Humped-Up Boyfriends Hammer Home To A Hot, Gooey Climax

A cursory glance at their names might somehow give the impression that these two young buddies are somehow related – that maybe we’re about to unleash some kind of incestuous debauchery on the world – and if that’s what you’re hoping for then prepare to be disappointed. However, there’s a relationship of sorts in as much as blond lad, Andy Scott, and his namesake, Jacob, are real-life boyfriends; with all the relevant pros and cons that ensue from teaming up a pair of guys who clearly know each other very well. Fortunately, any jadedness that you fear might result from them knowing each other so well is avoided by the fact that both guys are self-evidently the energetic type, who evidently have real (though not exclusive) lust for their partner. As such, the scene is barely seconds old before they’re snogging like a pair of brazen bitches; with Andy arguably soon taking the slightly more dominant role. Indeed, anyone with at least half a sense of intuition will have gathered the roles in this duo long before Andy has started to feverishly rim out Jacob’s hungry little arse; and it’s with almost a feeling of pre-judged relief that the dark-haired buddy plonks himself down on his boyfriend’s lap and begins to ride that greatly favoured shaft for all he’s fucking worth. What follows is a high-octane performance that displays all the benefits of being intimately involved with your fellow performer; with Andy giving his lover a real good seeing to, culminating in very sticky, open-mouthed crescendo that leave nothing to the imagination! Raw intimacy at its filthy best!

Debt Dandy 203

This sweet boy had just turned 18. The day before he threw a wild birthday party. Apparently he had a great fun and so did his guests. He woke up with hangover and started cleaning up the apartment. At some point he realized that all his money was gone. One of his friends stole it! Our boy got 25 000 from his grandmother to buy his first car. She saved the money for some time and was looking forward too see her grandson happy. The boy had already ordered a car and paid an advance. He was supposed to pick the car up and drive to his grandmother to show it to her. He was very sad and desperate. I knew exactly how to solve his problem. He just had to entertain me a little. The boy felt so guilty about loosing the grandma’s money that he agreed.

Cream Of The Cocks 6: Cream’n Cock – Jizz

Hot Desert Knights

If you are a true lover of cum, jizz and ripped hard young bodies, if you like hot creamy young muscle cum being pumped down your throat, or literally pumped up your ass, or crazily shot all over your body, then “Cream of the Cocks VI – CREAM’N JOCK-JIZZ” will surely blow your load. If you like hard build young jocks feeding you their hot white milky cum, and if you like giving it or taking it raw, and enjoy one load after the next as it’s pumped out of hot throbbing pieces of huge jock-cocks, then CREAM’N JOCK-JIZZ will definitely bust your nuts. Watch as hot jocks and muscle studs ejaculate jizz and explode semen all over the screen. These guys pump it out and pump it in every hot willing jock hole they can find. Pace yourself and follow along as you watch one hot discharge of jizz after the next creamed out of every throbbing cock. Whether you call is cum, spoogie, jizz or semen…. Hot Desert Knights has put it all together, JUST FOR ALL YOU CUM LOVERS, the largest collection of CUM SHOTS from the finest ball busting muscle jocks on the planet.

Raunchy Bastards #092

Fuck Gape Point And Shoot

I’d met Derek a few times before, and he had definitely gotten some experiences with other guys, but he had never fucked a guy up the ass before. Since I was in town, I gave Derek a call and asked if he wanted to have a crack at Link’s ass. He knew link and had a good chemistry with him, so I thought the fucking should be good. Link’s ass is like butter, so for a first timer I didn’t think there’d be anyone better to stick dick into. Turns out I was correct. After sucking each other’s dicks, Link spread his legs and Derek got a great first time fuck.

I love watching link get fucked almost as much as I like fucking him myself. This guy can take a dick, and better yet, he seems to like it a lot. Link’s big cock was rock hard while he was getting plowed. I couldn’t resist helping him finish off. As Derek pounded away at his hole, Link shot a massive load all over his nice tanned bod. Once Link had cum, I asked Derek to shoot onto Link’s hole from a distance. Derek has one of the best long-distance cumshots I’ve witnessed, and I wanted to see him hit the bull’s eye. Sure enough, right on queue Derek shot several huge squirts more than a yard right onto Link’s blown out red asshole. Quite a feat after a hot first time top for this straight guy.

Boys Halfway House Incident #147

Straight Bitch First Time Fucked

Sometimes, guys at the House will turn their attention to getting in better shape. This is definitely something we applaud, but we also keep our eyes out for signs that a guy is juicing up. They don’t seem to connect the dots between one substance and another, and usage tends to reinforce this attitude that a chemical can make everything in their lives better. This guy, unfortunately, didn’t get the message, so I thought I’d deliver it to him personally.

This straight guy is exactly the kind of guy I like to turn into a complete bitch, and I was eager to plow into virgin territory, too. With half of his brain cells already dulled by a few years of bad decisions, I figured that it would be easy peasy – and I was correct. After explaining to him the issue at hand, I whipped out my dick and told him to get on it. He hesitated briefly, but like most sheep, he did what he was told. He actually sucks cock very well, and I’m looking forward to some end of shift blowjobs in the future. What interested me the most, though, was his hole. I didn’t just want to fuck him though, I wanted him to walk out of that room feeling like he had been utterly bitched-out. I shoved my fingers in his mouth, grabbed his ass and crotch like he was a cheap whore, and I didn’t go lightly on him. His hole was tight enough, but I know that these gym rats have a high pain tolerance. I didn’t bother going too slowly at first. And I made sure to spit on his face and in his mouth, and make him go down ass-to-mouth like a proper piece of meat.

His cunt felt great, like straight boy holes usually do. I had him loosened up in no time, and I kept pounding him as he grunted and groaned. He definitely got the dicking down that was coming to him. When I was finished I dropped a big loud in his mouth for good measure. Let’s see if this one learns to shape up.

My Best Friend’s Brother

Blue Steel Productions

Dirty Scout 93

This boy had a bit peculiar job preferences. He insisted on having a job that would involve a lot of physical activity. He literally told me that it’s more important to him than a salary. How weird… I had a nice warehouse job open that would keep him busy more than he would like. Unfortunately, the poor boy didn’t have enough money to pay our mediation fee. Since he liked physical activity that much, I decided to give him an offer that would elevate his heart rate quite a lot. He agreed but most of the time it looked like he could barely handle my cock. His mouth was too small, his throat not deep enough, and his ass way too tight for my boner. Still, he tried so much to please me! He moaned and begged. He was even nice enough to swallowed all the cum I unloaded.

Docking Buddy Cums Face-To-Face With A Meaty, Uncut Monster

Anyone with anything of a foreskin fetish is gonna be seriously in tune with the opening minutes of this monster dick inspired duo, given that Adam Webb really does seem to have massively blessed in the prepuce stakes. Indeed, his buddy, Casey Flip, can’t really get over how much skin he has – although given what we already know of Webb’s oversized dimensions, the fact that he’s got such a generous fold of foreskin shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise. After all, big cock-heads must come in big packages – and let’s be honest they don’t really come much bigger than this! A fact that Flip is clearly only too willing to make the very most of; as he finally starts to slurp on Webb’s generous length, gobbling away and drooling as he does so. In comparison, it has to be said that Flip’s own dick is something of a disappointment – although lined up against a super cock like Webb’s that was always destined to be the case. What’s more, the differential is only made all the more obvious when the two guys begin to dock their knobs – Webb rolling out his skin to quite literally consume his mate’s shaft in the process. What Flip lacks in length and girth, however, he more than makes up for in gusto; not least of all when Webb proceeds to first finger and rim the lad’s arse, before fucking it with a dildo and then his monster dick. By this point, of course, the floppy-haired blond is literally biting his lip in a heady mix of pain and pleasure; culminating in him pumping out a quite unbelievable multi-shot of jizz, before Webb wraps things up by dumping over the boy’s face!

Debt Dandy 202

In the Czech Republic there is a mandatory health insurance system in which every single inhabitant has to send money. If you don’t, you will start to accumulate a debt, which can cause you a big trouble in the end. That’s exactly what happened to our guy today. He got fired from his previous job at a sweets shop and forgot to pay the insurance. He needed more than 32 000 from me. The boy was small and lean. It was obvious that he liked sports. I had no reason not to help him. He had to use his butt to pay the debt off. Dude had a huge cock that got hard suspiciously fast. And his ass was smooth and tight. A perfect combination. I just had to remind the boy to stay quiet a few times. First, I made him to cum all over his chest, then I unloaded on his face.

Little Boy Lost Gets A Hard Fuck & Facial From A Muscled Stud

It’s difficult to decide who has the more ridiculous attire: Rob Nielsen, who’s exercising in the woods wearing what can only be described as the skimpiest pair of shorts ever designed, or Connor Rex, who’s working for a cycling courier service donning a tight-fitting body-suit that pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination! Either way, their chance encounter in the Czech countryside soon leads to their clothes being promptly abandoned; with Nielsen taking advantage of the fact that Rex is clearly lost to show the young twink exactly the kind of hard-dicked fun can be had in these remote parts. Unsurprisingly, Rex doesn’t take much in the way of persuading. Nielsen’s handsome, muscular body and Tintin looks are enough to drive even the most restrained, doe-eyed twink into a sexual frenzy; and within seconds of Nielsen having discovered a towel inside Rex’s bag and laid it out on the floor, the youngster has his face skewered down on the blond stud’s dick, gobbling away for all he’s worth. To his credit, Nielsen is only too willing to enjoy his share of sucking cock in return, but it really is a case of “No shit, Sherlock” when he flips his young prey over and begins to very eagerly rim the lad’s hairless little pucker. It’s a move that serves as a prelude to a wild, energetic fuck; with Nielsen hammering away at Rex’s deliciously raw guts for all he’s worth. All of which culminates in what can only be described as the divinely, nad-draining sight of the blond stud quite literally white-washing Rex’s face; leaving the young beauty dripping with jizz as he wanks himself off!

Czech Hunter 311

On the last day of school, just before summer holidays, I got invited to a grill party. A friend I haven’t seen for some time called me and invited me to a party to celebrate the end of school. I was more than happy to go, of course. Nice weather, even nicer boys, free meat and booze. What else could a guy like me ask for? As I expected, people at the party got drunk pretty fast. I just had to find the right moment to talk to them alone. Which wasn’t easy but I know how to separate the prey from it’s herd. One by one all the boys fell victims of my lust. They were difficult to talk into it but they all were greedy. They planned a big drinking night in the centre so the more money, the better. Summer was just starting for them. And summer can be a very expensive time of year…

Raunchy Bastards #091

When There’s No Pussy A Mouth Will Work

Danny and Tristan had just met five minutes before we filmed this, and you’d have thought they were old drinking buddies. Maybe it’s because they kept talking about how straight they were. Danny was particularly impressed that Tristan had damaged his fist the evening before in a fit of rage against a brick wall. But, yea, in another universe these two would have probably gone out to dinner and a movie first.

I had told Danny that he was just going to get blown by the new guy, and he was fine with that – thinking himself the masculine alpha. He did keep a keen eye on Tristan’s cock, though, and before long he was unexpectedly slobbering some knob himself. The guys even had a “sword fight,” which I have to admit was kind of cute. Tristan seemed to adore Danny’s cock, and I don’t blame him! Tristan gave Danny the best BJ he’s ever had, I’m sure, and Danny blew a massive load to show for it. Tristan loved every inch of Danny down his throat as well, and he came buckets. It was really hot that Tristan came onto Danny’s dick, and then used his cum as lube for a handjob. Now that’s some cum-freak! It’s so nice to see these supposed straight boys having so much messy fun together.

Dirty Scout 92

This 19 years old cutie had a very interesting hobby. At the moment he worked as a plumber but he also had an artistic side. In his spare time he draw people for money. Mostly his friends but I still though it was pretty cool. I was curious about drawing men, of course. I hoped he would tell me something juicy. And he did. He had to refuse advances made by his gay friends who liked being naked in front of him. He also mentioned a brief gay experience with one his friend when he was a teenager. A very interesting guy indeed. I found him a nice job and now it was time to enjoy his tiny and lean boy. I even brought a few toys from home to spice things up a little. I don’t think the boy liked it very much. But the job and the money I paid him were worth it.

Cute Twink Gets His Arse Skewered By A Monster Black Dick

Maybe it’s the size or maybe it’s the allure of the exotic, but we have a whole legion of twinks at STAXUS who always go weak at the knees at the prospect of black dick. As such, it’ll probably come as no surprise to our fans to hear that the arrival of the dashing Marcus Campbell sent hearts racing and puckers quivering in sweet anticipation! The biggest question in the office, however, was who would be first to enjoy the pleasure that it seems only big black cock can bring? Well, the honour in this instance goes to Martin Rivers – Campbell’s own personal choice, as it happens, having received a promise from the young Czech beauty to deep-throat his thick, massive monster within thirty seconds of first meeting it! Does he achieve that personal goal? All we’ll say here is that the lad really does put on the performance of a lifetime; and within minutes is quite literally presenting his ass to the stud as if to scream out his desire to be mated hard and raw! It’s an invitation that could surely never be snubbed by anyone – least of all a young, virile bastard like Campbell, who promptly rims the hairless hole with animalistic fervour, then plunges his oversized weapon deep into the young boy’s guts. In short, Rivers never really stands a chance from the off – his hole literally wrecked in a series of positions, as his inner bitch comes to the surface and he rides cock like his very life depended on it. The ultimate result is what can only be described as the cumshot of all cumshots from the horned-up white boy; before Campbell spews his own sticky, gooey thankyou in return!

Boys Halfway House Incident #142

Opening Up A Very Fresh Hole

It’s been a long while since we’ve had such a bad apple as this guy. Brazenly disrespectful of other residents and the House Manager, his attitude is way of course. He was only out of high school six weeks when he got enrolled into the House, so he hasn’t spent much time in the real world. The few weeks he did spend in the real world were not good, either. He racked up a few arrests and a swift boot out of his home. You’d think that after crashing that hard, he would have some humility. If so, you’d be guessing wrong.

I caught him the other day vaping in the House (which is against the rules) as he was playing video games. When I tried to speak to him, he just kept playing, not bothering to avert his eyes. Well, needless to say, this pissed me off beyond belief. Before he knew it, he had his game controller in his mouth and my cock in his hand. After seeing what his reaction was to another man’s dick, I had him get on his knees in front of me. He had a bewildered look on his face like it was some sort of bad dream, but when I grabbed him by the hair he opened his mouth to go down on my cock. The BJ wasn’t half bad, and when I had him take off his clothes, he even had a chub. Now that was quite interesting. I didn’t peg him for a homo! When I stood up next to him, rubbed my hand against his cheek, and pinched his nipples he got a full on. That’s all I needed to know. I had him finger himself next (damn that hole was pink as fuck!) so that I wouldn’t have much trouble easing in his tight teen cunt. When I finally stuck it in, the harder I fucked him the more he jerked himself off. He came in a few minutes time. He didn’t cum a little bit, either, he came a lot! Too bad he didn’t wait longer, because I kept right on fucking him in in four more positions before I’d finally had enough of his hamflower. I fucked him so much that his butt was gaping like the entrance pirate’s cave! I nutted in his mouth and slapped him a few more times in the face. This dickweed – I’m gonna let him stay a while, because he is definitely a fresh one!

Debt Dandy 201

He was supposed to move away from his current flat by the evening next day. That’s why he needed 20 000 to rent a new place and pay for the moving. I liked him a lot so I offered him my help. I just wanted to get something in return… The boy was very shocked about my lusty offers. He was a family man, had a girlfriend and a young daughter. They both were staying at his mother-in-law until the moving was taken care of. He wanted to be the man of the house who can provide for his family. Eventually he realized that my offer wasn’t that bad at all. A new place to live for a few minutes of sex? Who wouldn’t agree to that?

Sinking The 8 Ball


Brick-Laying Buddies Flip-Flop To A Raw & Creamy Explosion

We’re not one hundred percent sure that Titus Snow is going to win any prizes for his bricklaying efforts – some of the bricks aren’t quite as aligned as they possibly should be – but chances are there’s not going to be too many viewers of this splendid open-air extravaganza that are set to care that much. After all, you’re more likely to be blown away by the introductory panoramic drone-view – not to mention, of course, the sexual antics that ensue once the ever-horny Mike Cole turns at the scene. By this point it turns out that Snow’s overdue for a work-break; and what better way to relax than getting your mate’s cock out and giving the handsome member a vigorous working with your mouth? Certainly Cole doesn’t seem to hold out any objections, that’s for fucking sure; replicating the attention himself soon afterwards on Snow’s closely shaved dick. What both boys secretly want by this point, however, is those same juicy shafts poking away in their bare innards – an ambition that quickly becomes a reality. First Cole gets bundled over some of the scaffolding so that Snow can energetically thrust into his arse; then roles promptly get reversed, as the blond boy jumps up onto his work-mate’s lap and rides Cole’s dick like the bitch we’ve long since realised he is! Indeed, Snow clearly can’t get enough of that delicious ramrod in his arse; subsequently taking it missionary-style, whilst wanking out a terrific wad of creamy boy-batter over his own belly. The cue for Cole to produce what seems like an even more ferocious cascade of goo over Snow’s tattooed chest!

Property Lovers

Falcon Studios

Sexy, successful ˜Property Lovers” Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight just bought their dream home: all it needs is a bit of remodeling for everything to be just perfect. Award winning director Tony Dimarco captures the action when the hot, horny contractors they’ve hired are all working hard to finish the job, but can’t help turning some sexual attention onto each other – and their clients! When painter Dustin Holloway is doing some touch ups in the living room, leader contractor Alex Mecum sneaks up from behind and instigates an intense fuck session. Beau Reed comes in to do some work on the bathroom, but catches JJ Knight rinsing off in the shower. Hot oral leads to hardcore anal as JJ gets his rocks off before work and Beau shoots a massive load. Alex Mecum observes Zander Cole and Alessandro Haddad as they work, and the two young workers eagerly strip down and have a three-way with their sexy boss. When all the work is basically finished, Brent Corrigan asks Alessandro to stay on to be their gardener full time. They seal the deal with a hot lovemaking session in the master bedroom, finishing just in time to greet JJ, who is more than pleased with the arrangement. With their dream home finished and hot men all around, check out just how much action these “Property Lovers” get into with each other!

Czech Hunter 310

I heard there was supposed to be some sort of a summer party at one of the Prague’s lakes today. I grabbed my camera and went right there. To my disappointment, I found out it was a night party. The guy who told me was there for the party, too. He was a member of a group of friends who came to the lake to relax and pick up women. They were fun so I joined them. To be honest, I spent a very nice afternoon with the boys. We laughed a lot and I even had a few peeks at their cocks. One of them was really hot so I tried to hunt him down. I waited till we were alone and then I struck. He was very loose morally, money was everything to him. Unfortunately, his ass was extremely tight. I haven’t seen such a tight virgin ass for some time. We had to improvise…

Raunchy Bastards #112

Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw

Robby was so excited about getting into the porn biz that after I scheduled him to come in, he was calling or texting me every 15 minutes – for days. I was excited, too, of course, because I like them young and eager. When he finally came in for a photo set and audition, I could tell I was going to have a lot of fun. It was pretty apparent from talking to him that he was a complete freak in the sheets. He told me story after story about some girl or guy or group that he had been with. I knew this one would be a cake walk, because the guy obviously was a sex addict. Sometimes the chase is fun, but sometimes it’s just nice to have some hungry little bitch willing to do whatever you want. And, of course, I was correct.

I did some photos, and made sure to start out with some light inappropriate touching. Once that beautiful ass and inviting pink hole was in my face, I didn’t hesitate at all to dive right in. When my tongue hit his sweet ass, he moaned out in pleasure. So, I tossed his salad a little and then stood up and just shoved my dick right in him. This cock hungry twink couldn’t get enough, either. I fucked him good.

I wanted to see how well he sucked cock, too. I had almost completely forgotten about getting my dick sucked because he had such a beautiful butt, but he was equally as fond of having a cock in his mouth as in his cunt. While he sucked me off, he jerked himself off to completion. When he had cum, he wiped up his cum with his fingers and put it all in his mouth, like the dirty little slut that he is. Not bad… not bad at all! This old perv was very happy.

Dirty Scout 91

This boy was a college student who wanted to be an accountant. And he was quite ambitious about his salary. He was also a polite young man, which is always nice. I had a job open that our guy just loved. But life is not easy. At our agency, a mediation fee needs to be paid before we handle you a contract. The guy was too skint to pay it so I had to device some other way… I borrowed a huge dildo from my colleague a few days ago. This was the time to put it into a good use. I was sure the boy’s ass needed a little stretch. He was really talented, for a straight guy. He sucked me like if he was doing it all his life. Then we moved to his super tight ass. The boy was kinda curious about how cum tastes, I gave him a plenty of opportunity to try it out. Now he knows that it’s salty…

Debt Dandy 200

I have heard that tattoos can become a real obsession for some people. This boy proved to me it’s true. He was covered with tattoos all over his body. Some where a bit weird but to each his own. And his tattoos were the reason why I met him. He made debts because he couldn’t afford to pay for them. He owed 25 000 for his newest tattoos! That was just crazy. He still lived at his parents, who hated his weird hobby. They would kick him out if they knew how far all this had come. I didn’t mind the ink, on the contrary, it turned me on insanely. I offered him a solution to his problems. Not happily, he agreed. His parents would be quite surprised what their son is willing to do to support his little hobby. I enjoyed our meeting immensely. I was determined to make him cum, too.

Doughnut Fun For Everyone As New Boy Gets Fucked & Creamed

New boy, Patrik Donovan, just wants to sit around playing on his drumkit and eating doughnuts, but when his buddies, Martin Osment and Titus Snow, show up at his house you just know that that’s never actually going to happen. After all, whilst Osment and Snow clearly enjoy music and food in equal measure, such simple pleasures are never, ever going to compare to the prospect of hard cock; and it should come as no surprise to anyone that the two mates are soon smooching away in Donovan’s living room, tempting their host into a passionate menage-a-trois. And believe us, the young lad doesn’t display much in the way of resistance! Indeed, Osment and Snow have the fellow out of his pants in next to no time; taking it in turns to devour that thick, meaty poleaxe of his, before all three boys literally descend into a veritable orgy of cock-sucking. It’s at this point that Osment decides to add a bit of kink to proceedings by ringing his dick with one of Donovan’s sprinkle-coated doughnuts, before ploughing hard into his pal’s hairless pucker. The sight of Donovan being gamely spit-roasted by his two buddies – complete with Osment’s rather unusual cock-ring! – is something to behold; though it’s not long before Snow is demanding his share of action, banging the horny bottom from behind whilst Donovan tries to get as much of Osment’s dick down his throat as possible. As if all that wasn’t enough, the slut then literally bounces off one mate’s lap and onto another; prior to all three lads taking it in turns to sign off proceedings with a sticky tidal wave of pent-up jizz!

Two Dick Minimum

Raging Stallion

Don’t ignore the “Two Dick Minimum” at our favorite cruise bar. This dark, anything-goes watering hole smells of beer, leather, sweat, and cum and you won’t leave without getting your fill! Park your hog, cum inside, and take a load off or rub a load out. Steve Cruz directs a kinky gang of six muscled, hairy hunks who stop in to drink, cruise, and hook up. Customers Jack Vidra and Jack Andy close the bar down with an oral session that inspires the bar staff Manuel Skye and CJ Phillips to join in and make it an cocksucking orgy! After the patrons go home, Manuel and CJ have the bar to themselves, so of course Manuel takes the opportunity to ram his huge meat inside CJ’s tight hole. One night, Jack Vidra cruises Mick Stallone and instigates an intense, connected outdoor fuck session behind the bar. Michael Roman uses the full power of his impressive physique to pound Jack And’s hole, and Jack strokes off his huge cock as Michael is deep inside him. Manuel Skye interrupts Mick Stallone’s pool game with intense oral, deep rimming, and a jaw-dropping cumshot that drenches Mick from his shoulders to his ass. Cum thirsty and leave with your balls drained – kick off your night at the bar, and don’t forget the “Two Drink Minimum”.

Prayer Buddy Enjoys A Spiritual Rapture Of Hard, Uncut Cock

Man cannot live on bread alone – so the good book says. But let’s face it, when it comes to hot, well-hung twinks there’s definitely only hard cock on the menu, as Connor Rex and his spiritual mentor, Mike Fontana, are here only too eager and happy to demonstrate! Indeed, these two young beauties can’t wait to put their frugal meal to one side so that they consume something far more fulfilling; indulging in some passionate smooching together, before energetically ripping away at each other’s clothes so that they can feast on the generous platter of dick that’s nestling away in their trousers. To be frank, if the sight of suited and booted beauties indulging in hardcore fellatio is your kind of entertainment then there’s every possibility that you could’ve blown your proverbial gasket a long time before Rex finally takes aim at his buddy’s pert little arse. But those of a more restrained nature will be rewarded by the sight of the cheeky favourite giving Fontana’s pucker a rigorous rimming, before shafting his mate good and proper with the full, uncut length of his gorgeous joystick. It’s a move that his horned-up buddy seems to appreciate, that’s for fuckin’ sure; as Fontana ably writhes and squirms with pleasure on the end of hard cock like it was his one and only destiny. Indeed, we hazard a guess that it’s not so much his salvation he’s contemplating as he bounces up and down on Rex’s lap, but rather how much longer he can hold off from spewing like a fountain! A task he ultimately (and predictably) fails at; prior to gobbling at his pal’s dick as it violently erupts!

Raunchy Bastards #116

Virgin Teen Boyfriend Experience

Unfortunately, a lot of guys who ply their trade online are jaded. Even if it’s their first time hooking up with a john, they walk into the experience with a chip on their shoulder or a semi-bad attitude. This is why I much prefer first-timers. When a guy is doing it for the first time, at least you have a fifty-fifty chance that he will not be an asshole. Randy, though, was the exact opposite of the worst case scenario. He was all smiles, even downright cheerful about everything. You would have thought he would have been happy to do it for free. I discovered this right away, because once he took his clothes off and he was down to his boxers, he wanted to make out. Rent boys don’t usually go for that kind of thing, and frankly, neither do I. However, it was so cute, and this 19 year old was so fresh, that I went for it.

Sometimes you see ads online for a “boyfriend experience.” This hookup was exactly that, because Randy was so into it! Everything I did to him, he was whispering “That is so hot,” and “That feels so good.” He didn’t have too much experience being with other guys, but he liked it. He was rock hard the entire session. I started out by eating his ass, which he enjoyed thoroughly. I like it, too! His tight teen hole was perfect, no blemishes, and tasted like heaven. After a long rimming session he tried to sit on my cock. I could tell that he was new to anal, and he kept trying to lube my cock up with his mouth. It was hot as hell, and almost endearing, but I did end up pulling out the lube, because I didn’t want to damage the poor guy.

He got such a kick out of my cock up his ass, and he continued to lean down and kiss as if we were in some romantic movie. It was very fun, and quite a different experience from the usual fuck-and-go. He nutted while I fucked him, too! I dumped a load in his ass and then felched it out of him. Nothing like teenage hole: I couldn’t get enough, and I was sad when we were finished. I definitely could have gone for another round, but he had to get back to his girlfriend and dogs. (Not sure which was most important to him…).

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