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We are very excited to welcome our new friend Dino into the MaverickMen wolf pack! Dino is exactly the kind of guy we love; he’s chill and sweet, sexy, hairy, hung and man can he fuck! We met him a few years ago dancing at a club and as soon as we set eyes on him we thought he was our super sexy best bud, Dirk Stackhouse. Not only do they look alike, they also fuck alike with aggression passion and lust! We love a guy that can take it as good as he can give it. –Hunter & Cole

Hung Young Brit


Bottom boy Slut gets bathed in cum!

We all gang up on one bottom boy Slut
(This guy was so sexy with a tight little waist)
You gotta see this lad being used and spunked in by EVERYONE.
I chose my words carefully “it’s absolute carnage”
literally 70 hung guys – using this lad bent over.
Before we even get to him his arse was fucking dripping 💦
Aaron the dirty fucker jumps in first – even puppy-faced 19 yo Sasha bare fucks him raw with all the strangers’ cum in his arse!
👀 Look how drenched in cum Sasha’s hands are.
Sasha starts 👊 the bottom guy – he goes in bone dry and when he pulls out it’s soaked in cum (no exaggeration).
I cum deep inside the bottom boy’s arse ready for everyone else to have a fuck with. OMG I’m so horny watching everyone take turns abusing this bottom boy that I have to shoot it one more time – this time all over the entrance to his Arsehole so I can shove it back in ALL ON 📸 FOR YOU TO 👀
Some random cums over the butt cheeks of this guy and then Aaron jumps at the chance to fuck him with it!
This 📼 is too epic to describe.
WE have never been this fucking filthy.
THIS 📼 IS a fucking MUST SEE ✔️ xx George

Maverick Men

THE DEVIL MADE US DO HIM – We fucked the devil!

Since our favorite holiday Halloween is just around the corner, we’re treating you to some red-hot superhero muscle ass! We met this muscle stud in Florida and he’s been a big fan for years and has always wanted to do a video with us. Since it’s the Halloween season (almost) and since he loves superheroes, we agreed to let him wear his devil mask. To be honest, with a jacked muscle body and solid steel ass we couldn’t have cared less if he wanted to wear a pumpkin on his head, lol. But don’t get it twisted – we don’t want or like guys wearing masks in our videos and that’s why we SERIOUSLY fucked the hell out of him as punishment. –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweatpants

THEO’S WELCOME FUCK – Welcome the dynamic duo!

Not only is this both Theo and Trevor’s first time on GuysInSweatpants, but it’s Theo’s first video ever! Theo has that cute, boy next door look, with a nice ass that any top would want to plow. But also a big 8″ dick that would make any bottom want to jump on. After a minute of chatting, Trevor dove into his ass, only coming up for air to say “damn, you have a nice ass!” Theo said one of his favorite things to do is ride dick, so already lubed up from Trevor’s spit, he climbed on top, and slid all 8″ of Trevor’s big cock in him. Soon after, Trevor took control, threw him over the back of the couch, and started plowing him doggy style– making sure he felt every girthy inch! All it took was Trevor busting his load on Theo’s hole and shoving it back in balls deep to make Theo bust his two week load over his head and all over his body! @Austin Wilde

Deviant Otter


I mean there’s not really much more that I can say, that ass speaks for itself. I’ve fucked around with muscle dudes before, but something new went off in me when he put his hands behind his head and flexed those massive arms. I have always appreciated muscle, but now I think I’m going to be renting muscle dudes just so I can sit on their chest and jerk off while admiring their pits and mass. Glad to know you can still discover new things you enjoy after being a man slut for so many years! @deviantotter

Hung Young Brit


This lad I barely know whom I met on the train getting fucked RAW by everyone!
His just left on the floor with the spunkiest hole every dripping!! And one of my pals rims him and eats out his hole each time some other Fit sexy lad cums over and In him! Its so fucking sexy its unreal ⚠
Bobby 20yr cant control him self and has a quick go at breeding Fucking with him and spunks one in his perfect arse too!
Thats how fucking stupidity horny this situation was! ♨
Everyone in the room just wanted to cum up this boy! Likewise the super sexy Council Estate 🏢 chav fucking LOVES it yet looks so not that type of lad to be into that!!
💥 I pass him round and share him out a to group of four of us, we pin him down, legs in the air and all have a go on this sexy young Twinks bum, Literally EVERYONE of my friends wants to bareback and cum up this beautiful stunning lad. xx George

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Yummy is the perfect word to describe 6’4” 19 year-old, horse-cocked, bubble butt boy, Ivan! We met this delicious boy on our travels thru the midwest. He was very eager to try video with us, but only if we were rough and fucked his bubble ass like we owned it. I just love it when that happens, lol. You will love watching us rail this super hot 19 year-old cupcake. We hope to hang with him again very soon. –Hunter & Cole

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With Justin’s perfect cock craving for penetration, and Vincent’s amazing ass and love for getting fucked, these two couldn’t be a better match. Just watch the way Justin grabs each of Vincent’s huge and beautiful ass cheeks as they slam down around his cock. That is if you can make it past all the passionate, sloppy, deep throat cock sucking! If you know Vincent, you know he loves getting fucked rough with some plenty of choking… and Justin did just that! Once Justin was done pleasing Vincent’s hole, he busted his load all over his face and mouth, and Vincent fucking loved it!@Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


😱 Massive 11inch Hung Thick Dick! Leon gets his hole stuffed
Extreme shocking Horny Bareback story telling! 😍
Leon is a slut from twitter whom i met on the street on Manchester one night, after me and Ronnie fuck him his arse is proper stretched out and leaking cum
🔎 This Video is LONG but we left in everything because these guys are dirty as fuck! We all each tell our own Horny TRUE stories of the hottest, naughtiest times
… Uncensored and 💯% TRUE
▶ I cum at 36 mins up Leon’s arse so Ronnie can fuck him with it.
Ronnie is VERY verbal !! and brings out the dirtiness in everyone AMAZINGLY HOT xx George


Every now and then, we do a video that really surprises us, like this one. We were recently in Vegas and this hot jacked guy hit me up. We got to talking and he said he wanted to be in a video. To be honest, his pics were so hot that I thought he was a catfish, lol. Liam’s a top that pretty much prefers ass play only. He isn’t really into sucking or getting sucked; he just does it to be a considerate lover. Liam’s primary focus is getting it in! He loves to use his big, beautiful cock to fuck ass. Now he’s recently open to pleasing his top friends, like me and Hunter. As soon as we met, the chemistry was undeniable. We literally jumped onto each other and went to town, sucking and fucking so hard that we blasted our loads so fast that we had to chill and fuck and cum again! –Hunter & Cole

Deviant Otter


I’m just finding all kinds of friendly neighbors all the time down here in SoFlo. I had no clue that this stud and his booty was living just up the street from me since I moved here. Thank goodness for Twitter. So we finally set a date to fuck, but now there’s loud ass street construction going on by my house, so I asked my buddy Nick if we could film in his yard…and because he’s awesome at filming which means I don’t have to hold the phone which is awesome. I really enjoy making these videos way more when I have someone to hold the camera so I can just go to town on my dude. And I fuckin’ went to fuckin’ town on him, I got mad bruises up my thighs from ramming him into the chair, totally worth it. I think we’re going to become good deviant friends! @deviantotter

Guys In Sweatpants


It’s been awhile, but Austin is back, and doing what he does best on here– fucking and getting fucked! These two have hooked up before so they know each other’s bodies, cocks, and holes, but we decided to film it this time! There’s nothing hotter than two hot muscle jocks worshipping each other’s bodies and cocks, the fucking each other until orgasm. Just like every hole Austin lubes up slides his monster cock in, it took Brandon a minute to get used to it, but once he did, he let him pound away, hard as a rock and enjoying every inch of it. Austin was enjoying his smooth hole so much, he pumped his first load in Brandon’s ass. They weren’t done though because Brandon got a go at Austin’s hole, fucking while jerking him off until his load shot all over himself. Austin returned the favor by throwing Brandon down and fucking him until he shot his load over his head and off the bed! @Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


noun. a type of sexual activity in which several men ejaculate on another person

⛱The most busiest I’ve ever seen it, good luck counting the guys!
!! Cum swopping with Aaron and other people’s cum
To be honest I was accidentally off my head!🥂
You can tell by the way I keep chatting shit -💯% unedited
This green shorts wearing guy gets too horny watching us be filthy and rushs over to dump it right in our open then a 👕 guy runs over and pumps it out over me too! There’s way too much action to describe all of what goes on and this vid is extra long at 41 mins and is literally back to back action 🙂
All day im leaking out pre cum 💦 from guys dicks to get on my tongue to kiss my mate with
At one point so many guys cover Aaron I can hardy see him
He Then pulls this fit guy and Gives it to him! His arse looks stunning in a jock
So many guys cum in our open 👄;,
Acting out one of my biggest fantasies- to be in circled by huge cocks ALL wanting to cum in my chops
And me just letting more people spunk in my gob WITHOUT swallowing!!!
AND it happened- twice in this video Actually
I’m sounded by 6 guys in a circle ⭕ and just sit there with my mouth open inviting anyone to cum fill my gob up.
🔥I highly recommend this vid man🔥 xx George

MaverickMen Directs


We LOVE daddy lovers! When we met Caleb and he told us how much he loves older dominate men to own his ass, we knew we had just the perfect match for him with horse-cocked daddy, Austin. Caleb jumped down on his knees and gobbled Austin’s fat cock and ate and licked his hole. Then, Austin jumped up and mercilessly fucked Caleb’s hole. Right in the middle of shooting this scene, another horse-cocked top stepped in to watch the action only to squat down over Caleb’s face and make him eat his muscle ass, then thanking him with a big creamy facial. And then, Austin came back and finished the job. This is one seriously hot fuck flick! Daddy LIKE, lol! –Hunter & Cole

Guys In Sweatpants


Greyson and Forest have been two fan favorites, and since everyone was in town for Pride, we threw them on a bed together, and let the magic and fucking take over. I walked back into the room from getting my camera, and heard them going at it…so I hit record, and let the go at it. Greyson is pretty reserved, but that all changes when you put a hot guy with a nice cock in front of him! He loved riding Forest’s cock, feeling every inch as he slid up and down on it. But the look of ecstasy as Forest holds him down on his stomach fucking him like his prey he just captured might be even hotter! If you like videos where the top doesn’t pull out, filling his bottom up with his load, you’re in luck here! @Austin Wilde

Guys In Sweatpants


What’s up, everyone?! My name is Shaun and I currently reside in sunny Florida. When I have free time, I’m usually out hiking (or anything outside when it’s not too hot) or at the gym! Working out is one of my passions so I try to eat pretty healthy too. There isn’t much sense in lifting a lot if you don’t eat healthy! As far as sex, I like it rough. I love some someone who can get down with some choking and even let me throw them around some. Being in front of the camera is a new experience for me, and hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I did! @Austin Wilde

Hung Young Brit


This lad LOVES being fucked so much 🤪…..his a proper massive bottom boy,
So i see my opportunity !!! OH YES
I shoot my load all over the end of this fucking massive dildo then fuck it right up this sexy young twinks arse! its so twisted and hot♨
Seeing how much cum i can fuck inside him with this MASSIVE, Huge double ended sex toy is very perverted !!
I love ♥ how dirty minded this boy is! His very me!! Hot and fucking🐽sleazy as fuck xx George

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This is a never before released vid from the MaverickMen vault with Travis Irons from way back in the day when we used to shoot with On The Hunt, around 2012 I think. They were nice enough to introduce us to him and loan out his sweet ass for that day so we could use and abuse his holes. Hunter and I fucked his sweet ass and anger banged him till we all squirted all over the place. –Hunter & Cole

Muscle Bear Porn

Sean Maygers joins the pack! The New Pack!

Something special happened when Will and Liam met Sean. The connection was so real and strong they didn’t want it to end. Even when they finished filming the didn’t want him to leave. So, a week later Sean came back and things began to develop. The process was filmed so it can be shared with you and you can see the real-life adventures of men falling in love. Will and Liam Angell