the world!

A Tale Of Two Cock Destroyers Episode 1

My Best Friend’s Dad Scene 4

Big daddy Tristan Brazer takes on Young and hung Tristan Hunter And teaches him a good lesson. If he’s going to hang around his stepson he Needs to learn some tricks. Tristan is a dominant top and uses every muscle in his body and every inch of his cock to take this boy down. After some sweaty sucking fuck, the stepdad gives Tristan the thumbs up.

My Best Friend’s Dad Scene 3

Parole Dad Ch 3: Mom’s Home

This week, little Lukas Stone’s ex-con stepdad, Logan Stevens, sneaks into his bedroom while the boy’s mom calls the kid for dinner! The old man wants a quickie, so he fucks his boy’s young asshole bareback and then strokes him to a creamy climax.

Parole Dad Ch 2: Thanksgiving with Dad

My Brother, My Hero Ch 1: Role Model

Sweet Theo’s older stepbrother is honored to find out that the little guy has chosen to write about him as someone he admires for a school paper. To show the boy just how much he cares, he stuffs his butt full of hard man meat and then injects him with his sticky seed!