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First time on camera!

This is Tyler’s first time ever getting fucked on camera, and even though he says he’s never tasted cum, he was super excited to get plowed by Tristan’s nice cock and take his load all over his face. You can tell Tyler gives amazing head– just look at Tristan’s reaction when he starts going at it. Tristan loves eating ass, and how could you not after seeing Tyler’s beautiful and perfectly hairy hole?! Tristan’s cock slide in and out of Tyler’s hole is so fucking hot to watch. Tyler’s favorite position is doggy style so Tristan took him to the floor to pound his hole some more before painting his face with his 3 day load! The look on Tyler’s face is pure satisfaction! @Austin Wilde


Mateo Sandwich!

Hey guys, Theo here! Vinny is the new kid on the block so we took a few minutes to get to know him before ripping each others clothes off and swallowing some cocks. I was in the mood to bottom this day, and I love me some foreskin, so I made sure both of uncut boys fucked me good! At one point, we even did a vertical sandwich fuck, which was super hot! These guys definitely know how to fuck a boy good! The end was by far my favorite though since I got to sit on Mateo’s face as I came and watch Vinny fuck Mateo’s load out of him! @Austin Wilde

Little Josh finally bottoms (on camera)!


I did it ❗I actually convinced this 10/10 DROP DEAD Gorgeous looking boy to come with me to London (although he said moving in might be a bit soon) HAHA
I’m so lucky, this boy was sent from heaven 😇 everything about him is perfect ❗
I’m not just talking about his Model looks,
10″ dick, or 8 pack, his personality and attitude towards sex is epic,
👆 He fucking loves having it off as much as me and is into all the things I am
Little josh, or Joshy boy as he wants to be known now) is filming us all messing about and me and DJ start proper getting it on,

His a pre cum leaker, which makes my hornyness goes into over drive
He said it was my turn this time (to get done up the arse)
Normally I would have just bent him over n fucked him away but
ANYTHING this boy tells me to do, I would do lol 😝
I’m that into him
Fucking me with that massive ‘true’ 10″ Willy, this 20yr sticks it so far in me I scream 😱
Bloody hell, I wasn’t expecting him to be a real hot,dirty fucker when topping, was demanding to get his cum in my arse
And Fucking me over n over, 👍 his well twisted
He shags me rotten bent over,
legs in the air u name it,
It’s funny, josh as his filming has to go for a piss, when he comes back it we didn’t know he was there still 🎥 us and we are proper in our own world 🌍It’s so supper horny, his try to hold out and not cum each time but where we are both so fucking into it that proves impossible.
Shit man this boy should be rename ‘Sir cum-a-lot’
⚡I came both times with just him fucking me uncontrollably⚡
He spunk’s it right over my hole n pokes it up me and keeps fucking
His beautiful is beyond compare
I know I’ve said it a few times but I can’t stop thinking 🤔 about the hot time I had with this boy
We haven’t seen each other since xx George


Featuring Ashland Twerk!

It was hot as balls outside when me and Ashland filmed our scene together, so we had to keep taking breaks because we kept overheating. Yes I could have moved it inside with the AC, but I aint no pussy and fucking outside is awesome. But since it was so hot out we both kept getting close to cumming but just couldn’t pump it out, so we just took turns playing around with each others’ man parts. Ashland specifically took a liking to my nuts and gave them an awesome tongue bath for a good while. So anyway, the footage you’re about to watch is all “fluffing” in-between the shots in the original video that I didn’t include. If you enjoy sweaty otters you’ll love it! @deviantotter


ho ho ho!

Hunter and I love to get one XXX-tra special gift for each other during the holiday season. This year we cracked open a delicious little virgin elf ass! This was supposed to just be an oral session, but once we saw that hairy little Christmas plumb wagging around, it turned into a hard and heavy deep fuck session with a squealing little elf. This vid was supposed to be just for us and our private collection, but it was so much fun to shoot that we decided we had to share it with you all. Leave some comment love for the furry little poppers elf. Who knows, he just might be interested in climbing down off Santa’s cock to suck your candy cane and lick your jingle balls! He cums many times a year, unlike Santa who cums just once, lol. –Hunter & Cole


Hot Leather Action!

Every boy is unique and has different deep-down needs. Daddy Will understands how to get inside a boy’s mind so he can let himself go and be what he dreams of being. This sweet lil muscle boy needs to worship and serve a Dominant Man and was born to be put on his knees. Despite using him hard and training him to be submissive we can always count on Daddy Will to scoop him up afterwards and give him the positive reinforcement a sub boy needs.Liam and Will Angell

Little Josh finally bottoms (on camera)!


Ok- so your never going to believe what happened in Manchester pride but I caught josh 🙀
(yes our Little josh or as he wants to be known as Joshy Boy)
Getting fucked 🅱🅱 up the arse by one of the guys I had interviewed on the street, then pulled back to have some fun with
This is all on camera 🎥 and again 💯 % real
You know josh he would NEVER agree to be in a vid properly but I went in to find the guy I had pulled & Josh fucking BIG TIME, he was getting done RAW and obviously Fucking loving it ❗
I cant believe he agreed to me filming although I passed the cam over the my mate cos his my little brother so that would just be weird
🤫 Between me and u only, his actually done stuff with loads of the boys but won’t ever let me film it, or he dose but then 🐓 out and makes me delete it cos he don’t wanna been scene, the sneaky little shit!
However for some unknown reason ( most probably cos he was loving that guys dick deep n him bareback he just agreed, this is all on cam BTW) it’s funny as.
Well actually what happen was I caught him stealing the boy I pulled off the street and (whom I had arranged a sexy 21yr for with) in one of the bed rooms,
It’s all 💯 % I promise, well u can see that when u watch it.
I don’t wanna big josh up too much cos his my brother n all but….
✅ yeah let’s just say it’s FUCKING HOT AS FUCK 🔥
josh is actually a proper dirty little cunt when his get fucked and his beautiful perfect twink body looks AMAZING on cam, if you been watching our vids for a bit then DONT MISS THIS VIDEO
I was watching for a bit and didn’t know if I should or not (join in) but that would be a bit too Messed up
I’ll tell u the truth I’ve fucking wanked off to this vid 100’s of time and josh if your reading this then FUCK YOU, don’t be reading too much into it mate, your still Joshy to me, I just like the cam angle and the artistic lighting! (as if)
This guy with a massive 8″ nob WELL likes josh n fucks him legs in the air, style, bent over, he even opens up Joshs little arse hole 🕳 and off loads it all over the push’s it in and fucks him with his cum! 💧
If josh wasn’t family I would be well jel.
Oh and then the actual 21yr boy I arranged for the shag off the street arrives thinking his going to get laid., it’s well embarrassing but good TV lol xx George


Everyone got lit!

This is the kind of hot and nasty vid that I really love to shoot. We had all gone out to a club on the strip and had drinks and laughs. We came back home with the guys, got naked and had a fucking hot gang bang with lots of rimming, cock worshiping, cum eating, and fucking. Super horned-up guys like Dax and his horse cock and Ren with his insane sexual appetites really make this vid stand out. This was shot just for fun and turned out amazing (again, my fav type of vid to shoot!). Happy New Year! –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweatpants


That is one hungry hole!

The title of this video says it all: Jaime gets DP’d, and it’s one of the hottest fucking things you’ll ever see. Jaime loves getting roughed up, cock-choked, slapped around…and yep, even DP’d. And he got all of the above done to him! He let both of these big dick tops fuck him on their own before putting both of them together and sliding onto both of them at the same time! I can honestly say I’ve never seen a bottom love getting fucked by two cocks at the same time and stay as hard as Jaime does…loving every inch and thrust. When Miller and Anthony were ready to give Jaime their loads, they rolled him on his back, lifted his hole up, the unleashed their loads into his hungry hole. @Austin Wilde

Maverick Men Directs


Dax is back!

We got a group of guys together in the Pocono Mountains at the Rainbow Mountain Resort for some fun, fucking and sunshine. We started up a game of pool with the guys and of course it quickly escalated to betting on blow jobs for pool games and that turned into Dax fucking the shit out of the loser while all the guys looked on, hooting and a few even jumped in on the action. –Hunter & Cole

Hung Young Brit



Max knew criss was on his way over (remember they met after the prowler awards at the pig party) – well this time his brought his fucking dirty piggy 🐷 mate with him- this guy is filthy AS fuck!
They are obviously proper Method up fuck heads who just need to dump 💦 real quick
Max is held hostage whilst these two hot crack whores are let loose on him ❗
At the end they make him lay face down on the bed and both the dirty fuckers rub one out over his bum then shoot it right over his arse and push it in the fuck him with it,
These Parted up 💊 hot crack head whores let are just loose 2 use on him
Aarons filming it and doesn’t give Shit that he brought his mate, in fact it turns him on BIG TIME
Arron the dirty cunt takes advantage of the situation too and gets his nob out and spunk’s his cum in Max’s open gob
They leave him fucked to death and dripping🤤 xx George

Deviant Otter


Featuring newcummer Otto Samson!

Jizz the season to be jolly and fuck a hot ginger cub. Otto has been a connoisseur of my vids for a while now and had never done studio work, so I figured a nice Christmas gift would be loading him up on my site to break him into the industry. I’m a big fan of fucking around with guys who aren’t familiar with the industry, not that I don’t love my pro boys, but you can always tell the newbies are just genuinely man sluts and love dick. Also I hadn’t busted a nut in a couple of days so I gave him one load in the ass and one in the face, its the season of giving what can I say? Hope this jingles your balls and seasons breedings to all! @deviantotter

Guys In Sweatpants


Clark Parker is back!

Hi Guys!! It’s Clark, and I’m finally back to film after my very long hiatus! Miller and I have been talking about working together for months before finally meeting at San Diego Pride this year, which only increased our desires to get with each other! After all that waiting and anticipation, GuysInSweatpants was of course the one to bring us together to have some fun in front of the camera. Miller and the big gift he gave me was so worth the long wait. It was definitely everything I was hoping for, but I think the video speaks for itself there. Hope you guys enjoy, and happy holidays! @Austin Wilde

Deviant Otter


Earlier in the day me and Jay filmed a scene, and I had been boozing all afternoon, but my man didn’t get to fuck him earlier so I let them have a go at it if I could film it. I didn’t include it in the original update because my dog wouldn’t stop barking, and then fireworks were going on, and it was dark as fuck and I had to use a lighter to try and show my man’s fat dick going into Jay’s ass…apparently I’m a caveman because I didn’t think to just use the flashlight on my phone…Either way, the vid’s hot and my man’s been really proud of this body progress so I figured I’d share!@deviantotter

Hung Young Brit


Press Pack Link Fixed

OMG 😲 OMG 😲 OMG 😲 
You gotta see this boy his absolutely, out of this universe, SERIOUSLY stunning I actually thought all my dreams 💭 had come true when he agreed to hang out with us, 
His even got a 6 pack to go with that hot body n cock- he 👀 like a premiere league footballer ⚽ 
The chemistry is amazing and shows, 
I fucking rib his shorts down, 
put him on the bathroom sink, 
spit on my cock and start poking it in, 
then I fucking well go for it😈 
Even though his got that stupidly big dick, 
he LOVED being fucked & begs me to cum inside him, 
I bend that little tiny waist over the 🛁tub n fuck him like a rabbit 🐇💊 
We got well carried away, then at some point I’m sitting on the 🚽 lid with him riding my dick so fucking fast 💨 
I burst my cum 💧 right there n then, pulling out ever so quick “as so YOU can see at home” me cumming then sticking it back in to squirt 💦 up him as he so badly wanted! 

How it started was I’m interviewing people, and I clocked him in the background and quickly grabbed him to ask if his ok to be interviewed for a questionnaire regarding Pornography 💨 
(The Porn questions is just a ploy to see how many beautiful stunners we can snog at prides) but we got the proper equipment now so we 👀 the real deal 
BTW I have turned this idea 💡 into reality now so if I come up to ya with a mic and say we wanna interview 🎤 then we are not pretending anymore, although we still might wanna quick 😙) HAHA 
yeah back to this boy 
So we went around Brighton approaching absolutely everyone and he tagged along, bless him he had came to Brighton all on his own, 
🕰 Later we all went out partying in the street and our flat was like right close by so after a few drinks we end up back there….
We don’t even make it in the front door before I touching that HUGE HUNG dick of his (wait till ya see it) 😀😁😃 
I french kiss the fuck out of his beautiful face and his well into me just as much as I am him!! 
It’s one of them moments I’ll NEVER FORGET 
His one hot, very sexually attractive lad! And funny and sweet and just a really lovely decent person, ok I might 💖💕 him a little from the small amount of time we spent together- 
I actual invite him to come live in London with me after we had finished (really cringe worthy) Lol remember I was a bit gone as well xx George

Maverick Men Directs


Together at last!

You all will LOVE this hot cummy interracial flip fuck breeding video, especially if you like huge cocks plowing tight holes and gobs of cum! I had a hard time naming this vid. I was gonna go with Little Ren Riding Bottom or Ryder Rides Again, but I wasn’t sure that would impart the true nasty hotness of this vid. Anyway, Chris Ryder is back and hotter than ever with his big fat BBC, tight hairy hole and sexy smile. And so is our ass-eating, flip-fucking, kinkster extraordinaire boy toy, Ren. As you watch this one, I bet you won’t make it more than three minutes in before you whip out your cock and ferociously beat it!···· –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweatpants


One of the year’s hottest pairings!

These two couldn’t keep their hands off each other all weekend so we got out the camera, and let them finally go at it!Vincent was originally supposed to top, but the second Theo finally saw Vincent’s beautiful bubble butt, he just had to have a taste….both inside and out. Theo’s huge dick is a perfect match for that ass too. Vincent sucked on that big dick like it was his last meal before turning over to present his ass to get fucked…and get fucked it did! Theo climbed on top, shoved his face in to get it nice and lubed up, then shoved his cock in balls deep. If you’ve never watched a big, beautiful bubble butt ride and bounce on a perfectly curved 8″ cock, you’re in for a treat here. The cherry on top is that 8″ cock busting its load all over and inside that beautiful bubble butt! @Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


Raw Fucking with a French boy

Bottom Boy Max Being cummed in by 2 HUNG Fit as Tops 🔝 
We are all messing about chilling round mine, robin was filming us! 
This Video has it all!!! I fuck Max right there and then on the sofa and pull out just so u can see 👀 me spunk before shoving it back in real quick so i can still feel myself cumming inside him 💥 Then he sits on that Long Thick dick of the french 🇫🇷 boys! Its hot as! I cant control myself and cum again! Lol obviously up max again! 😇 
Why the hell have you not already got this clip!!! ⛔Please Stop reading and just watch it⛔ LOL (you wont regret) !! 
💯% real mates fucking around and doing what they wanna do the most… feel there raw dick being shot inside Max’s beautiful arsehole, 
🇬🇧 This boy Max cant walk for fear of cum leaking down the legs and over my carpet after. 
This is by far the hottest video…. Ever! (i know i say that a lot but trust me, this video 📽 is VERY SPECIAL) xx George

Maverick Men


Hot cabin video from the Maverick Men!

Every now and then, a boy just needs his man to fuck him down. I love my man’s fat cock in my ass. It’s been a while since I’ve been fucked so my hole is real tight. Cole loves stretching it open with his fat meat. In this vid, I ride that monster cock until I almost see stars. I’m determined to get my hole stretched even more by my man. Stay tuned for more hole-stretching updates from us! –Hunter & Cole



Featuring Chandler Scott!

I’ve been told on multiple occasions that me and my bud Chandler Scott could be related because we look really similar, which I totally agree with. We’ve fucked around a bunch before off camera, but I thought it’d be hot to make a vid with him since we could pass as bros. Throwing this out there into the gay porn universe for all you dudes like me who are into that kinda thing! @deviantotter



Look at the size of that thing!

If you’re familiar with Pierce Paris, you’re familiar with the 10″ between his legs. If you aren’t, get ready. We couldn’t think of a better pairing than Hayden’s perfect bubble butt. We relaxed at the beach for the day before heading back to fuck… except we never made it inside because Pierce’s dick was in Hayden’s mouth before they even got out of the car. But it didn’t take long for Hayden to be bent over the back of the car with Pierce’s face in his ass before lubing up his cock and burying it balls deep. They fucked in pretty much every position you can in a car before Pierce fucked Hayden’s load out of him and all over his abs. Pierce made sure to finish him off by coating both outside and inside with his huge load!@Austin Wilde